How The Prophet (Pbuh) Felt When He First Heard The Revelation

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So the angel came to him and said to him read Accra, Accra in Arabic also means follow along with me, meaning I'll read and you read after me. So that's the implication here. Calama Anna Bukhari the messenger says, I am not someone who's ever read and Allah Allah Bukhari has several layers of meaning. I'll explain those. I'm I can't read it all is one way of translating that. Another way of translating that is, I haven't ever read, I've never I'm not a reader. I just I've never I've never been one. Another way of translating this, which does not fit the context, but grammatically is possible is I'm not going to read. You can translate Martin Bukhari is I'm not going to read now

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some have in recent times I've seen some have interpreted the sentence as No, no, he knew how to read he just told the angel I'm not going to do it. That doesn't make any sense to me. The context and the word of the Prophet SAW Salem. And on top of that the word of the Quran about the Prophet SAW Selim saying that he's a Nabil omy, the messenger who can't read, but fits better with the first two I've never read. And I don't know how it's not something I do, but and have you caught it

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for other money, so he grabbed me forgotten it, so he enveloped me like a hug, and completely surrounded me, Hector Bella mini al Giada, until he exhausted me to the point where I couldn't be exhausted anymore. He physically completely drained the Messenger of Allah with the way that he squeezed him with his hug, sooner or Salani then he let me go, some have commented on this, that it was a heart to heart kind of thing. He came in the form of, you know, whatever form he was, and he the chests held together, and there was kind of some kind of a transfer happening or something, Allahu Allah, and he grabs him so tight and he lets him go and then says if Cara, he says, Read

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again, called Touma Anna Bukhari, I said to him, I'm not someone who can read for as an ephah tennis Sania, so he grabbed me and he hugged me again and squeezed me again Envelop me completely the second time around Hector Bella McNeil Giada until I couldn't take it anymore until I was not able to bear more than he let me go some of Salani for Carla for Carla Keira. Then he said read again for call to mA Anna Bukhari I can't read I don't know how for accidentally forgotten the third Lisa. Then he grabbed me again and Envelop me again a third time and then let me go. Farrakhan. Then he said a Quran Bismillah because Allah the Haluk. Then he said, read and recite in the name of your

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master who created halacha insana mean Allah, He created the human being from something that hangs or something that clings something that dangles. If Quran workbook Al Quran, read or recite, while your master is the most noble and the most dignified Allah the Allah will column the one who taught by the 10 I level in Santa Mala Mia Allah, He taught the human being when he couldn't possibly have known himself. These few Ayat by the way, in the narration, it's only the these ayat correct Bismillah Bica, the Haluk Holika Al Insana, Miniloc, Accra Bukal accom. The narration does not include Allah the Alabama Bill column, Allah mill in Santa Marla Marla in the narration itself

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that's not included, but it doesn't have to be included to be understood as part of the narration. You know how you say well, alumna shaka laka, sobre, Aqua Ankara, etc, came at this time. The idea is you didn't recite the whole thing, but you're referring to it, so that this is a reference to the ayat not all of the ayat that were given. Faraja Ebihara Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yoda fufu so he came back with that the words that he was given the messenger sai salaam, and his chest was pounding. You know, yo mama told you for rajiva That battle ha arrived if we read those words before the shaking, the rattling, his chest was rattled. He was his his heart was shaken up. And

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that is also an interesting word it's used for when you're excited, so he's excited heart was palpitating, and his chest was beating hard for duckula Allah Khadija Ibni Whalen will be Allahu Allah, Allah Allah. So he came into the home and he entered into the company of Khadija, the Allahu anha for Carlos and Maloney. The Maloney. He said, just put a blanket over me put a blanket over me, just cover me cover me like a shivering. And he just wants to be covered for the MaryLu who had the harbor and hora. So they covered him meaning she covered him until the horror and the shock and the fear of what just happened to him. kind of went away a little bit he calmed down a little bit for

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Kali Collegiata wa l harbor. So he started talking to Khadija and told him or told her rather what had happened nukkad Kashi to Allah and FC he said, I'm so scared for myself right now. I don't know what's happening. And he's terrified for himself for color Khadija to Kela. She said, No, no, no, you have no reason to be terrified because I mean, being visited by Angel Jibreel is or seeing him is tough enough. By the way on his way down from the mountain. He looked up and the Quran says Dr. Dre, who will overkill move in that he saw him take over the entire horizon. Jebel Ali salaam you couldn't see the sky. The messenger could not see the sky. He only saw everybody sit down

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So he's already terrified from the hugs that he received and the commandment that he received and he's not sure what's happening. As he's coming down, he sees the angel take over the entire sky that's hard to believe. And by the way, this kind of thing if you experienced not that you're going to receive revelation but imagine a human being seeing an angel take over the entire sky. What would you think? You would actually think? This can't be happening? Something is wrong with me. I think I've lost my mind. Actually, this is why one of the earliest revelations to the Prophet himself for himself was known while Columbia Obama was thrown notice column again like in this passage, ma

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antibiotic RB module, you're not insane. This is not you going insane. This is in fact happening. The messenger himself had to believe this is actually happening this was too intense for him to even accept at first it first exposure. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars Our job is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper

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