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We're here to humbly learn a little bit out Amin are set out to us shall be lumpia he will move sullied.

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Her mother Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah who I know it will serve you seldom does leave on

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my brothers and sisters, we are

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at this point where Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam has

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made what is known as the bottle Aqaba, after which he was going to

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after which he was going to make his migration to Medina.

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The word migration itself I want you to put this in perspective.

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Please remember that Rasul Allah is Al Salam. And the Sahaba, who went with him to Medina were really refugees. They were not migrants. They did not wake up one day and say, You know what, the economic situation in Medina is better they've got better job opportunities, and so on and Mkhize

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is less so let's go there and you know, find ourselves jobs and so on and start businesses. They didn't go for that. They weren't because they were driven from their homes. They were they went, they were driven from their homes. Some of them lost family rustlers, or a seller himself lost his daughter, who was

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who was murdered.

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All of them lost their entire wealth. They lost their properties. All of those were confiscated, they were stolen from them, and they never got them back. Right, the very important thing to understand so they went as refugees to Medina. And in that context, we have to see the conduct of the answer. And the answer had a pact and they had a deal with Rasul Allah is Allah is Salam, which is the vital Aqaba the via they made at Aqaba, where Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

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told them what he wanted from them. They agreed and Rasulillah Salam promised them Jana they did not have this deal with any of the other muhajir rune

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right they had it with Mohamed Salah and his Salam alone

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as far as a result and said you will he said you will support me He did not say he will support me and everyone who migrates or who comes from Makkah or anywhere else with me. He didn't say that. But what did the mohajir own do?

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The Mahajan they wanted the answer what did they do this afforded everybody? They had no deal.

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Please notice.

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They did not for example, create a refugee camp

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in in Medina and say all these people who come here they want to sit to this camp, they want to stay in the camp and we will feed them and we take care of them but you know, no.

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The formation of the Ummah Mohamed Salah Salem is the was one of the greatest miracles that I know of the Rasul Ali Salaam.

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And it is something we just saw, especially in today's context, so mind blowing, that these people they welcome the Mojave rune they welcome these destitute people from Africa and from other places who had nothing with them into their homes. They shared their food with them, they shared their wealth with them they shared all that they had with them

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and they did it to the extent where the Mahajan actually within quotes complained to Russell Russell there is a Dr. Salah Salah is alum these people the the unza

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we work on their farms they pay us and then they share with us the produce

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right this is this is beyond generosity.

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And there's no more hygiene within quarters I said complaint they said yes hola we are afraid that they will take all the good deeds with them and we will get nothing.

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So the seller seller smiled and he said make dua for them.

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He said thank them and make dua for them and Allah will give you

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So this fact happened is 3d

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of Baidu Nakaba happened. And after that, I told you some of the people who are who had gone to Alibaba

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Axholme Eritrea, I was senior, you know, different names for that area. today.

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Some of them came back to Makkah

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Now almost allow. The Alana was one of them. Later she became

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resources Allah married her after her husband passed away. Her husband Abu Salah was a very dear and close friend of Rasulillah Salam and he and Osama their marriage was the stuff of legends. There were some people in among the Sahaba that about whom has been written that these people they these two, these couples,

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Jaffa Italia Alonso and his

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wife asthma what another one another bed and own my own salon Abu Salma were another. They were like, you know, their love for each other, their respect for each other. Their marriage was so beautiful people. People quoted that they wrote about this. So she loved her husband very much husband loved her very much and they had the son called Solomon.

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Now, almost, Alana says that we came from balharshah and my husband wanted to go back to Alisha. But at that time we heard about Medina this is one year before the by to Aqaba. So this is the after the wetland is our Long Island at that time, so he decided to go to budget. So meaning he wants to take him, his wife and son in Guatemala. He said what my family heard of that. And they came and they caught me and they pulled me away from my husband.

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And he said to you can go but this lady, this girl is ours. She is our family. She's our tribe, we will not allow her to go.

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She says then I will Solomon's family came. And they took her to call me by chat.

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They took away Solomon. And they said he belongs to us.

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Now imagine this young woman

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who had one stroke, she lost her husband, and she lost her child. And both are alive. Now we had no choice he left and went off the money.

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So she said that every day she would go out to the valley from where the road to Medina started. And she would sit on a rock and she said I would sit on the rock and I would cry all day

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that you cried all days, you may doubt on this monitor and so on.

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Because he was helpless he is completely helpless.

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And he shows also that the one who is helpless. And when there is their hands, the rub on his arm general who listens to them.

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So this period passed in Mala Harlem, it was almost about a year or something. Finally, one of her uncle's went to the family of

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men to their own tribe. And he said, Are you not going to have mercy on this woman? Why are we doing this to her? She's our she's our, you know, child, she's our daughter. So let her go and join her husband. He has accepted Islam, she's a Muslim. What is the sense in keeping them apart? So they agreed.

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Then the family of Abu Salah heard about this, and Allah changed their heart. So they brought her Sauron.

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Gay gave this unto her

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now, so she lived imagine these people what kind of courage they had. And you know what, how tough and what determination. So here is one woman alone with a little little boy,

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that in the sixth century, what kind of conditions what kind of safety what kind of, you know, problems, potentially.

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So she just got onto a camera and she took some provision and she left. As he was going, she said in Tunisia, a place called her name she met Osman Binta, who was at that time in Bushwick.

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And he asked her, where are you going? He said, I'm going to Medina. He said, I will come with you. I will I will help you and protect you and come with you.

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almost an hour of Arizona says, I have never met a man more honorable than us, man, Montana. Right. This man was not a Muslim at the time, nothing. He had no reason to leave whatever he was doing and take this lady to Medina. He was just plain compassion, just plain chivalry. He just saw this lone woman with a little little boy walking to Medina and he knew that things were bad conditions are bad. She was not safe. Allah subhanaw taala puts in the hearts of people.

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So he left whatever he was doing and he went with it. She says I've never seen a man more honorable she says from that place sometime all the way to Medina. He did not even speak to me.

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he would

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he would just leave the camera. And he would in the evening when they had to come. He would make the gamble kneel, he would do all the stuff cooking and whatnot and for the camp, he would do all that. And then he would go away to a distance, and he would sleep there. And he left, who masala and her son Salama Alana, by themselves, so they were within sight. He was looking after them, but he did not

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tell you the big thing. He didn't even speak to her either. He made sure that she felt completely and totally safe with him. Though he was a stranger and almost one of the learners she says that.

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She said, I do not know of any other family who suffered more for Islam than the family of Abu salah. And I've never met anyone more honorable than Osman Ventana.

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Then when they came to Cuba, he pointed to the village and he said that is where your husband is now you are on your own and you can go

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now, Osman Mandela, Alana was from the family of Vanuatu Dar, who, who were the keepers of the key to the Kaaba, and to this day, they are still

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the keepers of the key to the color

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was one Mandela Delano accepted Islam at the same time as Khalid bin Walid, and amar in the US, or the Allah anima, after the Battle of Earth.

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They this was this is one of the

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one of the qualities and as well as salam said this he said Allah subhanaw taala chose the best people to be Muslims. And in other places, he said that the people who are the strongest in their

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in their Coover and their sheer became the strongest Muslims. These are people who had tremendous character, you know, they did not worship Allah subhanaw taala when that was the thing, but then but that was the only thing that was, of course, it's a serious matter. It's a very serious matter, most serious matter. But the fact is that characterize these were wonderful people, they were truthful, they were chivalrous, they were honorable, they were brave, they had courage, they had a lot of compassion. They did not think twice about going out of their way to help somebody who was in need, right? And it didn't matter to them whether that somebody was from their tribe or not tribe or

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whatnot. They really were absolutely wonderful people in so many ways very charitable and so on. So obviously there are good and bad people among anybody, but I mean the these people.

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So as one mental holiday, Alana was one of them now, Omar Satara. Delano,

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his migration, he says that we made a bag with his arm been ours. I asked me in Robbia to meet at surf now

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one of the hotel with Alana, we know how he came to Islam and so on. So now he decided to to go to Bali. So the he had his two friends, Hashem been asked, and as Ben Robbie, they decided to meet in the place called Sarraf.

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They decided that in the morning, they would leave even if one or more did not show up as that would mean that they had been detained. So in the morning jam been asked did not turn up. So Omar, Abdullah Delano and Ayyash will not be left and they reached Medina now asked me Nadia was the half brother of Abuja. So he and had it been a sham,

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his brother to Abuja and

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went to Medina to bring back as Ben Robbia. And they said to her to him, your mother has sworn that she will not go her hair and will not take any shade, meaning she will sit out to the sun and until she sees you and she is suffering and whatnot. Now Marvin cotta revelon, who said to Ashwin Robbia, these people are lying, they are trying to deceive you. Don't go with them. Your mother, they don't want to do who they blame, or you are so realistic, so pragmatic. And so, you know, wonderful.

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He said, Your mother will comb her hair when Red is filled with lice. So don't worry, she will come on.

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So don't worry about that issue. That thing of she won't cover up. And then he said when the sun gets too hot, she will go in the shade. So he said, Do not fall for these things. He said I am not a man who deceives anyone and I will not allow anyone to deceive me. I'm not a man who tricks anyone, nor do I allow anyone to do

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It me, so don't go with them.

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But as Ben Robbia was now feeling sorry for his mother and he did not listen to one of the Catalano and decided to go with his her brother Abuja over the land and said to him, If you insist on going,

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take my gamma,

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which is strong and which is fast, and if you suspect any foul play, then run away.

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But the hell deceived him. And

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end was that he was taken and he was

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imprisoned and you know, all kinds of things happen to him. Very,

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very important to remember that being good does not mean being stupid, right? Being good means you will not have anyone, no one will be harmed by your tongue or your hand. Everyone will be safe from you, and any of your evil, say, from your tongue and your hand. But it also does not mean that you will allow people to deceive you, because you are

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too dumb to see something which is going wrong. This is not intelligent, these are stupid.

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Now what I've said we used to believe that those who stayed back and did not make the hijra, and those who return

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and apostate left Islam would

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never be forgiven until Allah subhanaw taala revealed

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the eye

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when others were interested, yeah, but the

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polio era, the AlLadhina asafo Allah and was him talking about OMA Rahmatullah unless it those who have my bad my slaves who have transgressed among themselves against themselves,

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do not lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. When this ayat was revealed, then say the Catawba doula who wrote desire down and he sent it to Asia in the last, he shouted it out and said, I received that I and I will read it again and again, and again, trying to understand why Omar sent it to me until I understood that this idea was about us. And that Allah subhanaw taala would forgive us if we asked his forgiveness, his out of the land to do that I asked Allah for forgiveness mountain McCammon. And I meant to

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say, very important for us to learn this lesson that number one, seek forgiveness as soon as you are alerted about a sin and immediately make amends and stop doing that.

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Do not be fooled by others. As I said other numbers. Example, he said I don't fool people and I don't get fooled by people, the two very important lessons for us to understand.

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and that is the reason why

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the Sierra have Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam is so critical for us to understand and practices Islam, because it is a Syrah, which is literally, I call the Syrah the living Tafseer of the Quran.

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So whatever Allah subhanaw taala told us to do, and auditors and commanders, if you want to see and you need to see that because if you're going to follow the order of Allah, you need to know how that how is in the Sierra, in the life of a supervisor. So Sierra is the,

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the living Tafseer of the Quran.

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So two very important lessons in this one. As soon as we realize that we make a mistake, immediately seek forgiveness, don't wait. And second thing is don't fool people and don't get fooled by people

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in the Syrah the Hydra has a very special place. Interesting to reflect on this when the Muslims decided to create a calendar. And this wasn't the time of our dilemma. So roughly, you know, between

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anything between three to 10 years after sources have passed away. So when the Muslims decided to create a calendar, they needed a starting point, count from when.

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Now, they did not count from the day Rasulullah Salam was born. Of course one reason is because the day was not known and the exact exact day was not known there many different reports and so on. But the day he passed away was not

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they didn't start from there either from the birth date not from his death date. They started from the day he arrived in Medina.

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Just think about that. Why is this?

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So important? Many of them offer synonyms and the reason why

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They chose the data hijra, is symbolically This is also an indication of how critical and important is action in Islam.

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Right? Because the Hijra was the first major action taken for the establishment of Islam on Earth and this anti establishment of the Muslim state

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the it's very important to understand this because until Medina Islam was a personal matter.

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You wanted to accept Islam you accepted Islam you prayed and so on, you know on your own. Of course they did have they used to pray in beitler come in Medina in Makkah, but it was not a regular it was not a masjid as in a regular five times Salah and other as well all these was not there. So they even though of course, one reason, of course, was that the salah itself the five Salah were actually made for only in the last year of resource ourselves being in Medina. But despite all that, the point being that an established system

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of action of beliefs of

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practice was not established. In my case it was all of that happened in Medina, the Mughals was built, the Salah was established, the God was established the covenant and the

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agreement between the people of Medina, the Jews and the others and rustlers and Salem and the Muslims. All of this came into being so all of these were actions which show us off a new

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time in Islam where it was the establishment of collective action and collective decision making the establishment of this state itself about the hairdryer itself.

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I lost around that call. Yeah, Eva de la vie, mono taco or a Baku Lilina Arsenal movie had the dunya Hazara or Allah He was here I don't in nama you work for sabe rune I did our home we have AD he's up. And let's say O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa salam

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Let's even say to the people are Mohammed salah.

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All my slaves who believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala be afraid of your meaning. Fear Allah subhanaw taala displeasure and keep your duty to Him have Taqwa

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have Taqwa

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gold is the reward for those who do good in this world and Allah subhanaw taala Earth is vast. So if you cannot worship Allah in one place, go somewhere else. Abdullah he was here go and make it. Only those who are patient who have suffered shall receive the reward in full without his without bracketing the scanner for this channel.

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Allah subhanaw taala gave Muslims the permission to move to another place when life in Makkah became untenable and unbearable.

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And then of course Allah subhanaw taala also mentioned well Lavina has a roofie Allah He mean by the mouse holy mu learn about we unknown fifth dunya hasn't eaten well as you feed it the Aqua Hello Can we are the moon Alladhina Sabado or Allah have beat him yet our calore Allah said and for those who emigrated for the cause of Allah, after supper after suffering oppression, we will certainly settle them in a good place in this world. But indeed the reward of the Hereafter will be greater if they but knew. They are those who remain patient in this world for Allah sake and put their trust in their lab. Allah subhanaw taala alone

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Amara M Nakata Dara used to give gifts to the MaHA jeroni would say this is a gift for you from Allah and what Allah has for you in the ACA is even better.

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This is something very important for us to remember that when someone leaves something for the sake of Allah alone, Allah subhanaw taala gives him something better.

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So in our case, it in our case, we may not be talking about moving physically from point A to point B but leaving something for the sake of Allah for example, if I if you are or if I'm involved in an interest based business we know is haram. We give it up for the sake of Allah, getting out of interest. Allah will replace it with something better if I'm if I'm engaged in business, which is haram. If I give up that business and I want to have halal, Allah will give better than what we have and this is the wider the province of Allah Allah Samaritan has a tumor in narangba kalila Yahaya room

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embody my 14 Oh, some majha hadoo was Saba Rue in narangba, calm embody Ha, lover for Rahim.

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Then very Lee,

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your Lord your RAM for those who emigrated after they had been put to trial that after they strove hard and fought for the cause of Allah, and were patient, verily your afterwards is Most Forgiving and most Merciful.

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as I mentioned you the significance of the hijab

00:25:37--> 00:25:47

is because that's where the Islamic calendar the Hijra calendar starts from. And we remind ourselves that this is because Islam is a dean of action. And this is where

00:25:49--> 00:26:05

the literally how we measure it start from a very significant action that also relies on sort of took off moving away from a place where he was not free to practice religion to a place where he was free to practice his religion.

00:26:07--> 00:26:07

Inshallah, we will

00:26:09--> 00:26:11

talk more about this, but

00:26:12--> 00:26:21

three important things, major purpose of the Asia one was to establish the Muslim state, the Islamic State, where

00:26:23--> 00:26:56

only and only the word of Allah subhanaw taala, the laws of the Quran, the Islam would be established, the purpose of the Islamic State was to create a it's like a pilot program to something to show to the world that this system can succeed and this is a successful system for the dunya and alpha. So first of all was was that to establish the state second one was farm a farm to farm the OMA which is a faith based global identity, faith based global brotherhood and identity.

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especially if you think about it in a culture which was very tribalistic, it was not faith based it was lineage based, it was, whose son you are and whose daughter you are in which tribe you belong to all of these things had importance, this was one of the

00:27:19--> 00:27:27

reasons and third was for the propagation of Islam down to Islam. So establishing the state, formation of the Ummah and Tao of

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As I said, we will Inshallah, talk about these things in

00:27:36--> 00:27:37

in great detail.

00:27:40--> 00:27:46

Inshallah, in our next classes, for now, Insha Allah we ask Allah subhanaw taala

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to be pleased, and to help us to do this whole thing in a way which is pleasing to Him Gela DeLallo and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased and never be displeased with us inshallah.

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Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, he was happy maybe Rama to go