Virtues of Dhul-Hijjah – Episode 05 – Fasting the First 9 Days

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So now when you come around celebrity Carter one Welcome back to the virtues of the hedger. So there's an interesting narration in which it's narrated from Haneda benhadad, from his wife, that one of the wives of the Prophet slicin him said that messenger RNA is lots of some use to fast the first nine days of the pigeon, and the day of Ashura and three days each month, the first Monday of the month and two Thursdays, so I'll say that again, says that the prophets have a lot already. So I'm used to fast the first nine days of the hedger and the day of Ashura and three days of the month, and the first Monday of the month, and to Thursday, so let's break this down a little bit. So

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typically speaking, we think of fasting out of right, we don't really think about fasting, the first eight days of the hedger, we think about the day of alpha and I'm going to get back to that in a moment. The day of Ashura is in Well, how long it obviously comes in the very next month, right that the Prophet sighs I'm used to also fast that day of Ashura, once again, commemorating the victory of musante and Sam over their own over the Pharaoh, the profit slice, I'm used to fast three days of each month, the three days are the 13th 14th and 15th of each month, and these are called a Yama reveal the white days Why because the moon is fuller on those months, right. So in accordance with

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the very middle of the month, the Prophet slicin would fast them. And then this narration the first Monday of the month, and two Thursdays, the profit slice, I'm used to fast Mondays and Thursdays because he said that the deeds are presented to Allah subhanaw taala on those days during the week, and he hoped that his deeds would be presented to a lot when he is in a state of fasting. And he also marked Monday because he was born on the day of Monday and the prophets lie, some said, that was an expression of gratitude for him being born on that day, his birth, that he would fast in obedience or in worship to Allah subhanaw taala. So in this narration, the prophets I send them

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fasted all of these days. Then there's another narration from our Isha about the hotel and heard that the prophets lie, some did not fast all over the first nine days of that hedge. And the way that the scholars reconcile these two is that the prophets lie, some did not fast all of them, but certainly He fasted a lot of them. Right? So it was a habit of the messenger it is the AutoSum too fast, not just the ninth of, of the hedger, not just the day of alpha. But again, if good deeds are beloved to Allah in these 10 days, then a person should take advantage of the first eight as well, and especially when it comes to fasting. And I'd also like to point out here that one of the

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blessings of a loss of animals as that Allah allows us to combine the intentions or that we find the reward in combining intentions for multiple voluntary good deeds. What does that refer to so within a voluntary good deed, you can have multiple intentions that make the reward more blessed. So the Prophet sighs I mentioned two reasons for fasting Mondays, for example, one of them again, that the deeds are presented to a lot on that day. The other one that the Prophet sighs and I was born on that day. So it was two intentions or two good things combined within the same voluntary good deed, we also find that we are able to mix intentions for multiple voluntary good deeds that fall upon a

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day that combines two blessings. So for example, you know, well, let's, let's use an example of prayer. First, when you walk into the masjid, you can combine the intention for it to hate it and merge it for the entrance upon the merger of the two cars of entering the Mazda, as well as for example, the two cars a fidget you soon as a fidget, you could combine them with, you know, to before though, so the point is, is that you can combine intentions for voluntary good deeds, hence, you have the reward for the to entering upon the Muslims as well as the two before fudger. Likewise, when it comes to fasting, a person can combine the intention, if, for example, within the first nine

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days, you have a Monday or a Thursday, then you could fast one of those days with the intention of it being the first 10 days of the hedge, as well as a Monday or Thursday, right. And as a result of that, you would amplify your own reward and the profit slice and I'm so intimate, Mr. Lubin, yet that actions are but by intention, so you have the opportunity not just to get the benefit of following the sin of the profit slice lm and fasting. Most Isom, as we said was fasting these days, but the profit slice that I'm used to fast a lot of these a day so you have the intention of not just fasting, one of the first 10 of that hedger, but you also could have the intention of fasting a

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Monday or Thursday also in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet slicin them also in hopes that Allah sees your deeds and he's pleased with you within those within those days. So if you're looking for a few days to fast within these nine, and you're not going to be able to fast all of them and there is not, you know, a complete process.

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That the prophets lie Selim or a solid proof that the prophets lie some fasted all nine of them but he certainly fasted some of them, then it could be a good way for us that we choose for example a Monday or Thursday and we make those two days and add another three or four days in sha Allah tada the for the ultimate day of autophagy in which all of us should be faster than the 90 Tyler. We asked the last time to accept all of our good deeds, our fasting in these 10 days. llama amin Zach mellow Hayden was sonamarg economics Allahu Allah council