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Riad Ouarzazi
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without the loss of Osama Sudha Salam Alikum flaked out over a Catholic

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so today Salat Allah we have three solos for In fact, I won't be able to do for because the last thought it will only recite to disbelieve it at the very, very end. So let's maybe this whole was in 10 minutes or less, I have less than 10 minutes. In fact, I want to give you the bar of the bar. Yeah, I need the gems of the gems because all the swords are filled with gems. So I'm going to give you the gems of the gems and Sharma who Tana, he started reciting from Southeast Asia, you may have noticed that Sumatra crescendo is longer, because they start doing cetacean of the Subak of the Jews from sort of the Russia onward to be able to complete the zet that they have to recite. So as Allah

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Han said, the shift of some of the shapes. You know, this reminds me of use of even the art form even ever, there's another son of the son of the Prophet of

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the Caribbean, located in Kenya indicating

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he they started recited from South Asia from Surah Surah alat.

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They saw us today, chama so apart, saw that, Ibrahim, and so at the age of three shout out real solid natural for the end, but only enjoy

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they're all Mickey soul of the Sorcerer Mickey solas. And now we're back into the matinee, we're done with the

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seventh one, we're done with the mean. Now we're into the and morality so the soul has got about 4052 We know they're all in that range. So we call them and Mitanni let's start with solid rock, right in Arabic means tender,

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tender, tender balls. So there was this, Sahar Sahabi that the Prophet also sent him sent to one of the leaders of this other AJ area, and he told them to go and invite him to Islam. So he wants to invite him to Eastern and then this man said, issue of Boko Haram

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Who is this your Lord that you're calling me to? Is he who I mean? Mean Hadith? * who I mean filled up and who will mean means that this god that you're calling me to worship from Is it from steel is it from?

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Is it from silver is it from gold? ridiculing ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So this man is having one buffalo bison. Then the next day he sent him back in go back and caught him quantities and then that is what they get for the second time that man again so the ridiculous who's this Lord that you call him meet him? Is he What is he for? Is he from Hadid? Is it from the copper house is it from silver is it from gold? And he went back and he told us what? They sent him back, go back and tell him so he told him the same thing on the third day Allah subhana wa Tada said, Don't rely upon this man. And Allah subhana wa Tada when he says, What are the people you'll save us alive?

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And he sent the side of the Thunderbolt upon who eat with either solar.

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The solar cloud brothers and sisters is a solar that differentiates between unhappy about

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that unhappy is strong. Truth is everlasting and imperishable where as Allah

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is weak

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and perishable verses

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and then when you look and then sometimes people they get deceived, looking into the back and thinking that the peanut butter is right. Sometimes people they get confused or maybe they'll see they may think that you know this whole food is right like tender suntan the standard this a lot be some scary but there is fear in it.

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There is good in it. You may have tender but off of that tender we get green

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This is a lot that analogy

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sort of the plan what else before I want to mention something so glad there's something else ah to simplify

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this way that you hear the rain that you hear thunder they make him think of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada or rather be handy you know it is not only an art that make the sphere the standard that you're hearing the fog is this the clouds that you see the trees the burbs everything is making the call of Allah subhanho And there is one if I want to mention install propriety, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says sometimes people they say they asked me

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with my parents make it to July Chava with my children make it to Jermaine Sharma How about if I make it to join that can my family join me? And so you still want your wife to join us and masala says yes, this is good boy. Are you gonna say

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Do you still want your husband to join you? So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, By the admission Jannetty at full blown web, Sada Hammond even more as well even whether the team should not degenerate of Eden they shall enter it and those amongst them who are righteous from the parents that he was where she modeled the team and their spouses and their children in sha Allah Who to other your children with joining Jelena you have parents who are joining Jana, your spouse isn't Sharma to either with Joanie and Jana, well Mullah eager to get Hello now today he mean coolibah sandawana

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has mentioned it this so that they can be most of us and we will be welcoming you in Jana. Because when you enter the masjid you have this ushers you know with come in your handlers Zack Madison said you know, please donate. Right? So in general, you would have angels will come in you and what are they saying? They set out what they call the master bathroom, the master bathroom, the salon and they come they say Peace be upon you for your patients. You've been so patient you've been fasting you've been patient. You did not want to commit how long you've been patient you how it was easy but you refrain yourself from it. You're patient now that the word is Jeanette or Aditya. So Ibrahim

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Ibrahim is also a murky surah.

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So Ibrahim talks about or the theme of softly Brahim things near ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada counters. The blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala and countless

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masala dosa you won't be able to count or to enumerate the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says elfland la Peter would Enza now who illegally totally the nest determination last minute Bobo multicolour no Kitab we mentioned this previously when you heal keytab in the Quran key that means the book of Allah that is the Quran. So Allah is saying to Prophet Muhammad kita will play this book that we have released upon you. They took Khadija nurse I mean of God Almighty Allah know you bring people out from what from darkness into light and for an brings people up from darkness into my brothers and sisters. You may have you know, you may

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sometimes we may underestimate the blessings of Allah subhanho wa taala. The greatest

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the greatest number of Eman the name of Islam the number of L hidayah is the Greek name of Allah subhanaw taala. The fact that you're sitting is a NEMA. The fact that you're able to exclude is never there's some brothers who are sitting in the chairs they cannot be able to sit they can't or some people they're praying on their chairs because they cannot make Sousou they can use making sushi which is the name of Allah subhana wa Tada. This is why Allah subhanho wa Taala says in Surat Ibrahim, what it's another, another book that in Shackleton that has eaten. Please remember this now insert Captain resident, if you are to be thankful

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ALLAH forgive you more said hamdulillah the more thank you give the more ALLAH SubhanA federal Museum, this is the this is the formula whether in Short Cartoon as he didn't even Subhanallah in person development. You know people that say when they are thankful about their cars or their phones or whatever, they have this thing that they have tend to last longer. Why because they think Allah Subhana Allah for what they have. So when to ensure customer that is it. And a consultative Rahim also talks about the story of Musa he also talks about the study of Ibrahim Ali Salam making the effort he's only making dua for his progeny to make it those who don't have for you an eye.

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This beautiful Doha of Ibrahim alayhi salam when he says up and he has come to me know the ATB words in right if he's not in debate, tickle, Hava La Bella up Mustafa fish, Edith Amina nurses then we lay him up either

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you call him and he said anybody's been to Makati for mucca mucca mucca mucca mucca. Alright. So when you go to make especially Canadians, Americans they go to med carrier happy and then this is so much you know the crowd designer, you know, this is just it's fun.

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To go home, I did my homework in my house, I want to go back home I want to go back home. I did my hour sometimes what is still present in the front rooms because I can hear I can see her I can perform my role. I don't want to go to the Zachman stone exam exam and he talks about as soon as they get into the plane and don't want to leave back home. What happens?

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You Miss Smith.

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You miss McCullough, you miss Monica. The out of Ibrahim and he said Allah make them hearts. The yummy

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we like it's like a magnet, the heart of the Mecca it's like a magnet that attracts your heart towards it. You may go but you see you're going to Medina you miss Mecca, you want to go back to Mecca.

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At the very end, my brothers and sisters saw that application so application is where their mood used to live the people of how masala they used to live. The theme of Southeast Asia is international, Zenda Decra

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Are you know

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala will protect this revision? Allah subhana wa that this isn't for the hedges that we have an unlimited vigra Victory it means we're in other words, we don't and we shall protected. Yes, Allah has predicted his Deen. Allah has predict the Quran in many ways. Allah has predicted the Quran in the chest of the prophet in the chest in the breast of the Sahaba in the breast of the facade, you know, we have covered myself. There was seven, eight years old, eight years old, they memorized the whole book, the whole, Allah has made that heaven you know as you say, half is that it is not is is

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you know with half wills, Allah subhanho wa Taala is protecting his religion is protecting his deen and Allah subhanho wa Taala says insufficient verse number 97. By the only Wilhemina ship I wish him

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well, not anymore and now we are the pasado kabhi Maya followed because

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we are the person who can be my opponent for submission, we have the outbreak of a communist surgery, please remember this for Saturday handled because we're coming to surgery. And we know also that your heart feels pain because of what they say. Sometimes we feel pain because of what people say. But as we hear things about us in the news, sometimes we get mocked or we get ridiculed and sometimes people they may retaliate in the wrong way. So what Allah says Prophet Muhammad he tells him for submission behind the Arabic Make the call of Allah subhanaw taala welcoming to say he made me makes lots of Salah brothers and sisters I'm done. Yeah, that will change your life. Are you

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ready? Yes. And I that will change your life.

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So a lot of verse number 28

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How can you remember all this? Can you remember all this because we're having some really amazing prizes at the end inshallah. I'm going to ask Oh, you guys are recording very good, you're smart. You're smart. So record a little trice. I don't know I don't know but because I'm really serious in sha Allah, Allah do you know I'm going to be asking questions and if you know the answers, you will earn a very, very nice price. So a lot of Lazarus numbers 28 That when in sha Allah Who talents in Juba ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, Latina man what dogma in Apolo?

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BDK he taught my

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Alladhina Amman are those who believe what my inner political military and their hearts find is within the members of Allah indeed it is through the remembrance of Allah that hearts will find ease. You want peace? You want serenity? You want tranquility.

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psychiatrist, psychologist, you may want to book an appointment with them you have they have a long waiting list. People suffering depression distress, stress, anxiety, your name it ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says Alladhina

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endo palapa, whom the degree those who believe and their hearts will find ease with the remembrance of Allah indeed, to the remembrance of Allah that hearts will find peace. We are looking for peace, you walk, you come back, you cook, you exercise, you wait for the bus you whatever you're doing Subhanallah Alhamdulillah La Ilaha Illallah Allahu Akbar, Allahu Allah, Allah who will tell you that we left a stop for Allah Allahu wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabina Muhammad,

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most your tongue with the members of Allah Subhana Allah, I ask Allah I'm sorry, maybe I took this time. Maybe it will be too long. Let's live a little over 10 minutes, but because I have three slots to cover, the second block of coffee comes to them.

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