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The first shorts are starting in season two, including Akasha IGNOU, one of the earliest Muslims and one of the earliest female Muslims. The story of Akasha's supposedly large group of followers was discussed, along with the use of the Prophet's stance in recent events. The speaker also touches on the Prophet's actions, including his loyalty to Islam and dedication to it, and the use of shoulder and sword in cases of hesitant and hesitant Akasha.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Everyone. Welcome back to the first shorts, spelled out hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala and obviously love Allah Allah He was a happy woman Wila So Alhamdulillah we are down now to the last 10 episodes of the first shorts inshallah Tada. Well we're going to do with season two, where we'll pick up at 71 is we will then go into the Madani phase inshallah Tada and we'll continue with some of the longer biographies However, I must say, this last batch of 10 is very near and dear to my heart when we're talking about a savvy Conan a Winona, we're talking about the first Muslims from the MaHA Jean and I pray that inshallah Tada you'll find these

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all highly beneficial insha Allah Tala. As we get to now a man whose name has become synonymous with being first and that is Akasha IGNOU mezlan Are the Allahu Taala and who now there's almost you know if you've heard this name, you've heard it only in the capacity of one story in the seat of the Prophet slice of them and that is precisely why I want to cover him in sha Allah Tala in a bit of detail. So his name is ro Kashia or Kashia. With the Shuddha on the cuff, both of them are our, you know, ways that his name is pronounced Akasha or Okasha ignominy, Aslan Assadi. He was a khalifa an ally of Benoit the shrimps. So he is a Mexican, Muslim. He is one of the earliest Muslims and we

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will talk about how he and his siblings entered into Islam. But before that, how is it that his name has become synonymous with preceding others to the point by the way, that in poetry, if someone is referred to as an Okasha or a or Kashia, they're being referred to as a foreigner? You know, some of the scholars mentioned in fact, even in dream interpretation, if you saw this companion or cash out of the alongside on home, in your dream, then that is a sign that you are going to proceed others to something that's how synonymous His name is with proceeding others towards that which is good. When you talk about the machine. Those who are guaranteed paradise sometimes I get asked this question,

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how come the profit slice I'm only guaranteed 10 People paradise Alaska and MOBA Shireen, the 10 promised paradise and if you have not figured out by now, there are multiple people who the profit slice on them actually promised paradise to and gave that the shout out to that Glad Tidings to however those 10 had a special categorization with the messenger SallAllahu wasallam. When it comes to Akasha or the Allahu Anhu. He is one of those that is considered amongst them about shunning. Amongst those who was guaranteed Paradise by the prophets lie some of them, but not any type of be shot or not any type of glad tidings, he is given the Beshara he is giving the glad tidings that he

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is going to enter paradise without any form of questioning without any form of punishment. So zero accountability when he shows up on the day of judgment and enters into Janna. The story is of course a famous one snared by double Hooray oh the Allahu Tada I know that the prophets lie some stood up and this is now in Medina. So this is after Akasha has made his raw to Medina and we'll talk about his biography. The prophets I send him says that from my OMA, there is a group of 70,000 people whose faces will glitter as the moon their their faces will, will shine as bright as the full Moon on the day of judgment, and they will enter into Jannah without any form of job or any form of haste

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up no punishment and no questioning, they will enter into paradise without being punished. And without even being questioned. Okasha are the Allahu Anhu he got up and he lifted his covering sheet and he said Yasuda Allah O Messenger of Allah there la Hakuna min home make dua ask Allah to make me amongst them. And the prophets I send him said unto him, in whom you are amongst them, and in one narration the prophets I said, Oh Allah make him amongst them. And then when he said that, another man from the people of Medina stood up and said, yellow sola, asked Allah Lord that I am amongst them, and the Prophet sighs I'm responded famously. Subbu Papa Behat Akasha Akasha beat you to it.

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Okasha proceeded you to it. Now this narration, which is inedible hottie, the scholars have a few interpretations of it, one of them which, which is that, you know, this was something that was guaranteed for a small group of people, and ocassional, the Allahu Taala

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stood up and that other men, while he might have been from the companions of the Prophet, slice of them, and maybe from the unsought as well, as I suggested, by the wording of one narration, that he does not reach the level of Akasha or the Allahu taala. And another interpretation some of the scholars said that the man could have even been from amongst hypocrites, and so the

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Profit slice on them saying, Oh cash proceeds you to it is that the profit slice some did not want to include him amongst that group. But this was the profit slice. And I'm just nice way of saying that he would not make do out for him. And because the man is not named, it's okay to, you know to entertain either one of those interpretations that either this was just something special for occassionally alongside on when that gathering, and that man simply does not make that cut or the profit slice alone in his high o'clock in his high manners and morals did not include him because he might have been amongst the hypocrites of Medina instead. So what makes it ocassional the alongside

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on who worthy and this is something that I think is very important. It's not that Okasha just lucked out in a gathering and said, Yeah, it'll still make me amongst them. He has a history that he puts behind that request that polyp, right that that request to be included amongst those 70,000 This is an important point, that when you ask Allah for something, you should live your life in accordance with that request, especially when you're talking about his pleasure and his paradise. And this is certainly the case of the Akasha or the Allahu Tada on Whoa, so what's his story, or Kashia and his siblings actually embraced Islam early on in Mecca. And none of them were particularly old. So they

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were all considered amongst the youth when they heard the message of the Prophet, slice alum and embraced Islam, so his sister on case or the Allahu taala, and he also is considered amongst the first people to embrace Islam. And she's an interesting woman on placement, Marsan or Muslim because she lived to be over 100 years old. So she's actually a hadith Narrator Some of the the Tibetan would narrate Hadith from her later on. He also has a brother by the name of Abu Sina Abu seen on Ivin mesclun will the Allah huzzah and I will see non according to one narration is the first person to take they I totally want to take the pledge of the prophets I send them under the tree in her

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they be. Now when you talk about this particular group of people that came to the prophets I saw them and they took the pledge with the Prophets by sentiment heard they be Allah subhanaw taala mentions that he was pleased with them. So I will see none the brother or cash that's a special family. I will see non according to some narrations is the very first person to stand in front of the Prophet slice them, and to take that pledge with him on that day. And he also has two other brothers that also are considered from a savvy corner a well known also considered from the first Muslims armoury of medicine and Web. Though we don't know anything about them at all, may Allah

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subhanaw taala be pleased with them. So this is a group of siblings, that all had this special flair inside of them, to embrace Islam and to dedicate themselves to it. And in the process to proceed others towards much higher towards much good. Now when it comes to occassional, the longtime on himself, he's described as being one of the most handsome of man, one of the most generous of men, he had a big smile on his face all the time, all the Allahu Allah and he was also a, you know, a person who when he dedicated himself to something, he gave it his all and he exceeded in whatever he dedicated himself to. So the Prophet slice of him, for example, points him early on in Islam as the

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commander of a battalion of 49 and Akasha with the Alta and who is given much success in that role. And one of the most famous incidence of ocassional, the low tide and who's in the Battle of better. So he's one of the Mahajan. He's one of the people who embraced Islam early. He's one of those who made his right to Medina, so he qualifies as an early Muslim. He qualifies as a Mohandro as someone who left behind everything in Mecca to come to Medina. And then he's a Bedri he's one of the companions of Beddit the veterans are better, the best of all of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but embeded he has this special incident that takes place where he

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comes to the Prophet slice of him in bed, and his sword is broken. So in the in the process of fighting, embedded, his sword broke, and he comes to the prophesy. Somebody says the artist, Allah, what should I fight with? I don't know what to do. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he picks up a stick, okay? And he hands him a stick and he says, gotta be hada he tells it rocastle The Allah Han fight with this. And rocastle the Allahu Taala and who takes that stick? He doesn't question the profit slice on them right if the profit slice I'm handed him the stick, and said fight with it, then I'm going to fight with it. And as soon as it Okasha or the Allahu Tanaan, who swung

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that stick, it became in his hand, a shiny sword, okay. And it was a sword that was prominent it was it could not be mistaken for any other sort. And oh cash all the alongside and who would fight with that sword, that particular sword for the rest of his life and everyone knew that

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The miracle of that sword. Okay. And by the way, this is a hint of a series that is to come and shall let's out very soon that you'll be hearing about it in the nighttime. And so it will cache over the allotted time on hold. This is a miracle of the Prophet slicin. And of course, but that was established for him all the Allahu Taala on hold that he had this particular sword that the Companions used to refer to as the sort of aid, it was divinely given to ocassional the Allahu Taala on home, and he would use that for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala for the rest of his life. So you have a man who is a Mahajan, a person who migrated a person who fought early on as a commander in

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Islam, a person who fought in the Battle of Beddit, a person who's in Medina, and who is told that you will enter into paradise without even being questioned, not only will you not be punished, you will not even be questioned. So let me ask you this question. If you were Akasha will the allotted time and you got that be shot you got that glad tiding from the profit slice on as well as the glide sighting of hijra, as well as the glide sighting of better being from the veterans, but you're probably going to take it easy for the rest of your life, right? You know, you don't really have to do much because you've been given the highest guarantee. But in the case of ocassional, the Allahu

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Tada and he was always amongst the first to come forward when the prophets lie some called upon him. And when the prophets lie some passed away, and I will bet get us the vehicle the Allahu Anhu summoned the loyal companions, it was rocastle, the Allahu Taala and who, who once again, was amongst the first people to come forward with that sort that the profit slice of them gave him as a stick that that turned into that sword and to continue to fight and to continue to to strive, and he dies as a martyr all the time and in the battle against studying the war against the apostates in the case of Messina Alka dub. So panela he dies as a Shaheed as well. So this narration sub Akaka,

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Behat, Akasha Akasha beat you to it should not be looked at as just a guy who lucked out. This is what we call Sitka Nia he had a truthful intention, and his actions matched up with his intentions and that is why Allah subhanaw taala says Minami Nina, but he died on sada Omar Abdullah highly there are people that are truthful to the covenant that they took with Allah subhanaw taala. And so we learned from him that when you hear of a good quality, when you hear of a good call, when you read about a good trait in the Quran, when you hear something from the prophets, I send them Don't look around and wait for someone else to lead the way you be that person to lead the way you be that

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person to look around them to see that there's a void in your community and fill that void. You see a trend you see a sunnah that can be revived, you revive that sunnah you be the trendsetter of good. And in the process of that, may Allah subhanaw taala account you and I amongst those 70,000 as well. And of course the prophets lie some gave descriptions of those of that group of people and they were multiplied and multiplied May Allah countless amongst them and enter us into paradise without any form of adapt, or any form of hisab Allah Amin and may Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with this wonderful companion occassional the Allahu Taala and who and his siblings and allow us to meet him

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and then in the highest level of generative for those with our Prophet sallallahu it was salam ala Amin, Zack mo Hayden, I'll see you next time in sha Allah wa Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh