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Villa tomato

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salad was salam ala Shanna Philippi Eva mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah, salallahu Alaihe right it was I was setting up this event because here because

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we are looking at this excellent book called Islamic manners by shareholders gotta have all the data.

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We asked on us around data to make this, the means of higher and better gun success for us and Shall

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We then not have the chapter on the manners of conversation.

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And he begins with talking about selecting suitable topics. In certain heads, a lot of hands are described the believers and he said, and they have been guided in the purest of talk and guided to the part of Him who is worthy of all praise.

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When you talk during your visit, see only what benefits the situation and be brief. If you are the youngest among those present, don't speak unless you are asked to or unless you know that your talk will be well received and will please the host rather guests.

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don't prolong your speech. Your talk should be clear, concise, and to the point.

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Do not talk on and on.

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Mumbai Reporter How to lay that out, as we Malika Delano said are solo hustlers speech was clear and succinct, neither too long nor too short and he disliked chattering and ranting.

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Similarly, in Bukhari and Muslim, there is an original Hadith in which he said they have the Alana. Mother She said the prophets are Salam spoke so few words that you could count his words.

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If you hear the other,

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stop talking, listen to the other and respond to the call of Allah.

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Many people, even those with Islamic knowledge, continue talking while the other is being called. This is rude as those hearing the other man should listen to it and quit speech or study or even the recitation of the Quran

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thoughtfully they should repeat the words of the other and reflect on the meaning of this heavenly call.

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We should listen to the other whether we are at home in the office or attending a lesson even

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the great Hanafi Imam Cassani in

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in his book, but I

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Hosana He said those hearing the other or your karma should not speak everything should be stopped in order to listen and respond together even reading the Quran or other noble things.

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They shouldn't be they should cease and we must listen to the other. The other nourishes the Muslim soul with faith and nearness to Allah subhanaw taala so do not forego your share of it and teach this to your children friends. I will say that according to the alarming rates that are Surah Surah, Selim said if you hear the other than repeat what the module is saying. In other Hadith report by jabber of the alarm, service or subset, he deserves my help on the Day of Judgment who says when hearing the other Oh Allah, the rub of this perfect call and imminent prayer please reward please award Muhammad wa salam, the helper virtues and the desired status you promised. This is the dua

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after that.

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Now with Amazon, there are five things remember, firstly, listen to it carefully and repeat. The words are the Masjid. So he says Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. You also say Allahu Akbar low but you do that low tone not loudly.

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When he said here I'll say a higher Asara or higher fella. Then you say hola hola hola for the level. You repeat that same era salah. And then you add to that Lahore Allah whatever you see immediately with a URL for that, you repeat hell for Allah and then you add to that and say, Lucha hotel, while the other over then Zen salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam. So please keep the order. So first thing is repeating the words of the other. Second one is after the other is over sending Salatu Salam on the Soul Life itself so do

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after the rule you read the doer of the other which I just mentioned to you. The llama Buhari doubted them. Masala till Haima the Mohammed and we'll proceed with our for the law of Asuma muda under the word

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people are in Nicola totally fooled me or this one. This is not part of it and with Bertha

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and then say the Kalima Theva Shalala Allah Allah or shadow Namaha model.

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And after that, you say ready to be like rumba Bobby's la Medina, Pohamba these are Barcelona we say this three times, so is Valera.

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But obviously with Dina we Mohammed is gonna be on but obviously Medina or Mohammed instead of whenever you say this to them and after that five things after that make dua insha Allah Allah subhanaw taala will accept this dua the Bashar offers vs.

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Mr. Barasa narrated in his was enough that even at your age said, I was told that people used to listen to yours and in the same manner they would listen to the recitation of Quran they would repeat after the module if he said Ira salah they would say La Hotel level up when he would say hi, and they would say hola, hola hola for the level.

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Then you come to the tone of voice, so and how beautifully detailed his book is. So he says that if you speak to a guest or any other person, whether in a gathering or alone, make sure that your voice is pleasant, with a low but suitable an audible tone.

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raising your voice is contrary to good manners and indicates a lack of respect for the person to whom you are speaking. This manner should be maintained with friends and peers and acquaintances and strangers, the young and the old. It is more important to adhere to this with one's parents, or someone of their status or with people for whom you have great respect. If appropriate smile while talking to others. This will make them more receptive to what you have to say and may dispel the impression that observant Muslims are stern and humorous. And this is one of the very common things that people believe about Muslims varla maybe their idols because the moment people become observant

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Muslim moment and start practicing Islam, the first thing that disappears is the smile on the face. Even though we know perfectly well that the smile is just smiling is a good deal before hobbies will be rewarded. So please keep the smile.

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Then he says the Quran relates to as the advice of Lavon Ali salaam to his son and he said and lower your voice directed him to speak in a gentle manner for speaking loudly is detested loudly.

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Likewise, the second and third insult

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Allah say Do you believe Do not raise your voices above the voice of the prophets of salaam nor speak aloud to him as you speak out to one another, lest your deeds become vain and you perceive not those that lower their voices in the Presence of Allah subhana jelous Rasul Allah has tested their heart for piety. For them there is forgiveness and a great reward.

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See the issue here of course of raising the voice is not for us today is not the physical erasing the voice because there are sources is not here among us and He's not speaking. But it is to give your opinion and to give your feelings and your

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thoughts precedence over the rulings of resources. This amounts to raising your voice and it is such a serious offense. Unless we're others if you do that, I will wipe out your DS deed and you will not even know

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so let us be very careful with this.

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Remember hideout reported that Abdullah Venezuela gala anima said that after the revelation of this if whenever Omar Catalano wanted to speak to a seller, he would talk almost in whispers. And as soon as a seller would hardly hear him and would ask him to repeat what he said. I'll have it as the hubby wrote in his biography of Thomas they might even see the great scholar and eminent Tavi. Whenever he was in his mother's presence he was he would talk in such a hushed voice, that you would think that he was in this respect for his mother in the city in automatic in his biography of the live near our bursary, a student of Magna serine and one of the famous scholars and have is with the

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heavy noted, one time his mother called him and because he responded with a voice louder than hers, he was fearful and repentant. And then he feared to slaves

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if he freed to slaves, as far

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as him when battle alcovy The area of the Quran he said I visited Omar Abdullah Abdul Aziz

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was the Khalifa and a man spoke very loudly. And Omar said to him stop it, you need not talk that loud. talk loud enough only to make your listeners hear.

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Then we come to the

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art of listening. If a person starts telling you whether you are alone or in the company was something that you already knew very well, you should pretend as if you do not know it. Do not rush to reveal your knowledge or to interfere with the speech instead

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Show your attention and concentration the honorable Tavi, Mamata Raba he said a young man would tell me something that I may have heard before he was born. Nevertheless, I listen to him as if I have never heard it before.

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Harlequin sulphonyl Tamimi who frequent in the court so the two Khalifa Omar mill of jerseys, and Aisha Minh Abdul Malik. He said if a person tells you something

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that you have heard before or knew that you already learned do not interrupt him to exhibit your knowledge. To those present this is rude and he'll manage the honorable Imam Abdul Wahab al Horatio mercerie A combining of Imam Malik, a lathe even Assad and authority. He says sometimes a person will tell me a story that I have heard before his parents had wed this whole story which he had heard, even before this person was born, a jet I listen as if I have never heard before you arrive even even though you might in July, he said a wise man said to his son learn the art of listening as you learn the art of speaking. Listening well means marrying your contacts allowing the speaker to

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finish the speech understanding your personal in terms of speech and have his alpha the Alpha body

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in a way who's said no interpret talk Do you know it inside out?

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You asked us manager to make us give us the matters. To learn from this and to practice it was ALLAH will vary. or Allah Allah He was avid maybe route to get all right