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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam right I should have been unbeatable and would send you

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our mother Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa only he was seven cylinder sleeve on the theorem.

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Neverland sisters. Today a friend of mine asked me a question and

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gave me the thought for this reminder.

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This is not a criticism of him or anything.

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Just that he tends to his question, I got this idea.

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The question he asked me was, he said that somebody else asked him about his opinion about a particular chef.

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So what is your opinion about so and so? And it's the person who asked me what is a very well known, prominent

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And my answer to him was the same as I always give and I believe in that,

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which I want to share with you. And that is, I said to him that

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do not even have an opinion on myself.

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So how do you expect me to have an opinion about somebody else?

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The reason I don't have an opinion by myself is because of two reasons. One is that I know that my opinion or myself, my opinion about myself really doesn't matter. Because at the end of the day, Allah subhanaw taala is the one who's going to judge

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and the loss of our data told us that whatever he decides,

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that is what is going to

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be the final decision.

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And he advised us and he said, Yeah, evil as in Hamanako, and Fusa, como Alikum. Nara, he said, All you believe Save yourselves and your families from the fire.

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So the focus for us is ourselves and our families.

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Not this chef or that chef or this person or that person,

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I advise myself and you that

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it's a very good idea to leave Allah subhanaw taala or more Allah subhanaw taala has responsibilities to Allah subhanaw taala. And not to try to take those over, and not to try to interfere with them.

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judging people of who is good and who's bad. This is what Allah subhanaw taala does. This is what he does in this life. And this is what he will do on the Day of Judgment, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us and include us and keep us among those who he likes, and who he will be pleased with.

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judging people is not our job.

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Today, one of the biggest problem that we have as Muslims, is because we have taken over this job and asked for, we will not this job was not delegated to us, Allah subhanaw taala did not tell us.

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To help him to do this. We decided to do it ourselves. And then we sit in judgment on people. And what is worse is that some of us then make even YouTube videos criticizing those people in public.

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Now, as far as that person is concerned, I think this is the best thing that can happen because

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all the good deeds of the person who is criticizing him, especially if it is done public, will go to the person who is being criticized that is the first thing. And secondly, thanks to the internet. And thanks to the fact that these YouTube videos and so on are the closest that you can get to immortality today. This will continue on and on and on as long as that video is being watched and as long as people are

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commenting on it.

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Number two,

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talking about others, of course I hear you understand very clearly that we are not talking here about somebody praising somebody, May Allah save us from ourselves. This is something we don't do, even where somebody deserves. Tanks deserves to be praised. We don't do that. But criticism is the first thing instantly.

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So the problem with that is that this is clearly without a doubt. Without an iota of doubt. This is a

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this is backbiting. Backbiting is tantamount to eating the flesh of your dead brother See, swallow the Lord's wrath. If you don't believe me, and therefore

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a cleaver and Backbiting is haram haram haram.

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So, we are falling into that trap. First of all, we are doing something we have no right to do which is judging people. And secondly what we are doing is we are falling into the trap of backbiting and thereby losing our deeds.

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Third thing is that by doing this, it makes us feel better. Let's think about this. Why do people criticize us?

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They don't

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criticize others, simultaneously thinking that this person is bad, but I'm worse. That doesn't happen, right? You said that person is bad meaning I'm better. This is the psychologically that is the reason people criticize others. Because it makes them feel good. It makes them feel better. And that in our Islamic terminology is called Cuba. It's called the Capote it's called pride, vanity,

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which is another haram.

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As far as Cuba is concerned, and Cuba consists of looking down on somebody, looking at somebody and thinking that they are less than you are. And the sources from said, Allah subhanaw taala said, giver is my clock, and the one who tries to take from it, I will put him in the hellfire.

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As soon as Sam said that, If a man makes another man stand in His presence, to demonstrate his importance.

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If if one person makes another person stand in their presence, to demonstrate their importance. Now, he sort of said himself, Allah subhanaw taala

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will make that person search for his own place in Jannah.

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Now think about discipline, how terrible that is. And this is just somebody who is showing his important by not inviting someone else who came to see him to have a seat,

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making him stand, as soon as salam prohibited the Sahaba from standing up in Vietnam, with respect for himself Satellizer this to do that. And as far as that is concerned, to stand up for somebody for an elder for a scholar for elder in the family, for somebody who's older. All of this is a handy lens, no problem with that, you can do that. But

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if the other person feels that this is right, that I entered the room, and people stood up for me, and I feel Yeah, this is good. They should sign up for me after all, I'm so and so, there was another upset that person will search for and find his own place Jana.

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So, by getting into this spin, completely unnecessary. of

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criticizing people, we fall into these three very major, major problems. Now question is What must you do?

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Number one, ask yourself, how important is this to

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if it is so important, go find that person and tell that person whatever you want.

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Because remember, any change can only be made by the individual. You cannot change me I cannot change you.

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I can defend myself, you can change yourself. So if I want you to change who should I talk to you? Not to somebody else, not your father, not your mother, not your friend, not to somebody else, not to the whole world on the internet? No, I should talk to you. Now you might say well, you know,

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so and so Bronwyn Veronica, great chef who is a great king who great whoever, and I have no access to him. No problem. In that case, what you do is keep your mouth shut, stand into Hodgetts. Can I be for Allah subhanho Beg Allah subhanaw taala to change that individual? And if you say no, no, no, I'm not so interested, then why are you interested in talking about him? If you're not interested enough to get up in the hands and pray for somebody believing believing my brother or sister, you're not interested in that person, that's okay. You don't have to interested in that person. But in that case, don't talk about them. Do not talk about if you're not interested enough to make dua for

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somebody, you're not interested enough to criticize them. So keep your mouth shut. This is a very, very important thing that I want to say to you. The reason why think about this, why do you think riba has been criticized and has been?

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You know, there's such a severe punishment associated with the backbiting and they came from Salem, they asked in Israel Salah Ben Ben decide was revealed, they said there are soldiers, we say something about somebody with that is true, that person is like that, as far as that is why it is called amoeba. Otherwise it will be both and it will be slander. It could be ascribing something to someone we didn't even exist.

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To the extent one of our mothers soudha avellana was a bit heavy.

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So one day I said these are the Alana. She's actually who was very slim and so on. And she was very young. She said to restaurants and I mean,

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humorous manner. Jokingly, she referred to his her co wife,

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or other mother, soda Delana as being heavy. Now, soda Delana was heavy, and I shall the Alana was not criticizing her or was not bad biting her. Humorously. She said that Rasul Allah Salam said, Aisha, if these words of yours were to be thrown

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into the ocean, it will turn the entire ocean bitter,

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simple thing like this. Why is he saying something so serious?

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Because it is serious. The reason why this is so serious is because Riba and Backbiting is like termites.

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Termites, when they get into what the structure, they eat it from inside. So on the surface of it, you don't know,

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you have absolutely no idea. This looks perfectly sound and perfectly strong, and so on so forth. Until one day,

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there's a slight, the wind, there's some, you know, some some minimal cause, we should not have troubled that structure at all. And the whole structure collapses. And the reason it collapses because it is already eaten up from inside. What you're seeing outside is just a shell. You don't know that. But that's what's happened. And this is exactly what happens with riba. A society in which Backbiting is common, is a society that is hollow from inside. So Allah, we are already there. This is the biggest problem with the Muslims everywhere in the world.

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We are constantly backbiting each other constantly battling each other. We do that in our families. We do that culturally we do that our whole social life is this. Just Just think about this. When you go to some party or something, you're talking about 90% of the time we talking about people, this person, that person, that person, either in the sense of politics, or in the sense something else, constantly. The point is what is the point of that? You might say Oh, but you don't want to look at this man. Look at that, man. Look at this president. Look at that Rambo, whatever a nasty piece of action. Of course, of course, he's a nasty piece of action. But by you're talking about him, how

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does it change?

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How does it change anything?

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Does he get? It doesn't stop him from being really reelected? Does it stop him? Does it take him out of his chair? Does it nullify the evil that he's doing? No. Your talk is completely and totally and utterly useless. And you have put yourself into the area of poverty.

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Even worse, to do that what scholars think about that, you know, Allah subhanaw taala made it further only on us to acquire knowledge and to practice it. So we acquire knowledge and practice in teaching as far as teaching is concerned. Sure. Somebody comes to me to ask a question answers question as far as I'm concerned, that job is over. The people, the scholars who are going out on a limb, they're put, they're sticking their neck out. They are speaking publicly to teach people to do something, they are taking a risk on themselves for the benefit of the community. So Allah have some consideration for that.

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If you like what they are saying, if you find it useful, practice it make dua for them. If you don't like what they're saying, Make dua for the last round, forgive them and protect them. That's it.

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criticizing them pointing fingers at them throwing throw Lynam Metaphorically speaking, throwing stones at them. This is the worst behavior that I have. I've never seen this behavior with any other religion, people of any other I mean, in America, I've been here for four years. And we have we have a strong relationship working with many other religions in our interfaith community. I've never ever seen or heard this kind of stuff happening in any other religion. People criticizing their scholars because if somebody is doing something new, okay, that's, you know, the people did this, okay, he's doing it, you know,

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if they, if they need to need to tell him the time otherwise, the kinds of stuff

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are people we talk about it, we make videos, we make all these Shalosh shorts and this and that stuck for a while in that delay when Elijah says please make us different our stop doing all this. If you have any such videos and so on on the internet, take them down straightaway. Don't destroy your own Nokia. And protect yourself from yourself. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from ourselves. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us and guide us to do that which is pleasing to Him and save us from that which is not pleasing. Masala Allah Allah be very well ally he was happy neighborhood