Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Dua 1

Mirza Yawar Baig
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In Serato solo right actually filmed here.

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He was heavy on what

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Tyler said. What is sila very badly underneath anybody who live without a diary than full yesterday really well you mean ob La La on the show don't

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let's write that as headings of the para

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in the middle of all the ads related to Ramadan

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is as I like I read the Annie Perry, he said that when my slave asked about me, I'm close to him

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would you die is that

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when he asked me, I listened to him an answer. When he made that I listened to his door and I respond to the

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file yesterday UI.

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So let him obey me. Well you know be and let him have faith in me. That I love him you're shown.

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Perhaps you will be guided

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translating into English, but law, law, law rivanna. The dictionary meaning is perhaps, but all the law Allah in the Quran is to be understood in the sense of again, definitely the person will be guided.

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Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah, perhaps Allah will be merciful on you in jail our approach

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is that if Allah subhanaw taala said law law with regard to himself it is definite. So therefore, therefore people will be guided inshallah We will do this in two parts today and tomorrow shall

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for the first part is that when a person asks about Allah Subhana Allah Allah does that I am close to Allah, hi, Ronnie, for anybody. When people need this translation, and if you read the translation or an English translation you will find and even although

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they say, Allah, Allah gave it and even my slave asked about me

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say to him, yeah, Hamas or Islam say to him that I'm close.

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Now it is not wrong. Allah subhanaw taala is, they will have they will go for it. There is no reason to sell them. And obviously

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I will say to people, but what is the actual Allah saying Allah when my slave as I'm close to

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like not even saying say to them that I am close. So if someone you're translating, say to them that I am closed, that is not the actual meaning of the I another way that I like IRA Danny for anybody.

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So when a person asks about Allah Subhana Allah inquires about Allah, Allah makes the governor's one of the things about him as Rhonda Tara reflects on my connection with Allah, Allah.

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When Allah sent me into the world, what am I there to do?

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What is the mclubbe of my life?

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When the person also things are not Renata with regard to any difficulty has any issue he has and so on, must Allah. Allah says I am close to you. So the first thing I wrote myself a new is to make is the desire of this and

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we have this knowledge, and I said that when my slave asks about me, I'm close to him. Do I feel that closer?

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Do you feel that closeness?

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The fact that Allah subhanaw taala is close to me. Do you feel discloses?

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That is

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one of the signs What are the signs of this closeness one time is a closeness is a feeling of complete safety and a feeling of complete confidence.

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We were

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in yupi, going from Lucknow to dudhwa National Park. And because a friend of mine who is inspected en la police, he arranged that whole trip all the way from dozois to from Lucknow Dubois. We had a police car in front of us and a police car behind us. And every time they passed one district, that local district person that that car would take over and we were escorted all the way to the now I remember sitting in the car and filling up roads are bad. Traffic is bad. But on that trip, you're sitting in your garden, your village well nothing can happen to me. I've got the entire state administration which is around me. The police can run police garden behind Sorry, my car break down

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there. We don't have one we have to support cars and this and that. As well as this is the feeling with regard to human beings what we can see.

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What about the law? For anybody? What is the meaning of

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For anybody,

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for anybody, and allows rather than saying

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in the again is

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fat summer for anybody

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unless it I am gross encloses a very weak translation of that fine neater evacuator under the Arabic of wine a curry, what is the feeling of a napery?

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What is that feeling reflects? unless it was a Sarika than anybody.

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So what is this feeling of Allah subhanho wa Taala is poor but

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do we have a feeling of Allah subhanaw taala we stand in salah

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and we know and love is Allah said when you are standing in Salah standing in court of Allah subhanaw taala before

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you may have said that you mix is done before the actual rock man

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you know there is a difference between intellectually understanding something and believing it or hamdullah we believe that there's no problem which Allah

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but there's a difference between intellectually understanding something or believing it and actually believing that in your heart

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is a vast difference huge difference

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huge difference

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and that is the

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that is a that is the difference between a man or just a

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while Why is operand use these two words for you man is enough no no not enough that well as well as you know hamana me know

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all you believe believe now all you really believes is abroad was English translation. It looks

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ridiculous. But what do you do if you're using a language? Yeah, I will admit I am an amino. Yeah, I live in Amman Oh the Holo filmmaker button.

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And it means the man is already inside Islam.

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There was no good obviously mega entered into Islam completely means what? So there is a difference. There is a difference between EMA and Alhamdulillah EMA We ask Allah subhanaw taala to introduce among the people with the man but the the modality of the Quran. The modality of Allah subhanho wa Taala is not even alone. It is the attain.

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Eman is the door we are in without demand. There's no reason why one cannot

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do that. But if you stick with Yvonne is a happy man. Then we do not taste the sweetness of Yaki

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and the sweetness of the rain is right here in this world. The sweetness of again is right here in this world, inshallah, in the archives in the light that I will give in keeping with his majesty and with but in this world itself, the sweetness of your cane is the absence and the and the banishing of fear from the heart. No more fear no more anxiety what will happen to me what love my family, my business by this my that law however will afford a level all of that is on the toe of my shoe.

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Do you take it you take in October?

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A lot I

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didn't know that.

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You know unless

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nobody, no fear.

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So you have to give us

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complete jerky

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to enable us to live a life which is completely free from Venezuela.

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