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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a story of a woman named Aisha NSE who joined a group of women in a union that was not her own. The group eventually found out of Aisha's the woman was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the but she was the
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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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today's builder is a unique one

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unique one by herself, unique one by her family and unique one, by the uniqueness that Allah chose her fourth.

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So who is she say to Hafsa? The daughter of say, Norma, may Allah be pleased with them both.

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She, of course grew up in Makkah in a noble family.

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And she became a Muslim before her father. She was married before Roswaal, a salatu salam. And her husband, her niece, was actually killed at the Battle of butter. At age 21, she became a widow. Now the Father say no, I'm not who now is a Muslim. And one of the closest people to Rasul Allah salatu salam worried about his daughter, like any father, and he wanted her to get married again, it's very common, and that day and age. So who he wants her to marry, other than one of the companions. So he approached, say, North man, and say, Now this man didn't answer. He approached, say Nalli and say you're not he didn't answer. As he now Homer, of course, was not happy.

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So he went to LA Swati salatu salam, showing his unhappiness, the fact that two of his friends and companion doesn't want to marry his daughter, and our beloved rasool Allah salatu salam made him feel much better by saying the following have saw Willie Mary, better than outman, and Addy and our last man will marry better than Hassan. And what happened? Or Swati salatu salam married, say to Hafsa which I for sure he's better than say, You know what, man? And so you know what man married a daughter or for Swati Salatu was set up almost khairthal which is for sure. Better than Hafsa. What was unique about say the Hausa.

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She was well known for her legendary acts of worship. She used to stand hours in Salah that's when she was an excellent writer. She actually one of the wives of Roswaal risotto Sinha, who knew how to read and write. She was very smart, very sharp. Some describe her like her father. She memorized the whole Quran, one of the few Sahabi had all memorized the Quran, the uniqueness of her that she was so trustworthy. Let's say networker kept the only copy of the Quran with her

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and stayed with her till the time of say, You know what, man, where he decided that now it's the time to make more than one copy of the Quran and send it to the other countries. He asked for that copy from Seder Hafsa and asked her permission, she gave it to him. He called the writers as they call them Kuttabul ye the writers of the Revelation, and they wrote the copies all based upon the copy at sea to Huff's ahead, as expected. When you have woman together, there has to be a jealousy somehow in between them are a soiree salatu salam was very well known to to lava see die show more than any of his wives to see to Hassan being the daughter of Sade now more felted.

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To see now Omar entered on his daughter and said the following to her yeah morning, my little daughter, my beautiful daughter. Don't be misled by the one who has a Roswaal risotto Sam has more love to her. The meaning of remember who are you? Or what you have, let's say you know more, went and told her a soiree salatu salam this, and Roswaal is sought to sit down to smiled,

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tells you

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even when you are at the highest level of piety, close to Allah subhanaw taala. As a woman we are human being we have these feelings, and fathers and husbands feel that and what they need to do is is just to make them feel better and accept these feelings in the beginning. This is the daughter of Satan Abu Bakr, this is the daughter of say no more. I'm referring to say die show and say to Hafsa so in the beginning, there was a lot of jealousy between them. It's even described as fierce jealousy. But then as Roswaal he saw it was

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that are married. Other wives, they actually became very close. There were much more common things between them than

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the opposite. The main thing that joined them both is their piety and the love to Allah subhanho wa Taala and of course, the love to our Swati salatu salam. As they became more friends, they also shared the acts of worship and this is very interesting narration that rasool Allah has salatu salam entered, and he found the seed Aisha NSE to have sought together as say the house of spoke first. And this narration is by Sade, Aisha. And she was saying, say that have saw spoke before me and she said, Yeah, rasool Allah, me and Aisha, walk up with the intention of fasting. However,

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a food was given to us as a gift and we broke our fast because the food was given to us as a gift. And the Roswaal ASR two CERAM said to them, that's okay sent to her actually, that's okay. Just make it up later. Now, this is not an obligation, but this is a narration tells you. Number one, they joined together in obedience almost pantalla both of them in their eagerness to follow with a rassada salatu salam SE and seek his opinion says the life of her may Allah be pleased with her is very rich. We will continue tomorrow. Oh,