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Bismillah Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara Philomela evil mursaleen Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa Darley he was of use I love this event because

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we continue with the beautiful lessons in Islamic manners from the book of

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Abdelfattah aboda raha Lolly, and we are on the topic of visiting the manners of visiting somebody. He says when you visit a when you enter a home, whether as a visitor or an overnight guests do not closely examine its contents as an inspector would. Because you are a visitor, you're not an inspector.

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Limit your observation to what you need to see. Do not open

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closed closets or boxes. Do not inspect a wallet package or a covered object. This is against Islamic manners, and an impolite betrayal of the trust your host has accorded to uphold these manners during your visit and seek to cultivate your host love and respect. May Allah bless and protect you. Whomever has CB says the duty of site is to preclude forbidden sites and not to try to see what has been hidden or covered. Like thou the tie he said I was told we will be accountable for our minor gazes as we are accountable for our minor deeds.

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The Arab poet miskeen aeldari. Me he said my neighbor need not worry if his door is not shut.

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Then we come to the point of burdening hosts with requests.

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Whether visiting friends or relatives,

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one must avoid unnecessary requests that may cause inconvenience to the hosts. For example, avoid using their phone or going to the toilet or performing your ablution good manners dictate that you should be considered for not every house may have these facilities prepared for the convenient use of its guests. Its condition or location could be embarrassing for your horse. Prepare yourself in the convenience of your home before paying the visit. Before we jump to your horse bliss, your horse would be very well pleased if your visit was free of inconvenience and embarrassment.

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Then timing your visit. Choose an appropriate time for your visit. Do not visit our inconvenient times such as mealtimes or when people are sleeping or resting or relaxing. The end this is also culturally depends on which country you are in. There are specific siesta time specific time that people are resting. So you should be aware enough of the culture not to do something which is inappropriate. The length of the visit should correspond with how will you know the hosts as well as their circumstances and conditions. Do not overstay your welcome by making your visit too long or burdensome. Remember, never Euro Dollar is there. It is strongly recommended for Muslims to visit

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the pious people,

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which is Allama and you they're brothers meaning their own personal relatives, their neighbors, their friends and relatives, and to be generous and kind and obliging to them. However, the extent of the visit varies according to the host circumstances. The visit ought to be conducted in a pleasant manner and at convenient times. There are numerous sayings and traditions in this regard.

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Greeting a group

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if you enter a room greet everyone inside. If you want to shake hands with those present, start with the most prominent, the most knowledgeable, the most pious, the oldest or those who have similar Islamic distinctions. Do not start with the first person you see on your right you may overlook the most distinguished the most prominent if you cannot decide who that person is. Or if those presidents happen to be of comparable status and start with the elderly. For they're easier to recognize.

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member had explained their sorrows or Selim said the elder the elder. In another version version, he said the elders come first Abuja Allah and Allah Bharani in allows at whichever law set the reported that a sort of a set of sets start with the elders and they always start with the notables.

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Then we come to sitting between two people if you enter a room do not sit between two people instead sit on the left or right without delay reported that hospitals are seldom said no one is to sit between two people without their permission.

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Sometimes two people maybe can't

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enough to favor you by making room for you to sit between them. Acknowledge this kind gesture by accepting it, thankfully,

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be grateful and good merit don't do not sit cross legged to crowd them out.

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A sage once said to people are truly ungrateful, a person whom you give advice to and he hates you for it. And a person who is favored with a seat in a tight place and he sits cross legged.

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If you are seated next to next to two people, do not use drop and listen to what they're saying. For it could be that their conversation is about a confidential matter. Eavesdropping is a bad habit and a sin

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number highly reported

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that in a hadith in Makati City resources sallam said, whoever listens to people's conversation against their wishes, will be punished by liquid lead being poured down their ears on the Day of Judgment, molten lead being poured into the

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you should seek to benefit from the company and wisdom of the elders

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who are traditionally described as a fruit at the end of the season. And

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Imam Abdul Fatah says and I would add to that a sun setting among the clouds.

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Soon they will depart leaving us behind. be keen to attend the gatherings of the elders, were the scholars of pious people on nobles relatives, soon you may lament the departure and your irrecoverable loss.

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It is an inappropriate manner

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to whisper to someone sitting next to you. If you are in a group of three. The third person will feel isolated and may think badly about you. So as salam disapproved of this, Imam Malik and Agudo reported that a Surah Surah Salam said no to shall exchange whispers in a presence in the presence of a third person.

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And resource serves a no to in an assertive negative form indicating that such a mistake is not only inappropriate, but despicable. Another Hadith in Bukhari says if you three two of us should not whisper to each other, till you join other people, lest the third feel offended.

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Abdullah Amara, the Lana was asked, What if there were four, he said then it does not matter. Meaning it would be it would not be offensive then whispers are usually secrets. So if a friend and trusted you with a secret do not betrayed, do not tell it even to your best friend or closest relative.

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Then we come to the duties of the hosts and the rights of the guest. If you are having a guest overnight, be hospitable and generous, but do not exaggerate when providing food and drink to your guest. Moderation not access is the Sunnah, you should try our best to make your guests stay pleasant and comfortable during the night and they inform your guests of the direction of the table and show them the way to the bathroom.

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Your guests will need to use towels after making wudu. After ablution or having a shower or washing hands before and after meals. Make sure that these are fresh and clean. Do not offer towels that you or your family members have used. It is also a good idea to provide the guests with perfume and a mirror. Make sure the toiletries and bath accessories they will be using are clean and sanitize. Before the lending you're leading your guests to the bathroom, inspect it and remove anything you don't want your guests to see. Your guests will need rest in a quiet sleep. spare them the noise of the children of the house as much as possible. Remove intimate clothing from their view. If the

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guest is a man who will remove all women's clothing and belongings. This is a desirable decent practice that will leave you both feeling comfortable.

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When meeting when meeting your guests receive them with tact and respect the dress pop properly and look your best but don't but don't overdo it. The close relationship between you is no excuse for negligence or indecency in your manner or appearance. Imam Bukhari In other words, more fraud reported that our forefathers used to look their best when visiting each other. Be kind and considerate with your guests as a rule do not ask them to help you with your house chores. Don't don't ask us to wash the dishes and so on. If our Shaffir entre said gentlemen do not employ their visiting guests

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If you visit a relative or a friend, you should be mindful of your host circumstances and work commitments. Make your visit as brief as possible, as everybody has various jobs and duties. Be considerate of your hosts and volunteer to help them with their business, their house chores and obligations. While at your hosts house. Do not inspect and examine every corner, especially when you are invited beyond the guest room, lest you see something you're not supposed to notice. In addition, do not bother your horse. By being inquisitive and asking too many questions, whether about themselves their household, or the house itself. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to

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reflect on these on this beautiful advice and to follow it in our lives and benefit ourselves and others. Salahuddin Abdul Karim Ali he was able to get what I mean