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Mr. olahraga Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi lambier Evil mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam has given cathedra because hear from other brothers and sisters, we are reading from the book of Islamic manners by Aisha Abdelfattah aboda rato lolly.

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And today is the chapter for the manners of visiting.

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He said he talks about the importance of keeping appointments, he says in the first Ayato, certain minor Allah subhanaw taala called upon the believers. And he said, Yeah, you're Latina Armando for Bill, quote, he said, Oh, you will believe, fulfill your promises. Allah Subhana Allah praise is vitally Salaam and he will he said he was true to his promise.

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He was true to his promise.

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And then he said he was a messenger of the prophets.

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Now giving appointments is vital to our lives time is the most precious commodity once wasted, it can never be recovered.

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If you made an appointment, whether with a friend or a colleague or for business, you should do your utmost to keep this appointment. This is the right of the other person who despite other commitments, favored you with a part of the valuable time. If you do not come on time, not only have you disrupted their schedule, but you have also marred and spoiled your image and reputation. If your punctuality becomes poor, you will lose people's respect.

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You should keep all your appointments, whether they are with an important person, if close friend or a business colleague or anyone, you will then be responding to the call of Allah subhanaw taala. And he said and keep the promise, the promise is a responsibility.

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And this is not Auronzo 1734. It is enough to know that supervisor salon gave an appointment to one of his Sahaba the sahabi came three days later Rasulullah Salem gently reprimanded him and said you have caused me some trouble. I've been waiting for you for three days. Xavi probably had an excuse for this.

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But he had no means by which to inform resources about his inability to keep the appointment. But that is no longer true for us today we have

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fast and reliable communication means cell phones and whatnot. And therefore as soon as you realize that you will not be able to give an appointment you should inform the other person so that they can do something with their time instead of waiting for you.

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Once you are careless and you don't go to the appointment and then after that you apologize that is meaningless. Because the damage is already done. It's not a matter of apology, it's a matter of being conscious enough to stick to your word.

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The word of a person is their brand, the word of a person is their locker, it is their pride, it is a it is their name. And despite that is a terrible loss. Bukhari and Muslim narrated that also was seldom said three traits single out a hypocrite, even if you praise or fasts or claims to be a Muslim one, if he speaks he lies to if he makes a promise, He does not keep it in third, if he is entrusted, he betrays the trust.

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So three things one is lying, the other one is not keeping a promise. And the third one is that if you are trusted, you do not be you not keep the trust. This especially reverse to keeping confidence or confidential information that is given to you in confidence. So for example, so there is a trust. Somebody says, I'm telling you something, this should remain between us. Don't tell anybody. Now many people the first thing they do they tell somebody or they say no no, don't tell anyone. So told me this. You don't tell me what the point is. You are told don't tell anyone that means anyone? Oh, I only told my wife No. Your philosophy that anyone? Right? If you have to tell somebody then you

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should seek the permission of the person who mentioned this to you first as I need to say this to somebody can I do that? But without that to share? Somebody is confidential information is haram. Muammar Ghazali. In Allah hell alone explains that this hadith is applicable to those who promise while intending not to fulfill it, so people even even before that they have no in

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intention but there is no no I will I will contend with me I will keep it secret give me the no in 911 or those who without excuse later decide not to fulfill the promise those who promise but but not fulfilled due to proper excuses, they are not hypocrites, they must apologize they must be governed, but we should be careful not to do this.

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Second thing is declining a visit if you visit friends with or without an appointment and they apologize for not being able to receive you accept their apology without any ill feeling,

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you should understand that something might have come up compelling them to decline your visit, it is perfectly reasonable for them to ask to be excused this particular etiquette is very important in order to remove any ill feeling that could linger because of declining of an of a visit. A loss manager has said if you are if you are asked to go back go back, that makes for greater purity and this is in the Quran. Surah 2428. If you were asked to go back go back, that makes for greater purity. People do not know what to do and they become disturbed by the visit of someone who they do not want to receive under the circumstances and they may resort to lying they may say something when

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I'm sick. I'm this and that. Now not only do the children learn bad manners because of this, but also some behavior may lead to needless enmity between people. The Quranic etiquette provides a better alternative to such unpleasantness and God just against lying. He provides for the horse to kindly present the reason to the visitors and ask that they accept it in good faith. And without hesitation. That's where loss manager said, if you were asked to go back go back, that makes for greater purity.

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The Tabby Qatada ignored the ultra Lucy said, Do not hang around the door of those who declined to receive your visit. Accept the reason move on and attend to your business and let them attend to this. Do not ask for a reason or explanation. Imam Malik is to say not all people can disclose their excuses. They cannot tell you why they say no.

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So don't force them. Accordingly when it comes to visiting our service ally in righteous forbearance used to say to their horse, perhaps you just became busy and cannot receive us making them feel at ease in case they wanted to excuse him. Our Tabori in his dossier reported that a man of the mighty rule he said all my life I wanted to practice this i If you are asked to go back go back. That makes for greater purity but I could not. I was hoping I would seek permission to visit a brother and he will tell you go back. I would have gladly left fulfilling the commandment of Allah as you know Jesus what the other people are so hospitable no one told him to go back whenever again please

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welcome welcome.

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Please don't need to go back. Welcome.

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Final thing is control your eyes when asking permission to enter a home don't look around here and there unnecessarily inside and into the you know in other rooms or whatnot This is shameful and helpful without an attorney.

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Explain that sad Vinoba or the law said a man stood facing the door of Rosa Salem while asking permission to enter the reason I said turn that way turning him away and ordering him to move further from the door he said asking permission is prescribed to prevent intrusion. Right. So by you asking permission but you are intruding with your eyes by standing right in front and looking at it. No one has permission. So stand to one side and knock on the door and it wasn't leave they asked you to come in.

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Remember Hi Robert Allah also explained in other words, I have read that the sahabi is the one who recounted the residence the residence said a person should not look inside the house before getting permission. If you do look inside before asking permission you have already entered that is you have trespassed

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without and deal with it and OHare mo La La well when stated in other words, more frog Hadees by Abu Huraira or the Alana who said that the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam, he said if the site lips permission should be denied, is it if you see somebody looking at send him away?

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Also Buhari narrated that Amara Musa them

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to do two GB reported that Omar Katara said whoever fills his eyes with a sight of the interior of a house before being permitted, is a wrongdoer.

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Bukhari Muslim and others narrated that Sahel beans had said that a man peeked through a hole into the room of Ross was a seller while he was scratching his head with a small

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instrument. When the surah tourism saw the intruder he told him if I had known you were looking, I would have poked your eye

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So it is very serious and wasn't one must not do that asking permission was prescribed to prevent intrusion. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to develop the best manners and we pleased with us and our to be displeased was Allah Allah Allah Allah military Murali, he was a member of Tigger her life