Musa’s (PBUH) Good Manners with his Community & Family

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The transcript describes a person who found two women in poor condition after their father provided water and helped them. The person then went to his father's house and spoke to his wife, saying that he wants to be recognized as theProphet by his family. The woman spoke to him in a manner that suggests she is a pro afraid of the world.

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musala salam after this, he left Egypt and he ended up in Meridian. As soon as he got to Meridian, he found two women that needed help. He helped him goodness, he helped them. And then after this, these two girls went to their father. And they said, Oh Father, someone took care of our cattle, and he provided water for them. The father was good none of this well, he did it yourself. Just Oh, look at No worries. He invited him to his house come over. We're gonna give you a tribute. We'll pay you for your good work, good manners, society, good manners. And then after this masala you set up, finishes his 10 years in Midian. And then he leaves guardian. And he goes now he's married. He's

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with his wife and he walks and he gets to this desert in the real dark, cold night and he sees a fire on a mountain. He sees his fire on the mountain. And he says to his wife, famous Mormon as we're going to learn in solar and solar power. He says to his wife alone by herself. If Cordelia him Khufu, in me and us to now run loudly, it can mean habeas corpus. He spoke to his family in the plural sense. He said, instead of sitting down I reckon Khushi stay here and coffee is used when you speak to one person. He spoke to her as though he's speaking to a plural a showcase him Allah He said, this is because of his good Manistee, his family, that he honored them so much that he spoke

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to them in the sense of plural and greatness. This is how his man as well with his wife, even though she was alone, and this is why when he ended up on the mountain, Allah azza wa jal finally said to him,

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I have chosen you, I have selected you, you're going to be the Prophet. Why? Because of his worship and good manners. Colossi deserves to be selected by Allah subhanahu wa tada comes from the word higher meaning to choose someone based on the goodness that they have in the analysis and in their worship. Want to get