Mirza Yawar Baig – Death and Hereafter #25

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of knowing the natural and biological process is crucial for long term success, and the need for the Quran to teach hateful behavior is crucial. The importance of physical action and giving charity is emphasized, as well as the need for forgiveness in the future. The speakers emphasize the need for forgiveness and reminding oneself of the purpose of upcoming lecture, while also acknowledging the potential for fear and discomfort in sharing one's deeds.
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leverage Atlanta rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi Lumbee will good serene Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu ala ru ru. So Salam doesn't even consider him cathedra from above our brothers and sisters, we are on the class of death and hereafter. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to understand matters which we can only understand because Allah subhanaw taala told us about that.

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There is there are two kinds of knowledge there is a knowledge of discovery, invention, reserves, learning, conceptualization, and so on and so forth, which is your knowledge. And of course, we

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we appreciate that we are thankful for that.

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And we greatly

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We greatly appreciate the people who are involved in that.

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But there is another kind of knowledge, which unfortunately, doesn't need appreciate it equally, although it's even more important. And that is the knowledge of Revelation, the knowledge of the right. Now the knowledge of Revelation is important for one simple reason, which is that what is revealed, and what is told was boundless 100 that it is impossible to learn about in any other way. If Allah subhanaw taala had not told us or didn't tell us, then there is no other way in which one could learn about those things. Now, if those things were things that really didn't matter, then you could say, well, you know, what does it matter if I ever if I don't know, I don't know. But they

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those are things that not only matter, but they matter tremendously, and they matter in a way which is unique, which is that them they matter for the everlasting life.

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it is always a bad idea to juxtapose these two kinds of knowledge, one against the other and say this against that, and this is important that that is not important is the usual mistake that people make. And I'm not going to make the mistake,

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because both are important.

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But here we are talking about the knowledge of the Verhey. And we are saying that this is very, very critically important because there is no other way of finding out for example, if I if I say that I want to find out by a scientific process, meaning a process of physical observation, and by a process of discovery, what actually happens in the cupboard in the grave, then this is something that I cannot possibly do. No matter what I do, you might say, well, you know, why not put sensors into the grave, and so on and so forth. The fact is that no sensor can sense what is in the grave, because the grave is not the hole in the ground. The grave is the name for allowable Barsuk, which

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is a different world into which we have no access, and the people who are there and we will be among them very soon, they will have no access back out of it into this world. It's a completely different world altogether. So how do we find out what happened in our birth, we will find out when we get there and every single one of us will get there whether we believe it or not.

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But knowing what is going to happen there when we get there is useless for us as we are here today. Because there is nothing that we will be able to do to change the state of affairs that we find ourselves in if that needs to be changed.

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So if I get into our review get into if somebody gets into the Alamo bursa and discovers that this is now a horrible place that is full of fire, and it's full of punishment, and all kinds of terrible things are going to happen or happening to me and I want to get out of this, I want to rescue myself, I want to save myself, there is no way of doing that once you are in it.

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The way to do that the place to do that is here because the effect of what happens here in the animal Shahada. It affects what is going to happen in the animal birds and this is where we need the knowledge of hate. Because only one can tell us what happens after death that is the one who does not die and how you will live the lie about Allah subhanahu otalgia legendado algin Llewellyn suyo Tony said the insight and the agenda human beings and the jinn all die, those who die do not know what happens after they die only the one who does not die can tell them what will happen to them after they die. And the reason for telling them is again this is not simply

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information or you know interesting stories. This is so that we can do something to affect that time in our lives which is going to come and which will be forever to affect it positively to affect it in a way where we will inshallah

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find ourselves in a good place, a place of blessing a place of Russia.

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And that is why we need the Quran. That is why we need the teachings of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and that is why we are so grateful to Allah subhanaw taala geladeira who for providing us with both of these, even without our asking, there is nobody in the world who asked for the Quran or asked for solos or salah, or asked for guidance, this came from Allah subhanho wa Taala is a neighbor of Allah subhanaw taala This is a blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala This is a gift from Allah subhanaw taala those who take it those who use it are people who are who are intelligent, and people who understand and those who reject it, and those who refuse to take it and those who know

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about it, and still don't follow it. Well, you know, what can be said about them, now that it admired bingeable Nadella and who he said that I heard also Allah Johnson I'm saying, Allah subhanho wa Taala della della WHO THE MASTER OF HONOR says, for those who love one another for the sake of my majesty and magnificence, there will be high seats of light, that will be the envy of prophets and martyrs. And this is a heavy scene, Jeremy the

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deal with the sheriff now, rasa as of this is the the issue in Islam is, as we learn from this hadith, and many that are Hadith,

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the issue is to focus on why we do something. And this is very, very important. And that is why the first one is in Bukhari and Muslim is in our lava, Lavinia, the

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reward of the lead is based on the intention. So what you do is important, obviously, the actual physical action is important, but the reason you do that physical action is even more important than that reason is what decides the

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reward for that physical action. So if I'm giving charity, why am I giving this charity I am if I give it to please Allah subhanaw taala better than I get the reward for this.

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If I give it, if I give this charity to show to the world, what a generous person I am, then this charity becomes a problem for me on the day of judgment, if ALLAH does not forgive, I will be punished for it. Right the same action, which is giving a charity one is being done for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala is pleasure. The other one is, is being done for the name of for the sake of name and fame, one is

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liable to be rewarded, the other one is liable to punish the action remains the same. And this is a very important concept to understand. In Islam.

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Then we come to this beautiful Hadith, it is a detail Hadees about the situation on the day of judgment we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to save us from all the trials and tribulations and all the difficulties and calamities that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned with regard to the day of judgment on the authority of Allah has been vallegrande Allah Allah know who quoted from Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam who said, The believers will gather together on the Day of Resurrection. And this is because the conditions will be so hard and so hard and everybody will be suffering from this to the believers will all gather together on the Day of Resurrection and they will say should we not ask

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someone to intercede for us with our Abdelaziz?

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So they will go to otherworldly Salaam and they will say you are the first father of mankind. Allah subhanaw taala created you with his hand he made the angels bow down to you. And he taught you the names of everything. So intercede for us with your wrap, so that he may give us relief from this place where we are.

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Now remember, this is not we're not talking about Java, we're talking about the place or hasher itself. That itself the condition on the mother of hasher themselves will be so difficult and so

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terrible that people will this is not punishment, this is the situation that is so difficult that people will seek to be relieved despite that, there will be people who will have the shade of the Arsenal Allah subhanaw taala and they will not be subject to those conditions and we ask Allah to make us among them inshallah. So they will go to other one is Robin they will say this to Him.

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But He will say

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otherwise Robin said, I am not in a position to do that. I cannot intercede with Allah and He will mention his wrongdoing he will mention the mistake that he made and he will feel a shame and he will say go to New Orleans Salaam. Now remember again,

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you're talking about the MBR every single dubby is is muscle is forgiven. They are protected. They did not commit sins as in the context of us. The whatever they did was a small those who did it was a small mistake a small thing that they did or didn't do. And Allah subhanaw taala for

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gave them and Allah subhanaw taala stated that in the Quran that he has forgiven them. So despite that, this is the nature of the believer despite the fact that he may have done nothing is still fear the displeasure of Allah subhanaw taala because he knows that I'm not smarter is not compelled by anyone or anything to do this or that and those around Rotella is not forced to forgive our sins are not to forgive our sins, Allah is neither forced to punish nor is he forced to forgive. So therefore, we our safety lies in continuing to fear the displeasure of Allah subhanaw taala until we are assured of his pleasure and that is when we are inshallah we ask Allah for this when we are

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sitting in comfort in general for those. So he said, I cannot do that. Go to Malaysia

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go to Newari salaam he says because he is the first messenger Allah Subhana Allah rasool Allah, Allah subhanaw taala sent to the inhabitants of the earth. So they will go to him and he will say I am not in a position to do that. I will not I cannot intercede and he will mention, having requested something from Israel about which he had no proper knowledge, because he asked Allah subhanaw taala to save his son from drowning. And he will feel ashamed and he will say go to college or Aqua Ibrahim Alayhi Salam. So they will come to him to rival Islam and he will say I'm not in a position to do that. Again, he will talk about something that he did and he's as good Musa Elisa, he is a a

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Rasul of Allah subhanaw taala. He's a Southern, he's a slave to whom Allah spoke and to whom he gave the Torah. So they will come to him and he will say, I'm not in a position to do that. And he will mention the taking off our life other than for a life, meaning that when he

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he hit the van, the Egyptian guy and accidentally that guy died and he will feel ashamed in the sight of his Robin he will say go to isa Ali salaam, Who is Allah subhanaw taala slave and His Messenger is a resource and He is Allah subhanaw taala he is the

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Kalamata Allah, and he is ruler and he is the sign of Ayatollah he is a sign of Allah subhanaw taala and go and ask him now is Ali Salam. So they will say, but he also will refuse to intercede and he was not in a position to intercede go to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who is a slave of Allah and Allah Sol, O Allah subhanaw taala has forgiven all his wrongdoing past and future. And again, please understand we are not saying that we actually did wrong, this is the naira of Allah subhanaw taala that Allah subhanaw taala give to His Rasul. So they will come to me and always at a service fee, instead, they will come to me and I will set forth to ask permission to come to my lab

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and permission will be given. And well I shall see my rub, I will prostrate myself I will fall into such that and he will leave me in that position

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until he pleases Him and

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said he will leave me in that position until it pleases Him. And then it will be said to me raise your head, Ask and it will be granted. If Arasaka Yeah, Mohamed and let's write that it will say it is your head Oh Muhammad and asked me and I will give you speak and it will be heard intercede and your intercession will be accepted. Now please understand intercession is with the permission of Allah subhanaw taala right and that's right that I mentioned this is Adam cosy and other places. Nobody will be able to intercede in Allah,

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masha Allah, except for more than one who has been permitted to intercede and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make our source of Salem, the one who will intercede on our behalf and and yes, I'm saying this because this is what our source also told us to ask is it ask Allah to make me the one to intercede and we we do that when we make the dua after a van every five times a day? That is this was over

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a llama llama the dam was there at the time of the Muhammad and it was Illa Allah give him there was a give him the intercession while for the letter obasa Cabomba and give him the nakawa hold which is the highest patient before Allah subhanaw taala I mean you

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and I said the one who makes this dua, I will intercede for him. So we ask Allah to make their wish or our intercessor on the deal gentleman. So I just couldn't be said to him, and so I will raise my head and I will praise him I will glorify and praise Allah subhanaw taala in a way that he will

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Teach Me and nobody has praised Allah like this before and then I will intercede and he will set me a limit as to the number of people. So, I will be able to admit into Jana, that I will return to him and when I shall see my robbed again, I will again makes us the as before and then I will intercede and he will set me another limit, and I will admit those people, and then I will return for a third time and then a fourth time, and then I will say there remains is Johanna only those whom the Quran has confined and who must be there for eternity, then they shall come out there come out there shall come out from Johanna see who has said there is no ala except Allah La ilaha illallah and who has in

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his heart, goodness

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as little as a seed of barley, then they shall come out of Jana, the one who has said simply said La Ilaha illa Allah and who has in his heart goodness way, like a grain of wheat and then they should come out of Ghana. He will said there is no God but Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah and he has goodness in his heart, this the weight of an atom, and this is Bukhari Muslim, Telemedia even imagine. Now it's very important here, in this whole long hadith is to understand two very critical things. Number one is the position of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as the only one and the first one who will be given intercession on the Day of Judgment. You're not the only one he'll be

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he'll be the first one and after him, inshallah Allah subhanaw taala will give intercession and we will allow people, other people to introduce or to intercede as is his wish. So, this is something that will that's the first thing and for that intercession to happen for us it is critical that we

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follow his sunnah that we make it diva officer, the intercession of the Rasulillah Salam will be done for those who follow Him and His follow him both in terms of being obedient to Him as well as following his sunnah be emulating him and making the diva. We ask Allah to make us among those. There is a very big widespread misconception among the people among the Muslims that following the Sunnah is discretionary. If you follow it, it is good if you don't follow it, it's okay. It is only a saga considering

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the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salam considering his way to be something unimportant left to our discretion. If you want to do it, we do it if you don't want to do it, we can we need not do it. It is okay to accept it. It is okay to reject it. This attitude is an attitude of Kufa because Allah subhanho wa Taala ordered us to follow some Allah subhanaw taala send an IV in order that he should be obeyed, in order that he should be emulated Allah subhanho wa Taala

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spoke about the emulation of the Nabil a salam to in such a glorious manner that he said that the one who emulates Mohamed Salah Allah will love him.

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Pauline Gundam Taheebo and Allah wa oni Yubico Allah, we have a look of the Nova Cola or for re say over Amazon seller, to those who claim to love Allah subhanaw taala that if you really love Allah subhanaw taala then emulate me emulate Muhammad Salah and if you if you do that Allah subhanaw taala will love you and He will forgive your sins. And Allah is Most forgiving, US forgiving, most merciful, that these items are tolerated. This is the naive Allah is giving that Allah will love you. This is the reward of Allah subhanaw taala without any limits whatsoever. And this is for emulating ressourcer Solomon if somebody therefore comes and says that it's only a sunnah and I need

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not do it and it is not far, then it shows that this person at best is ignorant and at worst is arrogant. Both of these situations are not something that we want to be.

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We come to another Hadith with respect to the last day of judgment. Now to the last day the day of judgment from whatever there are no reporter who reported that there was a lesson I'm sad and this is the famous or this about the seven who will be shaded under the shade of the ashram Allah subhanaw taala when there will be no shade except his shade. So listen carefully. There was a Salam said seven people will be shaded by Allah under his shed on the Day when they will be no shade, but his throne

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they will be they will be under the Throne of Allah subhanaw taala

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Uh That's it.

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Who are they they are number one, a just ruler.

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Somebody who is in authority over others and deals with them with justice. Just ruler need not only be a head of state obviously you do there is also what is not only out of state even if you have one employee who works for you, even if you have no employees but you are the head of your family, good Luke O'Brien Buckelew Missoula arrived, I wish all of you are shepherds, then you will be questioned about your flock, about those who are in your, in your care and concern. So, every person who has any form of authority or others is a ruler, and the one who deals with them with justice, will be shaded by the shade of Allah subhanaw taala on the day when there is no shade except to shade number

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two, a youth ampere youth means Matawan who grew up in the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala jelajah, the mighty and the majestic, meaning that somebody who was pious in their youth.

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Number three, a man. Again, he was not alone, but obviously man.

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But more importantly, man, because men are more connected with the masjid in terms of serving forgot them in the masjid, a man whose heart is attached to the mosque, which means who goes to the last year for the five Salawat, who helps the person who helps to establish the masjid, who contributes to the upkeep of the budget, and so on and so forth. Obviously, women are also included in this, all of these kinds of ideas, when it says married also means a woman, both are equal in the

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duty and the reward. So a third is a person whose heart is attached to the budget. And the fourth, two people who love each other only for Allah subhanaw taala sake, and who meet for that, no part about that. So two people who love each other for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And so obviously, when they meet, they're talking about Allah Subhana Allah and His glory and majesty and so on. Number five, a man who is seduced by a woman of beauty and position, but he says, I fear Allah. Obviously, the same thing applies to woman, a woman who is seduced by a man who is both powerful and whatnot. And then she says, Sorry, I will not do something which is haram. Then six, a man who gives a charity secretly such such that his left hand does not know what his right hand gives in charity, there is a great virtue in giving, giving charity and doing it quietly and doing it without fanfare and publicity, it is permitted

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in certain cases, to speak about what you have given in order to encourage people but be very very careful, because it is your heart and at the end of the day, you will answer to all those who have done and we will all answer

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shaitan will tell you that all i You're only saying this to you know to encourage others but we know in our heart that we feel nice when people say oh mashallah you give so much. So, it is better to to avoid this completely, to do it in public, but if somebody does it, it is not haram. And we leave their intention with Allah subhanaw taala and 77 is a person who remembers Allah subhanaw taala and seclusion quietly by themselves, and their eyes get flooded with tears. We ask a lot of makers among them, they're not talking about publicly crying and obviously publicly publicly cry can also say out of sincerity, we're not saying that everyone who should should steer in, in tears in public is

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trying to show people but in private, it has far more value. So let me quickly go over this once again, seven people who will be shaded

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under the shadow of the earth so Allah subhanaw taala May Allah make us among them on a day when there is no shade except his shade except the shade of his throat is a just ruler.

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A youth who grew up in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala

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a person whose heart is attached to the masjid

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to people who love each other only for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and the meat and part apart that a person who is reduced by somebody of the opposite gender so the man studies was overwhelmed by word of beauty and position and says sorry, I fear Allah subhanaw taala I will not commit any haram.

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Six, a person who gives the charity secretly says that his left hand doesn't know what is the right time to give. And seven is a person who remembers Allah subhanaw taala in seclusion and his or her T eyes get flooded with tears and this is a so you had this in Bukhari and Muslim.

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The Day of Judgment will be such that even the believers who believed in the truth will be severely worried and loss around data set and they will give what they give while their hearts are fearful because they will be returning to the rub.

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asked him he said the syllabus he said he was one of the those who disobey Allah Who are those who drink liquor and who still, there is another sentence. I said no Aisha, they are the ones who will fast and pray and give out in charity but are fearful that their deeds may not be accepted from them. And this is a Muslim Alhamdulillah it is the mark of the slave

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to take his deeds and present them like this to Allah subhanaw taala he doesn't give them like this. He gives him like this. He's offering to take or not to take is the discretion of our abdelhadi Allah. If Allah subhanaw taala accepts our deeds, then this is a favor of Allah subhanaw taala on us. Allies are not compelled to accept our deeds. So to do something good and to feel proud about it, or to say that oh, well, and I did decided this is a sign off. As I said, ignorance at best arrogance at worst.

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Whatever we did, we did only because Allah subhanaw taala gave us the material he gave us with our field, he gave us the ability he gave us the heart to do it.

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There are if you just look around yourself at myself, and you will see that there are not one there are 100 there are 1000s and millions of people who have what you have and love more than what you have. And we're not we're not spending it in the path of wholeness.

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So, this should not make us feel arrogant, they should not make us feel very proud. No, this is make it this should make us feel very humbled to say that I do not know why Allah subhanaw taala chose me to spend in his path. I do not know why Allah subhanaw taala chose me to do the work of his deed, to do the work in his past I have no idea why Allah Allah Allah only knows this. Because there are so many others who are more than capable of doing this far better than I am they are not doing it. This does not this does not it should not make me proud and arrogant. It must make me feel even more humble, even more thankful to Los Vannatta and we say Allah, you have chosen and you have allowed me

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to do what I'm doing. Please do not take it away. Please do not let me do anything where you remove me from the work of your path. To me was beggar love on this all allow me to remain that you brought me here.

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You brought me here. Allow me to stay there.

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Do not send me back to where I came from. Do not reject me Do not reject my work. This is something to beg Allah subhanaw taala for and this is what the Sahaba you were taught that we begged the drafter after we finish at the end of Salah Allama in New Zealand and Zillman Cathy's but we live in the hula for a little while and all I have completed great

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transgression and great injustice on myself. inlays I love that.

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I have done this great zoom on myself. Dolman Garcia huge, huge oppression. I have oppressed myself I've done this great oppression of myself. Thankfully please forgive me in no local novella. And there is no one who forgives except you

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forgive sins except you this is a dua we make when at the end of saliva and you're doing something good you're doing the praying the fourth Salah at its time is the best deed of that time. There is no deed that supersedes or that is better than praying the word Salah ad it's correct time.

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And at the end of that

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what is the reserved ticket to make this line holy it is he taught ourselves this the salah of our Garcinia Delano, the quality of it the power of it was such that the Quran said he should not pray where anyone can see him because we will see him become Muslim.

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And for somebody who Salah is of that quality, what is what is Rosaura advise him you say seek forgiveness of Allah.

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Even if your Salah is of that quality, don't sit there and imagine that oh, well you know I'm doing this great prayer Allah has to accept now what we learn no Allah does.

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If Allah subhanaw taala does not want to accept Allah does not have to accept

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the beggar not manage to accept

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and we seek his forgiveness. And we see all right, if you do not forgive, we will have sobre salaam Danfa well loved Aquila. Now what are hamdulillah Kasuri Allah if you do not forgive us, we will be lost. So please forgive us. We have transgressed against ourselves that if you don't forgive us, we will be lost. So please forgive.

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My brother sisters, I remind myself I knew that this day, the day of judgment is a day that

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the day will come and we will be there and whatever that

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I have been telling you about something that I'm reminding myself about also, even before I tell you and that is to prepare for this day.

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The purpose of this lecture the purpose of all such lectures is for us to

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to remember that we are

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going to meet a loss of habitat. We ask Allah subhanaw taala for His mercy and grace and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to use with us never to be displeased. Or Solana will pity Murali us I will never have to go

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