Yahya Ibrahim – Daily Dua in the Last 10 of Ramadan #04 – Night dua

Yahya Ibrahim
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met along my Sanjana Mohammed, Mohammed, along Muslim niada, Mohammed, Ali Mohammed, Lama, Sanjana, Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed.

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A lot more Sanjana. Mohammed Juana Ernie Mohammed income is on $1. Ibrahima early Ibrahim along my Burdick I know Mohammed

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Mohammed camera Baraka Allah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Filomena, inaka, hamidou Majeed, Aloma Sanjana Mohammed Ali Mohammed income isolate Allah or Hema early Ibrahim

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along the vertical Dr. Mohammed Ali Mohammed income about Abdullah Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim Filomena in Academy Majeed Allahumma salli ala Mohammed Ali Mohammed in kamasan li Darla Ibrahim Allah early Rahim Allah, Allah Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed income avacado Ibrahim Ali, Ali Ibrahim. Filomena in Naka, hamidou Majeed, Allah Hama, Sanjana Mohammed Ali Mohammed

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kamasan letendre evil Rahim on early Ibrahim Allah Mabry Kala Muhammadu Mohammed come about Alcala Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Filomena in neck hamidou, Maji Allahumma Sanjana Mohammed many wanna name Mohammed came out so late Allah Ibrahim Allah early Rahim Allahumma barik Allah Mohammed

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Mohammed come about Dr. Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Filomena in Abu Mahdi.

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Allah We begin by sending our peace and salutations upon our whenever you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah we turn to you asking you to send your peace and blessings upon the prophets. I seldom upon his family, his companions we ask you, you are humble. I mean to make this a reason for his shift for us on the Day of Judgment Allahumma amin, Allah we ask you to lead us to the sooner of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, especially in this place at last 10 days of the month of Ramadan. Allah we ask you to assist us to be from those who are able to fulfill the greater Eva that they are able in these days in sha Allah yahama raha mean Yahweh Lee and mustafi assist us in that

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which is good, yeah, Allah, Allah help us to achieve the best of this dunya and after I are hammer I mean, our lawmakers from those who are able to lead themselves and their families to that which is righteous, and be able to be from those who are conveyors of this faith into other generations that are to come after us Allah I mean, for those who would like to download some of the English translation and the improper Arabic script for it. You can head to Yahoo ebrahim.com forward slash do eyes DU a s and you can download it easily there for free of course in sha Allah, and something that you can benefit from the evening lahaie dialer. If you go to Yahoo brahim.com forward slash two

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hours you'll be able to see it in chat a lot and benefit from it. But even in Lucha Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala accept or withdraws. In these coming, blessing nights Allahumma amin robina volume and food center were in limbo Phil Anna Anna Anna Kuhn and nominal Hall city in Ocala. We acknowledge that we have wronged our souls we are those who are seeking your forgiveness and have mercy upon us. Yeah, Allah.

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I will lie if you don't show us your forgiveness and your mercy then we will ever remain as losers La ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran to me navali mean Allah we acknowledge that none is worthy of worship but you yeah Allah all glory and completeness and perfection is with you. Yeah, Allah and none other than you. Truly we acknowledge that we are those who are the wrongdoers in comparison to all of the good that you have given us. Yeah, Allah. We have returned it with this old favor We ask Allah to forgive us how Allah Allah Houma Toby Elena in NACA, and that the web of Rahim Allah accept our repentance make this a moment of our sincere repentance in our heart in our tongue,

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and let it be in our actions from this day forward. Yeah, Allah You're the only one that accept this repentance from us. Yeah, Allah. We ask you I mean, to show us your mercy. Yeah. What do you and Masada have been on? I've been to Africa in nesina of Patna. Allah don't hold us accountable when we have forgotten or have fallen into area Allah. I've been our Tamil Alena is wrong Emma Hamilton who Allah Dean I mean, probably Nam. Allah don't put us under a burden like those who came before us.

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have been our lead to hominem Allah, tala Nabil. Oh Allah do not make this

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burden upon is greater than what we're able to bear in this life or into the next.

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Well I'm not Allah grant us your pardon. Oh Allah forgive us. Well, Phil lenna wa Hamner we're asking Allah to grant us your effort in this blessing at night This could be a night of Les little other Allah who met in NACA for winter Hey Bula for for an Allahumma in Nicaragua window a bowl of water for Allah who met in Nicaragua want to hit Bula up with our four and Allah Houma in Nicaragua to him Bulava for Allah Houma in Nicaragua wound to a bowl of water for Allah Houma in NACA I fall into a pool of water for I'm

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Allah who met in NACA foon to a bowl of water for what for I now work for Lana water Hamner. Allah grant us Your pardon then your forgiveness and your mercy and demo Lana phones are now a little mini carefully you're the protector You are the only one who can grant victory against those who have rebelled against the truth and against you Yeah, Allah. Allah Subhan Allah to the Apollo when he had eight and our Lord Don't let our hearts deviate from the truth after you guided us to it. We have learned I mean I don't care of method in NACA and tell what and give us your Allah from yourself send it from you Yeah, or hammer I mean your mercy. You're the one who is the gift you're of all

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good things are a bit fiddly while you early the allamanda holla at me know me Nina one minute. Well it as it divali mina Illa Tara Yeah, Allah we ask you to forgive us to forgive us and our parents sooner whoever has entered into our house in a state of belief in you Yeah, Allah and all of the believing women past and present and future in the believing men. Yeah, Allah, we ask you to increase us and not make us of those who are deprived of Allah and increase the wrongdoers in nothing more, more than their ruin. Yeah. Or hammer. Well, I mean, I'm benna Tina fiducia has Senator Murphy filati has Senator Merkley now other than now, Robin attina, Jr. Has Senator Murphy.

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Senator Merkley. No other but now, Rob Benner and Tina Fey dunia has senate and waffle. karate has Senator mattina other than now, although we ask you to give us good in this life good in the next life over law protect us from the torment and punishment of Johanna

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or be any ash koroni ametek allottee and under Allah Allah Allah, Allah grant me the power the ability that desire that sincerity to be grateful to Allah to be thankful to you yet Allah for all the full favors you bestowed upon me and my family and my parents before me Allah and Amma lasallian thought oh boy who else lately feed via t O Allah grant me the ability to work righteous deeds and that of my children after me Allah in me to be to La Casa we're in the middle muslimeen Oh Allah I have submitted to you yeah, Allah in repentance and I submit to you in Islam in surrender to you yeah, Allah. Oh Allah Your word is supreme in my life. Yeah, Allah your command is semia and now we

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are now we hear and we obey it. Yeah, Allah. Allah allow us to be led by the student of the prophets. I said love Allah don't put any misguidance in our hearts that leads us away from the life of the prophets. I sell them sooner and it's practice in our own life. Yeah, Allah. I've been at Taco Bell Mina in Dhaka and the semi Ali Allahumma Taco Bell Mina in Mecca and the semi alanine Allah except from us You're the one who hears us and sees us and knows us and knows our conditioning Allah Oh Allah you know what we need before we need it Yeah, Allah you know what is best for us? Yeah, Allah Allah give us a Reba when you have turned us away from something we desire but it's not

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good for us yeah, Allah, Allah bring to us that which is good for us in this dunya and after I'm protect us from the punishment of the graveyard Allah. Allah we ask you what the door of the prophets I tell them that is the easiest way for us to seek your forgiveness and to have our sins removed. alojamento biela either Illa and Allah I acknowledge you are my Lord there is none that I word that is worthy of worship but you we are Allah. Hon after now when I know I ve O Allah You created us and we know that we are Your servants were in deca, deca master art metal where I became a Santa Ana Oh Allah we acknowledge that we will remain truthful to our covenant and promise to

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worship you alone as much as we are able now to the becoming children master Nana, Oh Allah, we ask you and seek refuge from the evil that we have created and have brought into this world and that Bula cabina aromatic Allah Yeah. Whenever we look at the the novena, Allah we acknowledge the blessings that you have given us and we acknowledge the sinfulness that we have displayed. Yeah, Allah Fallowfield. NFlt linea. Allah, Allah grant us your forgiveness. Yeah. I mean, Oh Allah grant us your forgiveness. Yeah, I'll come around. I mean, they know who I have heard of the rubella and none is able to be forgiving as you are forgiving. Yeah, Allah, Allah grant us your forgiveness.

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Yeah, Allah. Oh, well.

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Minkus from those whose sins are forgiven in this blessed month of Allah. Allah Allah forgive us the sins that we have done out of ignorance and excess yet Allah, Allah Hama, felina Hata. Yana. Jelena what is raffin Effie Emily Neff?

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O Allah we ask you women down and we'll be him in that and all of the sins that you know that we may not be aware of Allah homophone. lenna has lent our jet dinner well how about an hour I'm gonna Oh Allah forgive us the sins that we have done in jest or in seriousness in the error or deliberation yet Allah, Allah couldn't do that to get in there. Oh Allah, all of the sins in our life forgive them for us. Yeah, Allah, Allah humma feelin Emma Adam now I'm a hoarder now I'm at a sort of now on that island now yet when when Matt and Dan and we'll be human nature of hammer I mean, all I forgive is the sins of the past and the present and what would come in the future and what we've done

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secretly and what we have done openly Oh Allah forgive us what we only know of ourselves and we what others may know of us. Yeah, Allah. Allah what you know of us. We ask you to forgive us. Yeah, Allah. And then we'll cut the more and more accurate and Dahlia kulesza are the real or the advanced or you are the one that holds behind and postpones and you were the one who was ability and power over things the stellar federal law the the stellar federal law helenium the stellar federal law lien communion we ask you for your forgiveness. Yeah, Allah all of us together with one voice with one heart with one sincerity asking you to forgive us. Yeah, Allah, either.

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There was none that we turn to except you. Yeah, Allah. That's not fair. Allah Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah. Allah, Allah who will Hey, you're, uh, you want to eat a meal with the old living the old knowing that all subsisting? Yeah, Allah, you're the one who sustains all of your creation. Yeah, Allah. You are in heyyo heyyo heyyo heyyo unbureaucratic and stuff Heath. Yeah, how are you? Yeah. Are you Oh Allah with these blessing names we ask you to give us your support and your assistance and your forgiveness Yeah, Allah. When a to LA we returned to you time and again from our mistakes. Allah Khomeini nikka went to him for four and Allah in Nicaragua went to him for four and Allah whom

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the indika for one to a bola for for a nap.

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Allah me now know that becoming a millionaire young fella will not protect us from knowledge that doesn't benefit us because we don't practice it women call me Nyasha I'm from a heart that can't be humble to you. Yeah, Allah. When we neffs in attachment and from a soul that is never satisfied and content when in doubt within us the jaboulet How to smell. We ask you a lot to protect us from your heart that is not heard that is not elevated to you that is not entered by you we are Allah as a consequence of our sinfulness yet Allah, Allah in our own will becomes aware linea emetic with the How will he ethic will Fujairah attend informatic with me as a heretic, Allah we ask you, to protect

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us from the removal of your favor upon us in our life, from the change of the well being that you have provided us into that which is

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that which we do not want to see in our life yet Allah from the unexpectedness of your wrath and anger descending upon us yet Allah protect us from your angry Allah and from all that which angers you we are hamara amin, Allah in order to become in charge of the man I mean now women shadow the man and naml Allah protect us from the sins that we have done and what we have not yet done yet Allah, Allah manana will become an adaptogen or Allah protect us from the punishment of jahannam the punishment of Hellfire we're not only recommend other than Allah protect us from the punishment of the grave of Allah protect us and our relieving brothers and sisters from the punishment of the

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grave and Jan nemea. Allah when are all the weekend infinity mahiya will remember we asked you your law to protect us in the trials of life and in the trial at the moment of death. Women children with it nasty mess, you hate the jail. We asked you to protect us from the trial and that and the test of the jelly or hammer Rahimi Allah in and out all the way rebar coming so hoppecke Oh Allah We seek refuge in your acceptance for our good deeds that it stops us from earning your anger. We're not Oh, there'll be more I've had to come in or robotic. And we ask you to forgive us rather than to give us the justice that we deserve because of our mistakes and senior Allah. Whenever we come in, we ask

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Allah to protect us from you from having this this this done that which is distasteful and sinful before you Yeah, Allah land or sea center and valley. There is nothing that we can account for in praise of Yuya Allah and to come as Nita and an FC Allah you are the one who has praised himself injustice Yeah, Allah, Allah we will always be negligent lawyer. mahabubnagar haka Eva netic Allah We will never worship you as you deserve to be worshipped Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah forgive us our excesses and our negligence is your hammer I mean, Allah manana Oh they'll be coming karate over law protect us from the sinful immoral actions of character Yeah, Allah will family well aware he will

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adware Allah protect us from evil morals and evil ethics and practices and deeds yet Allah Allah grant us the Sunnah of the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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lahoma for Lennar we're home now we're had dinner while I was walking over la we asked you to have mercy upon us to guide us to give us good health and to provide for us an increase in our sustenance yeah Allah, Allah must Lennar Dean and a lady who were his motto and Marina Oh Allah for fret perfect for us our religion and now we're dealing with Yulia Allah which is the head of all matters and safeguards all of our matters yeah Allah Allah who must sort out off the net well I'm enroll it now Oh Allah can see our faults and forgive us and remove our fears. Allah who macrina behind Lika and how romic Allah suffices with that which is Hillel so that we avoid in turn away from that,

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which is haraam ovilla turn our hearts away from haraam Oh Allah protect us from seeking the ROM because of its excess. Yeah, Allah was Amina public I'm menzi wack Oh Allah we ask you to to make us self sufficient by your favor by your blessing by your mother for us to Allah so that we do not need to be turned to anyone but you Yeah, Allah.

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Allah and then as I look forward to

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fidi Nina where dunya now we're actually now where merlini are hammer I mean we ask Allah to grant us forgiveness and pardon and freedom from all evil in matters of our religion and worldly life and our families and our property We ask Allah to protect our children from that which seeks to repeal away their Emad Oh Allah Are you alone we turn to in this door. We bend our backs towards you in our sada Allah we put dust in our face when we prostrate only to you yeah Allah Allah Allah we stand at your door asking you yeah Allah no door do we stand that except your door? Yeah Allah Allah in Mecca Tara McCann and now with a smile door and Allah we you you see us in our place and you hear our do

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our elevator Do you in this Blitz a day have a night of little Adria Allah we pray it is for us yeah Allah and others. We pray that we are given that hopefully hopefully that or that we stand at your door and attention Yeah, Allah Oh Allah we're knocking at your door seeking entrance out Allah Allah allow us to enter yeah Allah Allah open for us the doors yeah Allah that are shut yeah Allah because of our sins yeah Allah forgive us our ears and our sins and open for us a path to righteousness. Yeah, I mean, Oh Allah we ask you for guidance and piety and chastity and contentment of heart to Allah. O Allah to you we turn and we find the only protection with you yeah Allah to you with our

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win with your name we vow yeah Allah because he It is only you who has ability Allah, Allah to only you do we complain and only you will we find comfort in Allah. Only you do we supplicate to Allah for you are the only one who enters yeah Allah. Oh Allah forgive us and guide us and God is against harm and provide for a sustenance and salvation Yeah, Allah. Allah Allah we turn to you asking you for the goodness that was asked of you by our Prophet Mohammed Salah lo and he was sending we asked you to protect us from everything that the Prophet asked to be protected from some of the law who it was. Although we asked you to give us the good in this dunya and the good in the atheria or hammer

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or Hemi Allah we ask you to send your best your your blessings and peace upon our levy Mohammed Salah Allah while he was still live the best of all of your creation and to grant us his intercession. Allah we ask you to give us purity of repentance and acceptance like you gave to Adam and he has Salam. We ask you a lot to give us the courage of Newark to face the atrocities and the difficulties we may face and by fear Allah, Allah we ask you to give us the companionship to be your Holly Aziz Ibrahim was given your Allah Allah draws closer as you drew Ibrahim close to you. Yeah, Allah, Allah we ask you to give us the truthful stand. So we smell al Ali his salam, and that

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acceptance of his half and the hilman the forbearance and the peacefulness of your phobia, Allah, Allah we ask you to give us the chastity and the higher of use of alayhis salam, O Allah, we ask you to grant us the eloquence of silence that we speak about you in truthful ways and be able to inspire others to worship You, Allah, Allah we ask you to give us the constant remembrance and the vicar of Yunus Alia salah and that saved him from the darkness of the ocean in the whale. Allah we asked you to give us the patience of the user that allowed him to endure without complaint. Yeah, Allah, Allah we asked you to give us the wisdom of luck, man. Yeah, Allah. He wasn't a man who was a prophet but

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he was one who was given wisdom because he feared you Yeah, Allah. Allah grant has the wisdom that you have given to look man to choose what is right from what is wrong and to be distant from Allah. I mean, Allah give us our melody of prayer that you gave to the wound in him singing this Abuja, Allah, Allah give us the thankfulness for the kingdom that was given to suit a man. Give us the thankfulness and appreciation for the near miss that you've bestowed upon us. Yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you to give us the hood jet and the proof against others as you gave it to who the LA

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His salam, O Allah strengthen us with the strength of Musa alayhis salam. O Allah give us the mastery of debate and oratory of Haroon alayhis salam. Yeah Allah give us the knowledge of hitter and they accepted to have Zachary Ali Salam. O Allah give us the martyrdom of yahia alayhis salam, O Allah we ask you for Shahada in your path. Yeah, Allah, Allah, Allah make our death a testimony of righteousness in terms of our worship of you, Oh Allah. Oh Allah we ask you to grant us the humility and the service of Isa alayhis salam, O Allah we ask you to give us the learning and the understanding and the last and character of our Navy you Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah

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we ask you to grant us good in this life and good in the next year Allah, Allah make us from those who are blessed in this dunya and earth around forgive us the punishment of Jana via our hammer I mean,

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we ask you to send your blessings upon our whenever you Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that you mean because near to him on the day of judgment and increase us with his chef. Allah. Allah bless us with the chef out of our never you Mohammed sama, la hora and he was sending Allah grant us the chef out over Rasulullah sallallahu it was suddenly your home on rahimian grant as the chauffeur of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that it will protect us and remove us from your punishment and anger on the Day of Judgment. Yeah, how about I mean, Oh Allah assists us to all that which is good that protect us from all that which is evil. Yeah, Allah. Allah protect us from all evil. Yeah. hamara

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himedia Guillermo Salafi yeah man and the hoh Allah who live EDA. Illa Illa. Who your man we are him Yeah. Wally Yun Mousavi. Allah grant us protection. Yeah, of camara Hamid. Allah grant us your favorite earlier mustafi La ilaha illa Allah Subhan Allah in the Quran terminal Bali mean? We acknowledge that we are sinners before you Allah help us here are hamara mean to do that which is good Yeah, a common acromion Allah assists us to that which is pleasing to you. Yeah. Hammer I mean, Allah whom I mean, also Lila Hama wa sallam was it What were they gonna say, you know, whenever you know Mohammed Salalah, who it who on early was like we were so limped. I do remind you that I have

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an ongoing campaign and all of my social media links that relates to the blessing of being good and kind and taking care of our orphans. May Allah subhanho wa Taala assist us in that regard. Today I release and the next name of another 100 orphans that we're trying to find sponsors for

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these children are from all different parts of the world. We have Emma age nine from Syria, Lanka, and rayyan, h4 in Sri Lanka, and Mohammed age nine in Surah. Lanka, we have our young student tayyiba year 10, age 10. In Pakistan, we have him at age 11. In Yemen. We have as Mohan age seven in Somalia, and Abdullah were at age 10. In Somalia, and the last age eight in Somalia. We have students also from Nigeria and others that will be added to the list. These are not 1000 orphans who by name, by age and by locality and address that I have asked to be verified and that it is my mission in sha Allah to find a sponsor for each and every one of them. I pray that Allah subhanho wa

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Taala allows me that honor and that ability to be able to sponsor these beautiful children and to have people who can assist in that regard. The link is there for you in the comment section on the YouTube and on my Facebook page, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to assist us in that may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant you success and make you from those who are a shelter to the orphans in sha Allah. It's through the justgiving.com fundraising sponsor 1000 orphan link, and May Allah subhanho wa Taala use you for good whatever you give me Allah subhanho wa Taala returned to you and your health and your wealth and your prosperity Allahumma amin take a look through my Instagram posts if

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you're listening on this Instagram Live session and you'll be able to see the links to it in chat like in my link in my bio. So if you click on the link tree in my bio you'll be able to see the 1000 orphan sponsor May Allah accepted from us and accept our to Allah making the careful window him will if we're fat of what I'm not. Well suddenly lahoma was selling was into abetik unless ad now we're happy we know whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was said Mr. Li Kumara rahmatullah wa barakato. I'll see you in about 10 hours in sha Allah or eight hours for the draw in the morning, the evening lohit Allah, may Allah accept it, I will do it in the days and in the

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nights alone.

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