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Hello Anna Rahim Al hamdu lillah

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wa salatu salam ala Shara Philippi with mousseline her mother little sort of nice on the law Heidi you and I

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just live on cathedra and

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my brothers and sisters we continue with

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the lessons in Islamic manners from the beautiful book of

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shareholder Fatah

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are how to really,

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really be talking about the manners of entering or leaving a house, how to enter how to lead.

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How to Enter he says enter or leave your house or office with your right foot first, because this was the tradition of the prophets of Allah Hi the

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Abu al Isla Hassan Hamad Al Hamadani, a great scholar of his time was so keen on applying the sunnah to the extent that if someone entered his house

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with the left foot first he would ask them to walk and come back and reenter with the right foot was.

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He was so much respected and the soldier of the day would visit him at school and sit in front of him as a student.

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On an occasion to troll the Sudan to exit with his right foot first and walk on the right side of the road.

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When entering or leaving a house, do not push open the door violently or slam it shut, not leave it to close by itself. Wildy such actions stand in contrast to the gracefulness of Islam to which you are honored to belong. Close the door quietly with your hand. You may have heard a hadith reported by Muslim where in their Hadith he has received the kind of the Allah said that Rasul Allah has an observed gentleness adorns ever every act. Its absence will tarnish the Act.

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Now entering when others are asleep. Be quiet and gentle If you enter a place where people are sleeping, whether during the day or night, be considerate do not cause any undue noise when entering or leaving. You have heard the saying of our soldiers and Salem, whoever is deprived of gentleness is deprived of all kinds of goodness, Muslim until with the reported that the honorable companion ultimate that is not us. What are the law? No, he said, we used to keep for our sorrows and syndrome, his share of milk and when he would come at night he would greet us with a voice loud enough for those awake to hear without disturbing those who are asleep. So he greeted the people but

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he didn't make it so loud as people are sleeping that they were. In addition, whenever Ross was on a cell and used to pray at night he would recite Quran with a voice that pleased those awake without disturbing those who were asleep. Even Even while reciting the Quran. He will do it in a way where somebody is sleeping then or disrupt but people are awake they can listen.

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Princess Katara nada was famous for her intelligence, manners and beauty. She was the daughter of the former Hawaii. Even I had to learn the king of Egypt. She married the embassy Khalifa Al Mustafa BiLlah who admired her refined manners and excellent education Qatar another she said my father taught me an important manner he said do not sleep among sitting people and do not sit among sleeping people. Do not sleep among sitting people and do not sit amongst sleeping people. So people are sleeping go somewhere don't sleep with them. And if you are people are sitting don't lay down and sleep.

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As you are today we are so far away from these things is the all the sound like some foreign languages and

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then we come to greetings when entering or leaving your house acknowledge those inside by using the greeting of Muslims and the motto of Islam was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa.

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May the peace mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you do not forego this Islamic greeting by saying something like serval hi or hello or good morning or something. This is a greeting of his lab and the phrase that are so nice and solid recommended and used as soon as a seller taught is faithful servant as we Malaga learn how to greet his family by entering or leaving his house in our terminal reporter Rahmatullah that has been Malika Delana said persona service LM said to me my son, greet your family when you enter your home for that is a blessing for you and your family. Other been Dima also do see a prominent Tabby he

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should greet your family when you enter your house. They are the most worthy of your ability. There was a Rottweiler reported another Hadith, wherein O'Hara Delano stated that as soon as salam said if you join a gathering greet them if you want to leave greet them The first is no less important than the second saying salam alaikum when you enter sometimes when you leave also sorry.

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You have a SUTI in his book raising the Abyssinians cited the following from the book of about the yard by Abu Talib algebra he he said every nation has its own way of greeting. The Arab will say salaam version Emperor's required,

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prostrating and kissing the floor that is making such that before the Emperor. Disasters touch their hand on the floor in front of the king the Amazonians quietly gather their hands or their chest to the Florida the Romans uncover their heads and bow the Nubians which is the greeting in this country. Remove your hand and about the Nubians would gesture as if kissing the guests and put both hands on the face all these greetings. Except Salam are forbidden for Moses.

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Mama naui Raja Lila in his medulla he said it is preferred to say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. When you enter your house or the house of others, you should say salam even if you enter a vacant or uninhabited place and say when you live through again without narrated or Hadees by

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the wrestlers are seldom said

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if someone says Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in the name of Allah I seek help from Allah

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there is no strength or mind except with Allah then he will be told you are protected and saved. And shaitan will even saying this Mila what are called Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Who are they level to say this Bismillah what are called en Allah. When a hold of Allah Quwata illa villa, then the person will be protected and saved from shatta and Shang believing. He cited another Hadith narrated by Muslim that Jerry will not allow the law to hurt or sorrows. Understand I'm saying if you enter your house and pray to Allah subhanaw taala when entering and before your means meaning, saying Bismillah shaitan will say to his minions to thee to his to his companions, no sleep and no food,

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meaning that it is designed for him. If you enter without saying Bismillah then shatta will say to his minions you have got your sleep and your meat.

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Then announcing your presence when entering a house make your presence known to those inside before you approach them awards startling or frightening them and do not descend upon them suddenly that even to somebody who and always know and our swag quietly going inside like a spiral. This is against the dignity of the human being against dignity of the person, right. I will obey the hammer when Abdullah bin Abdul Massoud he said my father said Abdullah Mossad used to announce his arrival by calling his family in a cordial tone in my house. I have been humbled by the alarms he said when a person enters his house. It is recommended that he makes some sound by maybe clearing his throat

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or tapping his shoes something he said Abdullah said when returning home from the mosque My father used to announce his arrival before entering by tapping with his shoes or clearing his throat. Imam Bukhari and Muslim reported that Jabra Abdullah narrated that wrestlers are seldom denounced those that live which means he condemned those who unexpectedly surprise their family at night, whether returning from a trip or otherwise as if they distrusted them, and they want to discover what goes on behind their backs.

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Right so it is if you sneak into the house, it means you're trying to find out something is wrong happening and you're going to catch them. So this is so this is very bad and he condemned this and finally, seeking permission to enter if family members are resting in the room then you want to join them it is appropriate to ask for permission or to knock on the door. Otherwise you may see them in a condition that either of you or they dislike.

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This applies to the entire household, immediate family or otherwise. In Alberta Imam Malik military Hadees transmitted by other vinyasa that a man asked

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should I seek to enter permission should I seek permission to enter my mother's room? Solorzano Salam said yes, the man said we live in the same house together. As soon as the residents are asked permission to join. The man argued he said by server as soon as an assessor asked permission. He said we

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Do you like to see her naked? He said, No. He said, I said, I'm sorry. Then ask permission before you add, because she's alone. She doesn't know who's coming who's not coming, you know, maybe something. Similarly, a masked man asked Abdullah universal or the Law No. Should I ask permission to enter my mother's room? He said, Yes, there are certain circumstances in which you would rather not see in another nation Xena, the wife of a gorilla in Moscow with the law who said that before opening the door of his house, Abdullah was to make a noise, lest he surprises or embarrass his family. Likewise, a man got asked, who gave him the Yamanaka land? Who should I ask permission to

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enter my mother's room way further and said yes, if you do not ask permission, you may cause yourself a needless embarrassment.

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Musa the son of the companion tell having a way doula or the Lanois? He said, My father went to my mother's room. I followed him as he entered, he turned towards me and pushed me down, forcing me to sit then he reprimanded me said How dare you enter without permission? This is all mother's room.

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Nafi, the companion of Abdullah Abdullah Omar raga laga said when any of the children are no more, when they became you were to came of age, everyone would assign that child under the roof he will not allow any of them to enter his room without permission. But I will be Raba reported that he asked him the obverse of your landmark should I seek permission when calling on my two sisters? If they said yes, he said I'm their guardian and their support and their provider he said would you rather see them naked? Then he recited the Quranic

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higher which is where I was right I said when the children among you come of age and let them ask permission as those senior to them in age does does Allah make clear signs

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that Allah is all knowing always in the bathroom sort of the know. Thus, if there Basma the law no concluded that seeking permission is obligatory for all people. Finally, if the muscles are the alarm and said a person should seek permission, whenever they enter entering whenever entering the room of his father, his mother, his brother, or a sister Javea or the law also said it wasn't your deep provision, whenever he is entering the room have a son or a daughter or a mother, even if you or a brother or a sister or father become finally to the issue of knocking and ring

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shall have

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opted for taboada says knock at the door or ring the doorbell in a pleasant way and not louder than is necessary to make your presence known. Do not knock loudly and violently or ring the bell continuously remember that you are a visitor not a thug, or an oppressor raiding the house and frightening its its occupants. A woman came to him I had been humbled. Regularly seeking his opinion on it on a religious matter. She banged at his door loudly. He came out saying this is the banging of the police. Likewise, Buhari

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reported in other words,

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that the Sahaba for sorrows are seldom used to knock on the door of resources along with the tips of their fingers. This soft and gentle knocking or ringing is appropriate for those whose living quarters are close to the door. For those living further from the door, it's appropriate to knock on their door without bang, or ring the bell loud enough to enable them to hear it. In this regard or source as salam said, gentleness adorns every act, its absence

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will tarnish it. In addition,

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it's reported in say Muslim, that as soon as I said have also said whoever lacks kindness lacks all good things. Leave an adequate time between two marks or rings. This will enable those who are maybe praying or making wudu or eating also elderly to come to the Lord without making them rush. Some scholars estimate this interval to be that of praying time for cuts.

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Keeping in mind that a person may have just started the Salah, just before you rang the bell, after three space knocks or intermittent rings, you may feel that the person you came to know is busy or otherwise they are not there or they would have answered you in this case leave. So knock three times or ring the bell three times, giving some gap between the between each time and the next time and after three if the road is not answered leave behind you must have reported that Rasulullah sallam said if you sought permission three times and were not granted permission, then you must leave. While waiting for permission do not stand in front of the door. Instead sign to the side or

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to one side.

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Mr. Selim upon coming to someone's door avoided facing the door directly instead he would send you

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To stand to the right or the left of the door.

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This is to

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looking directly into the house when somebody opens the door. If you knock on a door and if you ask Who is it, identify yourself by giving your normal name. Common Name, do not respond with it is me or somebody or Guess who? These words are useless in identifying who's at the door. You should not assume that those inside will recognize your voice as it may resemble another person's voice. Don't forget that people differ in the ability to distinguish voices. wrestlers are seldom discouraged one from saying it's me, because it does not reveal reveal your name. Bukhari reported that Jabba Abdullah Vilano said I came to Moses Allah and knocked on the door and he asked Who is it? I said,

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it's me. So as a result of this disapprovingly, is it me me is Me Me is me.

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For this reason, the Sahaba used to mention their names whenever they were asked Who is it? In another Hadith Buhari reported their abuser of the farrier Delana said one night while I was walking, I saw Salem walking by himself. I walked behind him in the shade of the moon. But he turned around and he saw me he said Who is that? I said, it's a Buddha. This is further confirmed by another Hadith reported by Bukhari, the Romani cousin of a surah Solomon's sister of it when avatar live or the Alana Alonso said I came to see a source of Salah he was taking a bath and his daughter Fatima was holding a sheath to cover him. And he asked Who is it I said, I am uma honey. So it tells

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the shoulders clearly that this whole sometimes we do many people do this, who is me? Do you know this is can you guess all of this is not good behavior or this is not recommended Islam? If somebody says Who is it give you an A?

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So Hamdulillah this is from the manners of the Muslim and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to live our lives in a way where we follow the manners which are have been given to us was Allah Allah Allah will caribou Allah Allah He was a Vietnam grafica