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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara freedom be able mousseline or her mother Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Steven magotteaux Continuing with our lessons from the

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beautiful book of shares of the photo

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Raha the lolly called Islamic manners.

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One thing I want to say is that maybe for some of you when you hear this and because we live in this country in America, you might say why why does it mull this why does this matter? Nobody does it

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right, nobody does everybody's

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this is like free for all. So, why should it Why should I do it? We quite apart from the real reason, which is that this is the Sunnah for sorcerer Salem and so, we do it because it is the Sunnah, because it is the last one, but purely from a worldly angle.

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In a place where good manners are not normally practiced people who practice good manners stand out

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and people will love you and respect you even more.

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Right now also it is yes, I agree. And most of the time you don't see good manners, but we do see good manners in many places in many cases. One of the places and cases that I have seen is in the school children who come to our masses we have groups of schoolchildren with

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very, very, very good manners.

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The way they come to the mercy the way they see the kinds of questions they ask and their whole behavior. Extremely well behaved mashallah very well, race. So good manners are the biggest asset the biggest wealth that anybody can have.

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We continue with

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these loving manners on the manners of visiting anybody.

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He's talking here about removing your shoes he said as a rule you should take off your shoes unless your host asks you to give them on his shoes options of remove your shoes at an appropriate straw spot and set them in an orderly manner. This something which is a major problem with personal massage, people just kick their shoes off and throw it anywhere is lying there. It is

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bad for the shoes. Also because somebody else will step on them and you know spoil your shoes. Also when you come back to find the shoes now you maybe you don't find them because you know someone is here what is there and somebody has stamped on it. So she was she was not dirty. So instead of that, dig it up, put it in the right place, the shelves are there and available to the shelf. If there is no shelf, put it in the corner somewhere.

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Also, do not forget the manner in which you put shoes on and take them off, take off the left shoe first than the right and then

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put on the right shoe first and then the left. So putting on you put on the right one first, and then take it to take off. You take off the left shoe first Muslim and other scholars rated the wrestlers wrestle and said when you put your shoes on and start with the right shoe, when taking your shoes off, start with the left or the right shoe is the first to be put on and the last to be taken off. Yes think about this, that these are such small, apparently small matters. Why does in the way of Allah summarizing them? Why does the Prophet of Allah, Allah have to say

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so when we think about it and say, This is a small but how can it be a small matter when the Navi is talking about?

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It's not something just some passing was passerby who said something No, this is the Navi arrays Allah. Allah sent me for a reason.

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One of the reasons is to teach us manners. One of the biggest reasons is to teach us manners.

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He said he came to perfect good o'clock

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and in manners comes every single detail.

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Before entering your house have that or that of your brother look at your shoes. If they are dirty, remove the dirt or brush the dirt against the ground. Is love is the religion of cleanliness and courtesy.

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Then choosing a seat seat where required by your hosts.

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Right if the host has up to six hours, he said do not argue with your host about the place they wish you to sit. If use it where you want, you may be able to look into a private area of the house or you may cause inconvenience to the house residents. So this is another thing we we think we are being good mathematicians please don't don't I don't want

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it is their house. If the man tells you sit here

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don't worry about it, even though because the router line related in albida when you hire that when the honored companion with this hobby, Id have not had the bowtie embraced Islam he came to Athena to see the source as soon as I said I'm honored had him by motioning him to sit on a cushion while he himself sat on the floor.

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As he recounts the entire event, he says, then the risotto salon took me around to his house and when we went inside, he took a leather cushion, filled with palm fiber and he put it on the ground and he just sit on this.

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he said, I responded, No use it on the Surah Surah Salam said insisted he said no use it on it. So So So I sat on it while Rosaura 07 sat on the floor, hijab and zyada visited Deborah serene, and found him sitting on a cushion on the floor and wanted to sit like him saying I wish to sit as you sit. If you're a citizen in my home, I will not be content to provide you with with my ordinary seat seat, sit where you are asked to sit.

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Do not sit in the hosts seat unless he invites you to do so in this regard or service are seldom said No person shall lead another in prayer while at the latter's house. And no person shall sit or invited at the favorite seat of the master of the house.

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So if you're praying in somebody's house, no matter you might be the harvest you might be moved to you might be an ally with everybody. But in the house in Arabic is a rubble by thesis, this is the owner of the house. He gets presidents to leads

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if he tells you to lead the new lead,

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but not unless they tell you to lead right so don't do it over and over the even if in our Quran, the host that is his right. So also in many houses you will see the owner of the house he will have a you know a special chair or place where he normally sits and so on at the dining table. For example, there is chair this, always ask and say you know, which is your place. And if they tell you sit here today, but don't go and sit in that chair because it looks like a nice nice chair or a comfortable just

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leave that there is the right to the person to sit if you arrive early to a gathering and your host out of kindness directs you to sit at the most prominent seat. Be prepared to stand up and give this seat to the elders, the notables or the scholars when they arrive after you. This can happen sometimes because you know when you go there, because you came early, please sit here and then you find the subject or there is an elder person. So don't then immediately get up, give the seat to them, because they deserve the seat more than you do. Do not be insensitive and tactless. If you refuse to give your seat to those who traditionally deserve it, you only indicate your lack of

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manners and common sense you will become one of those referred to by resources Allah who said those who do not respect our elders do not belong to us.

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The year I've seen many people have this very ridiculous, you know, with young guys.

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They will shake your hand and they will slap you on the back.

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You know, like this is

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distressing. I mean, the guy is like, young enough to be my grandson, you know, is loving me on the back? Oh, well, I stopped it immediately. So they don't do it. But I've seen that they do it all the time. The funny thing is they even do it to their fathers and the fathers don't say anything. This is the biggest problem. The biggest problem is the parents do not teach manners which

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is not a question of your showing effect, even showing affection in Islam. This is the beauty of religion, everything has a method. There is a method of showing affection. There is a method of showing anger. There is a method of showing happiness. There is a method of showing grief like if somebody dies you know some family close to you may Allah protect all of you and protect your your close family but if the father dies mother dies your child dies or or spouse dies. We are in Islam we are not allowed to we will and scream and cry and roll on the floor and drop on our face or dead that will no this is not your sad Yes but this sadness has to be expressed in a dignified way. So

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also happiness we're in Vienna. If we are happy we don't know jump up or down and dance and no

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We have a way of showing happiness. So everything in this beautiful religion of ours is a

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is very beautiful and it is

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something to be, to be

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to be valued and we don't have to make to remain entrenched in your seat will not elevate your status and it will certainly make you stand out as a person without manners. You will be considered arrogant if you sit upon and undeserved honor.

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This rule applies equally to men and women in sensibility it does not enhance social status. On the contrary, it's a terrible mistake that will only tarnish one's reputation. To honor an honorable person will only improve your standing and stir admiration for your manners and humbleness.

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If you sat in a second best place, when a note notable person entered the room, you should give your seat to that person to be respectful of elders testifies to Your good manners and social sense.

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My Muslim reported that we're organizing Salah prayers as soon as SLMC said, the wisest of you, and the elders should stand behind me than those below them than those below.

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Let me repeat that in Hadees. In Muslim Sharif, the wisest of you and the elders should stand behind me than those below them than those below them. A prominent person may call upon you to discuss a matter or to answer a query or to give you an advice. If you sit beside or near him, it is desirable that you return to your previous seat. Once the matter is concluded, unless that person or other notables insist that you remain at your new seat, declined the invitation politely if the place will become so crowded as to cause discomfort to those already sitting there.

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Manners are based on common sense and could be developed by socializing with prominent and tactful individuals. By observing how they act and behave, you will be able to enhance your common sense good manners and graceful behavior. You might be called to a gathering where you are the youngest in such cases do not sit before you are invited to do that.

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Do not sit if you will be crowding out others or forcing them to leave their seats for you. If you are invited to sit, do not proceed to the best place if others deserve it and be prepared to give your seat to them. Doing this on your own before being prompted to do so. will enhance admiration and respect for you.

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Inshallah, we will look at the rest of this and others tomorrow. One by one.

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We ask Allah subhana data to give us

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beautiful manners because that is the best decoration that we can have for ourselves. It is by beautiful manners or serrulata Arabic curry while he was serving together