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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Villa Maria even more thoroughly in Muhammad Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam just even

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my brothers is to tell me what I if I asked you name for me three top concerns for you three top worries for you today tell me what is it number one

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don't realize Salah since when is that what you have number one worry is what is marriage

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underleveled if it is Allah good for you don't give me Sunday School answers don't tell me really what is in your heart

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what is the first one tell me quick school who's that good from there

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nobody finance Alhamdulillah at least one person speaks the truth finances right number one worry finances

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and everything related with that right? We were talking about bank collapsing this will happen so fast. Another one was in our

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health Okay, so health was wanting children's children. They're raising one.

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Family Children Family? What if

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nobody is worried about politics. If you're not worried about politics, how can we talk about politics so much?

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Every conversation is politics. And you're telling me is not not your concern? Really?

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You know, why am I asking this question?

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I'm asking you this question because

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Allah subhanaw taala created two kinds of things.

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There are some things that Allah subhanaw taala gave the control to us.

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There are other things which Allah subhanaw taala kept for himself. We are not we have no control over that right

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not only what is it that you have control over anybody

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what is it in your control you can do whatever you want with it you can write your own destiny What is it

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it's the

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Let me give you let me give you a clue. Let me give you a clue. You know how you know how you figure out

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what is in your control?

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Think about what will Allah question you for? What will you question you about

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so what is it what are the questions?

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questions let's let's go to the Day of Judgment what are the questions the

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first one a mantra book isn't the hour

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my dharma ma i want to

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so will be so number one. So what what is the meaning of armory

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life what is life?

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Had so breathing

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what is another word for life?

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What's on your watch on your wrist? Yes duniya

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sa time right life is what life is time.

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So, the first question is what did you do with the time that I gave you life is time

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Our whole life is a bunch of seconds

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and the clock is going backward from the time I was born it is going backwards less less less less finally putting God first

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alarm of when our

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first question time

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why because that is in our control.

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What is in question

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Shabba baby Ruby, youth

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How did you spend your youth? So from the time overall time there the question would run the time there is one specific piece of time which is more important than the other time

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which is the youth

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so what would we

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then third,

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ma li mean? Aina

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Gaza who affi

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the wealth Where did you earn it from and where did you spend it?

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In our country?

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who I'll tell me

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what did you do with it?

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Did you give it an L mark and the two sides to it one is did you act on the L? And did you communicate this? They're both are important.

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Well, as Monica said, Yeah, well, Dinamo, DeMatha Gulaba Dorado so how come you don't do what you say you are supposed to do?

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same four things. Think about this. First question is what did you do with the time is allotted and saying, How long did you live?

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How come you did not live for 100 years?

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Why did you die at 40? This is a question No? Why? Why is that not a question?

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Because the duration the amount of time is not in my control. What I do with the devil is in my control, not only our concern in life is on what

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how to prolong life. Muslims who are we have the or either we don't think like but the rest of the world.

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It this it will prolong your life. It that it will prolong your life this will reduce your life that whole focus is on how to prolong life when you have no control over prolong life.

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But what do I do with that life? Meaning that time what do I do with the time?

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How much concern is the

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second one wealth? Where is our focus?

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Easiest in money what is our focus?

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Is it on where I'm earning and where I'm spending or is it on making more women

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more more more more? I want more money more wherever wherever

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Allah Samantha said that is not in your control. Total quantum of wealth for you is already written.

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You cannot reduce it you cannot increase what is written for you is it because

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what is in your control is now it is written for me what if for me it is written so many dollars okay. Where will you earn it from this afternoon you do

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determines yet you are control.

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You own a trauma Halal source hamdulillah Allah will give you the same amount but Allah will also give you a reward

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you take it from the Haram source, no problem you will get it you will get it one stop. It will not stop. You won't get less you will get a Simone. What haram source and then with the Haram source what happens you get punishment.

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Same thing spending.

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Right? Same money. I want to spend it in some good cause I'm helping somebody somebody's in need whatnot. Even if it's not helping somebody Hamdulillah I go and I buy something beautiful for my wife or my children Hamdulillah this is no problem by the Bible that I send them to the best schools I do the best thing hamdulillah or I take the same money and I use it in some

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ways our focus

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same thing with regard to youth

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and I'm dedicating my life to building my body oh god hamdulillah no problem.

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But then do what

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I'm so tired in the gym, I sleep even faster as God

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because I will build my muscles so much.

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Like one of the drills that you you bump by in the gym but you cannot lift the the cover from your face for certain further. Where's the strength

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and then l knowledge

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what we know Allah smart Allah is not saying why are you not have his Quran? Why are you not moved the other ma Saudi Arabia? Why have you not memorize the CR Sita? No.

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I know when Hadees did you apply it?

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I know when I unless I did

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this but you know

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am I s

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establishing salah.

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The Allah is not saying Did you pray? Did you read Salah did you do Salah

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ie karma, the salah what is the meaning of karma that is why why is Allah

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establish it

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means that this is a pillar in my life it will not nothing will change my salah at its time and the place for Salah is what? The Masjid

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it's not my house, my house is default is the exception not devotees exception. I cannot come to the masjid for some reason what Salah in the house Jai is no problem hamdulillah

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leaning salon orogen but in the house, in the office wherever but the place for Salah is the Masjid.

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So for Salah in the masjid.

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I'm not going there are many Allah ma who have given many fatawa for example, there are people who are given the fatwa that if you pray, if you do not pray for Salah for a man if he does not pray for Salah in the masjid by Gemma it is not it is invalid. If you pray anywhere else Israel has not accepted well I'll leave it leave that we don't have to go anywhere. As far as do your best. To the best of my ability Can I pray my first saliva machine. If I pray Alhamdulillah

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make the effort, right. Make the I I'm not saying to pray this but anyways, wherever close to your house no problem but pray in the masjid for Salah. If you cannot go to the masjid you are praying at home at least collect your family together. Pray by Gemma

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don't pray individually. Quiet everybody will let us okay we know what is going we are a drop we pray by Gemma we are not going to pray you know separately. Individual Raven

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the game of shaitan is shaytan

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takes our attention to things which are not in our control. He makes us worry about things that are not in our control.

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I may not have enough money, I may lose my money. What should I worry about is my income Halon

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is by spending

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not how much money

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he makes us worry about things which are not in our control and leave the things which are in our control.

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How much to earn is not in my control but how to earn is in my control.

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So I'll end with this today we'll continue the long topic. So maybe tomorrow. But for today, please just think about this. Focus and mind on what is in my control. That's it. What is not in my control?

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And how do I know what is in my control? Whatever Allah is going to question me is in my control, Allah will not question me about something which is not remembered.

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So focus on the questions. What will ALLAH ask me? And

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think about that. Right? For those of you who are interested, there is a book of mine called questions. How will we answer?

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You can read the book and I think I've done also series of lectures on it. So

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we ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to focus on things which are in our control and to do them in a way which pleases Him and which is beneficial for us in Juneau, Alaska was at Monterey. He was a member article