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JazakAllah here once again for the opportunity Bismillah he was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad.

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Just a quick reflection, a stanza from a very long poem of Imam Shafi Rahim Allah in which he says, What are first known your doom, voila, Surin. Voila,

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voila. Whoa, that and today in the current situation we are living through this particular phase and period. He says, When I first know Nia Doom, what are Surin? Wella Busan la COVID la Oh, one of the lessons that life teaches us is that neither prosperity nor adversity, nor affluence nor poverty remains permanently so it is a cycle and returning and we move in. Currently, we somewhat in the face of adversity, difficulty grief and some Bub but surely this will also turn and it will move on a dama Quinta talbin Connor in Santa Monica dunya Sawa Oh, and then he reminds us that if you are blessed with contentment, then even if you are in lockdown mode and you are limited, you still

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remain a king without a throne.

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I think another point of encouragement that is very vital and imperative while we impress upon the need of patience and endurance in the face of the affliction and the virus, as the lockdown continues and intensifies, and the economy across the globe is bleeding. I think it's also important that we give reassurance to people that Allah is our sustainer Allah is our sustainer because that has been one of the more direct implications and consequences of this lockdown. That of course people from simple to elite are feeling the pinch and are having to contend with quite a bit of financial constraints. So there is a verse in the Quran. There is a verse in the Quran in the 20th

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Joseph in the 29th chapter in Surah, two Lanka booth, verse number 17, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala says in alladhina, terrible Dune I mean donella lahmacun Allah Mariska fabretto en de la

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escuela de todo gerawan so the reason why I'm driving this point because whoever you meet and speak with people are quite afraid concern as time is moving on, and you know, there's rentals to pay and there's no there's no income, there's, there's no there's no money coming in. So again, we use this opportunity to remind ourselves as believers that as much as in the case of trying to protect ourselves from the virus, we say prevention or we say, precaution is necessary, but the cure comes from Allah. Likewise when it comes to sustenance, Allah subhanho wa Taala has impressed upon us to do the basic things and we do that but ultimately, Allah is the Sustainer so Allah says in the

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letting a taboo and I mean do Neela verily those whom you sustained besides Allah, La yummly Khun, Ella, Mariska, they do not have any control of your sustenance firpta who are in the line here is so search for sustenance By Allah, basic Arabic grammar, the word raised and sustenance has featured in this verse number 17 of the 29th chapter 20th Jews of the Quran twice. In the first context, it has featured as an indefinite article as Nikita, right, Nicaragua is a woman from Morocco, and in the latter portion it features as a definite article. So basic Arabic grammar will reveal to you when anything appears as an indefinite article, there is a remove in it, there is a general there's a

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broad meaning and when it is, appears as a definite article within Alif Lam when it is more of it is more fixed and, you know, direct and exclusive. So what's the message and the whole arrabida like in a Latina tabuteau I mean, doula, learn you're starting your own a Yasuko comm Shay amener is the fermata or en de la he is Khulna julio de la hora de the scholars say the wisdom of this and this is the beauty of the Quran one year has it come as an Akira in academic language as in an indefinite noun versus the definite to say that whoever you supplicate besides Allah they have absolutely no control over sustenance, absolutely no control and

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sustenance in its entirety is found by Allah for in a la hora de la la. So I think we need to drive this message as well and give assurance and confidence and comfort to each other. And we are also told that the more we give charity, the more Allah will give us the more we give charity, the more Allah will give us that's the reality. That charity attracts the mercy of Allah and bring sustenance. What did the Ordo would say, you know, speaking about the crisis of the world in which we live, he says that nunca Jason qu Dominic la copa Sana he data mugger attorney Jason koonunga Kearney Kelly log apne daulat a lotta data. Nanga Jason qu Dominic la que pasa he data maka apne,

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Jason koonunga karna Kelly log apne dalet a lotta data. How strange how ironical people won't take the time and the effort to use their money to clad those who don't have cloth, yet people will spend 10s of 1000s of dollars and pounds to undress themselves. Someone said, give flowers to the loving and not to the dead. So sadaqa sadaqa attracts the mercy of Allah. And again, I'm using this as a sense of reassurance that we need to keep our focus on Allah. And Allah will provide for you from avenues that you cannot perceive. Now, human nature. When you find yourself in financial limitations, then you apply your mind, maybe something will happen from you, and maybe something

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will happen from there. But the promise of Allah is that it will happen from avenues you don't know. And now you can only visualize what you know, because you're not going to assume you need a favor, you're going to ask someone you know, you cannot imagine asking a favor from someone who's unknown to you. Right? That's the reality of the matter. So the Hadith among Muslim makes mention of it in Sahih Muslim, where Abu huraira Yolanda says and we've heard the Hadith where a person was walking in a waterless land beno Maharaja namshi peloton, I'm talking of divine miraculous intervention outside the ordinary, and he is working for semi soul, he hears the voice from a cloud, authentic

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hadith. And the cloud says is the Hadith, Tata Fulani, that shower a voice comes out from the cloud that this rain must be showered on the garden and the orchard of a particular person. So the Hadith is clear. It's a waterless land, it's barren, there's no water, and probably there is a shortage. There's a drought, this famine, etc. So people now are desperate to get water so that they can have some produce, they can harvest they can eat and sell, and there's a crisis. Now when this water is not available, how do you generate water? This is something outside human grip or grass. There's absolutely nothing you can do. So the water rains down on a rocky surface, and then it trickles down

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through a channel and it comes to a particular orchard. And this person curious as he was, he follows the sound, he follows the cloud. And then he sees the water coming down on this rocky surface trickling down through this channel. And he comes to this orchard and this garden and this man is standing there and you have Windows or be Miss Hattie he he shoveled in the water around his distributing the water around so this person asked the owner of the orchard What's your name brother? He said my name is so and so. He said okay what what what makes you ask me my name. He said by a lot as I was walking, I heard a voice calling out where this cloud was assigned. You know you

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get VIP treatment your food gets assigned, this food is sent this platter is sent to so and so. And you get this type of personalized treatment. Can you imagine and assign the cloud and assign cloud that is coming exclusively coming explore. One is of course in assign cloud can come as a form of other job as well. May Allah protect us.

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And I just have a flash of this in the 26 days in Serato.

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The plural of sand dunes, Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the nation of odd fella Mao. Vamos Taka Bella, Eau de him. And when they seen the cloud coming towards their Valley and their community, they said, Here comes the cloud that is going to shower rain upon us. And yes, that cloud was assigned for you and it was dispatched for you. But the only difference is it was not a cloud of mercy. It was a cloud of Azov and Allah said when they said that monthly Runa is going to send down rain upon us Allah said no, Bella Hua must agile to be in it is the torment that you are asking for because human nature is that sometimes in your hasty nature, you even ask for auth when you start a

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j Luna get be saying yeah, it carbonyl has an avocado Hartman company Himalayan masala sometimes in your hastiness

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Do you say okay let it happen. And under this is that I'm just having a flesh of another verse in the 15 Jews in Surah, Bani Israel it's mentioned interfering with money in the footnotes here, that at times in human hasty nature in our anger and our rage, we even sometimes just hasten in cursing and and and attracting the Wrath of Allah on our children while your ideal Allahu linetti while you are gentle Allahu Li Nancy Shara stay humble Hi, Laconia, in a imagine home. This is mentioned in grade right up into serious money that sometimes they owe the son of mines is driving me crazy. May Allah and you didn't La La ilaha illAllah I urge you my sister, I urge you my brother. While this

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was unintended in my address, but it features out, walk away walk away. In fact, I often say that forgive him and then take out sadaqa and ask Allah to forgive him because your inner heart will have consequences in his life and those consequences will hurt him and hurt you more. So you need to forgive him and ask Allah to forgive him as well. So you know yaku Allah His salat wa salam, Sedna, Yusuf Alayhi Salam sejahtera en la hola como la de ballet como yo, yo la hola como come, I have forgiven you, and May Allah forgive you. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was told with regards to the Sahaba, when they arrived in the campaign have heard that Allah said far before I

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knew him was that fear alone, pardon them and ask Allah to forgive them. There's a great right up there. Anyway. We were saying in the context of the incident here. So he asked the man, how is it that you enjoy your own rain? Right? So there's a crisis business is not happening. It's not thriving. There's no liquid, there's no movement, there's no business. There's nothing happening in the account. So everything has been shut and blocked, and the entire economy is bleeding locally, globally, nationally, internationally. So how can they be an intervention? And I'm not you know what shying away from the fact that we need to flex our hands and do what is within our reach that that

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is our teachings. We I take the cue from the narrative of say Sayidina, Maria Maria LaWanda that when she was experiencing childbirth, which is mahalo right for a jolly Mahal. And she was in labor pain. And then she said he is a tiny mid Tocopilla. Haha, welcome to NASA man. See ya. And now I have another academic flash over that. But anyway, I'll share it because it's also features in in the discussion. So she said, Yeah, late 20. Oh, I wish that I had long died. And people had forgotten me. So this brings to the fore the very, very famous debate and discussion. Is it permissible to desire death out of pain, agony, distress, anxiety, adversity? No, it's not the

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam said law yet Amen. Nana de como, Lutheran, a sorbetto that none of us should design your death none of us should desire death,

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out of pain, out of pain. And if you desire death, out of wanting to meet Allah, that's perfectly fine. If you are in a really narrowed corner, and it's really getting difficult for you, then the most you can say is Allahumma Eleni mechanicville, hire to hire only I would like give me a line for as long as life is good for me. Whatever funny is that kind of thing, warfare to hire only, and give me death if death is good for me. And again, again, a digression on this year Forgive me but it's just Quran that is so beautiful, that in the form of Jews in the context of surah in the tale of 100, when the companions had desire death, and then they heard that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam was assassinated, which was a rumor, and this was rumor mongering by the opposite campaign. And obviously, this created some some uneasiness in the ranks of Sahaba. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, then gently reproach the Sahaba while after the term unknown Alma Buddha Min kabale and telco *a, Dara Ito and

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whole academic right up under this ayah in biannual Quran, Allah did not frown on them desire in death because they were desiring death to meet Allah. Allah frowned upon them or modestly reproach them, that when death presented, why did you withdraw? So that does not go against the fact that if you desire a death out of meeting Allah subhanho wa Taala that is fine. So coming back to the discussion, that Maria Maria Allahu anhu He said, I wish I passed away. So how do we reconcile her now she had the fear, society will will will blemish me they will soil my name, they will hurl accusations at me and they will say nasty things to me. And that's precisely what they said. They

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said, yeah. Oh,

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yeah. Oh, Tara, oh, the sister of our own. And I just want to mention this, your allies putting so many thoughts in my mind.

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At this moment, and I, you know, this is the grace of Allah. Recently somebody sent me a video of an individual unfortunately, who has somewhat become very disillusioned towards the faith of Islam because she was searching certain videos on YouTube, which was creating within her turbulence about her faith. So I viewed one of those videos and in that the person tries to create

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flaws in Koran and tries to prove Islam incorrect. Now, you know, I my mind is running but just to in whatever lies put in my mind, I will say your number one, this will always remain the object of those that are enemies to Islam. Allah says yesterday bonell hated dunya Allah azza wa jal, Sedona and Sabina La Jolla, buena hija.

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As mentioned, the three things they will do they give preference to material over the eternal they prevent from the path of Allah and they will always look for loopholes or flaws or weaknesses or deficiencies in the deen but we know there is no deficiency in the day. It is your flawed vision that you arrive at these suppose that the deficiencies in the deen so one of these videos which unfortunately for a person with basic knowledge, you know what, you could easily mislead someone? He says that the Quran is inconsistent. The Quran refers to Miriam as the sister of Harun right, and Harun Allah His Salam in the time of Miriam, there is a huge gap between the two. So this particular

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sister and May Allah guide her May Allah guide me, I'm in no position. If there's anything we speak with fear, it's a man, if there's something that nobody can be loud about. Nobody can because we all live in. And as long as we live in, we fill it in, because we don't know when I like and snatch and unlucky and take our human is the aspect of a human. And it got me into the need of trying to prepare my thoughts on a dedicated lecture to address some of the misconceptions that people have a people are throwing out to confuse the naive mind someone who's not well educated or who has not studied the Quran, they could very easily fall prey to this year. And of course, the devil comes in

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and compounds it and exacerbates it. So one of the arguments this person puts out in the video is that the Quran, incorrectly erroneously when Villa Villa Villa Villa Villa refers to Miriam as the author Harun the sister of Harun. Now the other might say, yeah, it doesn't refer to Harun. alayhi salatu salam, it refers to a heroine in the family, or doesn't mean biological sister, it refers to that lineage that family coming down from that same bloodline. And often you connect someone to a very distant relative, because it's in the same family or the same tribe, etc. So no way that the Quran claimed to say that, Harun alayhis salam was the biological brother of Miriam. And using this

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to prove that well, Allah the Quran is incorrect. And yet, there's another deduction from this year that the scholars tell us that when you come from a noble family, then the expectation of nobility is automatically elevated. Makana abou Kimura. So in Ghana, tomoki Bahia, you come from a noble family omarion your mom was not unchaste your dad was not evil. So say you did the now Maria Maria Allah and have feared the allegations of people. And that's why she said that, Oh Allah I wish I had passed on. So the permissibility of her desire of death was not out of any pain. But this is what's mentioned in the deficit, that she feared that the accusations of people towards her morality will

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be too much for her to bear and for her to display the expected amount of support. So if a person makes the desire of death, Yala, the times are too difficult, the times are too difficult. And you know, it's becoming too challenging for me to live in these times. Allah Take me away because of the preservation of my Eman. I mentioned the statement of my granny Rahim Allah, may Allah grant agenda and as mentioned in different parts of the world, and people really like it.

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I was a kid and she was in her advanced age, and she used to everybody to walk away. allamani Laila, and every time I used to say it was a kid we used to look at her because we call her one grandma. So every man needs to get those big one rain coins right? And this is like a good 30 years back and you know what one land could do with you back that time? So you in your limited understanding, you know, you just want your one grand so you know what, even if Allah keeps you alive for my one grand, I'm happy and she used to say this year and later these years, these words played back in my heart and mind. She's to say I junie rT Noah Tama honey joetta

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i junie octi Noah

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Maharani Joe atellica these old eyes these traditional eyes, these conservative eyes, these modest eyes cannot see these modern fitness. They cannot deal with these contemporary. I talaq multione, hombre toe, I garro Martini hombre toe, these are traditional ears they only will expose the Quran these eyes were modest eyes, they couldn't hear these things, it became too much. So anyway.

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If a person desires death out of the fear that the Allah the times are too challenging, Allah the times are too challenging, Oh Allah, it's become too difficult for me and out of the fear that I won't be able to conduct myself in a way that is expected from me, then that is permissible. So we were still speaking about that incident and just to wrap up on that note, and tried to, you know, share one Hadith that the person then asked him he said, like you enjoying this rain and this water you're exclusive to you. Why, why how did you get this water and he said that I might eat a salad now that you have asked that every time when I harvest my crops for our kulu pseudo See I eat a

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third of it at the sun duck bass solos. And I gave one third in charity and one third I reinvest to generate more you know revenue and more harvest etc. and by virtue of me giving a third in charity even when there's no rain, Allah sends me rain. So we would like to you know, say to one in all there it's turbulent time and it's challenging time those who had water you know, had wealth in the reserves even that's been depleted, as people are saying because of the the crunch and and how it's biting through so aggressively. May Allah make it easy. But yes, I believe is trust is in the Almighty. The point that I actually had intended in the analogy of Maria Maria lava, and how was

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that while she was in childbirth, miraculously, Allah had given her dates, but Allah told her to shake the branch, Allah tala to shake the branch and from that the scholars deduce that although the falling of the drape the dates was a miracle, and alarm could have extended the nature of that miracle, by causing it to fall without having to shake the branch. But there was a gentle hint in that

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command imposed upon her that in the world in the world, we have been told to move our hands we have been told, in fact, under this ayah in Malacca, Allah do I feel how Voila.

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Let not the devil expel you from Jana Fattah Shah. It's in the 16th juice in the 20th chapter, that if the devil expels you from RM dash CA, then you will have to find yourself in difficulty. And shakar can either be extracted from the root word of Shaco, which means misfortune or from shocker in the sense of tab and fatigue. And of course, it refers to the latter and not the former, and the baby is the noblest of last creation, the paragon of Allah's creation. And under this idea in the Tafseer, it is written that when Satan Adam alayhis salam came on Earth, then from heaven, some food was sent down to him some basic food. And as he approached it, right, the food kinda roll down. As

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mentioned in a theory rewired it could probably be an Israeli narration. It's not a hadith in any way, but it features in the tafazzin. And the food it's mentioned in Merrifield, Quran, and that's why I read it, and the food kinda roll down. So Satan, Adam, la salatu salam had to tag behind and had to tell you behind, and that is precisely what was told to him that in Jannah, the food was given to you freely with ease. And in, in the in this world for Tasker, you will have to get tired for your sustenance. And this is how it will be in this world of Adam, that you and your children will travel and travel the world to find sustenance. But the message we intended to communicate was

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to say that just as we give reassurance that Shiva is from the Almighty, Allah is the Rasul Allah is the Raja, continue giving you a charity, my brother and my sister and Allah will make divine arrangements. So just to share one howdy Thea.

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And that is, again speaking about the kindness of Allah with regards to the test that Allah puts upon his servant. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says is that Catherine de novo la de la Houma Yuka Pharaoh homina lamellae A patella hola who bill has any Luca Farah and Raja who Achmad mini Sharia law says that the messenger sallallahu wasallam said when the sin of a bondsman increase and he does not possess the deeds that will atone for them, and that Allah then afflicts him with sorrow to expiate those sins Subhana Allah, so even in the pain and the difficulty that Allah inflicts upon us, the aim is our good and our, our our benefit, because we have so much sense so

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lightens our burdens how often you find a person goes through a relatively healthy life and then a year or six months before he passes on, he or she becomes unwell and the health deteriorates and they become quite sick and quite difficult and challenging. And hopefully it is, you know, hoped in the mercy of Allah that that latter six months of their life will be a source of atonement for their wrong so a believer is in a win win situation at all times. Just some quick reflections here on some of the quotations of the Center for Salah hain in terms of sobor you know, so beautiful Junaid Rahim Allah used to say wakatsuki Allah and His Sabri. He said who would marotti mean hi Rita, Busan, la

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la la la. What's the definition of patience to swallow something better without frowning?

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You know, when you give the child the medication and

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right, if frowns and skulls and it's not nice and whatever, to the JIRA, the JIRA, yada, yada, yada, yada, yada, yada. Do you see who Allah speaks about that? So who would the General marrara mean? Hi, Rita abusin. It is to swallow something better, without frowning and I'll leave you with the last quotation of Satan or any of your loved one. It's a very profound quotation of the Allahu anhu

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in which he used to say who the ronnie Hansen what is the Hadith of the Prophet sallahu wa sallam about that five, but this is the quotation of Satan Ali and identity of Nicosia and the commentary of Sudoku Saba as well. It's there and I read it elsewhere. And it's mentioned here in this book, as well said not to be alarmed, he used to say, Don't

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Don't fear anything but the consequences of your sense. If you really need to fear not the economy, not the COVID nothing as a believer what my sons are going to do with me. Number two, whether you're in La raba don't invest your hopes in anyone but a lot. What are you studying Amanda, Adam, Allah, and the one who doesn't know Don't be shy go and ask Listen, I don't know. Can you help me? Thank you. That's it. What are you studying in malayalam, malayalam, Allah, Allah. And the one who doesn't know and someone asked him something. Don't don't don't fabricate or forge or like say, I don't know what in a subliminal, Imani be menzi laterra seminal just said, for either the hubba hubba hubba

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sobre la bella. And he said the role of patience in EMR is like the role of the head in the body. If there's no head, there's no human if there's no server, there's no emotion. And so if you Antonia Rahmatullah used to say that, that the toll of Anuradha your loved one who can be supported from the Quran as well, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the 21st, Jews in sort of La meme sajida that was Allah whom in which I know whom Emma we made them lead us with Allah whom in millennia Do not be a marina. They would guide through our inspiration. Lama Saba rule masaba when they persevered, llama Hello Bella SIL Emery soru esa this isn't even a cafe la casa de la salle Emery sarasa when they

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adopted the core the essence the main Allah made them leaders What can you be Aiya Tina yet we're gonna be it now at noon. And they had reliance on our versus ethnic coffee under this ayah rights be Sabri Walia teeny, tiny Emma mitofit Dini, that the formula and the recipe to become a leader indeed May Allah make us leaders indeed, is to have patience and conviction with Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy. We ask Allah to elevate to give divine sustenance to one in all we ask Allah to grant Shiva and cure and strengthen afia to one in all. I mean the herbal alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali, he was happy here to Maui when hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen