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Sudama Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara philam Ba were mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was I was seldom at the Sleeman cathedral cathedral

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from Abbado

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my brother sister let me give you a small example.

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Supposing your father says to you, I'm giving you two choices.

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First Choice is I buy your house right? The four walls by that whatever it costs you pick the house I made for you.

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And then

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inside the house

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How do you want to decorate it what how you want to do inside it all this this whole stuff right? The decoration the modeling remodeling what kind of furniture what kind of appliances all this up to whatever you know you can do one option

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so how's I buy for you? You're about to go pick this up I buy good house

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insiders second option

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you buy the house

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and then it go

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you don't get decide

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what kind of bed we're gonna chair we're gonna sofa

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which is a better option.

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First one second one

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father says I will buy you a house. Right? Any of y'all know your father. By Your heart is owned by you. You know a trailer will go by your nice house because the idea is people who bought the house my father so your father has a sense of respect and a sense of honor for himself. I'm buying my son a house. Right? If I put my son in a trailer park, I'm gonna look bad so you can't do that. But by God's grace

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and no money out of pocket for you you got the house for free. And then he says now do what you want inside the house. Decorate it any way you like whatnot, whatnot up to you as comfortable as you want anything like

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you want to sleep on the floor. That's your choice but if you want a beautiful bed and stuff, also your choice. First option, second option is

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you get the house

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the four walls

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and then you have no control over anything else. Everything in that house. I decide

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which is a better option. First one right obviously

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you got the house for free and then you can do whatever you like.

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This is the nature of this life.

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This is the nature of life. Allah subhanaw taala says I will decide how long you live.

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Live it the way you want to live.

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Make your life as beautiful as comfortable or as painful as you like.

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I will decide if you get married or not.

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Well once I give you a spouse, is that marriage going to be a beautiful marriage where you go and fall in love with your wife every day and she falls in love with you every day and this is a beautiful existence which is Jana on earth or whether you want to make it Jahannam on the earth after you

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I give you children

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you want to make those children into southern Nigeria for yourself or you want to make the children's as I will jariya for yourself your choice

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right. This is the nature of life.

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Allah subhanaw taala decides the watch. He decides the quantities

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all that goes into the life right? Your relationship who and what and words on wealth, influence Power Authority. I make you the king of Morocco.

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Right now what do you do with that?

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What kind of king will you use that King shape of Morocco to get you Jana or Jana up to you more than possible

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this is the nature of it

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now the game that shutdown plays is he flips this

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so look at them in this game what should you be concerned about?

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The what are the how which

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now obviously with that what is not in your control? What is not in your control how is in your control? The marriage is not in your control how to make that marriage good or bad is in your control the lifespan is not in your control how to make that life good or bad is in your control. Well amount of wealth is not in your

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Rule one saying that well how will I variable I earn it from where will I spend it this is my control

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we need to focus now what shattered does is shatta and removes your focus he flips it he says nobody will always get money

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right get money anyway

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why wait for getting married and this and that and proposal and

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you are young you're healthy you have God desires and so on The World Is Yours man and people are willing to come and fall at your feet go ahead

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you don't remain young all your life so

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write it what do you want drink? What do you want? So Allah is not halal done Thai Kabbalah whatever it is America

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No, this is this is whatever.

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And then you've done before on us via now whatever's

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right. So focus on what is in your control.

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Don't worry about what's not in your control and defy and decide which is in control which is not in control. How do you decide that? By looking at the questions of the day of judgment?

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What will you be questioned about Allah subhanaw taala Well Adam, Allah is the just Allah will not question you about something that he did not give you control of

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so what is not in your control? Don't worry about it. Question Allah will ask the question about thing which he gave you in your control.

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He won't say how long did you live is how did you live?

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What did you do with that life? That time?

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Right. I love it not so how long was your youth period?

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of eight years old? I still I think I'm 20 No, no? Actual youth? How long?

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He won't ask you that you that Allah Allah gave you that.

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Why? Why is he Why could you not lift 300 pounds? No

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How did you spend that youth What did you do in that is

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Allah will not ask why did you not make a million dollars? Allah will ask where did you earn it from? How did you make that money? Where do you spend that money?

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In Islam both are important. You can't say well you know am I earning don't don't ask about that that that's but I'm giving every year I give $100,000 to the masjid

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then give $100 million to the masjid if you're earning is haram that 100 million dollars for the masjid is Gize because the magician is getting they're getting it as a gift they will use it but you will get punished for that

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not punished for giving to the masjid but punished for earning it haram

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and give it to the budget does not cancel out that haram

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I think when people keep asking me because I saw you emptying

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the issue of Zambia

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see let me I don't know why this is so complex complicated for such a simple thing.

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In Islam, what is it that makes meat halal?

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Zambia does not does not apply to tomatoes and carrots right oh that's okay. Sick as you can it gets into the

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and inmates again not fish so it's birds or animals so what is it that makes meat Hala number one what mediated

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because if it is poor for example which pig is nothing there's going to be you know you can do whatever you like right It's haram crocodile haram

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right if we look at it in crocodile sticks there you gotta get the vaccines out every

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Eagles crows Hara donkey Hara.

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So first rendition is the thing in itself, Phenom II should be hunted so that animal or bird by itself should be something which is permitted to eat.

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So now you got chicken you got you know turkeys, you got B if you got butter and so on. Now what

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now the way it was killed the way it was slaughtered. This is called Zambia

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which means that with a sharp knife the knife should be passed

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on the throat of the animal. Please understand this table says RBI means it should

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would be bled completely you know what is the fastest way of bleeding an animal completely is to stab it in the heart.

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That's it

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it will cover like a bump

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is it Hara it's harm.

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You just have

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the knife must cut the throat, not any other part of the body, the throat

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and it must sever the jugular vein, the esophagus and the carotid arteries this from here to here.

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And the buzzer must say Bismillah Bismillah, Allahu Akbar

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that difference of opinion on that sometimes some people say Bismillah as a perceiver if he does not say visualize a Muslim is doing that. So, the end of the day, this is the method This method makes it Halon

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you if the animal is killed in any other way it is haram.

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It is like eating pork. No difference that is haram This is

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now, two questions people ask.

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They take the code the Hadees is a people came up they brought some meat and they said jasola this meat was given to us by these people who recently became Muslim. We are not sure how they how they slaughtered, what can we do to ourselves that service will lie in it.

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What are we talking about here? You're talking about meat which was slaughtered by Muslims. But the people who got it they said we are not very sure how they did that they are new Muslims. And you know, now how did they normally slaughter meeting Arabia? By cutting the sword?

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Were there any meat factories in the seventh century?

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So the issue is Max. We are not sure did they say Bismillah Allahu Akbar or nada? what President Obama said was belaid did he say bsabs? Will I need any meat?

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I found that I find a roadkill and I bring it here as a service well I need

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you know why waste a rabbit?

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So this is one question series related. Second question that people ask is, Allah in the Quran as well as in the food of the people of the book is halal for you. So you heard oneness,

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Christians and Jews. Now what does that mean?

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All the all of them as they have said it means that if it is a practicing Jew or Christian, who then slaughters in the way that they slaughter meaning again cutting the throat

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and the Jews actually say what amounts to Bismillah Allahu Akbar they actually say that they save in the name of Almighty God who is the creator of everything

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that is how you can read that.

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Again, this is an exception if you are so desperate and you're gonna die or something you know you can read it.

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Where is the mention of machines piston?

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Which had is which is of the Quran? Where is the question of machines?

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Today we are not talking about the slaughter of the Jews and the Christians we're talking about slaughter by a machine.

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Now May Allah forgive these people who are in this room and Muslims being murdered by Muslim Allah may Allah forgive them and May Allah save us from people like that? Somebody gave a fatwa say put a tape and the tape is going to go on saying Bismillah Allahu Allah and you can your machine can run and everything is hard.

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How can it be how do you where do you get this wrong?

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This is complete garbage

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total garbage

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in another place so you right Bismillah on the knife

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let me ask you a simple question. Somebody comes to me and says I'm a new Muslim I don't know what to do i But I need to slaughter What shall I do? Supposing I take or give me a marker right? Here's an I am going to write Bismillah now use this knife What can you tell us a * what kind of scam are you running? I mean what what is this game you're playing you give you write some BS we love this knife and give it to the guy and this is Hello. How's it so how's your factory shot haha

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I've sent you guys the link to that watch that video you saw us all the videos in the musculature. When the chickens go some chicken gets cut halfway. Some chickens gets cut in the neck some chicken get some somewhere else and

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please do not destroy your own

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because the Hadees also Salam is very clear.

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One of the few Hadith mentioned by Abubakar Cydia robiola very few are here he did not quote too many Hadees very few are this but you can imagine the Hadith or the Allah know what is superior to that

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He said He said my friend said who is when

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Allah said Sahibi

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Phil Hara

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he said my friend said

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if one morsel one piece of haram goes into your mouth and you swallow it and it becomes die it gets digested becomes part of the body then the fire of Jahannam is wajib on that body

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that sequence is worth that man

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you love chicken so much you're willing to burn in the fire for a chicken

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Oh, seriously a bit you know I'm not I know you don't but obviously people are because tell these people this thing.

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What kind of what kind of enslavement of the brain is this for God's sake?

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And I'm not saying don't do anything eat it. Check and eat the right thing.

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Eat chickens until you start laying eggs so as far as I'm concerned what do I care you know eat eat chicken morning day and night eat chicken 24 hours a day till you grow feathers or start laying eggs or whatever just start throwing the money

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right but what without checking machines please don't do this

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do not destroy your akhira

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I don't know about you since the advisor the word did do I have nothing

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I have nothing that nothing you want me to lose? No No way

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I will not eat anything which I'm not sure about I don't care who use it

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I don't get who's offended

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if I'm not sure I will not as simple as that. And that is what I'm advising you please verify if you're not sure don't touch it. Ask anywhere you want if you feel embarrassed about asking notice not each that's it

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it's on the

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audit at all. What is what is one meal you miss? I mean all of us can miss many meals there is no at least I mean if I don't eat for a week I'm fine.

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You'd fish eat X plenty of options

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let us focus on what is in our control. What's in our control is these things

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and this is so serious and so important. A bother goes in what's left tell me

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the purpose of our life is canceled Omar Salah to join our Inza Ilya Kulu

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Oh yeah, Abdul. Allah said we get it the humans are the genes only to eat or to worship.

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So let us not destroy ourselves and our Africa for the sake of this bill, that bill this party that per normal, nothing is worth it. Nothing but nothing is what that

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you ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to please Him and to live with a focus of pleasing Him always was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry Murali he was I remember article