Abdul Wahab Saleem – Some Thoughts on Sunni, Shia and Sectarianism

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the confusion surrounding narratives and their use in deflecting reality. It also touches on the idea of segmenting and narrating belief in actions and actions, and how it can be translated into multiple ways. In a separate segment, a woman named Shiri becomes upset and shakes her head, but she explains that she is a Holist sister due to her actions and conservative values.
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and by the way, before I even go ahead and explain this Hadeeth I think it's very, very important to, to stop at the narrator Joshua been sued a man a little bit of a difference in the amount of blueberry is a narrator was an authentic narrator according to according to Evan Marion, and others, and Josh odoban surname and blueberry is actually a Shiri narrator. Okay. In fact, he's even though you even said to be awful the narrator meaning that he is pretty much a full blown Shiri, according to what's found in the books. And despite the fact that he happens to be a Shiri he happens to be a non Sunni, Mr. McDermott, he doesn't find it difficult to quote from him, or doesn't find it

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difficult to quote the Hadith, which is on his authority, or he's in the middle of the chain. Why is that? Because historically an old and specifically in the time and the generations of the

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setup stuff, they wouldn't look at a person in a very, very sectarian way such that if a person happens to be from a different sect, they should be literally outcasted from society, and that they are not to be learned from or talk to, or they are not even to be spoken to, or they are to be deliberately fully segregated. It says if there's a segregate there's more of a segregation between a sect and another sec, than a segregation between men and women from a single * right. It was never like that. If you look at Bahati, it is full, not full as an there's no other people in there. But it is full, meaning there's a lot of narrators who are shy within behati Muslim tsunami that

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would match our other books of narration, you'll find books, you will find shy narrators and specifically in body you'll find them. But it was a fair individual, you'll find this in our diversity is as we said, one of the students have Bahati, right. So he's also taking from the legacy of Bahati. And he is quoting from a person was quoting from a shearing narrator. And he's not finding that difficult, so long as he knows that this person is truthful, so long as he knows that he can trust his narration, that's enough. And Mr. Smith is considering him an authentic narrator. You know what that means, in other words, is licensing people to narrate from this individual,

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meaning that he's saying go ahead and take knowledge from him. Mmm, it is also a matter of even marine is doing the same thing. Yeah, even rain is like saying, What's that? What's up? Oh, yeah, I mean, what does that mean? He's a fifth, I'll go ahead and learn knowledge from him. And you can go ahead and narrate this knowledge on from him as well. No problem.

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And the reason why I point this out in our times is because we've become so sectarian that forget narrating knowledge from one another forget sharing information on it from one another. And I'm now not even talking about some reason she has I'm just talking about Sunni Islam as a whole, right? Forget not even forget even narrating knowledge, we wouldn't even talk to one another. And even if somebody tries to talk to him, that person is a deviant. And the person that spoke to the one who spoke, he might also be a defendant, the person who spoke to the one who spoke, the ones who spoke By that time, the effects are lost, but he might also have some, some sort of deviancy within him,

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right. And that

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ruling of the fact that this individual is a deviant, or this individual is not a deviant, and this person is it is erratic, and this person is has committed blasphemy or oftentimes those rulings are not even based on any substantial information. And oftentimes, those rulings are based on information that is considered what that is not even considered information would be that would be that would be explicit that would be appear that will be even apparent, for that matter, oftentimes, the information is ambiguous, and that it is made distant seem apparent, and then another guy comes in, makes it you know, seem explicit, and so on and so forth. And then it goes from something so

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totally ambiguous that can be translated in 70 different ways. And it's translated in one specific way. And then now there's only one translation for it one understanding of it and it becomes the known truth I know this about you and even though there is no one that knows anything about a belief of another person except what except Allah subhana wa tada why because the belief is in your heart, the action show your belief, but if you have a bad Aki that there is no action that can show you that about a pita. unless some of those up I happen to have a manifestation in, in also actions as well Other than that, a belief in a law how you believe how you perceive a loss of handle without it

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to be nobody can actually know that that's within your heart. If you profess otherwise, then that should be enough for people to accept or reject. Right? But people choose not to why because of their own

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whims and desires, right that's number one then now I'm talking about Sunni Islam where we should be lenient right and I'm now let's go a little bit further. Here is a Shiri narrator he found himself in sending me these books. Do you understand that does that register for a moment? This is Shiri narrator he found himself in a room in a in a Sunni book even she applied that would be deemed her Radek and I'm very clear on what I the word that I'm using here even she aka it which would be deemed her Reddit based on mainstream Sunni Islam. Even such narrators will find room within so many books suddenly had these books.

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And this is not something that I am making up. This is something that is factual. If you read Bahati and you don't put dig your head into the ground like an ostrich, you'll see for yourself. And by the way, the reason why I bring this up today is because today our oma is being destroyed. It's being absolutely destructed.

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It is being annihilated.

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Why all of that in the name of sectarianism. I will lie This is something that allows messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had forecasted. You see, you turn your face one direction, right? There's a bombing and the mom you turn your face in other direction, there's another bombing. If you turn your face in other direction, there's a bombing back, there's a killing inside of cultivos from the child as a retaliation or what happened to the Shia mosque, you turn your face towards Wait, there's a bombing there. These are countries that are relatively safe. All of that again, sectarianism. One kid decides to leave his house in Saudi Arabia safes, sound place lies to his

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parents saying that I'm going for him at all. And then he goes to quit and bombs a mosque while people are paying Jamaat.

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Then a little, a couple of days passed by another bombing while people are fasting inside of a Masjid. And why because while we have to fight this ohnishi our war and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had forecasted this, he said that, in the shale barn, listen to this carefully, this is your messenger speaking in the shale on eesa, your feature zero to help, indeed, shape on had despaired from ever being able to be worshipped in the Arabian Peninsula, well, I can fit that issue, but you know, but what he's going to be able to do is, he's going to be able to get one of you at the next of the other, you're going to go choke your friend, and your brother, and your kids

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and your kin, all of that in the name of what all of that in the name of Islam, this is not Islam will lie, it's not Islam. And if we say that, afterwards, we start making disclaimers that look, really, I didn't mean it Look, really, um, I I didn't mean to do things for things to get this bad. I didn't want it to get to war. I didn't want it to get to a bombing. I didn't want it to get to slaughter. Right. I didn't want it to get to there. All I was trying to do was establish a theological, you know, precedents for what I believe and what he believes in the differences between us too. When you start heart when you start

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planting hatred in the hearts of yourself, and your followers and your families. For decades, after decades, after decades, then the only thing you'll harvest is crying. The only thing you'll harvest is chaos. The only thing you'll harvest is what's happening today. That's what that's what you're going to harvest and someone will say well this is a Sunni Shia thing has been happening for years and years and years. It doesn't happen between Sudanese Believe you me it's happened between Sudanese as well, the 15 Aqua shady I had lives after lives, when the very fit not between in the Muslim Ummah, between the Sunni Islam had started the very first time that the Sunni Islam had broke

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off into a fitna, right where scholars had to run from countries because one was an ad. And the other one was a humbly they had to leave countries that leave their homes, they have to leave their families. They have to come together and unite and speak on this matter with one voice. They had to write a letter letter to governments to save their lives. It occurred why it was another sectarian fitna between the Sudanese and then what does he later the Sudanese and machineries. It was a sectarian fitna that occurred between the Sudanese themselves, right. Why because the hatred was piled up. Why? Because people kept on planting the seeds of hatred and what's going to come out and

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what are they going to harvest they're going to harvest chaos, bloodshed, turmoil, and things of such short, right. But there was also a time a little bit before that, where people were able to live like civilized

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Human beings and there is an example before you economic determine the alcohol do you have in mind and other such people

Some thoughts on the subject of Shia, Sunnis, Salafis, Ash`ari’s and sectarianism as whole. May Allah help us bring unity back in the Ummah.

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