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favor humbling needless

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to say

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I'd it in the same sentence as even

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before we go to your question and so on so what

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I'm going to ask

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what's your take a ban on the outside?

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giving you

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this to show you what it looks like in winter the whole lake is frozen solid.

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The trees are they look completely did not a single leaf on any of the trees.

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The reason I'm saying this is because

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I'm not sure I've done I mentioned this as one of the sites where he said you heal other brother moutier that Allah revives and makes alive,

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updated date.

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Now see the apparent death of the earth in different ways in this country countries like this. You see it in the winter.

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In other tropical countries, you see it in the summer.

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Where you in India, for example, the summer, when there is no rain?

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Yes, the same, same, same situation, same seed

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with the trees, all the leaves fall deciduous trees. And the ground is literally the earth is it looks like a jigsaw puzzle. It's completely split.

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Because of the heat. Go to my students. It's hard, like here in the winter, the government like stood there.

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And then the rain comes.

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And everything is good.

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Everything is absolutely fabulous degree.

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I was in Botswana in the Okavango Delta. And had to remind myself I'm in the Obama Delta on a boat. And I'm seeing hippos I've seen crocodiles. I've seen lots of islands,

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birds and animals, all kinds of the islands.

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And I have to remind myself that in the summer, that whole delta becomes completely dry, there's not a drop of water.

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Everything sinks into the earth

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until the following cycle,

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where again, it rains in the mountains.

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And the river flows again, and it floods the delta. And again, it's completely

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I didn't have I haven't seen the whole cycle obviously have lived there for the whole year to see it. But it's incredible. I mean, it's smart, landless, right, that is harder than how other shows this.

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In this context here in the winter.

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For me, one of my greatest inspirations is small birds.

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In this matter, this this winter we had

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not today today is warm, but otherwise, we had temperatures here of this winter, the lowest it went to was 10 below zero in the Celsius.

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In those in that court,

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you have the tiny report, the northern cardinals, the Black Capped chickadees.

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And all sorts of wait time.

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The reason I mentioned the birds is because there is a Hadith also seldom where he said that

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the hearts of the people of Jannah will be like the hearts of birds.

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Now, obviously doesn't mean anatomically, but what is the meaning of the heart of the bird?

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Man understanding from what I know, but one of the most inspirational things for me when I think about words, is their resilience to come back from within course defeat to come back from loss. And I've seen this happen. I've seen this happen. There is a nesting box just outside my

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my study where sparrows had built a nest and they had delayed eggs and they were raising, they will see chicks in that nesting box.

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And somehow bluejays got wind of that. And sure enough, I mean, I did my best to try to protect it. But sure enough, in a period of about

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a week or so, they killed all the chicks. The wages are almost predatory, so the bigger chicks out in the data.

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Now imagine if you look at it from a human perspective, here is a

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Couple husband and wife who have three children are all of the children were killed

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by the winning courts, and in this case, the blue day.

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What does this virus do? They go back they will the rest, laser, what if there is some objects and those things also formed.

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So when the nest of a bird is broken the bird the bird doesn't go in depression, doesn't commit suicide, does go to the PC and say, give me some Prozac. Now.

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Resilience come back how many times as long as it takes,

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as many times as it takes.

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So resilience.

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Second thing is, as we know from another, where sources as an observer

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is a bit like a bird, which leaves its nest in the morning, empty with an empty belly and returns in the evening with a belly full.

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That teaches two very critical lesson number one lesson is with regard to suffer with regard to the Islamic understanding of patients.

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The use or understanding of patients

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summer is to do nothing. The sit,

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if people say,

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What do you mean?

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This is not Islam integration, Islam interpretation is to do your best.

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Make the maximum effort and trust in Allah.

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And we know this, the most beautiful illustration of that from the CLI is the battery of other water sources. He did everything possible. And then he stood, and he may die and he said, Oh Allah, you these are finished, that there will be nobody to worship you on the earth.

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But he made the dua after making all the effort after going to the battlefield about he didn't make the Tsar sitting in Medina. He could have done

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he didn't, you went there. He took all precautions. He did all the preparations.

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And then he made

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so we learn some. The second thing we learn is our code, which is trusting Allah.

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Allah feed the board but not in the rest.

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Allah feed the word not in the rest, who doesn't come to the bird's nest.

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The other bird has to go out searching for food. So when the other bird is going out to search for food, the word is sure that it will find food and it finds.

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Imagine in this winter. And

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today, this time it went out to minus 10. We don't know what will happen. Last year, it went down to minus 20.

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in Calgary in Canada this year, it went down to minus 40

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Celsius minus 40. For birds.

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So they survived and the desktop will not complete and total faith and trust. Do what you need to do. But no stress no getting worried no thinking, oh, what will happen? No, I'm the law. I do my best. And I have faith and trust in Allah subhanho wa.

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And final point

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the bird goes out every morning.

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fine food comes back with an with a full belly. But the bird does not stockpile food for the next day.

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Or the next month or the next year.

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If you look at it today, the primary cause of human stress from the angle of livelihood

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has to do with stockpiling is nothing to do with today's food.

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Nobody who is you know, going into depression or getting freaked out is getting freaked out because he doesn't have will now

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you see what will happen. He's thinking what will happen tomorrow, what will happen in the market collapses what will happen if there is a if there is a war? What will happen if this what will happen if that?

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Nobody is worried what What about lunch? Yeah, of course lunch is there.

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Do you know whether you will be alive after lunch? Maybe it is destined for you that you will be dead before?

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That doesn't matter if there is a word

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that okay, let the river valley collapses and collapse. I'm not there.

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Yet, we don't think like this. This is the cause for stress is not what is happening. Now. The cause for stress is what we choose to load onto ourselves with respect to what we project our ideas of what might happen. And if we think about that, if I'm purely in the in the business of projecting ideas, that in theory, technically I have the possibility of projecting positive images and negative images. But what happens

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we don't think

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both of you and you might say well what's the point? How likely will how likely is this exact same like

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there's no like you will draw my head. So I'm saying if even if I want to go down that route which is not a great place to go stay here

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you're much better off because present is what we have. The future we don't know man. The past is gone. What what whatever it was was good. What was bad hamdulillah it's all

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not coming back. Only thing we have here.

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And that's the heart of the bird. Here. The bird is not thinking What about tomorrow? Winter is coming

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even when we squirrel stockpile

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it just thought

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so maybe other things but I think this is a fertile river Abdullah. We asked him to make us among the people of Jana who will have hearts like this in Jana. But the same kind of action because imagine a heart which is full of our core which is full of trust with full of resilience and courage. That is full of somebody in the true sense of effort. That's a nice place to be.

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We ask for that for our lives. Yeah. And each other, or something or another. We could probably use

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