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selenium under 100 It'll be that I mean it was

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gonna be even more silly Mohammad Rasool Allah He's a lot more highly he went early USA will send them to sleep on caffeine because Yeah.

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Oh my Bible

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one of our friends who listens to podcasts sent me a message asking me about a particular Hadith, which he read and he was confused. And of course, I clarified Hamdulillah. And there was no reason for confusion. But

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he so asked him, I said, Where did you get this from? Because this is one of the

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one of the modern phenomenon, phenomena that we seem to face where thanks to the ease with which

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technical books are available in Islam.

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Anyone and everyone reads them. Now.

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I have nothing against that. Frankly, let me tell you that I mean, if somebody wants to read a book, go ahead. But like any technical book,

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to be able to truly understand it and benefit from it. Depending on the level of that book, you need to be able to you need to have enough background knowledge to be able to decipher what's in that book to be able to make sense of what's in that book. If you don't have that knowledge, then even though the book itself is full of benefit,

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it will not benefit you and it might actually end up harming you an easy way to understand that is you know, you know me and my love for everybody

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and to Hyderabadi Biryani has no has no competitor has no parallel in the world of human food and human cuisine. So imagine this absolutely fabulous Hyderabadi Biryani the best in the world imagine that and then imagine somebody is stupid enough to try to feed it to their little baby who is still

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on a diet of milk you know breastfeeding or otherwise was still not taking solid food like and you force feed this child that biryani What do you think would happen?

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It will kill the child right it will kill the child or make it very very very sick. Now she will know what's wrong. I didn't give him poison I gave him this beautiful biryani when for that child that beautiful biryani was poison

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and you are very stupid to give that child that biryani The reason being that child's body is not ready stomach is not ready to accept food of that kind, which is so rich and so you know heavy. Nothing wrong with the food the food is a folder and that food is beautiful and fantastic and so on. But it is good and beautiful and fantastic only for somebody who has the capacity to digest it.

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Now is exactly the same process or same line of thought should be applied to Islamic knowledge. Islamic knowledge itself is fantastic beautiful, nothing can be nothing can be better because we're talking about Revelation we're talking about knowledge from Allah subhanaw taala directly. And it's beautiful explanation from Rasul Allah is Allah setup

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there's nothing in the world

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which compared with that,

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obviously nothing in the world which can be which can possibly be superior to that. But just like feeding biryani to a

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ton of the sheer harm if you're good with that she'll harlot butcher Vergara, maybe Danny Kaleido mergia So the if you if you feed biryani to this child which is still on milk, the child will die if not because of the biryani but because the child is not capable. And the same thing applies. If you try to get bits and pieces of of Islam of Islamic knowledge from here and there YouTube videos lecture of this or that share, or because you have access, suddenly you are reading.

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This friend of mine who wrote We asked him where to get this from he said Lulu or Martha. I'm reading Lulu. Well, Martha and this is a beautiful book of Hadees from Bukhari and Muslim. But obviously it is a book for people who understand also wrote Hadees who and who have studied also had his first and who have a knowledge of how to approach a Hadees and what are these and when we say ahaadeeth He had his life. They're not they don't think that this is walking with a stick, right and needs an IV. You know, really, I mean, think about this if people don't people talk through their heart

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See ya and they say oh this Heaviside is had it hasn't this is a very this is you know swans what I mean what do you mean very if they want to give some money to the Hadith, I mean, you seriously think about

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and hurry we know in Arabic means straight and in order means poor. So, the point is that is not depends on on like anything any other

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body of knowledge

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to be able to access knowledge of a higher level, you need to have enough knowledge, fundamental knowledge to be able to access it. So, books like this book like books like Lulu Marja and book like Blobel Moran, for example, have is even harder and as Kalani Rajawali and so on the beautiful books, but imagine, beautiful Mara is a selection or Hadith from Muhammad Muslim and elsewhere. And it's considered to be one of the fun one of the most, you know, authentic and highest collections of our Hadees. And people refer to that for to give fatawa to give, you know, to explain the hook on something. Now, somebody who does not know the half Hadees

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who does not know the age of Hadith

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picks up Bloomerang and you pick up and use your head isn't that you might get confused. I mean, I'm not saying everything will confuse you it will not but there are some things because you have to understand the circumstances like we have the album in Missoula, the ayat of the Quran, the circumstances of Revelation. So also in the Hadees and even more so in the Hadees there are circumstances of revelation Why did or supervisor Selim say something in a certain place? What was the what was the logic behind that? What was the the thought behind that? Inshallah today, ma'am, tomorrow I will give you some example on some specific examples of how the Hadees itself is

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perfectly correct. But it is not used to create a to give a fatwa or to

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or to give a make a Hong Kong in a particular matter why there is so split that you but the point is that there are a hadith Hamdulillah, which are perfectly correct and absolutely nothing is wrong in the Hadith. But if you don't have a background

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I was wondering have you can you don't have a background of studying DNA in a systematic manner, then that will confuse you. And you will end up doing completely the wrong thing, which is not even the mantra of the hubby's the proper service. And I've never met that you never did that. And I tell you why we say that. Right? It's not as if I went to the province of Salem and said jasola, you you said this? Did you mean it? I don't know. I mean, I haven't. I have no access to it. But the point I'm saying is that this what I'm telling you what I will tell you which

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is again, not my opinion, this is what our scholars This is what the Great's classical Scholars, this is what the scholars later on the Imam of of Islam, this is what they have explained. And these are the this is the Hadees and this is the way we approach that hadith is the way we see that right so we do not reject the Hadith, because it's a correct, but at the same time, you have to approach it and see it in the in a correct manner, in the manner in which it is meant so that you get the correct Maholm the correct meaning from it and you can

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extract the correct home from this. Otherwise you confuse yourself and you confuse everybody else. So my submission to you is our hamdulillah all your

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enthusiasm about learning Islam is very good, very welcome. May Allah bless you. But start systematically started the beginning go step by step. Don't suddenly when you have not even learned how to float, right, don't jump don't just jump into the ocean you will drop you will kill yourself and you will do somebody else also.

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Like like swimming like anything else, there is a system to be followed. So follow that system. And this system, the basic fundamental system, and the sub even before that, but the basic fundamental system to approach hadith is first one to understand and study also of Hadith. The basic fundamental system to approach the Tafseer of Quran is to first study the soul of the Sierra Quran. We have people who will who just pick up an AI and they extract meaning from it and they hold the I O but it is what the ISS how a hotel level. Do you know that as well when user of the I didn't know how desire was revealed where it was revealed, why it was revealed, what resources are seldom said and

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so on, and so you don't know anything, but you make this thing. So please understand our basic fundamental

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stand on the Quran or hadith is that whatever Allah subhanaw taala revealed, irrespective of the circumstances of Revelation is applicable to all of the world all of humankind until the end of time. So this is the first

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A very important thing to understand,

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no matter what the circumstances were, the idea is above and free from those circumstances, the idea is applicable throughout.

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The second was to say, Well, why do we need a circumstance, circumstances because we want to understand, you know, how did it happen and so on so forth, as a matter of interest from the law, so we need the circumstances, but other than that, we do not need the circumstances we

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irrespective even if you do not know, the circumstances, the AI is valid, and the AI must be

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if it's a hokum, if it's something which is giving a if it's an order, then it must be followed, irrespective of that, and irrespective of time period, geography, country, nation era, and whatnot. And there are many examples of this. Second thing is that the same thing applies to the, to their heavy services, sort of as a seller, once it is confirmed that they had these, these it's a confirmed authentic Hadees, then it must be followed, irrespective, again, off time place, whatnot, because this is the home of Rasulillah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam.

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But it's important for us to understand how something was revealed where it was revealed, what what what was, what was assylum

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taught, how did he teach it and so on. Because we want to understand the context of the whole thing. And so therefore, my submission to you is that approach Dean's systematically

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study those who before, before you go ahead, and the best way to do that is to

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is to find somebody

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to find somebody who is knowledgeable, go to and start, don't take something out of your head, go through and start and then those that teach you what you should be doing. And that is the correct way of approaching the right, this self taught, Islam doesn't work.

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Nobody was self taught.

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Right from the beginning,

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the Sahaba learned from the soul as a seller, and then from the database and learn from the Sahaba and so on and so forth. Although it was it is very important in Islam, the

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to know who is your was that to correct to to, to pick the right teachers, to go to the right teachers to go in the right way with the right other.

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All of this is absolutely critical in his lab and it is critical to benefiting from the knowledge of this team. So please follow the process. Without the process even though the thing itself is good, it will not benefit you We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to do things in a way which is beneficial for us. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with us and guide us with his Kalam and with the teachings of his Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was salam ala ala Nabina Muhammad Ali he was a member I'm tickled by