Divine Messages #28 Story of Ashab Al Qaryat From Surat Yasin

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and cultural origins of the Shabbat cycle, including its impact on culture and the origin of certain events such as the birth of a child in San Francisco and the birth of a child in Atlanta. They also touch on the struggles of a man trying to convince others to stay true to his own values and not to harm himself, as well as the struggles of a woman who believes in her own success and is trying to convince others to do so.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Smilla Al Hamdulillah. salat wa salam ala Rasulillah

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alumni alumni and founder, one fan Bhima alum Tana, was it nine min Yahama Rahimi

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ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us benefit us from what he told us and increase us knowledge. I mean, there'll be I mean, I ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless these beautiful faces and protect them from the hellfire. May Allah subhanaw taala just like He gathered this year, gathers Yamaki and I'll say the most serene Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and in Erbil Alamy they today in sha Allah to Allah.

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By the way, I just found out that

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this halacha about stories is over a year and three months, we're still discussing the stories Subhan Allah, may Allah baraka and everything that we're doing in Shama.

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Big Jump today, last time, last time we were in El kheir have a big leap to a scene.

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And the story in SWAT gear scene is the story of

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as horrible as Shabbat it

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how will

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how will Korea as How will Korea this is the story in the second page on the top of the page? First, I wonder if the home iPhone I said was good. Or the Riblah home? By the way, before we start, there is a very common

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misconception that he has seen. And for her are of the names of Rasulullah Salallahu Salam, right. A lot of people think that Ha ha, and you're seeing are some of the names of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, but there's no delille there's no evidence about that. Just for her and Yacine are just like Le flan mean, Farsi mean.

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They're just like the broken letters in the beginning of the surah.

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there is a weak Hadith that says is one of the names for a single SLM, but that's not authentic. Okay.

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So now the story

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is a beautiful story. Took the whole page and little bit of the next page.

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Allah subhanaw taala said

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what good evening

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method and US herb in Korea is Jay

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Morrison is our son Ely he moves no unifocal

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that as we leave for in econ Morrison

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in the showroom is Luna.

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Rotten or Shaggy, in tongue in the bone, you have 100 salamati. Send them tell them, give them the example of the city of Korea

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that we have sent to it. More saloon we have centered prophets, messengers,

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala sent this courier to messengers.

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Believe it or not, when you look at the Tafseer you see a lot of people

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have knowledge. They spend so much time and effort figuring out where is the career?

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Where is this career? How is that going to benefit me?

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And how does that matter?

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We have noticed out of studying all the stories of the Quran that if there was any benefit of the name of the Korea, the time the theme of this hub of the caf, all these number of them all that stuff if there's any benefit, Allah would have mentioned it. So Allah as mentioned in Korea was the career How long was this ago does not really matter. We want we get because sometimes we get so involved in these minut details that we forget the lesson that we ignore the lesson. So here there's a career with Cleopatra blomus Herbal career is Jah el wasallam this career, they were worshipping they were

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making idols from wood and after they finished the items they worship them. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada center

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Two messengers. You could imagine how bad and evil are the people of this carrier that at the end we're gonna see three messengers were sent to a small city.

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And how bad could it be?

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Our cell now our cell name was named forgets the movement fastener be fairly

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we send them to messengers. They said they believed them they said that they are liars

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as most of the people did to their prophets, so we sent a third messenger

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I'm going to go through the story first as usual and then we will take the lessons there's a couple of lessons already

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forget the munaf as as Natalie thalli Takatsu here the Prophets the messengers are talking for Carlo in LA ucommerce alone. We are or we have been sent to you from Allah subhanaw taala in LA come Marcelo,

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the people what they say call Hello MA and tune in Bashar on meth Luna wanna

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shake in Antrim, Allah take the bone, now, you are nothing. Look, when we say Bashar, it's from Bashar right? This is skin. You are just like human beings like us.

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And how many times they complained in other sources nearly has a lawsuit called a time when she felt as well. What kind of profit is this? He eats food and he walks in the market.

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Why does Allah send us an angel? Allah answered them and sort of co located if and other demand equity. I'm shooting a look my name then is Zelda Allah Jimenez Santa Monica rasool Allah. Allah said, if there was angels inhabiting Earth, I would send them an angel as a prophet.

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But for the Bashar We send the Bashar so called oh man Tamila version of myth Luna you're just like us How can I believe you? What's the difference between me and you?

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Man I'm in shape. Right man, Allah subhanaw taala did not send anyone

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into Illa tech, the moon, all you're doing is that you are lying. You are liars. They called the Prophets the messenger of

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or Buddha Allah in Lake Como saloon Prophets the messenger said Allah knows Allah knows that we are had been sent by him if we

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come up with something like this we will be punished severely without Elena ill benevolent movie we are only sent here to give you the beloved to give you the message of Tawheed that said well no ill Bella Hoon will be called now the other column here the people of the city call in data you're gonna become

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a clearer and nobody knows what zero means.

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The Sherm ms will English

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Yes, evil omen, you know a woman

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in Atlanta y'all may be coming and Etosha and Manny. Every time we see you.

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We have it's like a seeing an evil omen. Okay,

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where did this come from? Because they're gonna answer them for you coma come right. It came from the word thought right?

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In the past

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the Arab in the Jania they used to use the bird. They want to

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get into a venture, marriage or travel. So they throw a bird

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in the sky if it goes right.

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Good sign goes left. Forget about it.

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Go straight. Do it again.

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So can you imagine

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that someone will he get Tasha from a messenger

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how bad these people are. Yanni. Now by the way, a three year old shirk or solo cisilion told us that this Omen business is sure

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the clearer Omen goes against the toe hate. You have to be careful Jaquan sometimes we do simple things and we belittle them, but we are falling to shirk.

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I know some people that they do not move outside the house before they read their horoscope.

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This horoscope is shook

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Is this how

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The scope is going to change what Allah has decreed for the day. No. So you are assuming that there is someone else other than Alleman right that

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nobody knows unseen

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the Mossad just by you believing what's written in that horoscope

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you have committed a major sin.

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Or Salah Salem told us that if you go sometimes a lot of times sisters unfortunately they go to

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a fortune teller to tell them about few things.

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If you go there for fun, just for fun, just you know, I know she's lying just like

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wanna waste some time and laugh and stuff like that? If you go for that reason 40 days your salad is not accepted.

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Now if you go and you believe what that person said what happens?

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Because the Hadees say

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Masha Allah, this is Afghani virgins.

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*a gaffer Robina on Zilla Mohammed.

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He has committed gopher

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with what has been revealed to Muhammad

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so this is not a joke. Not a joke at all

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you know those fortune cookies the Chinese store

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just take just eat the cookie forget about the fortune

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Don't worry about the fortune is not a fortune. Trust me. Let's eat the cookie. So you want to waste and hammer but these are haram Jaquan So here let's go back to the story in that a urinal become every time I look at you because when we living here and in our country is also not only here and what what made Friday the 13th is a bad day. What made it an evil day how to try to be an evil day. How what made the number 13 and even who who decides who decides an hour is a misfortune who

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don't open the umbrella in the house.

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This is why this is not right.

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And if I open the umbrella in the house, what happens if a drop what what else? What are the what are the things that are popular? Break a mirror. You broke him in y'all

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I don't know what's gonna happen to us. Or

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black the cat.

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The crow black crow.

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I don't know if you heard about garlic.

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The shell of the garlic if you drop it on, Danny

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who was sitting down one day very bored and said you know what, let me come up with you things. What does that umbrella have to do with the garlic? Friday 13th So this is haram. This is not allowed as a Muslim. Whatever Allah decreed is going to happen no matter what day it is. No matter what umbrella you open no matter if you eat garlic or onion does not matter. Whatever Allah decreed. Nobody brings kale or Yun Fat or you adore except ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala in Tata yearner become

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you our faces have shown when we see you feel like oh man, something bad's gonna happen

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in a year decom

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Lane them tanto nanorod Human while I am a Santa coalminer urban Elin if you're not going to stop this message, this calling to Allah to this one God, we're gonna stone you or have two options pick all the restore either restoring you or we're going to punish you severely either. Aleem.

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The prophets messengers are talking called in a card ta Eurocom Malcolm your omen is with you already that Schilke that you have that's the Omen that's what's gonna bring you how time that's what's gonna bring you the other one le not us. You already have an omen. You're worshipping idols Carlota Kumarakom in the kilton antem column mystery phone only doing this just you're doing this and you're saying this you're gonna stone us and do this to us just because we are reminding you in the kingdom because you are being reminded.

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What you

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aka Sun Medina Tierra Juno II

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call me Debbie own model Sally.

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In it

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is ello con at Euro

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Dawn and a man

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who believed in this messengers and he used to live very far

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very far in the same city but all the way at the end of the city Oxon Medina and he did not come walking. He came Yes sir.

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Yes sir. Faster rushing. Is there no de la sala Timmy Yeoman Jamal, first Xiao. Aquila, leave everything my brother tomorrow. Don't take your time. You have a few more minutes. few more minutes. The hottie did not stand up yet. I'll catch the salatu hamdulillah I'm better than a lot of people know yaki. The minute the team stands on the number one, the melodica sat down and you lost a huge Azure because of those couple of minutes. I'm not talking about the one was excused. I'm talking about the one who kept on delaying it for no reason.

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But yeah, I'm an axon Medina theoriginal Yasaka. Yeah, call me Toby on Mursaleen. He believed in that message and he is like so eager. He didn't win the Eman mixed the heart when the Imen enters the heart. All you have to do you feel like I have to share what I have. When the true Eman Jaquan Wallah when the true Eman gets into the heart, then the only feeling the only next step is to convey the message. I've seen the beauty Allah Akbar how my life has changed. I have to share this. So he came running.

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It was said again, we don't care about what whose name it is. It was. His name was anybody knows

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Habib and the job. It was called that his name was Habib the carpenter used to be a carpenter. And he used to have leprosy again, these things are Israeli yet anyway.

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Oh, they call me TB, almost saline, you have to follow these messengers. It'd be a malaria Alico majra Amata don't they're not asking you for any money they're not looking for authority and power

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and they are guided they want to bring you to the guidance follow them

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when man he wouldn't let him when he lay him down and does not make any sense to worship anyone other than the one who created me and at the end of the day, I'm gonna go back to him we're all gonna go back to him. He was very eloquent kind soft follow the more saline you know

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he's he's been just trying to be logical, bring them back to to reality.

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tuck him in Dhoni he earlier a European Euro man will begin to relate to the amnesia for a while or young kids on how can I take someone other than Allah as an as a god? How were they do not benefit me or they do not harm me.

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And he he's trying to knock some sense into their heads.

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If I do that, in the is a Nephi Donnelly movie in, if I do that, and I feel someone or anyone, Allah when there's so much to eat in the story. If I feel that anyone could, could harm me, or anyone could benefit me other than Allah, then I am in complete balance.

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Because sometimes, oh, what they're going to do to me, what is this? If I do this, the boss is going to do this to me. Nobody Wallahi as long as you're doing your job, right? You're coming on time. You are honest.

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You lower lowering your gaze at work. You're not cheating. You're not lying. You're not dealing with haram and the boss decided to fire you.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Oh, what am I gonna do with it? did not do not do anything to cause that?

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They lay enough people

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Hamdulillah he cannot bring any harm to me this guy. Yeah. When we have to believe in this. If the whole earth gathered to harm me, and Allah did not try to download Allah, He they can't. And if they all gathered to benefit me, and Allah said, No, you're not going to benefit. I can't. This is the believer. This is the wide and the shaytaan comes and shake our hearts.

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In either Luffy Ebola or a movie in the den to be wrong, become first mouth, I believe in your Lord. So listen to me. So someone said this is he's talking now to the people of the village. And some said no, he's talking to the messengers. Now if he's talking to the people of the village, he said, I believed in your Lord and in Allah. So listen to me and obey the messengers. And if he's talking to the messengers in the end and to be robbed because I believed in your message, and I believed in your Allah and Allah subhanaw taala first my own, so please be a witness.

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From the day of judgment that I believed, which is even cathedral and went to the second one, that here Here he is talking to the messengers.

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Now hear the story the Quran went immediately that the guy died. But when we read the name and cathedra the difficile, he was

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if there is a word worse than tortured, I would have used they tortured him because he's telling them come to Allah. They beat him so bad, that even cathedral rahamallah He said that the bones they became interlocked and come in out of his body kicking him kicking him till he was done that Some even said that his his intestines came out. This is how bad he was beaten

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people feel

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free Let hold engine call

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me moon beema beema Hoffa Raleigh, Robbie Lawler.

00:21:12--> 00:21:14

He died as a Shahid

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and he wanted the shahada aren Jana

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enter the Jana when he entered the Jana Can you imagine me and you are sitting in this dunya and all these problems of this dunya when they first see the Jana you see the the one block of gold and one block of silver rivers of honey and rivers of this and the beautiful foreign aid and the mansions

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it's going to take my mind what happened to this mind that this man entered the agenda. The first thing came to his mind his people that killed them yeah later COVID law I wish they could be guided and see what I'm getting. Like are we going to talk about the lessons probably next time peanut hotel Jana? Cara later homie and the moon be Monica Lee Robbie. He saw the mercury before the beautiful Jana be will be merciful. He didn't say kill me.

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Jana. How beautiful is Bina Raffaelli rugby because if you look at the the Quran was Saturday 11 Zero 10 was Serbia

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first and then the Jana because without the mascara

00:22:27--> 00:22:35

Subhanallah faded collagen Nakada later call me and I'm gonna be Monica Lee Robbie, but she hadn't even come in honored mcru McCrum

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mama and Zina call me human by the human shouldn't the Mina Santa you want to condemn on Celine it's not worth to punish these people with with soldiers from the sky. All we have to do is in Canada in NASA

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so you had to noir either

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one cya let me see what the best translation for cya

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one cry one scream

00:23:07--> 00:23:09

so you hadn't worked either

00:23:10--> 00:23:14

for either home kami dune

00:23:15--> 00:23:18

destroyed completely that one saya

00:23:21--> 00:23:23

yeah has certain other labor.

00:23:25--> 00:23:39

My tea him Rasool in can be he ista Z own luck but Allah say yeah Hassan Hassan Ali I

00:23:40--> 00:23:44

feel so bad for for the servants of for the servants.

00:23:45--> 00:24:08

No messenger that come to them. Except that they say he's a liar. They mock them and they make fun of them. All it took from Allah. I love him. Al Kawi algebra, one cry, and they were like comedones from the fire. When it is gone. It's dead. You know, ashes, right? This is what happened. Say ha.

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Love it. So what are the lessons from the story? We don't have time. There are many lessons and I can't wait next week in sha Allah Allah. Join us next week in sha Allah will mention all the morals and the bar from this stories or we can apply them in our life. Don't forget tomorrow as Juma please come early. And there's something very special about tonight. Before you leave

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out of all the nights of the week.

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The one that you love so much Rasul Allah says Allah.

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He said x zero

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minutes salata Ali

00:24:49--> 00:24:52

from all the nights of the week, he said the night of Joomla

00:24:54--> 00:24:57

and of course the whole day of Joomla they cannot have salad on me.

00:24:58--> 00:25:00

We could make salad or salsa salsa

00:25:00--> 00:25:06

all the time as much as you want as a matter of fact, so much reward for that. But he specified tonight

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so all the way home on Sunday Allah Muhammad, la masala Allah Muhammad Allah as much as you can please. Okay inshallah Frasier tomorrow at a time federal 656 50 BC automotive Xochimilco, Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh