Naming of Quranic Chapters #05 The Chapter of Table Spread

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh My dear spective, brothers and sisters, we continue with our Torah, we program Ramadan nights. And in this section, I go through some of the reasons why different sources are named such. And today we're going to be talking about why Sora telma ADA was named such now sort of ma ADA is Surah number five in the Quran. And it specifically relates to

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I mean, the surah, in general is a surah. About rules. It's also has rules, it has regulations at the beginning, we see our last panel, talking about that cam of the animals, you know, that was haram to eat, and so on talks about law, and goes into the pillars of boo, boo, and so on. So there is rules there, it's also a surah, that talks about the beliefs of the Christians of the Jews, and so on. So there is like, there's also other aspects as well. But it takes its name specifically from the last verses in that school in which Allah Subhana Allah talks about what is known in Christian theology as the Last Supper. The that is when the howardian, the disciples of Isa alayhis salam,

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they ask a seller to make a request from Allah subhanaw taala to send down a table spread Danny a some food dinner, to for them to eat and to rejoice and to celebrate and to know that this is all the truth. And we can go back to the verses in that store to understand the full the full context. But in that Allah subhanaw taala says that, or Isa, I am going to respond to your request to your da, I'm going to answer your data and send down this man either this table spread as a response, but whoever rejects it after that, then I will surely punished them or punish them a severe punishment, I have not punished anybody else. So this surah if you like sets the scene in that kind of, kind of

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now somebody might say, Well, okay, as a scribe is named as shorthand made after this specific incident, but I always like to think about, well, what's the bigger picture here because, you know, the brand

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is full of secrets full of treasures to be looked at. And

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for me, this is something that I, you know, discovered a while back, and it's possible that somebody else has said this as well. But the beauty of sort of tele EDA is that this surah if you if you look at some of the sayings of some of the Sahaba they say as a woman as elemental Quran, and Mary that one of the last chapters to be revealed of the Quran for the whole, sorry, from the Quran is Sora. Thelma ADA. So it is indeed the last chapter in terms of its say, the fullness of chapters, we know that there might have been small verses here and there that were revealed. So in a way, what is happening here is that it is almost like a similar chewed. It's almost like a mirror in a way of

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what happened with a Salus. And because he said alayhis salam

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asked for the man to come down. So it was a physical

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table spread to come down for the Prophet sallallahu sallam. It was the Koran and named surah tell me the so the surah this surah is the same table spread if you like, the same reality as the table spread that was sent down to Asia, but only it was sent to Mohammed Salah mahato Salah, and when we look at Sultan made in more closely we find that there is a verse in Surah Talmud, which is one of the magnificent verses which in fact, one Jew, he said two out of five he said you have a verse in your Quran. If it was revealed to us the Jews we would have made that day a day of aid. He said, What worse Are you referring to? He said the verse in which Allah says le oma committed to Lokhande

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netcom white men to La compagnia Mati You are the two locomole Islam Medina this day I have completed on to you my

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I completed for you my Dean, I have shown my have formulated My blessings onto you and I have have given you, Islam as your dean, so almost said by Allah I know when this verse was revealed, it was revealed to the Prophet sallallaahu Selim on the day of Juma was the day of alpha and he was on his camel there in alpha

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Already that day was a celebrated day because of the day of Juma which is our weekly heat. It was the day of arafah which is a great day in the in the in Islam and it was more specifically the day of the Hajj of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So it was already a celebrated day. It was in fact, the table spread. It was the mat a day it was the Nima that Allah Subhana Allah sent on the prophets, Allah licen and for the rest of the oma for the rest of the worlds as well. So you can see the beauty in this surah being called an MA there's not just related to a salesianum but it's actually it's our Ma, the made of Islam. It's our table spread as well.