Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-015A Translation Al-Baqarah 92-103 Word Analysis 92-95

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who are with the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah al Karim rubbish trochlea Saudi way acidity Emery wash on rock that Emily Sani of Kahu Kohli. Allah Who made you call be was sadly Sani was thrilled to have him at the Colby Amenia herbal Alameen inshallah we'll do lesson number 15 today versus 92 to 103 Let's do the translation. What occurred and surely indeed Jaya ako Musa Musa brought you all built by Unity the clear proofs some then it the has Don't you all took a lot a jeweler the calf mimbar the he after him were unknown while you all Lolly moon are ones who do

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wrong. What if and when a hudna we took me Falco, comb your binding covenant, what a foreigner and we raised folk a comb above you all, a tool, the mount, who do you all take, man What at the intercom we have given you all be co working with strength was smart rule and you will listen Palu they said Samira. Now we have heard where our Selena and we have disobeyed what will Sri boo and they were made to absorb fee in glooby him their hearts Allah Agila the calf, be Kufri him because of their disbelief. Boy you say beat summer how evil is what? Yet Moroccan it commands you all be with it Emmanuel comb your belief in calm tone, if you are truly meaning are ones who believe only

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you say if cannot it is Lacan for you all adult who the home after the final in the near Allahu Allah Holly certain exclusively men Dooney besides a NASCI the people Futterman no will then you will wish for a remote the death in quantum if you all truly saw the pain are ones or truthful when a uttama know who and they will never wish for it aboda ever be mad because of what a Dummett it sent ahead. Ad him their hands will Allahu and Allah or Lee Moon is ever knowing below the mean of those who do wrong? What are the G then no home and surely you will indeed find them a Hirasawa most avid and NASCI of the people I love for hire Second Life women and even more so then a Latina those

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who are Shaku they have associated partners with Allah. Yeah, what do I have to whom one of them would love low if only You're a model he is made to live long elfa for 1000 Senate teen years WOMMA and not who it be moves Z he would be at all one that removes him main from olahraga the punishment on that your Amal he is made to live long. Well Allah Who and Allah buslee Urine is ever seeing Bhima of what Yama loon they do. Oil you say man whoever Kana he is our the one and enemy little bit Isla to Gibreel for inner who then indeed he Nasrallah who he brought it down, or Allah upon albida your heart, be it need by permission Allah He of Allah will set the icon as one that confirms the

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truth. Lima of what came beignet a day he before it. Well, who then and as guidance were Bushra and as good news a little more meaning for those who believe man whoever Cana he is are the one and enemy Lilla he to Allah wa Mala Ekati he and his angels what also Lee and his messengers would you be real and Gibreel when we Cal and McHale for inna then indeed Allah Allah are the one is an enemy, Li caffeine to those who disbelieve well occurred and surely indeed and Zelle now we sent down a Laker to you 18 verses by unity in clear ones wama and none yet full he disbelieves B hat in it Illa except Alpha silicone, those who defiantly disobeyed our core Lemma and is it not that whenever our

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hadoo they pledged to Allah or done a covenant, never the WHO it threw it away. Fatih According a party main home of them by rather XL to home most of them land not yet me known they believe when a man and when a home he came to them or

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Barcelona a messenger Minar in the from Allah He Allah will set the con one who confirms the truth Lima of what Mara home is with them. Nevertheless it threw away Fidel con a party main off a Lavina those who go to they were given al Kitab the Book key taba book Allah He of Allah wala a behind ligotti him their backs come under home as if indeed they land not Yarlung moon they know what terbaru and they followed Mao what that Lu they recite a che out to you know the shale clean are allowed to Mulkey Kingdom Sulayman of Sulaiman warmer and not Kufa, Sulaiman Sulaiman disbelieved what I cannot but indeed a shale clean of the shale clean cathedral they disbelieved you are Lee

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Mona they teach and NASA the people a say hello the magic Wilma and what on Zillow it was sent down Allah upon al mela Cane the two angels be Babila in Babylon how to total to a my route and my route warmer and not your Illimani they too would teach me and I hadn't anyone at all had that until your cola they to say in nama indeed only national we fit in a tone are a trial fella tuck foot so you do not disbelieve fire to Allah Munna so they would learn me in Houma from them to now what you for the corner they cause division be with it Boehner between a low either man was oh gee and his wife Wilma and not home they belong Rena are at all ones who harm be here with it men are hurting anyone at all

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Illa except be evening by permission Allah He of Allah way at our lamona and they learn math what yellowblue rowhome It harms them wala and not yen for whom it benefits them well apart and surely indeed our Lemo the new lemon that surely whoever is thaw who he purchases it man not law who for him fee in an era the hereafter min holla will be any share at all when a bit sad and surely how evil is Mount what shadow they sold before it and foster home themselves low if only can we Allah moon they knew well and if it were only a new home that indeed they Amma know they had believed what the CO and they had adopted consciousness of Allah lemma through Bhutan. Surely a great recompense

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men are indeed from Allah He Allah Hi Iran is better low if only can we earn a moon the new alright let's listen to the recitation of these verses and then we will do the word analysis what

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when it

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to you

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want you

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all to send me now also you know should he

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offering him

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the model

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Combi man

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only can at

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the long haul is

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while at

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BMO but dammit add more law Whitey move your body mean

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Allah did you then

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you Amina Latina shampoo. Yeah, what do

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say that you wanna be Musa? Has he mean Allah?

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Allah will see it'll be my

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Zela who began the evening it'll

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be evening

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he can't he also he want you duty law on me

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law Hara

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one will be

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been home let me know

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neither the 30 Minute lady O'Toole kita kita Allah

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Rochelle to Shailene one more lucky Sulaiman one Earth on us hola Hema and Juana Shailene. Or GIF Oh, you're on the moon. NASA says hello Ana

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cainy Biba.

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mean I hadn't had

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national fitness

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Moon every

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one of you blog Gina Rahim in

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the evening

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Munna Maya boo boo boo

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what are the Adi moolah managed?

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Team in Hala

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Wallaby semi shell will be

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Logan we are

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okay Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim verse number 90 to one oh god and surely indeed what end law means sure the cloud means indeed. And remember I mentioned to you once that when we have this word well occurred there is an implied oath as well. So it means and by Allah surely indeed, meaning there is no doubt about the fact that Jaya ako Musa Musa came to you all. Now the word Jarrah literally means he came. So who came Musa came, Musa came to who to come to you all. And remember that when Java comes with B, okay, when the verb is followed by B, it changes the meaning from come to bring. So Jaakko Musa Musa brought you all what did Musa alayhis salam bring to you all you Bani Israel en el

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bayonet, the clear proofs and LBG. Net is the plural of the word beginner. So beginner is what an evidence or a clear proof from the root letters ba Yeah, noon by n is when something is clear. It's eloquent. It's evident and Veena is an evidence that make something clear. So Musa alayhis salam brought you all clear proofs. So my then it the husband you all took it the HANA, this is the verb and to means you all and it the other is from the root letters Hamza. Ha, then and you know that the word Jetta is from the root letters Jeem Yeah, Hamza. Okay, so it the Hussam you all took a jeweler the calf, meaning you all took the calf as God you made the calf a god mimbar D after him after who?

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After Musa alayhis salam meaning when Musa alayhis salam was gone to mount to remember when the bunny is sloth you crossed the sea. And then after some time Musa alayhis salam, he was called for the appointment with Allah and then he was given to Tola. So while Musa alayhis salam was away for 40 days for 14 nights as we learned during that time, the Bani Israel you they made the calf and they began to worship it so mimbar the after him meaning after

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Musa alayhis salam were untung while you all Lolly moon are one to do wrong volley Moon is a plural of the word la Lim okay and La Lim is one who does learn and what is learn it is from the root letters la Lam name and learn literally is to put something where it does not belong. Okay well there are shady feel lady Mahali to put something where it does not belong. So you were doing wrong how that you were putting the calf in the place of God in the place that is only for Allah subhanaw taala when you worship the calf you committed great injustice. So we're on Tumblr the moon we're in and when a HUD now we took also from the letters Hamza ha that same route. So we took me Thapelo

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comb your binding covenant, this word we have come across so many times already from the root letters. Well, so Poff right and remember without is used for a rope, which is used for tying prisoners. So the idea over here is to bind something with someone. Right? So Meath that is an official legal covenant or contract because of which people are bound to certain obligations, they don't have a choice they must fulfill those obligations. So we took your binding covenant what a foreigner and we raised little foreigners from the root letters of offer arraign Allah Farah is to raise to lift up something. So we raised folk welcome above you all folk means above, okay. And CO

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means you all so we raised above you all a thorough the amount. We have done this word earlier as well. And it was set Who do you all take who though this is a fairly common and imperative a command? You can see from the exclamation mark right? And who is from the root letters Hamza Ha, that okay. So, who do you all take? Why are you all because of the WoW at the end? So, opening is surreal you all take my word attina Calm we have given you all attina from the root letters, Hamza TA, yeah, okay. Atta he gave it now, we gave. So, Take what We have given you all, how should you take it you should take it bigger work with strength. So, take with strength what We have given you

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and Kuwa is from the root letters off well, yeah, strength might. So, whatever we are giving you meaning the teachings also the obligations that we are imposing on you, whatever is now required of you because of this mythical, take all of that with strength. How do you take it with strength, the strength is not, in the tangible sense in either weren't physically given something in their hands, that you hold on to this. What is meant is that there should be strength in your actions, that with consistency with determination, with full obedience, you should take what Allah subhanaw taala is telling you to do. So who don't might attain a combi Kuba was Maru and he will listen was smart

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always from the root letters seem meme. Alright, summer to hear. And what's smart rule? Listen, this is also a command a feral grammar. And remember when it comes to the meaning of summer, summer listening or hearing is of different levels. One level of hearing is to just perceive a sound right to just listen with one's ears. So you ask someone, did you hear what I just said? And they say yes, I heard you. Okay. So the first level of hearing is to perceive the sound, okay? And then another level off or rather, a higher level of listening is that you understand what has been said, Okay? Because you can hear what someone has said, but it's not necessary that you understand it. So, some

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are also gives a meaning of understanding comprehension. Okay. And then some are also gives a meaning off, obeying or following listening to someone you know, for example, you say to your child, listen to me, right? What does that mean? Just listen with your ears. No, listen, as in do what I'm telling you to do. So what's my role and you are Listen, this includes all the meanings, that whatever we are giving you listen to that meaning first of all, find out what is being said to you, what you are being instructed with. Secondly, understand what you are being instructed with. And thirdly, do it already. So what's my role and you will listen, I know they said Samara, now we have

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heard some error. Now. We see the now means we we have heard same root seen me marine while saying that and we have disobeyed again now

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gives the meaning of week. So we have disobeyed. And our Saina from the root letters. I mean solid. Yeah, there is Lian is disobedience. So I say now we have disobeyed. What should evil and they were made to absorb? Now what should he bullies from the root letters sheen are all bad. Okay, shut up drink. Okay. And oshi boo literally means that they were made to drink. So the bunny is straw eel were made to drink ficolo Be him in their hearts. So they were made to drink not with their mouths. This was not a physical and actual drink. This is a metaphor. Okay. So they were made to drink in their hearts, Elijah the calf, how could they have drunk the calf in their hearts. This is like I

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said, it's a metaphor, which means that their hearts were absorbed with the love of the calf. Okay, similar to how if there is dry soil and you pour water on it, what happens? The water is fully absorbed by the soil, right? So the heart is also like soil. Whatever you put in it, the heart is going to absorb it. So their hearts were made to absorb meaning their hearts were filled with the calf. Any herbal original even is not mentioned love of the calf is not mentioned literally the calf. Okay, meaning they were absolutely in love with that calf. addicted to that calf. Okay, be Kufri him because of their disbelief. Now gloob is a plural of the word bulb, okay, and called his

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heart of Lamba and why were their hearts imbibed with the love of the calf? B Kufri him because of their disbelief. So back over here is off what is called sub okay reason so due to their coffered due to because of their disbelief, what happened? Their hearts were filled with the love of the calf, coil say off while lamb is the route this is also fairly limited and imperative. You say bit Sama, how evil is what bit sir, is technically a verb, okay, and it means it was evil. But when Bitsa comes in this form, it gives a meaning of how evil meaning how terribly evil and Mao is also adding emphasis so bit sama or it can be in the meaning of what so be sama how evil is what you get

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Moodle calm it commands you all from the root letters Hamza meme raw umber to command so how terrible is what it commands you all be here with it. What commands you all Eman ACOEM your belief. So what is it? It's the belief. Because you remember in the previous CYA, it was said, when they're told that believe in what Allah has revealed. They say we only believe in what was revealed to us. Right? And they disbelieve in whatever scripture that came after the Torah. So they reject the Injeel they don't believe in the Quran. So it is said if you are truly believers, then what kind of faith you have, what an evil thing your faith is telling you to do in quantum mode, meaning if you

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all truly are ones who believe so the fact is that you're not actually believers, because faith will not tell you to do something evil. Eman will not make you attached to the love of a false god or false at so in contempt meaning meaning is a plural of the word mean. And who is mean believer Hamza mean known is the root same root as Eman Hamza meme known, Paul you say in if cannot it is Lacan for you all a doubt with the home I'll ask you the final meaning if the final home which is paradise, if that is only for you all in the law he near Allah Now akhira let's look at this word. It's from the root letters Hamza hora, okay and Akkad is one that comes at the end. Okay. So the hereafter is also

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called F hero because it comes at the end meaning after the worldly life, okay. So a doubt will appear on the home the final meaning the final home, the last home, the last abode, which is paradise, meaning after this world because Hellfire Yes, that is also an abode. Right but it's not a place to live because so Malaya moved to V Hawala, yeah here people in * will neither die nor will they live, any they will not die because of the punishment and they will not be able to live like life is supposed to be lived. So the real home is the home of paradise. Right? So say to them, that if the final home

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is for you during the law near Allah, meaning according to Allah, highly certain exclusively highly certain is from the root letters haul lamb solid, and Hollis means pure. Okay? So for example, when the word Hollis is used to refer to someone's ownership of something, that it means it's purely their possession. It's exclusively theirs, they do not share that with anyone else. Okay? And the word is also used for intention, because an intention can be corrupt where a person has double intention, or, you know, they have multiple intentions that, you know, for example, they're doing something because they're Muslim, but they're also doing it so that people applaud people praise

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them. They look good in the eyes of people. That is not sincere. Hollis is what? exclusively for Allah purely for the sake of Allah. Right Holly's intention is what a pure intention meaning you're doing that action exclusively only for the sake of Allah. No other reason no other benefit. So here if the final home is exclusively for you, meaning if you claim that paradise is only for you or Bani Israel and for no one else, Min dune and NAS besides the people and anass refers to all people, okay, meaning if you claim that paradise, according to the law of Allah is just for you. And for no one else. Then Fatima. No, then you all wish for Fatima? No, this is also a command meme known yet

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is the root. Remember the word Imani right Amani, wishful thoughts, so the men know who you are wish for. Okay, wish for what amount of the death wish for death in quantum Saudi pain if you all truly are true for one's meaning if you think paradise is reserved for you, then what are you doing here in earthly home wish for death so that you can transition and move to the final home and live there forever and enjoy the blessings of paradise so in quantum saw the pain so the pain is a Florida of the word saw the from the root letters, saw dal cough and seek is to speak the truth sodic is one who speaks the truth saw the pain ones who are truthful. So if you are truthful in your claim that

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the final home is just for you then wish for death. Allah subhanaw taala explains wilayah Tama know who and they will never wish for it. So Laietana know who never lent gives the meaning of never and yet a Manolo Samburu Tez Fatima no meme dunya Okay, so they will never wish for it Abba ever, Abed gives a meaning of a but it can also you know, if it comes in the negative sense of gives the meaning of never. So about that at all ever. They will never wish for it be mad because of what God damnit it sent ahead ID him their hands, meaning because of what their hands have sent ahead, they will never wish for death. Now what does it mean by what their hands have sent ahead? What is meant

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is because of the actions that they have done, okay, now, this is very interesting. God Dhamma is from the root letters cough that meme and cut them is to send something ahead, okay, forward, and what is sending a head ad hence their hands, Florida the word he had. Okay. Now, what your hands put forward? What does that mean? The actions you're doing and investing in your future? Okay? Because whatever we do, even though every action is not done by hands, but a lot of our work is done by our hands, okay, the work of our own hands. So any action we do, it's not going in thin air. It's not just getting lost in history. It's being preserved, and it's being put forward in the hereafter. So

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we will see the consequences of what we have done. So they will never wish for death ever because of the actions that they have done because of the crimes they know they have committed meaning in their heart there is guilt. Well Allah who are Aleem wimbleball alameen and Allah is ever knowing of those who do wrong. So even if they don't admit Allah subhanaw taala knows Arlene is from the root letters I inland mean LM to know Eileen ever knowing bility mean? B means with and to know b means to know off something. So Allah is ever knowing off a volley been a volley Mina is the plural of the word, limb. Those who do volume VA lamb meme

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