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salam ala Rahim Al hamdu lillah

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wa salatu salam ala Shara freedom behavour, mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, wa sallam send them, the Steven cathedra, the Sierra

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Nevada sisters,

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I have been a teacher now for 40 years.

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I have taught practically everything that walks on two legs and four.

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And one thing I might take away the single takeaway from that, which is really a no brainer, but many people don't seem to get it.

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And that is, that game is directly proportionate to the time and attention you pay to the training.

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Gain is directly proportionate to the time and attention you pay to the training or teaching. As I said, it's a no brainer, because what else can it be?

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The reason I'm saying is that if I reflect back,

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in my memory over I don't even know how many people

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I can think of many of them

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who came loaded with opportunities.

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Parents are wealthy, they had money, their resources, they had access to the best of teachers, they have access to the best of schools. And at the end of the day, they made nothing out of their lives.

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On the other hand, I can think of also others who came from very modest backgrounds.

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In some cases, who came from backgrounds of

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considerable deprivation of resources, they didn't have enough money they didn't have, you know, they came from many of them came from the entire schooling was in

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Urdu or Telugu video, I'm talking about India, right? So local languages, although I tell you, they did not know what I'm English until they came to college.

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Today, they are running organizations, and if you see their writing, and if you see the speaking user, this guy is you need to speak English.

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And that's only one one aspect of the language, not everything.

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How did that happen?

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It happens by taking advantage of what Allah provides you.

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my observation, generally speaking, there are multiple exceptions. But generally speaking, my observation in this country

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is two things. One is children are overloaded with resources.

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They take for granted things which

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in our countries, back home, whether you're talking about India, or Pakistan, or Bangladesh, or Somalia, or Sudan, or many of the Arab countries

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what are aspirational things, what people will save up for a whole year to get what people will, you know, sometimes you don't even ask your parents because you know, they can't give it to you, they don't have the result here. It is normal. They get it. They misuse it, they throw it anywhere.

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Right. Just look just look at the cars

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that some of your kids are driving here.

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hamdulillah Allah has given you so that's not the only car in your in your in your driveway or in your garage in your home. You've got another four like that, because you have four children.

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Any one of those gods

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in those countries?

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And the same thing I see here all our resources, so there is no there is no value for the resource. Second issue I see here is for many people,

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the parents came here.

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Whatever they may have had here when they came they came in humble circumstances. They did small jobs. For many of them, those fathers they are still doing sports, so called small jobs, right? Somebody is working for someone at a store, they are delivering goods. They are stocking shelves. They are doing work of a physical nature.

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They're working hard

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And there is those children. And those kids, many of them born in this country, those who are not born, they go to school in this country, and they come out of school in this country with a very fancy ideas about themselves.

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And they look down upon their parents.

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They have no respect for those parents.

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Now on top of that, they come here to the masjid. And I know I do speak about the issue of, of, you know, convenience stores and what is sold in the convenience stores that some of the some of the stuff sold is not halal, and so on and so forth.

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These kids,

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they take that and then they are disrespectful to their parents, and they will not help their parents, including for example, can you please come and help me drive the car? No, I will not do your business is haram.

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In an Eli, when is the is that the purpose of of learning from me?

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I'm not saying that the business of others doing is right, that's a different issue.

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You are the eyes of the Quran.

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Allah Subhan Allah said do not even say

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Allah did not say do not say oh, if provided your father is at the level of Hassan basura. Hunt Allah Allah and is

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it out of Allah? Is Allah saying

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do not even see

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your father. Why? Because he's your father.

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What if my father is not a we're not a pious man? That's not that is not your job, right? That is for Allah to decide who are you

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please understand the dua of your parents. And irrespective of whether your parent and your parents are within chords, good people, bad people, Allah subhanaw taala there's nothing between the dua of your parents and Allah.

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To play with that.

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Respect your parents. That same Father you look down upon because he's working as a as a worker in somebody's shop. That is the one who's feeding you Allah has Allah is feeding you through that one.

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He works day and night, so that you can sleep in peace. show some appreciation for God's sake.

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show some appreciation.

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don't blow up your life.

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Allah has given you a beautiful country to live in. Allah has given you fantastic resources, which your parents couldn't even dream of.

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Allah gave you parents who work for you show some appreciation, social respect. Be thankful to them.

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Make dua for them and beg for them for their dua

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because my brother and sister one day will come

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when you will look back and then you will cry tears of blood because you will not be able to do anything to undo what you did. Don't reach that you don't need that right? Nobody needs that

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so real facts of life more facts tomorrow inshallah because it's now 13 minutes how many of you watch Superbowl is last night?

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How long was Superbowl more than 30 minutes more than 13 minutes nobody ever complains right? For Superbowl include Ariana has mid

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performance in halftime? You want to know how to know what Rihanna I know many things. I know too much.

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Nobody complains but hot era more than 10 minutes all I do so long.

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In that Allah

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may Allah Allah grant us Stovic to do what is pleasing to Him. May Allah subhanaw taala help us to do what pleases Him may Allah Samantha give us the toffee to do what is beneficial for us and be pleased with it. There will be displease for some of the harana will carry while he was I will Abraham Dr. Hora.