Waleed Basyouni – 30 Important Points About The Day of Arafah

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The upcoming Day of the Earth Day is recognized as the day of death of the Earth, and the Day of the Law is important in bringing people to Christ. The importance of the Day of barrel is discussed, with the Day of barrel being the day of alpha, and the Day of the Law being the day of your death. The speakers emphasize the importance of praying for oneself and others, avoiding fasting, and showing faith in God. The segment also emphasizes the need to use apps like MyDance to stay connected and stay informed about events, and to use apps like MyDance to stay connected and stay informed about events.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was a woman who Allahu that I would like to congratulate all of you for the coming of Israel aha which is a gift from Allah subhanaw taala for all of us but before the day of it there is also a great day that the day that also another eight for us which is the day of often the ninth of the ledger, and in this few minutes inshallah Allah want to share with you theory points related to this blessed day, the day of alpha so we can appreciate this day more, and we prepare our sub better. Number one, the day of alpha is one of the 10 days of the hedger, the first 10 days of the hedger as a newbie sallallahu Sallam told

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us they are the best, the greatest of all the year, the days of the year, as a newbie, so Salah mentioned that in civil a hadith number two, the day of arafah, which is that

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the ninth of the 10 days of the hedger, it is an indication that these 10 days about to end and we know that will MLB how artemia that always what you do at the end is the best. And that's how Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept you. So whoever end his life with good deeds, his live will be accepted sins will be forgiven. So ultimately giving us this day right before the end of the first 10 days of the ledger, to maximize our rewards and to give us even more chance for those who have messed to do good in the first nine days from now, this is the ninth do your best and the 10 with the strongest way possible. As our lives passed by so quickly. The 10 days already passed so

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quickly. Number three, the day of alpha is a defeat. It is the day where Allah subhanaw taala completed the deen for us. A Jew once told the remodel the Allahu Allah. Yeah, I'm your meaning. You have a verse in your book. If this verse was revealed to us, we will we would have taken that day. Whenever a lesson at that verse we have taken that day as a day of celebration Adelphi which verses that the Jew told her model it is where last month Allah said aluma coming to locum Dena como Atlanta alikum neomatik Robbie to LA cumulus la Medina today I have perfect your deen perfect your religion and perfect my favorite upon you and I have a I'm pleased with Islam to be your religion,

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Ramallah the Alliance it I know when this verse was revealed and where it was revealed it was revealed on the day of Juma in the day of arafah. Within the peace also Lem was with us and had and the Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim and Amaro the alarm and told him that this is a defeat for us. It is the day where Allah subhanaw taala shows his favor upon us by completing the religion and completing the religion here means the major things in Islam were already completed. The major principles rules pillars are obligations were already established in the book of Allah subhanaw taala and by through the Sunnah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it doesn't mean that there is

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no any other rules was revealed. After that, as we know that there is verses like the vs. Inheritance I told kilala the issue from Kerala and Riba interest came afterwards. But the point the major issues in religion was completed that day. So that's in itself a virtue for the day of alpha. Also, among the number four one of the virtue of this day that this is the day or last month Allah made an oath with Allah subhanaw taala said, we're shy, he didn't want to shoot in salted. bhuj verse three, which is the witness and the thing that it was witnessed, and the with the witnessed thing is, they have arafa as many of them have a serene from the early generation said, and also

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that is a hadith reported by tirmidhi that the prophets of solemn said, and The Omen mode the promise day is the day of judgment, will human machine do more alpha and the days witness is the day of alpha witnessed by the people witness by the angels witness by Alonzo himself was shattered and the witness is the day of a Juma and again this has been reported by a tirmidhi. Another virtue for alpha which is number five, that also Allah Subhana Allah made an oath worded in another verse, Allah said, was chef he will let us sort of refriger verse three, even Abbas acronym Alba hog and many others said, a chef is the day of NAD which is the 10th It's odd number, and and Witter is the

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day of alpha, which is the ninth another thing about the day of alpha, which is point number six, that Allah subhanaw taala made the death out of as a great reminder for us of the Day of Judgment, where people come from everywhere to gather where the believers would be gathered together, seeking Allah subhanho wa Taala His mercy and a lot to come and descend that day to welcome them and that's what we hope for in the day of judgments and when the day of arafah comes, think about that.

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When you will be gathered with your brothers and sisters from all over the world. But that day from all the history, the past and the present of days, it is a day remind you of your end not only in the Day of Judgment, but your own judgment, which is the day of your death, because in the peak when the people go to auto for where the you know, the heroin, it's looks and similar to alcohol, which is what the shroud our body with when we die, so it's a day of remembrance of the day that we will meet Allah subhanaw taala number seven, administer obey observer reported the jab or the allow and said that the prophet SAW Selim said, Man minuman after doing the Lima noumea alpha, there is no

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more day

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favored by Allah then the day of Arnulfo there's more virtue in the day like the day of alpha in Zilla who in a summer in dunya, for you bear heat of the summer, Allah will descend and that day the almighty subpoena the way it belonged to him as he wish as he wants soprano to add up to that this to the dunya to this world, the world is sky The sky that we have, and he will tell the people of the heavens the people of the skies which is the angels. Look at my people on earth. Look at those who have come into the day of art of oma Salah model they allow and how she used to say this 100 reports

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have been sent out and we sell them I used to say

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this is the day of alpha, this is the day of alpha. And what a day when Allah subhanaw taala comes down what a blessed day when Allah smart Allah comes down. And this narration of a misnomer reported by daddy middleham Allah and the letter Chi and that is the narration that came in relation to a lasagna descending in the night of olive of the day of Oliver

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to look at the people who gather in the mountain of Oliver are so many and authentic as you can see him alive Antonia said. Number eight, among the virtue of this day that in this day, Allah subhanaw taala free so many people from Hellfire, many people will be free from Hellfire and are lost mightily to pumila not the freedom from hellfire. And not only the people the standing in the in the mountain of alpha but everyone witnessing that day with good deeds with humility with Toba with still far with with good deeds, Allah subhanho wa Taala will set them free from Hellfire there is no day what Allah tala free so many people remember file like the day of Allah. Number nine. It is the

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day when you should have so much hope and Allah Subhana Allah has mercy and trust and I lost my thoughtless forgiveness. And then today where you think nothing but positive your Lord Rahim Allah so Fianna 30 when I'm the lightning robotic came to him and he said, What do you think of this day? Can sofiane at this moment in kneeling noun and raising Nan praying and in tears. Then he said, Yeah, yeah, Sophia. And Sophia isn't major scholar really respected him so much. So the Lord Mubarak was a great scholar himself. He said, What do you think you need what is the worst sin that can be done today that prevents someone from being forgiven. He said, the sin of not thinking that Allah

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will forgive people. Just to lose the Tobin Allah does forgiveness is a sin. That's the worst thing you can do that day. So make sure that they you fill your heart with has not been Billa with nothing with expecting nothing but good from your Lord. Also number 10. I want to make sure to understand that the virtue of these of this day, the day of arafah is not restricted to the people who witnessed that out of among the her dad are standing on the mountain of alpha, no, it's actually related to the day itself from the ninth from the federal all the way tomorrow, no matter where you at, no doubt those who are standing and alpha, they have combined between the virtue of the time the

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blessing of the time and the blessing of the place, and the blessing of a status because they are in the status of Hajj. And that's a great act of worship and itself. So that's why they're agile is way more rewarded than anyone else. But it doesn't mean that those who are not going to had are not there at all, are excluded from the agile and reward from Allah subhanaw taala number 11. It is recommended for Muslim in that day to increase their good deeds to increase the deeds that it will lead to freeing them from * file and to be even creative about it as long as Sharia no Buddha. And one of the good example I can give you had given his ama and others did the same thing had given

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him used to bring the slaves at that day that he has or he

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He found and he purchased them then in the deaf auto for he will said you are all free hundreds of them. Okay sometimes he will bring 100 camel and he will

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sacrifice them or kill them and offer food to everybody in head and he said this is just very little from my sight to you so yeah a lot if I'm able to free these slaves and to feed people so yeah love free me from Hellfire and free those people no fire and we will be in tears and crying so loud windy here has given his amateur the alarm doing that and many things like that. So make sure that that day you you meet Allah, Allah that day with the deed that is so special, something that you say you do it and he said your lie did this for you so freely as you have freed

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freed me from * fire. You might say, you know, okay, he used to free if you free a slave, Allah free you from hellfire. Today we don't have slaves to free. You know what some economists said freeing people from that that can be like or people who are indicted because of that, and you help them and that is for halaal reason. He that's also like a free man, but also there is something else you may be you should pay attention to it, which is in the be sallallahu Sallam said,

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Whoever says La ilaha illa Allah who lashari killer lolium will call al hamdu hawala coalition Kadir 100 times in a day, it will be equal like freeing 10 slaves.

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Yanni, that means you free yourself from how far 10 times and 100 hustler will be given 100 cent will be forgiven, that didn't say hey Buhari will Muslim as well. So maybe that's a thicker that you can do that day 100 times Laila in the law, why they will actually cannot

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handle on a coalition party number 12 Make sure to increase your account, and especially the decree of de la ilaha illa Allah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in Germany, he said the best there are in the day of the of the day of offer. And the best thing to say in that de la ilaha illallah wa they will actually color the whole Molko Alhamdulillah coalition idea. And another narration La la la la la la la mukono big hill Cairo Allah coalition Purdue and the other one in Muslim Rahim Allah. Also another number 13 in that day, even we say lai lai La La but also Subhan Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Allahu Akbar is recommended to do it all day long, because it'd be so solemn said in the 10

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days of the hedger increase your tally lai lai la Mata Kabir, Allah Akbar Hamid Al Hamdulillah. Also, number 14 in the diff out of the restricted Kabir, which is comes after salaat start after fetcher. So after the fetcher of dev alpha for those who are not doing hat after solfeggio, you say Allah Allah Kabbalah Kabbalah Kabbalah Kabir, Allah Kabbalah Kabbalah what he learned, and then after that you you continue your account, according to the vast majority of the scholar Rahim Allah to Allah, and that will continue the day of alpha, the day of elite and three days after until the asset of the third days after he would call a yamo. Additionally, and this this is the restricted

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deltic beer, but also during the day, you should make tech beer number 50. In the depth out of it, as you just heard the prestel Selim said the best of the hour is the day of alpha reported by tirmidhi so make sure that you increase your doubt in that day. Number 16. When you make that day, make sure that you are fully aware of what you're saying. Make sure that you understand what you're praying for. Make sure that your heart and your tongue come together. When you asking Allah subhanho wa Taala Can you feel that closeness of Allah subhanaw taala that mercy and gifts and breaks that Allah smart Allah gives in that day number 70 it is good for you now if you hear me now before out

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of order for today already prepared some of the data in the Quran and Sunnah. Write it down. If you don't memorize them or abandon it never dunia has an awful lot he has in Okinawa but not in the sooner alarming year has a look at who that was to power off of all when I promise you you will not be able to pray for yourself something better than what Allah and His Messenger salasar lamp taught us. If you can't memorize it, you can't have time. I want you to understand the following. When the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when we look at the drop of that came in the son of the processor lamp, we will find and by the by the way, you can make a quick search some apps like my do app. You can

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the fortress of the Muslims, and you look at for general to app and you just look at them and you can use them

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milkdrop with them. But if you look at the database or select the data processor and focus on the following, ask him forgiveness Allah's mercy freeing from Hellfire being forgiven, granted a class grant and guidance, you know, make the person's soul sufficient independent, make the persons as soon as the covers are false covers provide provision protections, health, victory, security, and the top of all that ask Allah tala l for those who Allah and what leads you to Jenna, protection from Hellfire and what can lead to it to ask Allah subhanaw taala to make sure that you end your life and goodness has been Hardyman.

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Number 18 make sure that you pray for yourself, for your family, for your friends, for your relatives, I can't emphasize enough on that. And also make sure that you pray for the Muslims and for the oma for the community that you're living in for the country that you're living in that Allah Subhana Allah bless it and make it good and righteous. Number 90. When autofit comes in the day of tomorrow, it became a great day because this is to eat the Juma an alpha and basically your alpha will end up at the end of Juma and the end of Juma is more likely for your dog to be the end of the day of Juma where the dice more accepted. Can you imagine if this is alpha, that's adding more

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virtue to the virtual but also when autofac comes on the day of Monday and Thursday that's also special days because of Monday's interview so salon love that these two days and he loved to fasten these two days as an aside reported, why because he said these the days were things presented before Allah. So can you imagine your deeds and your good deeds and your repentance and your Toba and your request represent before our last metalla twice a multiple times that day. Also, number 20. The fasting the day of arafah for those who are not doing Hajj is highly recommended. And it's a great opportunity the prophet SAW solemn said and the Hadith reported by a Muslim when you fast the day of

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arafah Allah forgive you the sins of two years and one duration the previous one and are the generation says that the previous year and the coming one some random I said it means a forgiving of two years total. Some said the previous year's and the year that you are about to start ahead of like a star. Any headstart, you know you're starting before anybody else. And that's an it's a great blessing. And remember the majority said that has to do with the minor sense, but even some said even the major sin would be forgiven.

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Number 21. The best way if you've been fasting this day, is basically to have the intention from the night to have a full reward. But if you did not know and you're listening to this talk right now, I know already it's the day of alpha and you're not fasting, you had a breakfast, you had coffee, hard water, you still can do it, you can now have the intention to pray because fasting nephrol It doesn't have to be from the night according to the strongest opinion. And you even if you ate or drink, you can start your from now stop eating and drinking and inshallah Allah, Allah give you the idea for that. Number 22 say the Big Bear used to say make sure you wake up your family members,

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even your maids and servants to make sure in the night of before our offer so they can fast the day of all of them. And I'm saying to you, make sure you talk to your children to your family member to encourage them to fast that day. Number 23. If you have days from from avant you have not made it up yet, it doesn't matter, you still can do the day of arafah even if you did not fast all the missing data from a band. According to the strongest opinion among the scholars. NetFlow Popova, especially the volunteer fasting that comes for a reason like out of Ashura is not just Monday or Thursday, that you can do anytime. Now, this is an opportunity only once in the year and if you did not a

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finished the missing days from above, you can fast Yamanaka and you can make Ramadan later on in sha Allah, because making the data from avant you have choice of big period of time versus modified just one specific day to the ninth of the head. If you missed it, you missed it. Number 24. What if I want to combine between the two intention I want to fetch the data out of her and to make up one of the days or Ramadan? You know, the majority of the scholar said you should not do that. But some scholars said you do and among them Shama Shama female Rahim Allah, and I lean towards that to you know, if you have the both intention in sha Allah Allah spirit Allah will accept from you as a

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making up one of the days of Ramadan, but also Allah Almighty Allah will reward you because it happened during a very special day. But the best is to separate the two intention is

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To make this specifically for alpha,

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number 25, even if you are traveling that day, you should fast or encourage you to fast, you know, self we used to fast these days and not to miss it, if not mass was seen fasting the day of Ashura, which is less than virtue then fasting the day of alpha, and he was said he was asked. Now in Ramadan, you don't fast when you are traveling, while you travel while you fast and short out which is not obligatory. But when I said for Ramadan, Allah said for it to mean I am an ohana and Ramadan, you can make it in any other days. But Allah didn't say the same thing about Ashura and made obviously here we can say same thing about, you know, the DF auto file. That's what zuri abyss

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happens is survey and other sits similar to a vessel they allow and said, number 26. If you have an excuse not to fast the day of alpha due to sickness, you have your menses, you're breastfeeding or pregnant, and you are in the habit of fasting the day of alpha every year. I have a glad tidings for you. The good news for you, you will take full agile as if you already fasted that day in Ibiza. Lysa limpid body said, when my if a servant of Allah get sick, or travel, I lost my dad, I will give you the same measure of what you used to do while you are healthy or residents.

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Number 27. Make sure by the beginning of this day that they have out of the middle of this day. And definitely by the end of that day. It's the end of these major sins that you commit the sins that you insist on doing it, that you are careless about that if you take in somebody's rights, give it back to them. If you harm someone, ask for forgiveness. Make sure that you repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala and you leave the Haram because leaving the Haram is very important for the Muslims to do in order for them to receive all these blessings from a Lost Planet. What are

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as in the Bissell Salam said a person go to O'Meara and do all this effort and make your app but it's not accepted from him? Why does not roll the dice rejected? Why? Because he consumed how he fed himself with haha. So make sure that you repent to Allah azza wa jal number 28

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every Muslim does die should seek forgiveness from a loss pan over to seek

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to be free from how far but remember, make sure that this day if this is what you seek, to free yourself also from sins and don't do sense these days as much as this day as much as you can. in Ibiza Psalm 700 development in how they own This is a day. If you control your eyes, you control your ear, you control your tongue, you will be forgiven. So make sure you control these three, your tongue, your eyes, your ears, don't listen to how long don't watch how long don't say what is how long say what is right? Say here what is right see what is right. So almost penalty ALLAH forgive you. number 29 This is the day of freeing from Hellfire and forgiveness as I said early, but I want

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to emphasis on this as we end the points in the bee sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said minuman act thirimanne a new idea Kala houfy abdomen anatomy Naomi alpha and say Muslim there is no de Allah free so many people from Hellfire, like the day of alpha were in the hula Luthor may obey he will mean that he can be a good man.

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He will come close to the people of Oliver. And he will say what he asks his angels what those wants, what those people want. When Allah subhanaw taala isn't what they want, he knows what they want. Yeah, and he he saying, Look, what they came here for the left their family, they left their homes, they left their their, their business, they left everything behind them and they came to me

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the seeking what a loss forgiveness. So I lost my dad, I grant them what they want. And another generation, Allah won't be proud of them and telling the angel look at my servants, because angels as his servants in heaven, but these are his servants on earth. He says look at them, so proud of them. And remember him Allah said that today it shows you that the people of other faiths will be forgiven. Why? Because their sins will be completely forgiven, wiped out because Allah will never be proud of someone who sin sin, sin, sin, sinner. And Allah will not be proud of someone who committing sin. He only proud of those who are sinless, pure that's why I love purify them first and

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forgive them all first then he will be proud of them. Like agenda proud of you when you are engender because intergender everything will be forgiven. This is a great thing that

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should reflect upon and that day, make sure that the last ones are proud of you by the end of that day, proud of your commitment and your your your repentance to him. And finally my 30th point, whatever Raja Rahim Allah said, he said in his book la vie for something very beautiful, he said, Men fatter who had the young LTM of the alpha, folio formula, or the alpha, or the alpha hula who could be also, if you missed a stand up that day in the mountain of alpha, stand up for the truth.

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Stand up before our last panel with Anna. And if you couldn't spend the night in Miss deliever make sure that you spend the night every night committed to the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. If you came be praying at a life, make sure that you can complete Allah subhanho wa Taala or fulfill Allah Subhana Allah writes upon you anywhere. If you couldn't sacrifice your Headey in minute, make sure that you sacrifice and offer your How are your desires, and you will reach what the people of Mecca reach. If you couldn't reach the house of mine Mecca, make sure that you reach the house of Allah subhanaw taala as you know, in any other places, the minor houses of Allah Allah the major

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one, the bigger one is the one a mech, but also Allah has houses everywhere. Make sure you're among those who go to it attended. Be part of your community, proud of you being a Muslim, and be grateful and thankful to Allah father for this plus day.

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