Story of a dacoit who changed his entire life based on an ayah

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Run sisters. Allah tells us that our sisters is in the heavens and not in our hands or efforts unless around Adela takes an oath by himself and declares that this is the truth as true as the fact that we speak intelligently to one another.

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And tell you a very beautiful

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story about this. Let me first tell you I am in Surah Zarya, I am number 22 and 23 Allah zero fish sama it is Coco. What am I to do? For fish? Saba, it is Coco, Mama Rado and in the heaven is your in the in the in the skies in the heavens, is your provision and that which you are promised, for rugby summer evil or the in hole, Huck, missile lava and come down the cone, then by the rubber of the heaven on the earth, Allah is taking an oath by himself. This is the truth, what is the truth that your risk is in the heavens? And what has been promised to you? Just as it is the truth that you can speak intelligently to one another? Let me tell you a beautiful story. In our house, ironically,

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enough, when I was eight, he was one of the great scholars of this deep and he had his own mother

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called desire he was a which was something like we have the Hanafi mother but the Sharpie mother and so on. A lot rather than his wisdom, give more prominence and more popularity to mama Shafi Baba Imam Abu Hanifa, nomadic and so on. But so the mama Imam, Muslim is not

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is not widely practiced, probably not even practiced at all, Allah Allah. But he is is considered to be one of the great scholars of Islam and his rulings and so on so forth are in all the books of faith and they are consulted. And he is usually respected and to be respected stories. You have Mr. Jose Angela Lee, and he's he's written the story himself. He said that he was going on for Amara, and in the caravan that he was traveling in the villa.

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He said that one at one point, this car villa was attacked by a band of highway robbers. And this used to be a common thing in that part of the world, as late as

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as late as probably 1930s 1940s 1940s 1930s 1940s or early 50s.

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Which caravans and these caravans, which were going for taking pilgrims, they used to be attacked by highway robbers and so on and looted because they knew that these pilgrims are going to the holy places for a long period of time. So obviously, they would be carrying provisions and money and so on. So these people who did they would attack them and they would route them. So even while I was traveling, the scatola and he was the caravan was attacked by a man of hybridomas. And supposedly we were making the kind of confusion people as people screaming whatnot. Some people got hurt and whatnot. Suddenly, our other ocular, he found himself he was standing there and the, the the gang

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leader of the cyber robbers with a naked sword in his hand. He came in front of cameras.

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And he said to him,

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saw this great image of this great chef, this great teacher, he didn't say I'm so and so and this is what he said I am a teacher.

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And he said I'm Jose then he says the man said what do you do?

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He said I'm a teacher I teach children Quran

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Yeah, he said I teach you

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the higher our said, so read some Quran for me. You said some Quran

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even when all that you said it just is what I am, Buffy sama it is Coco homage to our dog. And in the heavens is your risk and whatever you've been promised.

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You know, brothers sisters, it's not a matter of the beauty of the Thilawa in the sense of the the sound of it. It's not music, it's not a song. When somebody who lives by the Quran recites Quran mentioned Quran, it has a different effect. And that's the reason why we need to live by the horn.

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So in our other artillery, he said what was for his wife is summer aeroscope Amato in the heavens is your provision and all that you will promised this higher our this man standing with a naked sword in his and his, his hands started to shiver. The sword fell from his hand. He said this is the Quran and Jose rockin it said yes

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He said you in this is Allah subhanaw taala his word, this is Allah speaking.

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Well as I said, Yes.

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He said my risk is in the heavens, this is true. Allah as I said, Yes, this is what Allah is saying.

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Once again, why am I doing this work?

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He said, Why am I then doing this work? Why am I Roma? Why am I rooting people?

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So, he then said to my molars, he called his people, he said come, they all came,

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he said, our risk is in the heavens. So, we will ask Allah for this, there is no need to do this work, because this work is haram. This is robbery is haram.

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So, he said to our elderly, I am making Toba now, and my whole band old gang, I'm making Tawana and we are giving up this work of highway robbery,

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the resignation of only one hire.

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Of course, everybody was very happy.

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All the whatever they had looted, they returned all their material, all their goods to them. And the band of robbers are extroverts because they have been their mentor, the left

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and all they said is that we are very thankful, be thankful No, Samantha as we continued our journey is every Schmuck, I made obrah

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He said after that one day, very early in the morning, it's a weekend off. And I heard

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somebody weeping.

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I heard somebody crying. And he said, the way the person was weeping was so pathetic, as if a person is in complete despair, so tragic. And allows it

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gives an example which is very graphic and very powerful. He said it is it was like a woman would weep, whose child was taken out of a via a mother with a baby. If the baby was snatched from our hands, and the throat of the baby was cut and the baby was given back slaughtered in front of his mother's eyes. How that one would we with such tremendous tragedy.

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See, my mother is authorized. I was absolutely. When I when I heard his weeping. He said it really affected me. So I looked and he said there was this man who that leader of the band of robbers.

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He said he was sitting in front of the Cava looking at the Kaaba and he's making thought was ultramarathon, and he's weeping like this.

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Almost like like as if it's a despair. So I was I was about to say, I went to him. And the man looked at me, and he said, I decided the second part Second, I want to be summer, he will not be in a hole.

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Mithila and whom don't you Oh,

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he said by the rub of the heaven and the earth, then by the rub power of the summer, he will not Allah is taking an oath by himself by the rub of the heavens and the earth. This is the truth. What is the truth? What he had told him there of his summer is that your risk is heavens and whatever you're promised.

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And Allah has given him example and saying this is the truth is as true as you talk to each other.

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Now amazing. This man looks up at him. And he said Allah Tala took an oath.

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He said, Allah took an oath for me, to convince me.

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Allah took an oath so that I would believe His word.

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He said, Why doesn't matter take an oath. Who am I?

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am nothing. Why does my Rob Gela general who have to take an oath to convince me

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and he says, The man was a simple man. He was not an early he was not a great scholar.

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So he did not have all the all the hijab, but all the curtains that color our perception, our meaning is talking about the scholars. He said it was a simple man, the Quran straight entered his heart. He said, This is the word of Allah. This is Allah speaking to me. And Allah is telling me he's taking an oath to convince me he said, Who am I am nothing

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other than just as I don't really don't have to say anything more.

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Just this one story with these two ad is enough for us.

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Ask yourself and ask myself many years ago

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Did Allah speak the truth?

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Do we believe ALLAH

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If you believe Allah, then remove from this moment onwards, remove every finger every doubt.

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Every worry every concern about risk from your heart and thirdly

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because of his Saba is cuckoo. Let's say you are risk is in the heavens. And Allah subhanaw taala in rugby yobbos for tourists Kalama Yeah, shall we?

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And as it says Omar was salam quarrel in Nairobi Yazoo to risk anemia, shall we say almost Salam verily, truly my rub is the one who will give any will give, expand and constrict.