Omer El-Hamdoon – Quran Science 03 – Modes Of Wahi

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The importance of the Prophet's teachings is discussed, including the various modes of operation and the recited or misrecited modes. The speakers emphasize the need for a course to address these modes and the importance of understanding the meaning of "theorical" in profit communication. The use of words like "t True Vision" and the Bible's names is also discussed, with the importance of understanding the meaning of "theorical" in profit communication.
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With the with the teachings, then Allah subhanaw taala would also correct him. And that is not because the processor makes mistakes. But because the prophet SAW Selim may deal in certain situations with what is not considered the best approach.

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Okay, there's always two ways to do things. And sometimes there's priority and so the processor might give priority to one thing, because in his perception, because he is a human, after all, so he has he is limited in that sense, he thinks to deal with the situation in one way. But a last chance, I said, No, you should have dealt with it in this way, all that allow us to correct the understanding of people through a giving an understanding to the actions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Now, that's a bit that's a bit complex, that whole that itself needs a big, big course maybe to explain it, but I think if we leave that, you can see the last pantalla click the processor more

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firms is action. So altogether, now, all of this amounts

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to Ye, as well is all teaching from a loss of Hana dad. But because these are distinct, we have something called

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recited wine, because this is this is something that is compiled in a set in no differently defined way that we defined in a set format, with certain way of re citation, certain way of reading, So, this becomes recited, and all these become non recited why. So these are all way as well.

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But they are non recited. And what does the last fantana say, to affirm this? He said, Why am I on Pico and in our in Hawaii law, when you have a lawsuit that the professor does not speak from his desire?

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But he is rather he is why don't you have it is an why it is a revelation that is being given to him. So wherever the classroom speaks, it is through revelation. But not everything is a process and speaks is Koran.

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So that's one aspect of why other things that process and speak would be also ye means that they have come as Tito follows Montana, but they are not recited. They understand the difference.

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Then why do you want to anybody not understand that?

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Any questions?

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I'll give you a chance as well to ask at the end of Charlotte if you understood.

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So, so, essentially, you now understand the difference between recited ye and non reciting why.

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And without going to detail, because this really goes into aspect of all of the fundamentals of the prophets, I said lambs practice, what he says his actions, his affirmations, all these things, they are they in themselves become a source of legislation, the prophesies that can then we can refer to in this area. And so therefore we have the process I sent him he will say he might say things which are similar to the Quran. So there's things in the Quran and he will repeat the same commandments. And then there'll be things in the Quran which are not clear yet, they're just general the process and we'll come and specify them and tea and give more explanation to them. And then the process will

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give commandments which are not even mentioned the Quran. So there's a third category, as well as the processor may initiate a whole command, which is not even mentioned the following so we don't just say the Quran is the only source of legislation but it's the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet. So I said because the Sunnah is ultimately why.

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So now what we're going to do is just go over the last that sort of the modes of why how does a loss and Tyler communicate with his his province?

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So, we have eight modes,

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need to know these modes

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and also understand

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understand them as well.

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The first mode,

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which is through a vision,

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and by vision, we mean during sleep. So a dream

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or in Arabic we call it Roja.

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So, the Prophet would see a dream

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and that dream

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would have commandments in it or rules or whatever. This is considered a form of

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Revelation. We all know the story of Ibrahim Ali sit down with this man, when I lost my dad ordered him to slaughter his smile in, it was through a dream in the era of in Miami and near Bangkok. So the dream is a form of communication that allows the orders and communicates.

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And in fact, the prophet SAW said in the heartbeat of Ayesha, she said, the first that the process started with his prophethood was that he used to see dreams, and whenever he would see dreams, they start to become more frequent and, and the dreams would, and he would see them, but then he would wake up and while he was awake, he would see those dreams coming to life. So they started to become apparent like the morning light.

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The second

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is through what is known as inspiration.

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And this is, this is done via an angel.

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So an angel

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would inspire,

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direct, some sort of

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inspiration, which can be knowledge, or it can be, it can be a way of of acting, but usually it's knowledge through to the profit. So the profit profit could be just,

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you know, he could be doing normal things, and he would get that message. And that's what that's and then the most prominent evidence for that is when the prophets I send him said, he said that the the Holy Spirit in your hand, kudos method for your boy, the Holy Spirit has inspired into me that no soul shall die until it completes its set time.

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Okay, so that's, that's a message that he received through this mode. And then he said, For Tacoma, what edge mean? Oh, you should fear a law. And you should ask a law for things in bundles, you know, ask, ask from a law of lots of things, in bundles.

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So that is a form of wine as well.

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The third form

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is that

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the angel

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comes in the form of a

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So the angel actually takes a form of a man. And he comes and speaks directly to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and gives him the teachings and when it comes in the form of that other people might see that person, that man, and they interact them and all know the Hadees, the famous hadith of Omar, which is the second, the second Hadith in the 14th century, when he said we were sitting while we were sitting in the company of the prophet SAW Salem, one day, a man came and he was wearing very white clothes, very dark hair. He had no signs of travel, nobody, none of us knew him. And then he sat down and he sat with his, his knees touching the knees of the Prophet. So I

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said, Let me put his hands on his thighs and that had a long hiney. So the man asked the Prophet the questions, what is Islam? What is the man was it? When is the hour and so on? And then the end the process that I've said,

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and everyone who saw him said, Do you know who this is? He said, No, I don't. He said, this is Julian. He came to teach you, your deen. So that was a form of ye as well. Now, they said usually when jabril came in that for me, he took the format of a guy called

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do here and killed me.

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There was a guy called me that he knew what they thought they thought he was, in fact, that was the that was the person that the format that he used to come in.

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Okay. The fourth way that

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that can be inspired, is again wire and Angel

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but in the format of a ring

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So, the so the profit will be sitting or would be standing or usually will be standing because this takes so much. And then so the angel would actually

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enter or super impose himself onto the,

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the man or the prophet in question. So the Prophet just He is a very loud ringing.

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So it's almost like a form of, you know, reception, you know, seeing them as like receiving information. And this is something that was repeatedly seen by the Sahaba, they would see the professor, he would be with them at one point, then all of a sudden, he would go into almost like a trance. So he's somewhere else and he's, he's receiving a message and so he's receiving their, their way. And usually you'd hear the bell so but this bell a low, there's no clear message, but once the bell stops, he's understood the message, or the actual, what's remained has actually stayed there.

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And this is, this is the worst the or this is the most severe type of why because it's a very, you know, there's almost like an imposition of spirits onto each other and it's like a heavy metal that's why I lost it in there. sanuki olika colon tequila was it we will send down to your very heavy message that that kind of why has a very heavy message and his aid, he didn't know.

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Sabbath. He said, once the process I settled on his head was resting on my thigh.

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And while he was resting, he and he, he went into this trance, and he and I could I could I noted the way he was being revolting, but then he's he became so heavy. He said that might his head felt so heavy that I felt my I thought my thigh was just gonna break you know, the bone was just gonna split but because he didn't want to disturb the profit center. He just stayed there. And he just so he was taking a lot of a lot of weight from this revelation. Or even another narration, he said, when the why he would come to the process and why he was on a camel, the camel would have to, would have to sit down, it couldn't stay standing, the camel had to come down. So that's another form of

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And I thought that was that was actually what the prophet SAW Selim he, he mentioned.

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Another type of of y, which is also Angel.

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But this time Angel would come in his real

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format. So his actual, actual format that he's made. So you'd come in his and that's how your brain appears to the forest. I said, I'm in the, in the cave of Hira. So the beginning of the dour was like this. And some, I think, is a narration which says that the process of only Sergey Brin in his real format twice. So once when there was the beginning of the revelation,

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and second time was in the soraa. And the marriage, when he saw him in history format, and he said he, he had 600 wings, and his wings had filled the whole horizon.

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So it was really a sort of spectacular thing to see.

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Okay, so what 12345

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and then,

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the last two types of

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Revelation is when a lost pantalla speaks directly to the prophets. So he speak directly to the Prophet, either from behind the veil.

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So that so as like happened with musala, Sam and as, as all as,

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other prophets who spoke to Adam alayhis, salaam and so on, or he might speak to him without without avail.

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And there's a difference amongst the older man at the Sahaba did the Prophet sighs lm did he, when he's when he arrived when he rose in the Mirage? Did he speak to Allah

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from behind the veil or without a veil?

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So some of us have like Ayesha, she was adamant the processing did not see a law. So he just he spoke from behind the veil, and others like even our boss said, No, he saw

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last panel, Dan and he spoke to him.

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But either way, even if this did not happen here, then this communication without avail would be something that would happen in our agenda. So last time data will become apparent to the person from behind without a veil.

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Okay, so then

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there remains one other aspect, which is probably

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it's probably a subcategory here of inspiration,

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which is that this inspiration might be

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Or it might be non apparent, what does not apparently not apparent means that a person would be there, he did not see the angel, or there's nothing to be seen there. And he will take that he will take that message. Or it might be apparent in the sense that he would hear a voice speaking to him, but not see anything. So it is either an internal inspiration, or an inspiration, but has some sort of

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figure to it. So whether it's a voice, or whether it's seeing something so apparent and non apparent that makes that makes that kind of inspiration. That's why some people would call that other than in ham, they would call it a form of like what they call cash, which is like almost something coming in becoming.

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Okay, so these are the different modes of y.

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if you remember before, when we define the colon,

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we said that the Quran was the miraculous Word of God or love Allah revealed to the Prophet Mohammed assassin through the angel jubouri. So the Quran has to be revealed in that context. So So if it was a dream,

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the Quran would not come through a dream.

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Okay, the Quran

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would not come through this mode here.

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The difference either this one, or through the,

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this, or this, or

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it wouldn't come through this one either. So, so that's that's why we have to understand that so we understand the most of the foreign comes is through this way. The other types of modes would include the things which are the sooner the teaching, or may even include the Hadith Odyssey, which is the saying of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so therefore, we have the meaning is coming from Allah. But the prophet SAW Selim words in a way, which might be slightly different from its actual wording, the Quran is precise wording. So precise wording from the Hadeeth would see is the wording

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is left to the profit soul Alliance. And so there'll be differences in the wording and that's why it does not become

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and Shall I think that'll become a little bit more apparent as we've discussed that a little bit more in detail.

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Okay, so, today, we've managed to go over what definition of the pipeline is definition of what the word is and understand the difference between recited lackey and non recited ye and we're also listed the different modes of ye and understood where he is.

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Well, at least I hope you understood

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and inshallah, as I said next next, every lesson will take a few other names of the Quran so we will build up gradually the names of the Koran sharp, does anybody have any questions they want to ask? Yes.

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Yes, no. So, this is this is a good question. As I like I said these modes are modes that are lost metallic communicates with profits, any profit, but some of these modes can also be communicated for nonprofits. So Allah subhanaw taala can communicate with nonprofits as well. So that so

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you might get a dream.

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Okay, well, last night I was telling you something, or you may get an inspiration from an angel

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But the only problem is that you as an individual, because you don't have the certainty of the profit size. And you don't know, you wouldn't know whether this is true, you didn't know whether this is really a communication or not. So you can't build on it any law or legislation. So you can't say, Oh, I had a dream that Allah told me. I don't need to pray anymore. I just, you know, I just spine I'm such a good personality, that doesn't Well, that was it, I don't need to, you know, I don't need to,

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you know, there's one guy said, you know, saw a dream and they you know, made alcohol is fine for me to drink is allowed or this is allowed for me, this this wouldn't happen that is actually goes against, we know that people who say that are are liars, because they change these kinds of expressions may come that's why the prophets I sent him he said, he said, Nothing remains from Prophethood except

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the True Vision.

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So he said the True Vision is something that that will continue to, and he said his remains from profit. So it will be there'll be as vision that person continues to see and as a process, so is it also a good A True Vision might be a good time, a glad tidings for a believer. So he receives a dream, which gives him a good feeling, but does one change any law or any

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Yes, so apparent, apparent, and non apparent, non apparent is

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for example, I could, you know, wouldn't save me but the profit could be sitting there and he,

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while he's sitting there, he to him inside him comes knowledge. So all of a sudden, he has certain knowledge or a certain sentence or a certain phrase. And he was saying that so that's non apparent. Okay, it's almost like a direct it's almost like

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some is almost like being uploaded, give you the tech coding is almost like a you know, someone putting a hard drive and just uploading it. Okay. That's different from an apparent which is that the process of actually hear something so he hears a voice

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while he's awake, he's not sleeping when he's sleeping, his dream is awake, he actually hears a voice or he might see something.

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So this becomes apparent. So that's like, if we take this take on just like difference between somebody typing you come in, you input data through typing, so that's the essential input different from actually being uploaded directly.

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Okay, last question. And sisters do you have any questions? Now? Okay, last question.

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license so they differed different sometimes 50 Some said 90 so different different people and there's not there's no Hadith which says you know, the Quran has this many names, but it's just what people have deduced from the Quran and from the Sunnah of the Prophet slicin.

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Okay, so Camilla hair will end that you haven't you have any notice? Just one notice.

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