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salam ala Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi lumbago mousseline.

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Mohammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah Allah He while he was I was seldom at the Sleeman Kathira and Casita, Houma Virgo.

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Whether just as when you go to a basketball court, what do you go to?

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To play basketball it okay? If you

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go to a golf course what do you what would you go for? What will go there for? Whatever? Yeah.

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And so on. I mean, let me not I can ask you a number of years

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where you come to the masjid Why do you come

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towards the gym?

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Or to play indoor soccer?

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Seriously of asking questions.

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Second question,

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what do you call the people who go to a soccer match? What do you call them? There were

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fans, right soccer fans? What is fan? Short of what is what is the short form of fanatic?

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What's a fanatic?

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A fanatic is somebody who will love that thing. beyond reason, they will do anything completely insane crazy about that particular thing.

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So you go to the basketball court, you're a basketball fanatic. You go to the soccer field soccer field, you're a soccer fanatic. You go to the golf course. I don't think anybody calls golf golfers fanatic, but maybe for the sake of

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Does Allah has fence

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does Allah have run do not

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know what I'm saying?

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Does Allah have fence?

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What is fanatic behavior? When you go to the FCC soccer matches completely insane behavior, right?

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And they have sides, this, this team and that team. And I mean, sometimes I wonder that if that match of emotion is put into something worthwhile to change the world. You will change the world.

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That whole emotion is about kicking a ball around in a on a piece of ground. I mean, that's it.

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I'm gonna do it is not I'm not saying it to him. But I'm just saying that at the end of the day you come out of this, what did I gain? Or do again? You probably lost your wife because you scream so much, but other than that, you get nothing.

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So does Allah have fans or not?

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What was the situation of the Sahaba is one of

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the best examples for us. Right?

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What are the fans of Allah subhanaw taala.

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In the Battle of southern Anna through the llano in the middle, the thick of the battle, fighting and fighting and fighting is exhaustedly. The rocky start behind that he got off he had some dates in his pocket. He pulled out he was about to eat the day. Then he says to his sister and he says yeah, I smell the fragrance of Jana.

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I smell the fragrance of Jana. And he says yeah, why are you delaying this? You won't be dead here

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for what

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he throws the dates get back gets back onto his horse. He's gone into the battle

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Sub you

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know, one of the uncle levels of Salah and Abdullah bin Raja

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I'm talking about fan behavior.

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Abdullah bin Raja or Delano

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Abdullah Abdullah with Jash the brother of Xena Brijesh the cousin of Musa Salah

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in the battle award,

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the two of them they were buddies, they were close friends. So they said let us make dua for each other. So Abdullah with Jason, I will make dua and he said to Serbia, we are close with the law. No, he said use it. I mean,

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and so then Assad said I will make dua and he said to Abdullah and geohash or Delano Usami

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Salah Vilanova da and he said yeah, Allah

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that I should meet

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it an enemy who is very strong, a great warrior from the from the enemies, who is wealthy, who has beautiful weapons and so on. And you give victory to me, I should kill that enemy, and I should get their honeymoon. I should get the booty.

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And so Abdullah made him the judge when the alarm was set. I mean,

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then Abdullah de jour de la da

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and he said

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Allah, you decree that I should meet a champion from the fighters of the enemy.

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And I should fight him and he should kill me.

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And he should cut off my nose and my ears. They used to mutilate bodies in those days, he said, I should meet him, and we should fight and then I should die. And he must cut off by nose and my years.

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And then he said, Yala

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on the Day of Judgment.

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When I'm resurrected.

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I should come before you. You should ask me though, you know?

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Yeah, Abdullah, what happened to your nose or ears?

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And I must say, Yara.

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I give them mean to you. I gave them in your path.

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And you should say that Abdullah speaks the truth.

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And Saddam never called me

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at the end of the battle.

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When they were finding the bodies. They found the body of the Ladner wa Delana.

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He had been killed and his nose and his ears that we got

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today, does Allah have fans?

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Today to invite people to the masjid

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we have drew some Tamasha

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what is happening in the budget? Oh, this day this Friday, we are playing indoor soccer. So please come to the attract to the youth

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we need to have a gym in the masjid for people to come. indoor soccer, basketball. Jeopardy

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none of this is haram I'm not saying it is or please most welcome

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Please come Please play please go to the gym. I'm asking the knee with which you come in our Amano been yet

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that's why I say Does Allah have fans

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does my rom have fans?

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Or fans only for football and soccer

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you come to

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your house

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I'm okay.

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I gave you to beg you.

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Allah give me

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give me because you don't lose anything by giving me

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it is still yours. I'm also yours.

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So give me

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the problem is our data is on.

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What did Allah say for the avocado?

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How that might introduce other

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valuable Budo rubber has al Bates

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worship the rub of the house. Allah denotes the worship the house.

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We invite what the masjid

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arrived to me that is the mistake.

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We should invite to Allah

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not to the masjid. What is the masjid building?

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Tomorrow if nobody's gonna sign up said Allah has made the whole earth, a place or other for my ummah.

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If every Masjid on the face of the planet is vaporized, it will not change anything for the Muslim.

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For the Muslim to stop praying, they will have vaporize the entire Earth.

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Nothing will happen. The Kaaba itself was demolished, hijacked made use of

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when he was when Abdullah was over there and Anna was fighting hijacked videos of

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hijacked made use of bots, Siege engine siege engines and bombard the Kaaba, you demolish the Kaaba.

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He didn't care he was a Muslim.

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So whatever. Nothing happened Alhamdulillah.

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His mother, the mother of Abdullah Nosworthy Alana LDLR know, the daughter of Abu Bakr Sidious or the alarm, Asma bint Abu Bakr.

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Abdullah bin Zuma was the first Muslim child to be born in Medina.

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So all his friends abandoned him, people left him and left and he was alone. And he was fighting Hajaj.

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So he went to his mother to ask for a DA.

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And she was almost 100 years old. And she had gone blind.

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So he went and said, asked her, please do dua for me.

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So she had him

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and she felt something. She pushed him away. She said, What are you wearing?

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He said, I'm wearing armor chainmail. She said those who seek shahada don't wear this. He said remove it.

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Remove it. Why do you need Armor forward?

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He removed his armor.

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Then she hugged him and she kissed him and she gave him made the offer.

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He went out and he says

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her judge

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hung up his body from the wall of the Kaaba.

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And he sent soldiers there is a bring that over

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dinner to come and see what I've done to her son.

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So they brought her she came

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and she couldn't see but I just told her this.

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So she said

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You sent him to Jana and my son My son sent you to Jana.

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They left you they left the body there for three days.

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And then she gave one day and she said is it not time

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for the night to dismount

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and that is when they took the body down.

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Does Allah have fans?

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You read inducements. Did the Navi la Salam invites Abba like this? Come to the masjid and play games.

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Come to the masjid and have a doubt I'll give you a party come to the masjid

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the soul has gone

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from us.

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Only the shackle is there.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala said we'll have isa really adore it Allah. Allah did not shadow Allah Masjid adore it Allah Allah wa cod I now monitor any

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Allah invite towards Allah this is by way our inward towards Allah.

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Our brothers sisters, please.

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A day will come.

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When when we will be brought to the masjid. You won't need to go anymore. You will be brought on the shoulders of four people

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come before that day. Come with shock. Come to meet Allah come to talk to Allah. I know you can do it anywhere but go to the masses. And after you do that, go play Go to your gym go do what you want. I don't care what come with that near

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come because Europe calls you or your Salah, Haryana fella

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come because you love your hub.

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Come to show your love for your job.

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala Jana dinero

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to make us into exemplars of his deen

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and to make us those who stand for is the like the Sahaba stood for this day.

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ask Allah to make us the true fans of this date. Who love Allah subhanaw taala over and above anyone and anything else.

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And you don't need inducements and and bribery to come to the masjid who come to the masjid because we love Allah and we love Allah more than anyone else. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to fill our hearts with his door and to drive away all the darkness of everything negative from our hearts and to fill our hearts with positivity inshallah. Masala will carry Hualalai. He was happy maybe