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The speakers discuss the importance of finding out who is a winner in Islam and the loss of information from enemy. They also touch on the misuse of "has" in English and its potential consequences. The speakers explain that "has" in relation to "has" and discuss its use in relation to "has." They also mention legal statements about the loss of data and the loss of information being "will."

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We now have a lot to set up a lot of city law, the daily reminders this year other people have said in our last panel with the Allah says in Surah Yaseen, he says in the US have an agenda to do Mr. Fisher would, in fact, today, indeed, the people of Jenna will be at work will be engulfed in work at home.

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And what they'll be doing is there'll be quite happy with their occupation, there'll be really, really busy, but their occupation that they have, they'll be very, very happy with. What's this occupation that they have? And why does the last panel data called call it an occupation? usually an occupation?

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doesn't have the meaning of fun in there. When you say, when somebody calls you and say, I'm kind of occupied at the moment. What does the other person think he thinks you're busy, you're doing something really important, significant. He doesn't think you're sitting there entertaining yourself.

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But Allah subhana wa, tada calls the people agenda calls their occupation, or their enjoyment, occupation. And the reason for that is because they will be so busy enjoying themselves, it's as if their enjoyment is an occupation.

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And then Allah subhana wa Tada. continues it, he says, just so you understand that this occupation is not buisiness it's not,

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it won't tear wear you out. It's not actual work. He says, fact he will, they'll be quite happy with what they're doing. They're actually having a lot of fun. And they're so busy having fun, fun, that they can't really answer a phone call or anything of that sort. So Allah says, in the house habit agenda at the home official, when in fact, they're busy, they're occupied, but they're happy with their occupation, home was watching

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them, and there's their wives, their spouses, feeling

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they will be in shape.

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Now, I want you to imagine for a second

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that you really want to do in your life.

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Imagine yourself at the moment, sitting before a beach, if you're sitting at before a beach site, especially in the morning time when the sun is out. It's really hot. What do you plan on doing? What do you think? What do you do? What do you think of right away, you think of an umbrella, you think of a chair, you think of a table you think of some juice, you think think of some fruits, maybe some grapes that your wife is feeding you.

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And a loss of handling data is describing just that. He says my slave whatever you want in this dunya when you think of that beach site that you really want to be at a loss of eternal data will give it to you in general in those are the limited yoma fishable In fact, when they're busy with that joyful occupation, and what's that occupation, they will be injured not sitting with their spouses feel the dad in shades. Now the interesting thing is a lot uses the word lead ad, which has two singular forms, shades and umbrellas. So Allah is telling you that there will be light

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and that light

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will require shade. And that won't just be random shade rather, you can literally imagine yourself under a chair with an umbrella because the law says

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they will be on chairs they'll be resting reclining on chairs, but above those chairs will be the shades. Now what are you shooting yourself for? Those are the last panel data saying that I layer on a fee Hashem said well as a marina, they won't see any, any sun in Jenna. There is no sun, you shading yourself through the brightness that becomes part of gender through the Nur of Allah Xhosa through the light of Allah soldier.

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Field lead I didn't I didn't know he would take you in and there'll be reclining on these couches. Now and he has not yet and just as I said, Remember the grapes that you wanted to have in your mouth while you're reclining on your chair, your wife comes and gives you the grapes or you go to your wife and give her the grape. Well, a lion saying over here, let him see how they can't and they will have fruits, they're in whatever may have their own and they will have anything else that they desire.

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Then Allah continues and he says to add to that don't forget the fact that you actually have the opportunity to speak to a Los Angeles

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seller when Columbo Allah subhana wa tada will come out

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and He will say to the people who did not sell

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piece B on to you. So for all those that look at Islam, and they say it's not a peaceful religion and you guys are just marketing all these gimmicks about peace and this and that this is our Lord that we believe him to be our Lord and

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As your Lord as well whether you like it or not, a loss of data will come out to the people agenda and say Salomon, co

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CEO say Salaam and this will be a word from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And not just any Lord he said good robbed him from a Lord that is very merciful. One dazzle the owner who hadn't been removed, but He is merciful. But if you're a criminal alasa panel down as mercy doesn't end up, saving you from the crime that you've committed.

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Watch out if you've committed a crime then be careful. repented your Lord, Allah says one does with the oma, a you have removed However, those that are guilty ones, Get aside, move aside move away from the believers. Everybody will be standing there. People will be altogether human. On the Day of Resurrection everybody will be standing there so Allah subhana wa tada will tell the people that are criminals Move aside you criminals

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to humiliate them and make them recognize that just as you are aside from what Allah subhanaw taala wanted you to do, you will be aside from the people that have done what a loss of data wanted them to do. Um, dad's with the oma you had Majid he won't stay away from get away from these people get away, become separate, separate yourself from the believers.

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You have Majidi mono criminals.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala turns around and he starts speaking to everyone.

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And this is subpoena law from the rhetoric of the Quran, Allah subhana wa Tada. At first he tells the people, the criminals Move aside. And then he looks at everyone all together and start speaking and addressing everyone. Let me give you an example of this in your your personal life, dear viewer, when

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your mom gets mad at you, and there's four, four or five view, and somebody had done something bad, let's just say someone left home after 11 o'clock, and your curfew is nine.

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When your mom or your dad will get mad at you, first and foremost, they will single the criminal out and they'll say that, why did you do such and such getaway? You know, you're not a good child or whatever it may be. and thereafter, they will address the whole family and say, didn't I tell you guys not to go out at nine o'clock? Why? Because they're trying to show that child that you're so worthless at the moment in my eyes that I don't even want to speak to you. So that's what Allah subhanaw taala disorder, he says, one dies with the oma au Hellmuth removed.

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Oh, criminals turn around, get away, get by yourself. And then he says to everybody, and then I had to eat if you have any other

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did I not?

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charge you? Oh child or children of Adam?

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Did I not give you the responsibility of children of Adam? Yeah, Benny, Adam are children of Adam and law Buddha taught that you don't worship Satan. That's all I asked you for. I asked. And then he turned to us. I said a lot turn to everybody. And then he started saying this

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to be even more stronger in his rebuttal of what those people had done. And to be able to review them by not even addressing addressing everybody but the clip or the message is being addressed to them particularly. And it's a reminder for everybody else as well. A lot of saying, did I not

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empower you? Did it not tell you not to worship shavon? Not to worship Satan in the hula kumawu movie? He is a clear enemy for you. Why do you worship him? Why do you follow his path?

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And then Allah says What are you doing? He has also autumns to be my path is very clear. It's straight. Follow me, where's your meat that are not telling you guys to do that. He's, he's asking all of mankind know, the children of Adam, one of our lemon coombsville and kefir. And then he starts rebuking further and explaining

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stupidity these people that didn't follow the path of a lot of zildjian ended up committing, he says, what occurred upon learning Fujifilm, kathira, verily, the Satan had misled so many people from amongst you,

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Allah says, Did you not understand and comprehend the fact that if you look in the past, there's so many nations that have been destroyed? If you look in the past, there are so many nations that have been misled all of that because of Satan, and you still continue to follow him? What are you thinking?

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It's almost as if Allah subhanho data is saying did not tell you so I already told you why are you doing this? what occurred above lemon coombsville and kathira? He had misled so many people from before you Why don't you follow him? Did you not

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comprehend the fact that he misled so many people before Of course he did. Everybody understands. So he didn't has like misled people, but people, their desires overtake them. And we are commanded to go against our desires and oftentimes, people end up blaming, say shavon

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and shavonne can't make the best of us.

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If we control our influence because she upon he gives us westwards.

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he whispers in our ears but we're the ones who follow that whisper that's why the prophets of Allah when he was setting them he said in the Hadees I do wake next weekend at b&h and make the worst of your two enemies is the soul that's right before you so your soul is what you have to work on your brother your viewers your sister, Allah subhanaw taala continues and then he says that for the criminals he says had he Johanna melotti Quantum to do this right here is the agenda the Hellfire that I promised you

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it's no idea when the map going to

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go and burn there.

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Now the reason why I started this verse is because before that a loss of Hannah Donna explained what will be for the believers in general and over here a loss of Hannah without explains what will be for the people in hellfire. What's in what's in it for the people in Hellfire, there'll be burning a lot of tells him the snow and Neil and a lot of times people miss translate this to mean go to it. But the correct translation in the better of the diversity in this particular verse and other verses of it's like the word snow means to burn and to melt. Go inside of Hellfire a loss of power with the LSAT and burn during

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the American to the colony. Give them the reasoning because you disobeyed me and this believed in me.

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I'd already commanded you to worship Me and my path is very clear. I commanded you not to worship God and this path is very crooked, but you still did it. And since you did it go inside. And you did you disbelieve that actions that action of yours in following the ship are leaving off my path was Kufa. So go inside journal Hellfire and burn there and

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look at the contrast Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the people of Geneva and he says in the US have a look at the beauty of a Belgian medium official wood in fact, they're going to be sewing golf

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in embracing their enjoyment.

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The people of Ghana will be so engulfed and so busy with embracing the ruins.

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The choice is yours lots of panel data has given you the choice and he put the burden upon you he said lm equal did I not? burden you did I not put you in charge of doing what God will do for you, not worshiping Shabbat and worshiping me instead of lacing.

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Without being said, we'll come to a close I asked him also kind of without it to give us all the token to worship Him. None other than Him to follow his path not the path of Satan not the path of our own fools, our own souls and our own desires rather than a path that a loss of power with Allah and His Messenger desire. Most also, love is enough