Mirza Yawar Baig – Expertise is repeatability

Mirza Yawar Baig
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salam ala Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala Shafi Lumbee even mousseline, Muhammad Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam to Steven cathedra Mavado.

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My brothers sisters, I have recommended this book many times many people and I am recommending it to you again, which is a book called outliers,

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or ut li e. R s outliers, meaning people outside the normal bandwidth of people, outliers. And the book is written by a statistician called Malcolm Gladwell, Malcolm Gladwell. So I strongly suggest that you read this book.

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One of the things that he talks about in his book is what he calls the 10,000 hour rule.

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10,000 Hour Rule. And he says, And he doesn't just say it, he proves it statistically, with a very

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intense and exact way of proving something statistically, he shows the difference in expertise in anything he takes, for example, golf, he takes different, you know, disciplines. And he shows the expertise between somebody who has done that for 6000 hours, for 8000 hours and for 10,000 hours.

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And there is a

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difference of magnitude. It's not just a difference in terms of,

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you know, numbers, or percentages, but difference of magnitude, between 6000 hours, 8000 hours and 10,000 hours, you might say, Well 8010 1000 is close, right? Just 2000 hours. Why does it make it makes a huge difference? Major, major, major difference.

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So we're talking about there in gray, doing what is called thoughtful practice, thoughtful practice. And that is another wonderful book called Talent is Overrated.

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Talent is Overrated

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by a man called Geoff Colvin, GE o FF, co l Vi, N, Jeff COVID. These two books I think, are very important to read. So please do read them. Jeff called when he talks about thoughtful practices, thoughtful practice of solving for 10,000 hours. Now, I'm sure many of us have heard this stuff, you would have heard this phrase practice makes perfect right? is effective. Practice does not make perfect practice makes permanent, doesn't make perfect because if you're doing something incorrectly,

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over and over, you will just do it incorrectly over and over in the same wrong way.

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So, practice does not make perfect practice makes permanent character practice or thoughtful practice makes perfect as a big difference. Now, one of the places in terms of Islamic teaching and learning one of the places we find this very often is in touch with

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people who come from places where

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fossa is not the

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is not the language to speak. Normally, you will find that in touch with the recitation of Quran they their accent is from their from the army Elijah that they are using. So for example, you will find Egyptians when they recite the Quran, all the all the places where there is gem there is a game that is again the

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entrance to an internal journalists again. So,

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people go who come from the subcontinent from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, there is no difference in the Ordo pronunciation of Zoll Zaha ofour, undock it, everything is pronounced is up. So when people who for whom although is the mother tongue, when they are reading Quran, you will find that they will, they will say well as zalim I mean,

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there was a one Latina they won't say well, Xena was the one the Xena, they will say

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Zilla instead of Zylon. Completely different meaning, right? So it's not that they are doing it deliberately. It's just that the tongue is used to one sound. So you have to be very conscious when you are when you are reciting Quran to say, am I pronouncing it correctly in the Arabic way?

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I'm not reading Quran in Urdu. I'm reading it in Arabic. I'm not reading it in Masuria or Suria or something. I'm reading it in first.

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So, practice, correct practice or thoughtful practice makes perfect. The reason I'm saying that is because many of us what

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No, we do, obviously we want to become good at it. But we forget one very, very important rule, which is that if you want to be good at something, you have to do it correctly, and you have to do it over and over and over and over for 10,000 hours. That is very boring.

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That is very boring. Let me put that straight away. There is is the one of the boring things is to do the same thing over and over again. But there is no other way.

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There is no other way they are the only way that you will get perfect and doing something is to do it over and over and over and over for that many times until it becomes second nature to you. Automatic, right. So we start from

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thinking and doing to doing it where there is no apparent thought. And the instant reaction of the reaction is always correct. One of the places where this is seen and measured is martial arts, where they find that somebody literally with the great martial arts, martial arts artists,

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is literally faster than a bullet

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and it's completely unthinking that that's just a muscle reacts in that amazing speed. Because of that number of times the repetition that they have done things over and over again

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is a wonderful story of this young boy who used to go to learn judo, to this Judo Sensei, and he was you know, maybe 1012 years old, so used to go he was pretty good at judo, he was practicing and so on. And then this boy had an accident in which he lost his right arm so his right arm had to be amputated. So from the shoulder he had no no arm.

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So when he came out of hospital and he recovered and so on his sensei went to see we didn't see him so he went to see and the boys said, you know, I really love judo. But now I can do this and of course, you can do hooligan come come to the door. I will teach you so he came.

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And this teacher is then say he taught him one particular

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hold one particular throat.

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He said practice.

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So this is my practice.

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One month, two months, six months, one year, two years. And every day for hours and hours. He is practicing this one true. That's it.

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So after two years, this was an hour may 14 So he said reason says you never teach me anything else. I mean, this thing I've been doing I can do it in my sleep. You know? I mean I've been doing it for two years. You never taught me anything else. Why? Since I said just do it.

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Don't ask me just do it. So few more months passed then there was a national competition judo competition

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so the sensei entered this boy in all the all the levels all the weights so he entered him at his level at his age then he entered him at older and then he entered him in the heavyweight

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so his edge he literally no two seconds. opponent is on the ground cross that's fantastic whoa you want the word the match goes to the next level.

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So when he goes when he went to the next level the organizers they said to the to the sensei to his teacher they said look this this kid is only 14 the people that the the warrant is 17 or 18 is heavier is bigger. He said don't worry this boy will fight Okay, put him in the thing. And again same thing one minute the other guy is flat

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so now the final and this is a heavyweight World Champion

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so they said to me this champion will kill this kid.

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So don't do that. I mean this is you know, this is a no he this boy will fight

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anti so this is a new up right you know this boy has to sign your design. Give us a indemnity because something happens to this kid then you know we are not taking responses and I will sign

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this sign

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so this is why when it says it will enroll you just do your stuff right

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now fight started again to everybody's surprise in two minutes.

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Heavyweight Champion is flat on his back.

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And his boy is now World Heavyweight Champion.

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Obviously everybody there are big clubs and this and that and price and whatnot. The as they're going home, this boy says to his teacher. He said tell me what happened.

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He said I know. He said I know

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I want this thing but how

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how did this happen?

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Was it accidental or something? How did I beat this guy with this guy's like double my size?

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The census ended very simple

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he said I taught you one Move one throw he said the counter to that throw is to grab your right arm and you have no right.

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He said you are unbeatable, nobody can beat you.

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Right Is that the only counter to this throw is that the opponent has to grab your right arm and he said you have no right that they can grab you. So you are unbeatable.

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Think about this. Here is something which this boy saw as boring everyday I'll do the same thing with a Why am I learning this thing, but then when he is now world champion, he realizes the value of that and that is the value of consistency.

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So expertise is repeatability. It's not doing something right once it is the ability to do the thing right every single time expertise is repeatability.

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One time right can be an accident. Also it as you know, you will do target practice you should think Bullseye cause then next time even I don't know how did it happen? No expertise is repeatability every single time the same thing

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that comes with consistent practice.

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Right practice thoughtful practice 10,000 hours

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and that's why the main advice for you is to don't get bored, do the right thing and keep doing it.

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That's how you build expertise.

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Was Allah Allah Allah will carry Marathi he was I will never Artega

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