3 Facts – Solutions about PIED #02

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In this video I'm going to discuss three facts and three solutions about porn induced erectile dysfunction.

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Let's start with definition first.

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Py Edie is an abbreviation for porn induced erectile dysfunction.

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It is man's inability to obtain or maintain a full erection during sexual intercourse.

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This condition is usually caused by excessive porn consumption and isn't necessarily physical.

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And here are three facts about porn induced erectile dysfunction.

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Fact number one, the buffet factor.

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If you have this issue, it could be because of how pornography affects sexual appetite.

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Pornography is like a buffet. You pay once and eat everything with how much can you really eat.

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Too much porn can overstimulate your brain making it hard to arouse with a real life partner.

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Fact number two, the conditioning factor.

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Porn uses fantasy and scripted scenes that don't happen in real life. Well, in most cases.

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And so when sexual fantasies aren't translated into reality, the male organ fails.

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Fact number three, the age factor

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with the rise of porn 17 and 18 year old guys are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

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So don't rely on being young because erectile dysfunction is just around the corner if you're on porn.

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All right, then how can we turn things around?

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solution number one, quit porn

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our brain is capable of rewiring itself and returning to its natural state.

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Even if the process is somewhat time consuming, it is worthwhile to attempt.

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After a while your brain will adapt the new lifestyle and you will be able to restore your sexual abilities

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solution number two, consult an expert

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it is always wise to consult with a doctor or other medical professional who can provide you with any necessary medical advice.

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Erectile dysfunction is often a mental blockage that requires particular treatments to overcome. So you may also consider seeing a therapist.

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And please remember

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do not take any medications by yourself. I repeat, do not take in medications by yourself.

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solution number three connections.

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Frequently suffering from isolation is the leading cause of mental illness.

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So communicate with your loved ones and prioritize emotional connection over sexual lust.

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If you're married, your wife should be the closest to you.

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And if you're single, connect with your parents, siblings, or best friends

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above all, escape this maze quickly before it consumes your life.