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Valera mother Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shana, Philip VA will mousseline well her mother Rasulullah sallallahu, ala Ali, he was able to sell them to Steven cathedra Katya

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from lado

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you're talking about the issues of Daraa and what kind of training and so on we need to do and I will talk to you I think today's the fourth one in the series

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and today I want to talk to you about a very, very important point which is

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what is the flag?

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Millet what is the flag?

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Banner a piece of colored cloth, that's it represents sage. So what is the flag represents a symbol or ideology or raise? A flag is a flag because it represents something.

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Right? What is the what is the unique thing about a flag?

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When you call a flag a flag?

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With a yes when it is flying on top of the flagpole. Right? The same flight if it gets dirty and you wash it along with your other laundry needs drying on the clothesline.

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It's a colored piece of cloth

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but when it is flying on top of the flagpole, it is saluted.

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So what's the difference? Two clear differences one, the identity of the fly is unique. And number two, that identity is proudly displayed.

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It is not apologetic, it is not shoved under the table somewhere it is not, you know just lying around No, clearly, confidently, not adequately but confidently displayed.

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This is the principle in doubt.

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If you want to be a die if you want to do thou to Islam. First and foremost, ask yourself a very simple question. The question is, am I proud of my religion? Again, I'm not talking about arrogance or dogma Am I proud of my religion? Do I love my religion?

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Am I confident that's why I began with learning you cannot be proud of your religion you cannot be confident of your religion if you don't know your religion.

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Then you have to be running around fearing people what if somebody asked me a question,

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but if you know your religion and you will say I hope somebody will ask me a question.

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Big difference two opposites in one you are running from it if somebody has a question, What can I do? So let me hide under the table somewhere.

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But on the other hand, you say I hope somebody will ask me a question so I can explain to them so knowledge is very important.

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So first question to ask yourself is am I proud of my religion? Number two, if you are proud of your religion, then are you confident enough to display the symbols of your religion? In your daily life?

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Whatever those symbols are,

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right, what are similar? Are you confident enough to display those symbols in your daily life?

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Think about this.

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If you look at all the people sitting here

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the vast majority of you What are you wearing?

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Forever You are you? What's the difficult answer? You're wearing the thing what are you wearing? What is it called?

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to say like wearing clothes.

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pants and shirt.

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Who whose clothing is that originally from where? Which part of the world? The West right

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here we've got at least I can identify here you've got indo Pak people. So you've got the this is in the upper indo boys who got serious you got was you got Bosnians?

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Who was one of the Rockies.

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I got it. That is

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your first series. You got

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Moraga you got Somali

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so how come everybody is wearing pants and shirts.

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If you look at our traditional clothing,

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African clothing, Asian clothing is beautiful.

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Elaborate robes, very colorful, very graceful.

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So why don't we wear

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I wear us

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I wear this all the time. I wear

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is in public. I especially wear it in big public programs. So

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yeah, very good Rebecca

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why are we wearing this? I'm not against you believing it is very convenient. It's very good Islamically no problem. Please go ahead and wear pants and shorts, no problem at all. I'm not talking about that. Why? How did this happen?

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Now, brainwashing

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influence influence. I've been annoyed, believe me.

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The British ruled India for 200 years, give or take a couple of few years younger right?

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In those 200 years, except for a very short period, I don't even know if any of you know that history, but for a very short period, they were British nobility who used to wear Indian clothing is wear turbans, and so on, they liked it. But the vast majority of that 200 years, the British wore pants and shirts. And in those days they used to wear wool and underwear. Wearing woolen underwear in India in temperatures of in Fahrenheit 100 120.

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Humidity of 90 plus is insane.

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They used to suffer from rashes, major rashes with energy in the clothing.

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The result was that all of India started wearing pants shirts.

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Now this is my point here is not about passengers. My point here is that if you are proud of your symbols, and you live by your principles, and you will display your symbols, people will get influenced.

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I was in it was 1997 I was teaching a course team teaching a GE leadership course in Atlanta, Georgia.

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In a better place called the peach tree resorts. beautiful resort huge thing. There were 80 students 80 or 90 students, and we divided into 1010 groups and each group had two facilitators to teacher so we had 20 Plus teachers. So because now one day,

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in the evening, we were sitting in the we were used to deep debrief every every day. So we were sitting in the restaurant and one of our friends he said there's a coke

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conference happening here and I brought a couple of friends there so do you mind if I invite them so we said shown in red.

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So about eight or 10 Coke managers came into the restaurant with a surplus.

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The waiter came and said sir what we'd like Rick so I said tea is our

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first call guy What do you like drink Coke. Second guy What would you like to cook? Third guy cook for guy cook

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right so the restaurant the waiter said he said sir I'm extremely sorry.

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Here we have only Pepsi that has contracts with the he's here we have only Pepsi so can I get you a Pepsi sir? No.

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I won't cook

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he says I would have loved to do the I cannot do that is not available I can get it for you. Why don't I give you how about a fruit punch? No coke. Can I get your coffee? No coke he went down the list can I get to this guy? No coke. He says I'm happy to get you anything on this menu of drinks free

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complimentary because we are not able to give you a coke so anything on this

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drinks value free when

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can I get you something? No coke

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and that is what I understood why Coke is the number one brand in the world

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same junk fantastic toilet clear only someone with us insane will drink it and someone who's double insane will drink a whatever the light one.

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Coke like Coke Zero. Yeah.

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I don't I don't enter the camp.

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But number one brand in the world. Why? Because of that. What looks to outside

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It looks like Insanity it isn't because of what is this

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what it is insanity, but this complete dedication to their brand nothing else.

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It's crazy I mean, but I'm just giving you as an example to say

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system disorder no I agree

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to meet that person think that this is this is the thing exactly. Now take that into the issue of Islamic though.

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Here is a recessive disorder I agree with you completely

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drinking that thing it's always Jack Why would you drink Coke while doing Pepsi over again you have this is just pure sugar and water and Godel water they forget that I'm not going to the My My point is

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with respect to your Islam

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Do you have that dedication? Do I have the dedication

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so when you were out there you're going with this complete and total your pain

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in the glory and majesty of Allah subhanaw taala

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no compromise

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complete and total dedication to the glory and majesty of Masada

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are we doing them?

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Or do you go there and tomorrow I'm gonna I will just touch on this because this is a longer one. So tomorrow we do that? Or do you go there and say

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I begin in the name of God Almighty.

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The benefits under the merciful and so on. So

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how do you say Bismillah R Rahman Rahim. Then do the translation. No problem

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call the holiest of Allah honey. welcome Melissa l Muslim InfraStop in the whole world of Rahim.