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filarmonica Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara Philippi will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu, ala who are early he was I was just leaving the theater because he the former Virgo, you're talking about.

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I mentioned two points yesterday are diverse today to desert what

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we talked about connecting with Allah subhanho wa Taala we talked about learning how to learn what the deed itself in the learning also about the methodology of application methodology of conveying both are important it is important to know the right thing and it is important also to convey that right thing in the right way. Because it is possible sometimes that you know the right thing but the way you you convey it is the wrong way. And so, it is either lost or it even has the opposite effect. So we don't want to do that. Third thing is to create a

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out UCLA.

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See, the issue is wrestlers are seldom

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when this was a sell off game, and he gave with a Hey, first

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meeting with every seller, he came and he was very afraid. With what happened. The whole incident was extremely stressful for him. He said the medium is a mural and he said tweet was sent to another one as a digital cover or the Allaha. He said, cover me cover me. And he was shivering. And she comforted him. How did she come? What did she said? Did she say to you? Did she say to him, don't worry you fast so much and you make so much of Zika and you make so much of Salah and you do this do that? No.

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She didn't mention any of them. She said Do not worry. You are good to your neighbors.

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You are good to people, you are hospitable, you are kind.

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You try to help people.

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Right? You do not sever your ties with your families.

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And so Allah will not allow you to perish. She mentioned only his o'clock did not mention his evidence. We know he used to make a lot of other he was very long, you know more than anybody else.

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She didn't talk about that. She talked about his o'clock. He said your o'clock are so beautiful

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unless Rotella himself praised the lack of resources

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in the Kahala hole of energy, he said you are on the best of luck. Allah did not say you pray the most. You of course he breathed the most utilized for the Rosetta in the Quran and then took us on the do you pray the most you make the most digger. Oh, you are on the best of character.

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If you want to invite people, you have to be nice to be

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for that two things are important. Number one, I mentioned this before also I'm saying it again. Number one, stop criticizing people.

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This massage of the negative

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this is detrimental. Stop criticizing people stop pointing fingers at people.

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It's not your job Allah Allah did not send you into this world to find fault with people. Right.

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Number two, forgive people.

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Somebody does something wrong forgive us.

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We want Allah to forgive us this. What it Allah's, rather is a word himself.

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His own Father and Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Rahmani Raheem

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Rahmani Raheem fo

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the Dulles brothers Rhonda Rahim al Muslimeen. No, around the rainbow, for the Muslim for the guy with what they want to avoid the motioning for the whoever.

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Even the believer, the good believer, the bad believer, the one who was a Muslim but he is covered in Kabbalah.

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Allah has not refused his Rama even for him.

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So who are you to refuse?

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whoever rules Allah

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Allah says Allah is a humbly what is the evidence? Why do I say but I'm saying this how do you know I'm right.

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Who has more money you are Elon Musk

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Elon Musk openly. He has openly said that Islam is the worst thing in the world.

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He said I want to go to hell because all my friends are there.

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But Allah gives him wealthiest man. Hey,

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So who are you when

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you go to a laundry? What kind of clothes come there?

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Who will clean clothes nicely iron?

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What comes in a laundry?

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What kind of clothes? Dirty clothes? Dirty clothes. go to hospital hookah who is in the hospital?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime

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whose hospital

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sick people Yes.

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So you decide if you want to run a laundry be prepared for dirty clothes. You want to be a doctor be prepared to see sick people

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don't say don't I want to be a doctor but you know anybody who's sick Don't come near me. I want to see only absolutely people prime of the health.

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You will die hungry nobody will.

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Please, you want to present Islam? You will return to who is gonna be here

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to present to the one who needs it. Who's the one who needs it? who denies Allah? Who does not know Hola.

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So you must never get offended.

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Never get offended. Let anybody say anything. It doesn't matter because you you know what you are right.

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So what is there to get of him? Let somebody say something what is meant? That is why my Shahada he said if you do not want to be hurt by

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undeserved criticism. Do not be happy with undeserved praise.

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He said if you do not want to be hurt with undeserved criticism, do not be happy with undeserved praise

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so if somebody is disrespectful we get we get angry but if somebody is praising you Oh Masha Allah

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you are the most beautiful you are the most handsome you know your you go look in the mirror

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your say your face shines like the the Hello hotel room

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you are Hello which which which ballroom you're not even a dirty patrolman. Come on, give me a break.

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You know this? I mean, isn't it true? I mean, you go look, I tell people. You don't never go look in the mirror. You know exactly what it is.

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So don't get don't get Don't Don't be happy about all that. That is all garbage. Then what will happen is if somebody criticizes you and see you as this barrier so bad, so no, I know. I'm not so bad.

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I'm not so good. And I'm not so I know what I am.

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Now let's see about you. What do you want from me? What can I give you?

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This is the way

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the way.

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One of the quotes from St. Francis of Assisi he was he met he met

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a medical camel the

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Nevio Salahuddin up.

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So St. Francis of Assisi event, he actually went to MIT to meet

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Michael kamin with the thought that he will be killed and he thought he's good I will I will become a martyr i wish i So he went to the Crusades.

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But when medical camel when he went to him MALBA give gamma you honored him any visa you take what I what you want, and give you as much wealth as you want.

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So in a way it's because of a backfire. But this is the hikma of the Muslim. So St. Francis of Assisi was very happy obviously but you know he he said I came here to be killed with not by me, I'm not going to tell you why we like it. You are good man.

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So his very famous quotes, he said to the people, he said to his marriage, he said to his disciples, he said go out there

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and preach the gospel

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and speak only if you have to

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what kind of advice is that? He's in go out there and preach the gospel. spread the gospel or is it go out there and spread the gospel?

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But speak only if you have to.

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So how do you spread the gospel we have to be

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by your life, by your Aflac

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by your UCLA This is what has happened it I'm sorry this is this that this is nothing new. There's no rocket science. This is how the Sahaba did this is what was what?

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Their life was so beautiful. Their life was so beautiful. They're the way

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they treated people was so nice. They didn't need to say anything.

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They did not need to speak

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without that people kept Islam

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because no matter how much you want to speak if you are

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if your demeanor if you if when people look at you, you are looking at the big frown on your face if you are harsh, right? If you are rude

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there are people around them whatsoever they will not every user

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so where do we

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be hospitable Be kind, don't criticize anybody, for give people

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a choice and decide

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you want to help people, then you have to prepare

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to take

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those who are sick, these heart signals of heart.

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Those who are sick, those who are and the sickness of the heart comes out in different ways.

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When a person is sick and the heart is abusive is nasty, all kinds of things. Start it's not easy.

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But then Jana is not.

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This is the example that none of us are taught us

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the other day, the other day I mentioned to you the journey of life. And this is another beautiful illustration of that injury of times the people who hurt him the people who insulted him people who literally physically hurt him where he was bleeding so

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when the time came to make dua, what do I did you make

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it make dua for them, Allah forgive them.

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He didn't make the offer Allah destroy them.

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This is the meaning this is the meaning of the true spirit of that you want good for you.

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We ask Allah

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to help us to take this beautiful

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Amana that he gave us this Islam and to be able to convey it in a way which pleases Him

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and which is good for us and is good for this was criminality. He was happy