Mirza Yawar Baig – Difference between knowledge and wisdom

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of learning and being in the right way to present knowledge is emphasized, with a focus on the use of Buick in teaching. The message of theLogon is discussed, which is a verbal message that is easy to read and understand. The speakers emphasize the need for students to have a humility attitude towards learning and share information to benefit students, and to submit themselves to challenges through a humility and passionate attitude.
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Soon I don't even have very low bid Alameen wa Salatu was Salam right actually couldn't be the most city. Muhammad was nice. I don't know, honey, he went out he was having setting up the Steven cathedral because

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I was listening to a very, very interesting podcast on the thinking Muslim podcasts

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of Dr. Jakob Ahmed, who is a historian, I recommend this to all of you do listen to the podcast, that is a very good podcast site anyway. And this particular one is a particularly good one. Now, it so happens that, you know, when you think about some things, and you are

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looking by looking for answers, you have the answer, what you want is for the best way to present it, and so on. And that's right, and it helps you and I think this is what happened just now with me with regard to this podcast, because

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Dr. Yahuwah,

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in his the points that you talked about, he mentioned some of those important things that I have been thinking about, and I've been, we've been having discussions about them with some of our friends. And that was the importance of the teacher

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had made a very interesting point. And he just,

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he made a

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phrase on, he said, we write books to be taught, not to be read, we write books to be taught not to be read. Now, it's a very, very interesting

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thing to think about. And the importance therefore I'm differentiating between knowledge and wisdom.

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I will come to that in a bit. But the difference between it's very important to differentiate these things. Today, we

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we talk about we have phrases students of knowledge, and we say I am in the business of seeking knowledge, seeking knowledge. And our concept of seeking knowledge is we read books, so songs, write books, we get degrees from this or that university and we consider ourselves to be educated and to be knowledgeable.

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But CEO, how Allah subhanho Terra taught us or what is knowledge and how knowledge is to be sought Allah subhanaw taala in the diversity in sort of like Nautilus mountain I said,

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Look, I've been Allahu Allah Momineen is Basa fee him Rasool Amin unfussy year to Allah him it was a key where you Alamo will Quito Nygma. We're in Cairo and kabru, the fee Allah the movie, Allah's mantra said which means

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Allah said,

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Surely and surely, Allah subhanaw taala has blessed the believers by raising from among them, a messenger, a teacher.

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An elementary mentioned four things that the teacher was charged to do. He actually made it to recite for them, the Ayat of Allah

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to recite for them the signs of Allah the column of Allah Haider Allah's right it that I sent it through an MIT where you Zakim to purify them

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where you only move Okitama hikma and to teach them the Quran, teach them the book, and then to give them wisdom to teach their wisdom.

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Now if you just reflect on this and say that what is the significance of all this right? I'm not saying give these things

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unless unless rather than mentioning the teacher as his blessing, never Manola while moving in if Basa fie Rasul Allah.

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Allah did not say that then I named Makita and that's what I said is Basa fee rasool Allah did not say, The blessing of the other believers was that Allah sent to them a book Allah say Noida Allah said he said to them, and he raised from among them a teacher. Now the raising from among them, the teacher was a double blessing because on the one hand, it was the, the importance of the baraka and and the beauty of the teacher. And second was that the teacher was from among themselves, and therefore the teacher was not a stranger. The teacher was not somebody that, you know, they didn't know this was not a different form of life. The teacher

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was one of them. So therefore this teacher was somebody who was usually important. And usually, therefore we

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called him the teacher, Allah calling the his blessing. And then let's run our data set, this teacher came to teach you the book. I looked around and I said,

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the word calorie Nasrallah, Allah Abu de, Al Kitab. Li, hakuna Ali Al Amin and zeal, the first episode of Akkad.

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Allah sent on his,

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on his left hand muscles under his kitab. And I did not say that Allah sent this gap for all human beings or all people in all believers, obviously, the Kitab is for all human beings, but the Kitab was sent to the messenger, in order that he may teach the book. So I come to what I said, we write books to be taught, not to be just read. Now, this is a very important thing because it illustrates and brings with it a particular attitude towards teaching and learning, which either is helpful or is harmful, which either facilitates learning or in blocks learning.

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So Allah sent the book to the teacher and the teacher to the people to teach them the book, which explains the role and critical importance of the teacher, as being the via media has been between the message and the recipient of the message. Remember the Quran Kareem was a verbal message. Allah did not send a piece of paper unless Roger sent his Word. He spoke to the waitress and I haven't spoken. So the teacher in this case, Prasanna salsa loves teacher in this case when Gibreel Ali Salam, and Jumeirah Sarah was taught by Allah subhanaw taala, himself and also salaam, taught the same thing to the, to his companions, to his Sahaba to students. So the teacher to the people, to

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teach them the book, the book was sent to the teacher, which as I said, it is a verbal message without the messenger you cannot, you cannot and you could not possibly understand the message, to explain the message. Think about this. Why must a message which is in a language that you understand, and in a language that you are the master of which is which was the case with the Arabs, to whom the Quran was sent to the farmers and relic? So what was the need for somebody to explain you ie Mohammed kita teach them the book? Why?

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Here is a book and in the language that I understand, just coming to me,

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why do I need somebody else I can understand, right? I can read and I can understand, why do I need somebody else thought the very fact that I was monetizing that we need somebody shows that

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the explainer who was charged with the responsibility of explaining the language and the message has more knowledge and wisdom than what is apparent and what can be God by simply reading the message. This is an implication when somebody says, here's here's something to teach, you know what I'm saying? Be these able to teach because he has more knowledge than what is apparent by just reading the message and that is what the position of the way there was Lord the position of the Sunnah of salaam which was granted to him by Allah subhanaw taala. That's why the last dimension given Jerusalem

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for tasks allowed to connect to this to inside the camera, does he have the laughs purify the person, verify the source verify them internally externally, the hearts of the spirits and their behavior and their speech and their actions in order to make the place suitable for the message to take effect. And then the animal Quran, teach them the book. And then Dalaman Hikmah teach them wisdom. So three steps with the fourth one,

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which is just here to enable the person to benefit and what are the three steps, information, knowledge and wisdom, the purification of the fourth step so that the student can benefit from the learning importance of managing the value and position of wisdom is very, very, very critical. I think about that information is just random bits and pieces of information.

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You can get it all over the place he covered today we are we are flooded inundated with information, random information which comes to us from all

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All of the

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information, we are actually suffering today not from a lack of information but from a surfeit of information from too much information.

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We have no, most of us have no clue what to do with that information. How do we organize this information? How do we use this information? How do we leverage the information we have, we just get this messages and messages and message and chat groups and, and forwards and whatnot. And it's driving people crazy.

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And that's because there is no teacher is what they will take this information, which is you organize that information, that gets converted to what we call knowledge and

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information is my remark is that knowledge is which is experienced, which is a all that information in organized form. And then

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when that is experience, that information which is organized. Now this is where the teacher comes in, not everyone has the right to do it. Not everyone has the ability to do it. Not everyone can do it. But those who do, who dedicate their lives to learning, and to teach in the experience, this information, the practice, the knowledge, the practice, the knowledge, they have experience, and then they conceptualize that experience into a teachable form. It's not everyone who can teach so conceptualizing the information into a teachable form, how will you teach what is the specific way of teaching, and there is no one specific, specific way of teaching, some things are taught

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experientially, some things are taught by by allowing the student to make a mistake and feel some pain, some things are taught in a theoretical form, some things need experimentation and so on.

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conceptualizing into teachable form that is what is called wisdom. Now, by reading, you only get to the second place, you've got information. And what you're reading is knowledge with somebody else. For someone, someone else like you word information loaded up, and you consider who organized it, created a book wrote a book, and that is knowledge, you only get to the second place to truly benefit. You need the human agency of the teacher, you need the humility, to go to the teacher, and to accept that you need to learn and put yourself under the tutelage of the teacher, and have the humility and understanding to say that I am the one in need, that I need to learn to take the case

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of, for example, Musa A Sarah, and Heather peak about this year is Musa rissalah. He is one of the greatest of the prophets and messengers, Allah subhanaw taala sends him to Philip, who is not even a prophet and messenger in that way. But he said that

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it was rather an angel, go to society's into the process, as he wants to learn, he sends the student to the teacher doesn't send the teacher to the students is one of our biggest problems today, where we tell the teacher to come to us at a time that is convenient for us. Not at the time, it's convenient for the teacher, we want the teacher to do all the hard work, we want the teacher to make the sacrifices, and we want the teacher to humble himself or herself for us. And usually the reason is because of money, the teacher is born, we have the money. So we call the shots, a little sister, let me end this here. I will come back to this again in the next podcast. But really, really

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seriously, let's ask ourselves, if you really want to learn, we have to follow the process that I was not that I created. Otherwise, we will have what we have today, which is people who think they are knowledgeable, who have a whole bunch of so called knowledge but real information in their head. They're in their pockets in their libraries, and which produces an arrogance, which is the first and most reliable sign of ignorance. zurlo mon Jehol. Allah says the one who was early when it was Jay, Allah did not show the one who was early. We also already know his giant, having knowledge, he believes and shatter more knowledge than anybody else, but that he was jarhead he was that was not a

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sign of his knowledge. It was a sign of his job of his eagles, that he did not even recognize the majesty almost 100 Tara did not recognize the danger of disobeying Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah to protect us from arrogance, to protect us from eagles to protect us from Cuba to protect us from imagining that we are worth something and to put humility in us so that we can go and submit ourselves to PSAPs these are some of my early years I've been drafted

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