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Hello my mother Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara Filipino even more serie Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa. He was I was sent him this evening

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on my brother, my brothers and sisters,

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were talking about the

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methodology of Dawa and how Islam should be presented in.

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We ended with yesterday mentioned the importance of using

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organic terminology. And the tilava Quran in the presenting of Islam.

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This is first of all, this is from the Sunnah of Rasulullah saw Salam, when resolvers are Salam was asked about Islam, he would recite Quran.

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And many people came to Islam because they heard the Quran. And they said, This is not the color. But this is not the speech of a human being.

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many, many, many instances of Sahaba came to Islam, Hassan bin Salman, for example, rather than one of the great poets of the Arabic language. The thing about poetry is that poetry is the in any language,

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which has poetry, poetry is the work of the artists of the language, it's the work of the experts of the language, because in poetry, some very deep and complex thoughts are condensed into one line, or two lines, right? Something which can be a whole book,

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if it is written in prose, it may be many paragraphs, maybe all book is in a word in a poem in a poetry, it is condensed into one or two lines. This takes a lot of intelligence, this is not easy. It's very tough, very difficult.

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And also, if you take classical Arabic word reusability, and so on, it also operates according to certain rules.

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Today, people write anything. And instead of writing it, one sentence after another sentence, they write one sentence below another sentence, and they call it poetry. This is what these are produced versus just profit in a different way. write poetry has to operate according to rules. I mean, in order to operate, for example, the rules of anism are different from the rules of another.

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The dude company different things.

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So to be able to take complex thoughts and to condense them into one or two lines of poetry, according to the rules of poetry, this is incredible.

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Now, why am I saying all this because has that mean Sabbath or the law was a great word.

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He came to Makkah. Now, as in those days in vodka, these points had literally

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rock star status. Right? So if you have, for example, a rock concert, you won't have a rock concert in your house, right? For rock concert you're looking for you're looking at a football stadium or something right? Huge space, because you're going to get a few 1000 people. And then you of course, in today's world, you will have, you know, massive mics and powerful speakers and whatnot. Now in those days, they didn't have all that, but they're the same thing. So when a port like Hassan Misawa came to Makkah, then it was a given that he will recite poetry and these people, they knew it in their hearts there. There are people who recited hundreds of lines 1000s of lines of poetry a couple

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of hours at a time.

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Absolutely extreme poor, they were not reading from anything. Right. And people were correct. 100 The people were correct. I don't think those there were 1000s of people on those days, but hundreds of people were correct. And then obviously the no mic system. So the poetry would be would be would be repeated.

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So this is what is deciding here, maybe 1015 lines

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I heard somebody else will recite with repeat. And people had the kind of memory where you are listening to this point reciting one time and the other guy is instantly memorizing it and Dubai and repeating it.

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But really, it's very difficult why we can't even remember what one phone number right?

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for cell phones I used to remind you I know that you know me you mean exactly the same thing with me. When we were growing up school and college. We remember all kinds of things we did numbers in our heads mathematics we did numbers and how many people remember that grammar, the timetables.

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Two plus 24222242 is 2362 is two four, a two about that.

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Do they even teach them nowadays? I don't think they even teach them in school or

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God either. I mean, the point is not to do it is it is the brain cells it is the brain cells which work and therefore, neuron connections get created. Memory is an amazing thing. And in those days people were unlettered novice rasa himself. He could not read or write, but he had enormous memory. He was one of the greatest speakers of the time. He was illiterate, he was he was unlettered. I mean, there's a big difference between literate and under, under just means that he could not read and write scripts, but he could, you know, he could extend or reside, he could speak and so people had enormous memories and they had the power to memorize almost instantaneously.

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So this

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person comes in as a great poet. When he entered Makkah, they said to him, somebody went over he said, Do not listen to Mohamed Salah sir, because that man he's got, he talks, something's like magic, it will change you, right? So don't do that. Do you lose your religion. So as that means I was I put the cotton in my ears. He literally he put Cornelius. Then he came and He saw Rosa Salem was, was praying near the Kaaba. So he went close to him. He could not he had gotten in his ear, so he couldn't really hear what a Surah Surah Surah was saying. So he thought to himself, he said, Look,

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later on, he mentioned this, I said to myself, I'm a poet. Nobody knows this language better than me. Right? What can this man say? Which will influence me? I will figure out in one second, whether it is right or false or true or whatnot. I'm not an ordinary person. I am an expert in the language. What is he going to say with you, which will impress me? So I don't have to worry about this. He pulled out the cotton from his years. And he heard wrestlers wrestle reciting Quran

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when he finished, he went wrestle Yasser Allah.

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He said, This is not our question.

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Where did you get this from? He said, This is enough. No human being can talk like this.

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I'm an expert. I know this, right?

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This is not from any human being. Where did you get that? This is the LIDAR.

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He said, How do I become how do I join your religion?

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There is a power

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in the kalam of Allah. Now what happens in our data is because we are operating, or we operate, and I'm not blaming anybody, I'm saying usually, we operate from a position of lack of confidence. So we assume many things.

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One of my friends who are who's also, you know, does some Dao work and so on?

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So he said to me, I never use the word Allah. I always say, God, I said, why?

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He said, Because you know, if I say Allah, people will have a bad reaction.

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So I said, How do you know?

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He's a What do you mean? I say, You just told me that you never use the word Allah. So how do you know they have a bad reaction?

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Logic, you're telling me something was illogical. You say you never did it. But you know, you know what will happen? How do you know?

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To be able, if you told me I did it once and I had a bad reaction. So I don't, then I can understand that. Right. Okay. One day you did it. I might still say, Well, look it only one time. No, but at least you said I never do it.

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Is a bad day we'll have I said, What is this? I don't understand this.

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If you never did, how do you know?

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I just tried

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this, try

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two big reasons. First of all,

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who do we worship?

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Allah. Right. We don't worship one God.

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We don't worship some god.

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We don't worship God. God is a generic term which means the one who is worshipped can be anything this can regard this stick making you say, This is my God, I worship God I make sure that says that we'll got

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whatever you identify now what are you what are we adding to it nowadays? People do all kinds of stuff, right?

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We don't We worship Allah subhanho wa Jalla Jalla Allahu Allah subhanaw taala exists.

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Allah is there.

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So how do you how do you just translate it? There is no translation for a personal name. Please understand this. First of all, a personal name is a person name. You cannot take a personal name and translate it.

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What is my name?

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Yeah, well right

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now Yeah, Power BI as a word has a meaning.

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It's a fancy word it means the one who helps.

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But supposing you say I went there and the one who helped was there is who's with

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you know, the helper guy.

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Which are what what do you think if I say helper guy, what do you think he's talking about? Maybe somebody who's doing the masjid or something? I'm helper guy.

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Suture boy.

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He's in a van. I mean, the, the guy who gives the cutter? Or why don't say his name is Jana?

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No, no, but what I'm talking about is the meaning of his will not so what I'm worried meaning is easy got to them, they get them right.

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah is Allah.

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By all means late, having said the word Allah, later on, by all means, say almighty God, you say our Creator, or there's no problem. But take the name of Allah. The word Allah has power.

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The kalam of Allah has power. The Arabic language has power, because this is the language of the Quran Al Karim, there's nothing like the Arabic language. It doesn't nothing, nothing on the earth. Nothing on the face of the Arabic language is not because it is the language of the Arabs not because no it is the language of the Quran and creed.

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It doesn't matter whose language it is language of the Quran.

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This has power use it. This is the sada let me use it.

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To give you an example

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let me say the same thing into languages, right

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are three languages.

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God is great.

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God is the greatest

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feel it feel what I'm saying? God is the Greatest.

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Allah is observed by the hand

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along workable

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which has power, same thing as it

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which has

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Allahu Akbar, there's nothing like Allahu Akbar.

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Even if you don't understand what it is, it shakes you.

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I have seen one lie. I have seen people who do not know whatever Arabic you recite Quran they are crying.

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You cry you cry. Do you understand what I said? No. Why? I don't know.

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I don't know why I'm crying.

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you can feel it.

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This is not any language. This is the power of the kalam of Allah.

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Even in Arabic, this is not something I'm presenting to you some recipe for kunafa you won't get this up.

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This is only in the garb of Allah does not even from the library. It is the language of Arabic but it is the language of the Quran Al Karim,

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which has this power use that. Don't be apologetic about this.

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I always tell myself, I tell people if we are afraid even to take the word, the name of Allah, if you are afraid even to recite the Quran, what thou you want to do well

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do yourself a favor, forget it, don't do it, you know, just just be a good person and so on. Inshallah this also is our action is now actually a very powerful, stay with that. Don't speak because if you're going to speak and you don't have the confidence

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to say what you should say, then how will it have effect anybody?

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Use the kalam of Allah. This is the Sunnah of Muhammad Sallallahu taala. You

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use the word Allah.

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Final point. There is a problem with translating. Many back many times, for example, one of the most commonly translated terms is the word Rub. Rub is translated as Lord.

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One day I was in Medina, I normally don't do this, but that day, I don't know why. I sent a message to some friends of mine saying I'm in Majid, Nawaz Sharif, and I'm making dua for you.

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Accidentally, that message went to one Hindu friend of mine.

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So among many Hindu Muslim friends was

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the only one who responded with a Hindu friend.

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Yeah, all the Muslims are wonderful. They

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didn't even say thank you nothing. They didn't respond.

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Only one respond was and know what he said. He said to me, you're right. Please make an offering to Lord Allah for me.

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I know why he's saying that. Because when they go to the temple, they take an offering to the gods, they take something to give to the idol that they worship. That is their way.

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So you said make an offering to Lord Allah for me.

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The reason I'm telling you this story, because when you say, Lord, what is your understanding? He's not whatever he worships.

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When you say, Rob, what happens? People say I say a lot because they won't understand what I tell them say, Lord, because they won't understand Rob. What do you mean? I said, I don't want him to understand, you know, why? Because then he will ask a question.

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He will say what is a robot is,

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it opens the door for you to give them

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is a ROB is the one who takes something from the inception to a state of completion, stage by stage, nourishing it, nurturing it, protecting it, and developing. This is Rob Bull. I mean,

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how will you ever say this? If you use the word Lord, He will ever ask you a question, because he has understood it in his own way.

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We do not want them to understand in their own way we want them to understand in our way,

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that is why use the Arabic language because then they will not understand what you have said they will ask a question. If they don't ask a question, you ask a question. You say I just said Rabbil Alameen? Did you understand what is meaning of No, I didn't understand. Why did you ask me next time ask me. This is what it means.

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Right? Never be afraid to speak clearly. Use the correct terminology. Allah subhanaw taala called himself. Robert Alamy. So what's your problem?

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There who who gave this? Where is the title of hon. Allah Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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So what is our problem? Why don't resemble the serum anatomy?

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And say it because they want to understand that is why you want you don't want them to understand so that they will ask a question.

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So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the confidence to give the outer Islam in the way in a way that pleases in general.

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And remember that when you are speaking Allah subhanaw taala is watching and he is listening and he's hearing you and He is with you. Oh my God. He is with you wherever you are.

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Allah hola Rana better describe the Davao of of Musa alayhis salam. Francaise, Omar Abdullah Al Amin Musa is that um Cerebus of our tea when are the Omar Omar enquanto mopinion. Allah is describing this whole thing Allah say this is what many of you will say.

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This is what members are saying.

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When you are speaking, allies with you,

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he is listening to you. He is watching you. He will give you the words.

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Make no mistake, he will give you the word one lie Allah is my witness. There will be times when you speak and it will be like you're standing outside yourself you are watching. I have seen this.

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I am say this. I didn't even know this. How am I saying this? This will happen to you or like this will happen to you. You will stand outside yourself and you will watch yourself

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and you will know that this is coming to you from Allah.

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Don't think you are getting here we are becoming unaware. No.

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But this is this comes from ultramarathon. Allah will give you the words.

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McDonald's will give me the words to reach the hearts before my words is the years

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you have changed their hearts because their hearts are

00:19:28--> 00:19:36

before they can even hear me change the hearts fill their hearts with your lower and with your cashier.

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Use me as the tool. Make me say what you want them to hear.

00:19:45--> 00:19:47

Create your own words. Make this

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sort of service to say Allahumma Jaya Alicia Quran what your eyelid Suburu was your ally V Sahil vi una Nasik Amira wanna make me Allah

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In the people who have shown voodoo sugar, who are thankful and people who have suffered who are patient and who are perseverant and make me small in my own eyes

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which meaning make me humble God my sincerity and give me coffee I only Nasik among the in the eyesight of the people make me big so that not because of arrogance so that they will have some value for what I'm saying to

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mentors and ask them

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and then watch how Allah subhanaw taala will help you.

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Robin of Aquila, another woman out of fear on NASA, you know phenomenal urban as ordinance was unavailable to fill another 100 and

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urban attina for dunya hazard

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was Allah Allah Allah will carry when Allah he was a

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