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lie around Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala sherfield Ambia evil mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu ala you write it yourself you will sell them to someone because you and

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for my brother

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my brother's sister let me ask you a question

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if you go to a shop to buy toothpaste What do you ask?

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salesperson What do you ask him?

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I want to go buy toothpaste What will you ask

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to do this

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especially when you're right he wants to can I get to PIs need to know

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you are used to a particular brand new recall gate or something I want to know.

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Supposing I tell you I'm going tomorrow to buy a car

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what would you ask me?

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Which guy right which so I said oh no, no doctor has I told you I'm buying a car What do you mean? Which car? Is there something called a car? Is it does it exist?

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Is there something called a car? No, you got a BMW you're got a Toyota you got this you got this and in that also you have different brands different you know BMW X 5x Three whatnot whatnot right.

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What is this we are talking we were talking about brand

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brand in the corporate world we talk about brand. Now we say differentiate if you if you want to succeed in life and this applies to whether it's a product or a service or an individual. If you want to succeed in life, you need to differentiate differentiate in a positive way stand out not be one of the sheep stand out right? So stand out in a positive not a negative as our negative that you know use a positive way. Stand out when you differentiate you create brand brand enables loyalty. And people will love this brand. Oh I want only call good No, no, no, I don't want I won't call it I want to drink what we have I have coke and only coke I think that's right. So, brand enables

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loyalty, loyalty enables influence. If you have people who are loyal to you, then they will listen to you. So, differentiate, because differentiation creates brand brand enables loyalty, loyalty, enables influence. So if you want to become influential, you have to stand for something.

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I was teaching a course for GE in Atlanta, in a place called the pitch to peach tree resort, very fancy resort.

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And one evening one of our

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whole group of consultants so one of the consultant he said there is a coke team who is here. They are doing a course also so do you mind if we invite them to our use of this sort of gateway this evening? So it'll show up because caller so they came

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now we're sitting in the restaurant so the waiter came and he said he asked he was taking orders for drinks. So he said What will you have this coke team there were five of them. What will you have is just coke.

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So what will you have the coke or coke? That guy said? He said I apologize sir. We have a contract with Pepsi so we don't have coke in this hotel. We have Pepsi gonna give you Pepsi is no

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So we don't have coke.

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The man said Okay, can I give you since we don't have Coke, whatever you order it's on the house. We won't judge you for it free

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he says take the list here anything on this

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no matter what the price free What will you have? Coke

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Do you want this no coke.

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Now it might look like insane right? And it's in a way but it is insane. Frankly, if you ask me also, maybe they're doing it because they work for the company. But the point I'm making is that Brad today we say if you ask people what is the which is the most valuable brand in the world? What will you say apple?

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Or coke?

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Or whatever that might be? Usually I think about Apple Well, what is what what is it? Why is it? Why is that Apple brand or coke but why is it valuable? The reason I'm asking this is because

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today as we speak, Allah knows best the numbers but probably one of four people who are walking on the face of this planet is a Muslim Hamdulillah we are about 25% of the global population or 20 to 25% of the global population right. So let us be very optimistic and say one in four. So every out of four people wanted the Muslim one in four people walking on the earth to the Muslim

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what is our brand

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what is up

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Now, the problem with not having brand is that then you are a grain of rice in a sec. You are still rice. But nobody gives a hoot about you. Nobody gives a damn.

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Just look at ourselves globally. Who cares?

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30,000 What what is the meaning of that is I mean, these numbers today have become like insane. There's no point in even talking the number 30,000 People in Feldstein have been killed.

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What is the meaning of 30,000?

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Human beings, people human be 30,000. Who cares?

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Nobody gets to the extent today we are having a bus going on Saturday. I want to see how if that bus goes from here without people hanging on the doors?

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Seriously, we should go and take you know, louder. I don't want to say anything now.

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In the dilemma that

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we have, Please come Please come Please come loud. I mean, we are not even concerned about ourselves, who will? Who else? Do you want to be concerned about you? And if I'm not concerned about myself, I want my brother and I to be answered I'm humbled. Who? Why?

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Because we have no brand we don't stand for anything.

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Anybody can do anything to us nobody cares.

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Now, to change that, how do we change that?

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Which is that by creating brand by becoming by standing out on the basis of something positive, right? So I want to give this to you as a homework tomorrow or whenever by next Saturday, I will ask you this question.

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What do you see should be the brand of the Muslim?

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You know, brands are irrelevant right? element of a brand. So if you go into a corporate world, if you're looking at the logo, for example, they go into all kinds of I mean, rather than Muhammad is here to tell you all kinds of intricate details whether the color of it, the grading of it, the line of it, and this and that and what's the tagline all kinds of stuff. Now, I'm not saying don't go to that extreme, but just tell me Muslims, what?

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Obedience? What is the meaning of brand A in the sense of for a Muslim? What should be the Muslims brand? If you say I'm a Muslim, what does it mean?

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If you say I'm a Muslim, what does it mean? What should it be?

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You got the mind I'm saying, supposing I say something I say I'm a military officer. It means something right? Somebody's gonna say I'm a police officer. It means something. So when I say I'm a priest, I'm not a prisoner. No, there's no clergy in Islam, but I'm still somebody that I'm a priest. says suppose I am an imam. It means something. It means what I mean I can't have any mom and then yeah, I'm doing some magic which you use your lower abdomen here you are an imam or this is how Imam behaves.

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So when I say I'm a Muslim, what must happen so this is normal for you Shala we will talk about this when we come back but give this some thought right please bear with us sisters we have to if we don't wake up Bala era one day mark will mark will come and break us up that is that's the only thing I can say.

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Clearly imagine today we are in a state where this Philistine thing this idea it was ha mellows Raja grande all of them gentlemen for those rollers have a special guidance and the and the close company over missiles Allah inshallah those this whole incident wala Allah I think they will read books written on this, on the hikma of this and you know the wisdom of this and why it happened route happen. Allah knows best but one of the things that this thing did was this took the lid off. All this hypocrisy that the Western world wanted the whole world to believe. These are we've learned of free and we have justice and we are bla bla and we have human rights.

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it took up it completely took off the mask, took off the mask. Now you can see the face that naked face as it is

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the house of Allah Hotevilla hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Kulu Kulu hamdulillah Lila General General who we are we only have prayers and and thanks to Allah smelter, it took it off. But also now it puts us in a position where we cannot simply sit complacently and say, Oh, but you know, nobody cares. Whatever it is, if you don't care, nobody will care.

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If you do not care, nobody will care. So we have to be in the front.

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Today we have got all kinds of people who are well, I'm gonna go Let them come. This is good for them, but we must be in the front. So the next item on the agenda is this Saturday.

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There's this bus going for this protest to Washington. We want that bus to be filled.

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those children dying there

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they're my children. They're your children

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not just a matter of saying it is easy to say oh they are my children if they are your children show show how they are your children

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then maybe one hour Allah Allah subhanaw taala will tell one of them okay this man makes effort for him as for him I will give you one law alone obviously not enough simply to say Oh what is it that NO NO NO NO NO if you really think they are children, Show it. Show it by going and getting onto that bus and going on Saturday. I don't care what the excuses

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is not a question of money if you don't have the money tell us we'd get the we'll get the money for you. But you have the money and you are digging a freebie already believe me? Allah knows that rose

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We cannot we cannot we cannot do like this.

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You are living like zombies as if you are doing the living dead. We came out of the grave just walking like blindly eating, drinking and good. Hahaha Come on.

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So please write what is our brand that's the home of our tomorrow insha Allah may Allah subhanaw taala give us the strength may Allah give us the ability. May Allah give us the the persuasive power, Manos Valterra put it in the hearts of people may Allah subhanaw taala use this as a Daria for Shafaq for us inshallah. When we meet him jungler who was Salah Hana will Karim Allah Allah He was a member of the government