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cenomar in a coma warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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are the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah al Karim rubbish. Rahi sodbury were Sidley, MD working on the rock data melissani of Kahu Paoli, Allah Matthew Colby was sadly Sonny was roots of hematology, Armenia herbal alameen inshallah, we will continue with our study of Sudoku puzzles. And today we will begin from verse number 22 of the surah.

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We we learned in the previous verses about how most RNA is set on when he found two people fighting and he went to help them he went to help the the person who was from his own nation, meaning that his her le mozarella his Salaam, he struck the other men, meaning the man who was from the people of their own, he punched him and the men died. And mozzarella is Sam he realized what a huge mistake it was. And he begged Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness, and we learned that Allah subhanaw taala forgave him. The following day, something similar happened. But this time the man whom he had helped he actually exposed will sorry is set up in order to protect himself. And so the new spread that it

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was Musashi Sam, who had killed the man from the people of our own, and the people of our own began thinking of killing musala his center, and a person told him about that and musala his Salaam fled Egypt, he left Egypt. Now where did he go? How did he get there? What happened over there? Let's find out in the following verses. I lost count Allah says when a matter what Jehovah to call a Meridian, and when masala is Salaam directed himself to word madeon. The word Jehovah is to direct one's face towards a particular direction until R is in the direction of something. So the word Java till ahmadiyah means that he he directed himself in the direction or towards madeon meaning he

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headed to words Medan he left Egypt and he headed towards Medea towards Medan meeting he made his way there. Now, where is my then inshallah we'll just talk about that. But when he left and he was on his way to madeon Kala he said ourselves not be perhaps my Lord and yeah Danny perhaps he will guide me so a Seville to the sound way. Sabine means road and Salah sabi Sawa means two things. So what can mean? A con meaning most correct most upright, meaning the road that will lead me straight to my destination. And secondly, SOA can also mean that which is in the middle, because what is in the middle is also the shortest way. So sawara Sybil means the easiest, the shortest, the simplest

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way to my destination, so that I can reach there easily. So, while I'm at the word you have to imagine color asabi and Yeti and he saw a survey. So we see over here that most artists and I when he when he left Egypt, he didn't just randomly run away. No, he he directed himself towards muddy and meaning he decided that he was going to go in the direction of east towards Medea. And secondly, when he left, he put his trust in Allah subhanaw taala. So the question is Where exactly is muddy and now muddy and it is said that Medan is actually the name of a place or the name of a people and they were

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muddy and because they were the descendants of muddy and who is said to be one of the descendants of Ibrahim Ali Salim Some say that he was actually one of the sons of Ibrahim earliest Allah, Allah who are alum but it's it's it's an ancient people, but Medina is also the name of a place where these people lived. And we also learn about the people of Medina and to whom prophets raebareli salaam was sent, but that was at a different time.

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Now, Medina is a is at a distance of about eight days journey from Egypt and it is basically across the Sinai Peninsula. If you if you look at a map, you will notice that between Egypt and Palestine, there is a desert and that desert is known as as the as the Sinai

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and it's it's basically like a, like a triangle. So on one edge on one corner of this triangle is Egypt. The other corner is Palestine and to the south is

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you know, that is the is the ocean, the sea, so muddy and is actually to the south of Palestine. Okay, so moussaka is Salaam crossed the entire Sinai. And he crossed this entire desert, which would typically take about eight days on foot to cross. Now, this was a long journey. And of course, a very frightening journey because most artists Alam is running away from Egypt from fit our own in order to save his life. And he he didn't know whether he was going to make it to Medina or not. And so he says, I saw Robbie and yeah, Danny Sawa acerbi

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perhaps my Lord will guide me to the most correct road, and also to the most easiest road.

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Because you see, if a person is is going across a desert, they can easily get lost. It's so easy to get lost in a desert. And then if a person is alone, traveling through the desert, I mean, you could you could get kidnapped, you could die of starvation, you could die of thirst, any so many things could have happened. So he put his trust entirely in Allah subhanaw taala or Salah be a yet DNS, sob. Perhaps my Lord will guide me to the shortest, to the easiest way so that I can reach my destination. And so he made his way towards Medan. And what happened? He got there eventually. So it is said Well, I'm Mel what are the men and Medea? And when he what are the when he came when he

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arrived at the water of Medan

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what are the is to arrive at a at a place of watering meaning meaning at a place where there is water people go there to drink people go there to fetch water. So he he arrived at a place like this where the people have money and would come to get water. Now, Matt madeon of course, if people are coming to drink that water, this water has to be freshwater. And it could have been a well or a spring. So when he got there, he found what are the rla he found on it meaning he found at that watering place on my tamina nurse, a an oma a group of people. Now the word oma is used for, you know, a large number of people, a community, a nation. So it wasn't just a few people at that

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watering place. There was a whole lot of people over there, meaning it was busy. It was crowded. So, so many people around the water, what were they doing? Yes, schooner, they were watering, meaning they were watering their flocks, or they were collecting, you know, water for themselves.

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And, you know, this is very, a very normal scene, you know, in a place where people don't have access to water in their homes, they will go to you know, fetch water from a well and, and typically you will find that, you know, such a place to be quite busy. So, he found a whole lot of people, you know,

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with their flocks, watering them, and then we'll wedge them in dooney him and he found away from them, aside from them in a tiny two women, meaning aside from that crowd of people, these two women were standing and what were these two women doing together with Danny? They were driving

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Back, what were they driving back their flock, meaning they were not letting their flock go to the water, they were keeping their animals away. Now, this is just imagine the entire scene now musala, salaam, you know, he's been traveling for many days on foot, he's alone, he's probably afraid, probably hungry, exhausted, he's tired. He's worried about his life. And when he reaches this place, he finally sees people, there's a whole lot of people busy, you know, with their animals, fetching water, drawing water out of the well. And away from that group, on the side, there are these two ladies, and these two ladies are keeping their flock away from the water. Okay, the other than that

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they do do is to restrain to, to not let someone draw close. So they were not letting their herd get close to the water. Now, of course, you know, when you think about it, this is something strange, because why are these women not letting their animals drink? Is Is there a problem over here are there you know, some people preventing them? How come everyone is able to access the water, but these two ladies are not able to access it. Right? Is there you know, something wrong over here is someone not letting them so their their weakness was very visible to mozzarella, his center. And at the same time, he there's something really strange over here, because there's a whole group of

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people. And you know, they are basically crowding around that place, not letting these women come. And they didn't have that dignity to make space for these women or to, you know, take their flock and, and water the flock for them. Basically, these people were so busy in their own lives that they were completely ignoring the women. Right. Now, these women were standing away from the crowd, as we see in the media, they were not mingling with them. And they were constantly trying to keep their animals away. And this is something very difficult to do. So most of you sit down, and he's watching, and he basically couldn't keep it anymore. He couldn't, you know, he couldn't just sit

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there and watch. So he knew there was something wrong, there was a problem. And he went straight to the women. And parlor, Mahatma Kuma. He said What is your circumstance? What is your situation? Meaning what's going on over here? How come? You're standing away? You are not letting your animals drink water? What's happening over here? Have you think about it out of all the people that were present over there? Well, Sarah has said am had the most right to keep to himself right to mind his own business and to not worry about anybody else, especially, you know, strange women. because firstly, he was not a local, right? He was he had just arrived he will he was a traveler. And

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secondly, he he had just got gotten here after a very long and frightening journey. Right, his own circumstances, his personal situation in he was so difficult. Think about it. He was homeless, he was afraid. He had enough on his mind to be preoccupied with himself only right? He had enough of his own problems to not worry about other people. Yet when he sees that, you know what, that these two women are keeping away he knows that there's something wrong and he comes forward to to inquire from these women directly. That What's going on? Is there a problem over here is someone not letting you come to the water. You know what's happening. We see over here the o'clock of masala his Salah,

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right his his nature, his his good character, that he was truly a giver. Right? He was truly a Morrison. We learned earlier in total courses are lost pantherella says workaholic and this is how we reward the doers of good. We learned about the dear son of the mother of mozzarella, his salon. Right that how she put her trust in Allah soprano Tada. And even though her test was really difficult, he she she she made it right but by by putting her trust in the last panel on what was the son of Mozart a center, what was his goodness. So on the one hand, we saw how he was good to the people in Egypt, right especially the people of Bani Israel. And now again, we see over here, that

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even though he was in great difficulty himself, he doesn't forget

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About the pain of other people, he doesn't forget about the struggles of other people. Right? This is your set. So remember, you're sad, doing good towards others giving this is a habit. What happens to some of us is that we forget the pain of other people in our own pain. And we are so preoccupied with ourselves, that we don't care about the people around us. Even if we see someone in great need, we become so selfish at those times that we, that we completely ignore other people. Right, that that sometimes it's, it's not, you know, people in our community, it's not people that we see online, sometimes it's our own family, it's the people that we're living with, that would that we

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completely ignore them, just because we are preoccupied with ourselves. Now, of course, you must begin by helping yourself, right are lay calm and full circle, that you must take care of yourself first. And that is understood, but taking care of yourself. being busy with yourself does not mean that you completely ignore other people. Yes, you must make yourself a priority, whether it is your work, or your health, or your rest or your food or your you know, your appointments, or whatever it is, that should be a priority, and you must take care of yourself because in the Linux cigar Lake, I help write your own knifes your own person, your own body has a right over you. But it doesn't mean

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that we begin to worship ourselves then that we are constantly, you know, revolving our day, our effort around ourselves. And then there's nobody else in the picture. right that the children are being ignored, the spouse is being ignored, or the parents are being ignored, siblings are being ignored, neighbors are being ignored. You know, Friends are being ignored. Why? Because a person is too busy. Alright, so yes, of course, we're going to be busy, we have to make ourselves a priority. But then that doesn't mean that we completely ignore other people. Right? So most Harley SLM he is in great difficulty, he is tired, he is alone, he is afraid. But when he sees that there, there are

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other people who are struggling, he does not ignore them. Alright, sometimes what we do is that we, we have that desire to help other people, we we want to help other people, but we keep waiting, right? We keep waiting for things to become perfect. Right? So if so, for example, a person says, You know what, I don't have a lot of money. I can't exactly give, you know, a donation. So I'm just gonna wait until I get a job. And then I'm making 1000s of dollars. And then perhaps I can give, you know, a huge donation. You don't have to wait until then, the Prophet sallallahu earlier said and told us to save ourselves from the fire, even if it is with half a date, right? Half of a piece of

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fruit. Honey, giving is a habit, and people who like to give people who who develop the habit of of being good to others, they will be good to others, no matter what condition they're in, no matter what situation they're in. So musala Hassan, in this situation, he sees that these women are struggling, he goes up to them and he says Mahatma bukoba What is your circumstance? What's happening over here? And this also shows us that, you know, men must be allies of women. Any sometimes people just assume that if a woman is working, she's independent. You know, she must be perfectly fine. Yes, a woman does not, you know, need a man to rescue her. Right? Because we have

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that other extreme. That you know, men have to be always guarding and sheltering women and women should not have to do anything. They cannot even, you know, step out the house, they cannot drive. They couldn't they cannot manage their own work. They must completely rely on men. That extreme is also a problem. What is needed is that when you see, you know, for men that when they see that a woman is struggling, any it's very visible, right? Like like in a situation like this. Don't just say Oh, she I'm going to mind my own business. No, step up, come forward. Ask and don't just assume that they need you to to rescue them. No, go and enquire, like mozzarella. Sam did Malhotra Buccola

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what's your situation over here? What's going on? And Subhanallah in his sometimes it's amazing how some men will just completely ignore

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Women, you know, who are struggling, sometimes in their own home Subhanallah man sitting on a couch with his phone and the mother is struggling with the vacuum. You know the wife is struggling with heavy pots. The daughter is struggling with, you know running errands. sabini What's going on? Allah Spano Tata has given you the schoolwork, this this physical strength, right a loss personalizada has made men, a worm over women maintainers but you know those who are supposed to look after women, this doesn't mean that women are incapable, no women are very, very capable, they are also very strong. But when you see that a woman might need your help, then step up, right come forward and

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enquire. So, moose already sent him he said mahatva Kumar, what is your circumstance? What happened on Atlanta speed the women responded they said, Let us be, we do not water meaning we do not water our flock we do not fetch water had the use little Veera until the shepherds dispatch, okay, had they used the rear rear is the plural of Ferrari. And arare is a shepherd. And use little ostara used to use little is to is when people emerge or or leave from a place of watering. So until the shepherds dispatch their flocks, until they leave until they depart, we don't take our flocks to the well, or to the water source, what abou Nasha, Johan COVID. And then they said our father is an old

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man, a greatly old man. And he is not able to come, he's not able to bring the flock himself. So we have to do this work. Now, what we see over here is the the hire of these women, right? That it's so visible, it's so clear that these women are extremely modest. Okay, that first of all, we see that they're standing aside, right? They're not freely mingling with the men, right? And then secondly, they wait for the men to leave, and then they take their flock to the water. Right? They are working in a very male dominated field, no doubt. But these women also have clear boundaries. Alright. And remember that the boundaries that you set for yourself are for your own benefit. Okay, they're not

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to, to hinder you to keep you back. No, they are for your own good. Because freely mingling with the men in a situation like this over here would basically give the men an opportunity to, you know, to to overstep and to harass the women. Clearly these men had no, I had had, you know, very low level of luck, because they weren't, you know, moving away, they weren't helping the women. Nobody cared about the women busara who Salaam who's an outsider, in he, he, he noticed that there was something wrong. So these women, any they're not locked up in their home, they had to go to work, right? Their father was old. And remember that working outside of the house for a woman is not wrong. We have too

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many, you know, examples, in you know, for example, in the Quran, and even in in the Syrah of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam where we see that women worked outside of the house, a smell or the love more on how the daughter of Abu Bakar little de la horn, a smart little de la marinha we learned about her that she worked in, in their in their farm, right in Sarajevo, how do we learn about another woman who was a farmer? Right and every Friday she would prepare this stew with barley and beets and she would prepare it and people after Juma Salah you know they would go and eat it. So the women were working outside of the house in in a male dominated field but they had set boundaries

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for themselves right for their own well being and protection. So what about and they said we're gonna shake on COVID so what it No sir Listen, I'm due for cell color humor, so he watered their flocks for them. Okay, meaning he took the flocks, but he took the animals to the water, he let them drink the water. And then he returned the flock to the ladies. So matola Illa will, and then he went back to the shade. Now Musa alayhis salam when he learned that these women are waiting for the shepherds to leave and

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You know their father is old it's clear that there's you know no man in their family who can come and do this job was hardly seen and felt pity for them. Right. And the shepherds so far had no concern for these women because they were not hurrying up they did not offer to water the flocks for the for the women and how long would these women wait because it could take hours and remember that a water well or a spring is such that you know that the water collects over time. So if flock after flock is coming and you know people are fetching water, you know, taking water the water would would probably finish very soon. So most are SLM felt pity for them. And he, he took the flock and he, you

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know, watered them and he returned the animals to the ladies.

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And then some matola is a little, then he he went back to the shade. What's going on? I said, I went back to the shade. Why in order to rest because he was tired. All right. Now, again, we see the giving nature of Masada, his center. He was truly a giver. Right? He did this purely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. Because he how could these women compensate them? Right? Him. So first of all, lahoma sama tala lovely. Now, if you think about it, this was the perfect time for any predator, right to exploit these women. Because most are, listen, I'm just found out these ladies are basically their own their fathers old. And there's no other men in their family. These women are

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shy, right. And he just did them a favor, he could have demanded a compensation, he could have ran away with the flock, he could have, you know, exploited them in so many different ways. And we see that these things happen, right? Too many times women are exploited people who are vulnerable are exploited. So remember, we are tested through our own vulnerabilities. And we are also tested with the vulnerabilities of other people. Meaning when we come across a person who is vulnerable, and we have the opportunity to help them this is actually a test for us. Are we going to take advantage of of them? Or are we going to be you know, just and fair with them and treat them the way that we

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would want to be treated? So musar escena, he does not take advantage of them at all. In fact, he does them a favor. And this was his habit. Right? In Egypt. He helped the Israeli man who was in a fight. Right? not once, but twice. And here, he helped these women. Now sometimes what happens is that if we've had a bad experience, right, helping people, which most artists and I'm did, how that when he helped that Israeli man, the first time he accidentally killed someone. The second time when he came to help him what happened, the man exposed him, right? So if we ever get bitten in that process, we say, never again.

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I'm never helping people again. I'm never going to help anybody again, in this matter or that matter. But you know what, people who have a habit of giving, who love to help others, they will help others no matter what situation they're in, they don't generalize their bad experience. Right? He he knew that. Okay, that man? Yes, you know, he was selfish. But that doesn't mean that everyone is selfish. All people are not evil. Right? Sometimes what we do is that we if we've had a bad experience with you know, someone, we we generalize, and we start to think that everyone is evil, right? All men are evil, all women are evil, you know, all such people are evil, the most our

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listener was not like that. So we need to correct ourselves. So now we see that he went in the shade, he was clearly tired. And look at his dignity. He doesn't even stick around, you know, to ask the women to what's your name? Are you both sisters? I knew it. Right. He doesn't make any small talk. Why because it was not necessary. And this is also very important. Because sometimes what happens is that you know, when we have the opportunity to help someone, we kind of, you know, want to you know, of course shaytaan is there and especially if this is a situation where there is a man and women, any shaitan is going to be there. But musataha Sadam does not stay there, he does not,

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you know, engage any further in any conversation because it was not necessary. And this is again, a

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Very important rule that we must make for ourselves when we are, you know dealing with different people. Protect yourself, right protect your heart, protect your thoughts, don't unnecessarily you know engage in casual conversation with the opposite gender, because shaitan is there, right he is going to put that West facade in your heart. So why put yourself in fitna right sometimes you have to you know work with people of the opposite gender you know at school or or in your workplace or whatever you know you are in a situation like that but but why make unnecessary conversation? Why I mean, you can say the Salaam you can make that basic conversation but then why stick around talking

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joking almost flirting any what's the point? Why Why put yourself in in fitna that you are ruining your heart and perhaps, you know giving the other person an opportunity to, to, to to think that as well. So protect yourself. What happened then, was that he said um, he he returned the animals he went in the shade in order to rest for kohlrabi in the Lima and delta la yemin Hayden *y

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and he said, Oh my Lord, indeed I am for whatever good you would send down to me in need. Robbie, my lord in me indeed I, Lima and Zelda for whatever you send down Ilya to me mean hyden have any good at all. For Kieran, I am happy. I am in need. So Busan, Islam made God to Allah. Right? In that state, when he's tired, he's probably hungry, he's probably feeling lost, he makes.

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And when he's making draw over here, what does that mean? He is expecting good from Allah subhanaw taala. Right. He just helped these women, but he doesn't expect any return from them. And this is something that we need to, you know, ask ourselves about that when we help someone? Do we kind of expect something in return from them? Do we begin to have some expectations of them? If we see people around us just existing even right, do we begin to have expectations of them? Right? This this is this is wrong. We have of course we are in need off, you know, people in the sense that Allah subhanaw taala has, has made people such that we are dependent on each other. Right? There's

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that interdependency between people. But that doesn't mean that we begin to expect people you know, to help us or to compensate us our expectations should be in Allah subhanaw taala because people will only help us or reciprocate or be nice to us when Allah subhanaw taala puts that in their heart, right? So he makes the art to Allah and look at this door are such a beautiful door that Oh my Lord, indeed I am Lima and delta Ella Yemen Hayden, okay Lima and delta What does this mean? This means two things. It means Lima and delta, any for whatever good that you send me. Okay, I am in need of it. So anything good? Whether it's a lot or little in any way shape or form? I'm in need of

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it. I am desperate for help. Okay. Secondly, what this means is Lima and delta era Yemen Hayden Lima means because any Yara because of all the good that you have been sending my way, right all the good that you have given me and all these past years of my life. I am in need of you. Any I depended on you before and I depend on you now. I am in need of a lot of good I am desperate for good for mint for highs. And remember higher can be food it can be you know people it can be wealth it could be home any basically you saying I am desperately in need. Okay. And he describes himself as a forgive. Now who is *y *y is someone who has nothing okay. For kid is you know a person who is so

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desperate that if you were to give them a piece of bread, they would accept it. Okay. You need this is how how desperate of a situation

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lusardi Cena was in and he said I am Forgive me for the good that you send my way. Any I am for clear before you, I am in need of you and the fact is that we are all in need of Allah subhanaw taala right and sort of faltered if 15 Allah subhanaw taala says Yeah Are you her nurse and to move to Colorado

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or people, all of you are focused before Allah, you are in need of Allah. Right? We are all desperately in need of Allah subhanaw taala and musala salaam when he is making Dora he is describing his own state, right his his personal state, and that state is that he was a *ing he was expressing his weakness, his neediness his absolute dependency on Allah subhanaw taala. So, we learn from here a very beautiful way of making sure that when you call upon Allah subhanaw taala

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mentioned your state, okay, mentioned your state and don't be shy over there almost panthro knows exactly what what condition you are in. But you know what, when you describe your condition in your girl, you are inviting the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala you are expressing your need to Allah subhanaw taala you are expressing your humility before Allah subhanaw taala and when you do that, your daughter is accepted. We see for example, the criada has sent up. Right? What did he say? We turned into a medium he said, I'll be in the war handler have no money. Oh my Lord. My bones have become weak. My bones have become weak wish Darla so Schaber. And my head is flared with with

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whiteness, any My hair is white. My bones have become weak. What's he saying? I am really old. But then he says Well, I'm a Candida ecola Bishop here yet? Oh my Lord, I have never been disappointed in calling upon you. Alright, so he describes his state. And just like that describe your state when you're calling upon Allah subhanaw taala. Right. You know, for example, if you're single you're desperately seeking a spouse say that. Right? And don't be shy. Any when we're begging people, we we exaggerate so much, right? What when we are asking people for favors or or we want a favor from people then then we really exaggerate ourselves you know, for example, you want someone to not ask

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you to do something, you say My head is pounding. I have a splitting headache, right? I feel so dead. Can he Are you really feeling that? Not necessarily is your head really splitting with the headache? No, but you need to get a little bit of sympathy from people right we we present ourselves as so weak and so miskeen right. And we need to do that actually before almost piled on. Because when you you know present yourself as a miskeen before people yes, they feel bad for you, but then they get tired. Right? They get tired, you know for example, you want to go shopping, you want to buy new clothes and you tell your mom I have nothing nothing that fits me, right? I have you know,

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all my clothes are old, all my clothes are like this, all my clothes are like that. Is she going to believe you know, in her mind, she thinks that your closet is full in her mind. She thinks that you are not responsible. Right? You can you can beg them for money and they will put condition after condition after condition. Any we experienced this? This with people that when we humble ourselves before people we kind of humiliate ourselves, right? But when we humble ourselves with people, before Allah soprano, tada, then we actually invite the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. So mozzarella is Salam. He said, I am *y the Arab for any good that you send my way. Now what happened? The

00:39:24--> 00:39:50

women of course, because their animals had been, you know, given the water, so they went home. Right. And it has said that when they went home quickly, their father was surprised that How come you return so soon? And he asked him what happened they told him and he sent one of his daughters to go call the man who had helped them. So what happened for jet A to the Homer.

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

Then one of the two women came to who to Mussolini sampha to one of the two women came to Musashi Salah,

00:40:00--> 00:40:13

And she came tongxi are listed here. She came walking with shyness Okay. Come she are listed here is the here is from higher higher is to be shy.

00:40:14--> 00:40:16

And is there here is

00:40:17--> 00:41:18

extreme shyness. Okay. Extreme modesty. So she came walking Allah extreme modesty. What does that mean? It means two things. Firstly it means that she came Allah ne despite her shyness, even though she was feeling extremely shy, right? She still came because her father had sent her and she had to call mozzarella Sam, she had to tell him that my father is calling you in order to pay you. Right? And sometimes Yes, there are things that you have to do even though you feel extremely shy. Now, not now this is important because sometimes shyness prevents us from doing good things. And that is not correct. For example, if shyness is preventing you from asking your teacher question, that kind of

00:41:18--> 00:42:12

shyness is not healthy. All right? But if shyness is preventing you from doing something wrong, then that kind of shyness is excellent. Okay. So she was feeling shy she she didn't want to, you know, go and call Masai Salaam This was extremely awkward. Any we saw earlier about how the women were staying away from the crowd? And he it This was not something easy for her. But she had to do it. So so she did it. And how how did she do it soul properly in such an appropriate way she came are listed here. Secondly, Allah can mean because in the Arabic language or the any over something gives a sense of you know, having authority and control over a lot of power over it. So she came walking

00:42:12--> 00:43:00

upon China's Okay, as if China's HIA was a road and she was walking on it. Okay, meaning every step that she took was with extreme modesty. Okay, she was she was exuding higher. Okay, modesty, you could see that shyness that really her modesty was so evident. All right. Now, her father had sent her to call masala Salaam so that he could compensate Mozart SLM. But if you think about it, how could the father send only one daughter and not the other? Right? Because if it was two of them together would have been easier, right? But he sent only one.

00:43:01--> 00:43:54

There must have been a reason, right? Perhaps there was something else that the other daughter had to do. And any regardless, it shows the level of trust that this father had in his daughters, right. He knew what what good, responsible independent young women these were, that he could send one of them alone to call a guy Subhanallah any, we can see why he trusted his daughter so much. And you look at how she was walking with so much hype that Allah subhanaw taala describes that. Right? Her name is not mentioned in the Quran. Okay. her age is not mentioned in the Quran. But her hyah is mentioned in the Quran, Allah Akbar.

00:43:55--> 00:44:45

Now, she was walking with Hyatt with a lot of hype, and he in her walk in her manner. In her disposition, the way that she was carrying herself there was modesty. She was not vulgar. Okay? Now, shyness does not mean modesty does not mean being afraid or not having confidence because clearly she did have the confidence to to walk all the way to Mozart, so modesty is about having composure. modesty is about having dignity that a person is careful about, you know, how they're carrying themselves. modesty is about gracefulness. Okay, modesty is about, you know, being being being together in yourself. Not that the eyes are going here and there and a person is overly self

00:44:45--> 00:45:00

conscious and breaking out into giggles and, you know, speaking loudly and walking, you know, creating the scene. You know, all of that is contrary to her. She

00:45:00--> 00:45:51

was walking with a lot of high up now the fact that she had so much higher This speaks volumes of her character. Because remember HIA is actually sort of a HELOC, it is the foundation it's the basis of good luck. So this means that if someone has higher if someone has modesty, then they also have other good qualities. And if a person does not have higher than this means that they lack a lot of other good qualities Hya is actually from the from the character of Islam, okay, from the lock, the character that Islam teaches, the Prophet sallallahu earlier said I'm said in the liquidity Deen in caloocan. Every religion has has its own hollow, its own, you know, character, that that it teaches

00:45:51--> 00:46:01

will Hanako Islam and higher and the character of Islam is higher, it is modesty. Higher is a branch of faith, right it leads to Jannah

00:46:02--> 00:46:51

the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explained the relationship between modesty and faith that they are they that they go hand in hand, they go together, they stay together, if one leaves the other also leaves. So higher is extremely important, not just for women, but also for men here is important for every single believer, and every person should think about themselves, that do I exhibit higher in the manner that I speak in, in the manner that I walk in, in the manner that I dress in, in the manner that I interact with people. Right, because having higher means because even though claim said that the word higher is derived from Hyatt Hyatt is life, okay, which means that

00:46:51--> 00:47:17

if a person has modesty than their heart is alive, it is spiritually alive. And if a person does not have higher up, they don't have modesty, that means that their heart is spiritually dead. So every person needs to think about themselves, instead of judging other people that I know this person who walks in a very vulgar way. And this other lady she talks in such an obscene way. No, instead of thinking about other people, let's think about ourselves.

00:47:18--> 00:48:13

How is my What? What level of hair do I observe? Remember haya is with Allah, and hyah is also with people higher with people is that a person is not indecent. A person is not indecent in their mouth. So they don't say words that are inappropriate. The manner in which they talk the volume in which they talk, the kind of things that they talk about the words that they say, any all of that is, is modest, and then higher is also in our behavior. Right? The way that we walk the way that we carry ourselves, the way that we treat people. So, timeshare are listed here, Allah subhanaw taala praises her. Her modesty over here, her extreme modesty and remember that modesty is not something that

00:48:13--> 00:49:02

holds you back. Okay. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Hey, I will lay at the tea, Ellerbee layer. modesty does not bring anything except goodness. Because sometimes we think that, you know, if you want to good, if you want to find a husband, then you got to go and you know, put yourself out there and putting yourself out there means you know, taking 50 selfies of your, you know, makeup and when putting that online and, you know, talking really loudly in parties and you know, you know, just going in and talking to just everybody know, how Yeah, brings goodness. Okay, modesty brings goodness, and in modesty, all right, in modesty, obscene behavior, behavior in which

00:49:02--> 00:49:16

a person is clearly disobeying Allah subhanaw taala How will that bring goodness? Now a person might say, Well, you know what, uh, my nature is just like that. I'm just really loud. I'm just really, you know,

00:49:18--> 00:49:59

you know, I'm a, I'm an extrovert, I cannot help but, you know, speak loudly and just speak to anybody and you know, I don't mind these things. So, remember that there is a kind of hire that is very good, that is innate, some people are naturally more shy and modest alright. And there is another type of higher witches cassabi meaning it is acquired a person needs to practice that and that kind of higher is what is part of EMA. Okay. So for example, when you consciously choose, alright, to lower your volume, for example,

00:50:00--> 00:50:50

When you consciously choose to, you know, for instance, make sure that there is a physical distance between you and a person of the opposite gender who who is not in my home to you, when you consciously choose to make sure that you're covered appropriately, that you're dressed appropriately. This is all part of your Amen. Okay, this is from Eman and this is what is rewardable. So she came this lady came to Masada Salaam and she came come she Arliss, they're here. Now remodel de la Mourinho, he said that she came walking shyly putting her garment over her face, okay, any part of her hide out was that she took some of her garment, and she covered her face with

00:50:50--> 00:51:31

it, because she was going to, you know, speak directly with a man, you know, right in front of him. So she felt shine out of that China, she put her garment over her face. And no said, you know, she covered her face. This is actually the most common interpretation that you will find intercede books for this idea that she covered her face. Some said she took her garment, some said she covered her face with her hand. Others said she covered her face with both her hands, any sheet she this was part of her HIA Alright, so this shows that if a person is, you know,

00:51:33--> 00:52:20

you know, for example, that the face is covered in makeup, and then selfies are being taken and being you know, posted online. And even for men. You know, sometimes men will take shirtless pictures, you know of themselves, right, and they will post that online, flexing their muscles, right and posting that online wearing cheap sunglasses and taking a selfie and putting that online. All of these behaviors are, you know, sort of contrary to here. Now, HIA, as I mentioned earlier, is for both men and for women. We cannot say that, you know why? Women should cover themselves. Men should know that they're also attractive to women. If you're all you know, you're you get your hair

00:52:20--> 00:53:08

cut, and you take five selfies and you post them online and you're sharing it. And you know, you think that women have no feelings. You know, maybe you you live in a different world. And the same men will judge women and condemn women. All of us need to hold ourselves accountable. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was described as a shy person and assadullah horn who said the Prophet sallallahu Urdu said I was a very shy person. I will sorry, they'll hold reset the Prophet salallahu Urdu Sena was more shy than a veiled virgin girl. And he he had extreme hair. So HIA is not just for women, it is also for men. It is for every single believer. So she came walking to him, she called

00:53:08--> 00:53:58

him. She said, Carla, she said in an obeah, the ruka she said, Indeed My father is calling you He's inviting you. Why Leah z aka a jalama SOHCAHTOA talana in order that he may reward you for having watered our animals for us, and most heartless, and I've never demanded a wage. Right? He never demanded a compensation. But these people were also very dignified, that they did not just, you know, take the help for free. They recipt there. They wanted to reciprocate. Right and this is prophetic character. We learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he he offered help. And he also received help. He gave favors and he also received favors, but he didn't just, you know,

00:53:58--> 00:54:49

benefit from people. But you know what, since I'm the Prophet of Allah, I can ask anybody for anything and they will comply. No, he, he reciprocated right. And, and these people also they didn't just take that favor because they could they reciprocated well certainly said, I'm accepted that fella Madrid who so when Musashi Salam came to him, meaning most artists and I'm accepted the offer. Although he did what he did for the sake of Allah, he was in need of help, right? Someone offered to pay him for what he did. So he accepted. So remember, giving does not mean that you don't accept anything ever. No, you give whatever that you can, right you you are generous with your money with

00:54:49--> 00:55:00

your time with your good advice, you know, with the favors that you can, you know, give people but at the same time, when when people try to reciprocate, they want to do

00:55:00--> 00:55:12

Your favorite don't think you're above that. Don't reject people's gestures of kindness. Alright? So Musab he said um he came right he came to accept the wage

00:55:13--> 00:55:23

and then what Casali He calls us and musalla he said, I'm related to him the story will solve this and I'm told him his entire story. Okay? Which story

00:55:24--> 00:56:08

you know about how he accidentally killed someone. And now how he was afraid that fit our own and his mother would, you know, catch him and kill him? So what costs are legal costs? He was very transparent, very honest with him. So the father of the two girls, Allah He said latter half. Don't be afraid. Now. Jota middle como volley mean? You have escaped from the wrongdoing people. Okay, lolly mean, meaning oppressors, the people of our own their oppressors, you have escaped them, you are no longer in their territory. They will not be able to come here and find you. And their law doesn't apply over here anyway. You You You are far away from them. You are safe here. So look at

00:56:08--> 00:56:13

how the father of these two girls, he he comforted Masada, his center.

00:56:15--> 00:57:04

All at the head of Houma. One of them said, meaning one of the two girls, she said to her father that Yeah, have a tea. Oh, my father is that dude who hire him is the job is to hire someone on some digital, right on some wage, meaning they do something for you on the condition that you pay them. Right? So she said, hire hire this man. He doesn't have anywhere to go, right? He he has to go somewhere. He cannot go back to his home country. He's here. And he's he's a good man. So hire him, we are also in need of help. And she said in the halo minister Jota. Indeed, the best one you can hire is someone who is a weak, someone who is strong and someone who is an amine, who is

00:57:04--> 00:57:05


00:57:07--> 00:57:57

Now we see over here, what an excellent relationship these girls had with their father, right? There's trust, there's open communication. The girls, you know, are able to talk to their father, she is able to advise her father that that well my father, hire this person. He's a very good candidate. He's perfect for our situation. He is strong, and he's trustworthy. Now, how did she know that most artists and I was away? I mean, how did she know that most artists and I was strong and he was trustworthy? Well, first of all, she had seen his strength. Think about how he had come all the way from Egypt. Right? He traveled on foot, okay, all alone from Egypt, all the way to the end. And

00:57:57--> 00:58:43

he this shows his his physical strength, his mental strength, right, his emotional strength, Kenny, and then he knew that he and he saw that these women were in need. he sensed that he came forward he took the flock he watered the flock, he'd returned the animals. He there he was artists and I've truly exhibited a whole lot of strength. And most artists and I'm told him the whole story, right, but how he accidentally killed someone that also, you know, shows how strong he was because he only intended to punch the men and the men died because of that. So most artists lm strength was was clear. Secondly, she knew that he was I mean, he was trustworthy. How did she know that he was

00:58:43--> 00:59:07

trustworthy, because he he he returned the flock. Right? And, and he did not hesitate telling them about his story about how he accidentally killed someone. He his honesty, his his commitment, his loyalty, all of that was very visible. And these two qualities are excellent qualities in a person.

00:59:08--> 00:59:51

Right? in the hierarchy minister, Jonathan Covey, you mean and this shows us that if we're looking to you know, find someone you know, for a certain job, this is what we should be looking at, do they have the strength to do the work? Right? And secondly, are they reliable? These are two important skills. Right? So what happened, the father of these two girls, and he, he knew he had two girls who are young, of marriageable age, and here's a young man who was also of marriageable age. They are in need, he's in need. He realized that this was the perfect time to eat or to,

00:59:52--> 00:59:59

you know, do something that would be of benefit to both parties. So instead of just hiring

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mozzarella has seller. He actually had another idea, which inshallah we will learn about in the following verses

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because I don't want to rush through these verses and inshallah we will go over them in our next class in sha Allah. If there's any questions related to what we discussed so far, please do feel free to ask.

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inshallah we'll conclude over here so clinical loving will be handing a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta esta Furukawa to LA wa salam o aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.