Yasir Qadhi – Wisdom in the Quran #04 Wisdoms Of Letting Go & Moving On

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The importance of forgiveness and letting go of grudges in Islam is discussed, with the speakers emphasizing the need for forgiveness and letting go of grudges. The first two phrases to use when dealing with humanity are forgiveness and patience. The third and fourth levels of responsibility are to practice good behavior and avoid negative consequences. Pr practice and not just highlighting negative behavior are also emphasized. The importance of forgiveness is emphasized, and a book called "The Beauty of a clock Islam" is mentioned as a source of good practice.
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Today's wisdom is going to be sorted out off verse 199. Allah subhanho wa Taala commands the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with a beautiful summary of how he should deal with humanity. Allah says who they are for what motivated Rofi what i did i ninja healing ya rasool Allah, you take the path of forgiveness and graciousness, who the law for you take the path of forgiveness and what motivated ofI command and preach what is good, what are the other ideas Jah healing and turn away from the foolish and ignorant people. This three phrases or these three phrases summarizes the wisdoms of how our default should be when it comes with dealing with mankind. Allah created mankind to be always a

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trouble with one another. Allah says in the Quran, watch another documentary about in fits in attend at US balloon. We have made groups of you to be tests and trials for other groups. And so it is we don't get along with our friends and relatives at times. Sometimes the husband and wife fights sometimes our colleagues we are not talking to one another. Sometimes brothers are not speaking to brothers such as the reality of mankind. And Allah commands the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, ya rasool Allah, you should always try your best to be the better of the two how so? Who the Laffel you take the path of forgiveness, let your grudges go, let your heart be pure. If somebody says

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something you don't like, if somebody harms you or hurts you, if somebody has done something that offends you try your best to let go. Who then awful you take the path of awful what is awful, awful means you wipe clean, you have a clean slate of the names of Allah allow foo in the last 10 nights we're going to be saying Allahumma inika Alpha One to enable Alpha four means to wipe it away. So Allah is saying to the Prophet system, don't hold those grudges don't always be bitter, who will have to take the path of letting go and wiping away. Now before we move on, there are levels of awful and it is important. We mentioned this, the lowest level of awful the lowest level, this is

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you do not take vengeance in this world. But you expect Allah subhanho wa Taala to reward you in the next world. So you forgive partially in this world you will let go. But in your heart you will hold say I want my house on the day of judgment. And this is done for the enemies of Islam. If you cannot retaliate, then you in your heart to say I will get it on the day of judgment and even evil people very evil people you're not really going to forgive completely. You will say oh Allah in this dunya I cannot do anything but on the day of judgment. I want my full health this is the lowest level of awful you don't do something foolish you don't retaliate. And the Quran mentions in the early makan

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phase the Prophet system was expected to do awful to even the Jah he didn't have the courage to even the machine again, you can do anything awful does not mean you forgive and completely ignore our four means ya rasool Allah, don't worry, Allah will deal with them in this dunya you try your best to deal with them in a manner that you don't hold that grudge. So that's the lowest level, a better level than this. And that is you forgive genuinely for the sake of Allah, but you don't really repair the friendship, it hurts you, but you let it go. And the friendship is not going to be as it used to be. This is the second level and it is a decent level. And it is something we aspire to that

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you don't hold the grudge. But still because of what happened. Perhaps that mending is not going to take place. And this is permissible and it's not problematic. The highest level ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala says, which is that we'll say year 10 say year two through her from an alpha were US law her for a little while Allah the highest level, you forgive you clean your heart, and then you make up for that fight. You come back to your friendship, you come back to that brotherhood, the way that it used to be that is the highest level, whichever level you choose. It depends on the circumstance and the context. But the default for the believer they don't harbor grudges who did awful. Now there are

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exceptions to this rule. Those exceptions generally apply to evil tyrants to those who are in the name of Islam for the sake of Islam, they hate you those people then you keep in your heart on the day of judgment and if you can retaliate in this dunya as an empire the nest a separate reality but on an individual level and between Muslims the default is awful. And Allah loves awful and Allah loves those who practice awful and Allah subhanho wa Taala recommended alpha to the Sahaba even to Oba Caruso deal when somebody bad mouth his own daughter Aisha the Allahu Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed in the Quran. Don't you want our worker to forgive you? So if you forgive him, I

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shall forgive you. So awful is the default

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between Muslims who delightful number two, what motivated overfeed, you command what is good, so awful isn't the heart command dig is in the tongue at the higher level than the next level. You have to be a role model of good and you command other people to be good as well. Don't just exemplify good in your life, preach good to others be a role model, effect change. Islam is not just about your individual personal worship. Islam is also about effecting change in society, who they are for what motivated odfi You practice forgiveness, then you preach what is good, then we'll give it a Jah healing. Turn away from the ignorant folks, not only do you practice you are what you preach you

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demonstrate that by in your life do not causing more friction do not bring about fitna, the believer does not cause drama. The believer does not increase fitna between people. The believer does not get involved in street brawls and and personal polemics or politics of a vulgar nature. The believer is dignified. The believer walks away. The believer does not come down to the level of the ignoramuses. Allah says in the Quran, why either Sunday or Allahu Allahu Anhu when they hear people vain, talk fighting, doing ridiculous things, they turn away and they say, Lana are maluna Welcome. We have our lifestyle and deeds you have your lifestyle and D is Salam. o alaikum. peace be unto you learn up

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the real joy healing, I have no desire to be with the Jehovah's people. The believer does not come down to the level of the jaw Hill, the ignoramus, the fool, the believer remains dignified and at a higher level. Notice by the way, these three commandments, the first begins in the heart, then it goes on to the tongue and then it is manifested in the actions and such as Eman. It begins in the heart, it goes to the tongue and then it is manifested in actions. Also notice all three commands deal with you. The response is not mentioned. Because you are responsible for yourself. You're not responsible for other people. Allah reminds us you do you what others do. Allah is not going to call

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you to task for what they do you in your life, practice forgiveness. Have a clean heart in your life. Try to be a role model. Preach what is good in your life. Do not cause drama. When people are doing negative things, evil things turn away, walk away and do not exacerbate any situation. be dignified in your heart dignified in your tongue dignified in your cloud. That is the role model of the believer. This idea concentrates for us summarizes for us the beauty of a clock Islam is not just about rituals, Islam is not just about aqidah Islam is not just about Sharia, a part of Islam is a HELOC as well and in this ayah we are summarizing the beauty of a HELOC began with the heart

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have a clean heart do not hold grudges forgive as much as you can. And especially forgiveness within family. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says in the Quran are you who believe some of your spouses they do things are going to hurt you they're enemies unto you sometimes they do things they might even become enemies. What does Allah say five was vital, right? Forgive, turn over a new leaf, just ignore it and move on. Especially between families. We must try our best to practice this model of forgiveness. And even with friends and all Muslims have a clean heart preach what is good and do not get involved in that which is negative May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to practice these

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wisdoms and we will continue inshallah to Allah was set on why they can Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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