Consistency and Reliability

Mirza Yawar Baig


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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should be able mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman cathedral because

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my brothers and sisters hamdulillah

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one of my friends asked me this question about the importance of consistency.

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Now, I can't possibly emphasize this enough

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that talent is overrated.

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The real

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winner in life is consistency is to be able to do something consistently well

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over a long period of time,

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this is the secret of success.

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The key thing is to do quality work and to do that quality work repeatedly.

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expertise is repeatability.

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It's not doing something right once expertise is repeatability

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consistency is the

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root of reliability, consistency inspires or creates or enables reliability and reliability is the secret of leadership.

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People will follow you if they know that you are reliable.

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And you prove your reliability by doing something whichever thing you do consistently when you become the go to person for that piece of action, whatever is your specialty, you become the go to person for that.

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Now this means focus it means metrics, how do you become consistent by having metrics. So put a put a put a goal and say that this I will do everyday. Number one, number two is to completely and totally remove all excuses. There is consistency consistency means to do that thing. Whichever you have set yourself to do

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without fail

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every single day.

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and that means that there are no excuses so you can say well I'm in today I'm sick or today I'm traveling or today that is too much or Stuart was a heater too much right now. No matter what that thing you do must be done.

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The key also is to

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make that thing whichever it is such that it can be done. So for example if you say I'm going to walk 10 Miles might not be possible on some days. Because of the weather. So whatever it is you do set a goal which is doable. Can be ambitious, but don't make it impossible. And then look excuses. Absolutely must be done.

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Just to give you an example I don't like to talk about ourselves and the work we do what the since you are also drivers to the further reminders Hamdulillah we have been doing this regularly every single day without without fail for now several years.

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I can't remember exactly how many but a lot of us

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and it works from the same business which is that we say that one must go out every single day.

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Now sometimes you might say well you know if what I do sometimes is that if I'm traveling or if I anticipate not having access to the internet or something, then I record a few of them in advance. And then Omar who takes care of the technical angle of this, then Omar sent them out.

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So there is no the recipients do not feel

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any gap I mean they don't even know that I'm traveling or anything like this. So there has to be some planning but the point is that it all comes from this basis to say that we will not miss

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will not miss a day. No matter what happens to the best of our ability. We will do it.

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The other thing also is the baraka in structure. And in

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you know in doing something maybe small but doing it consistently over time. For example, somebody asked me to do a series of reminders on the Skia Butterbeer

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and before you know it

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we have if I'm not mistaken

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on 30th enough's 50. For the reminders and and that we have the law

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plus 50 for the reminders

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that is 100 on an average of 15 minutes per

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episode, that is 25 hours of recording.

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Now, if somebody had told me, can you speak for 25 hours on Thursday had nothing to do with the luck luck? I wouldn't say you're crazy with how can anybody speak for 24 hours, 25 hours on this, but that's what happened. And that's because that is the power of the small thing being done repeatedly. And we know this from from the resources, he said, I lost, like the small deed which is repeated, small goodie rather than one big pitch, you know, all night or something, but do something small even if it is what, but make sure it is done consistently.

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Consistency is in everything, whether it is careers, whether it is work, whether it's you know, behavior. Take for example, wrestlers, asylums, titles, a Saudi cola mean,

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the truthful and the trustworthy. These are titles of consistency, these are titles given, and because of consistent behavior in a certain way, which over time, creates this reliability, that he will never tell a lie, that he will never

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misuse. Trust, that he will never

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abuse, the trust that is invested in him.

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consistent behavior over time, creates that sense of reliability, which gives him that reputation of being somebody who's known as the truthful, and the trustworthy.

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Same thing applies across the board. So

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so how do we develop this? As I said, first and foremost, I think it's much more than the structure and the logistics, and the, you know, the metrics and so on, I think it comes out of a sense of pride in yourself. Again, I'm about to distinguish between arrogance and confidence and a sense of pride honor, I'm not talking here about about arrogance, I'm talking here about honor to say that if I do something, it has to be of the highest quality, and it has to be done consistently, where people if they tell, if they asked me to do something, they can ask me and forget about they do not have to follow up.

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This whole issue of following up is such an incredible thing. I remember I always remember this friend of mine who I made the mistake of following up on something. And he just turned on he asked me he didn't do to trust me. I said, Of course I trust you. He said why you asked him again. He told me something, you told me do something. Why do you need to ask? Now? Well, I'm you know, I never ever asked him again. And I never had to ask him, because that was the level of his commitment to his word.

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Finally, before we close this,

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obviously, the most damaging thing to consistency, which translates into trust, in translates into reliability is to

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break that to be to become inconsistent, to give you a word and not deliver, and believe it takes only one time,

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a lifetime of effort can get destroyed in one instance.

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Even if it's not one instance, definitely in one or two instances. It doesn't take, you know, another lifetime of,

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of not delivering people just they lose trust. And then to regain that trust is almost impossible.

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Because trust is that amazing thing. It's it gets built. And when you're building trust, it doesn't really take that long. People are willing to trust you and so on. So, once you start doing something, you do it well, people believe that as long as you keep that keep that going this is fine. It's translates into reliability into leadership into in the case of business, it translates into better profits and so on. But if you lose it, if you break it,

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then it falls apart and then to rebuild it is as I said, almost impossible.

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very, very, you know, so, so many stories of,

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of how the reliability, how important is

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when we when we if you look at businesses, if you look at individuals, it's all boils down to that

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which is to consistently deliver on promises. And that is the whole point. As I said, as I said, it begins with your own sense of pride, your own sense of honor in your word, because your word is your bond. This is your signature, this is your face. And for you to feel that, if I do not deliver on what I promised that I am literally slapping myself in the face, I'm saying to people, don't believe me, don't trust me. I'm not worthy of being trusted. This is what we are saying to people. And my question to myself and anyone else is, is this really what you want to say to people?

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But that's what you're saying. And it's very simple it can do we're not talking here about some great global agreement, I'm talking about a very simple thing of for example, which happens all the time Allah forgive us, we we start, we say dysfunction will begin at this time, and it does not begin at the it's always late. You tell somebody, I will meet you at this time and you don't meet it,

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that you are late, or you don't turn up. And then you have a long excuse. Why this is this? Right? All of these Punctuality is the number one thing as far as consistency, and trust, goes absolutely on the dock. And we know other cultures, how people are completely and totally punctual. If the person is I'll meet you at 1015 1015 on the dock that person is there.

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Now my question is Why can we do that? Then of course the answer is of course, we can do that if we want to do that. Our problem is wanting. So I remind myself and you that consistency is the soul of reliability and reliability is the soul of trust

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and needed

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and consistency is to deliver

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on your promise to do what you say you will do. Not once not twice, but every single time.

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Well, solid Allah will tell him while he was happy maybe to go