Ebrahim Bham – The challenge of LQBTQ+ and gender identity

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the "hamma" rule and the importance of avoiding margins of error in interactions with people, particularly those who do not want to commit a crime. They emphasize the need for individuals to be clear and unambiguous in the face of natural and un natural behavior, as well as pursuing their desire without fulfillment. The speakers also stress the importance of protecting individuals' privacy and values, particularly in regards to same sex attraction and the need for parents to guide their children through difficult times.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa salatu salam ala mundanity about the

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Amudha folder we live in a shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Well Luton is an economy attached to an alpha Tisha Mustafa cumbia in the middle island in South Africa with

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my dear respected Alma scholars, elders, brothers, mothers and sisters and those who are listening on the live stream. We begin by placing Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala, sending salutations upon our beloved Libya Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it has always been the responsibility of the automa

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to deal with the challenges of the age. And we find this throughout history, whether it be with Mr. Muhammad, Muhammad Abdullah in dealing with the challenge of the creation of the Quran in his time,

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whether it be with Imam Ghazali, Rahul Ali, who came and challenge the philosophers who seem to have dominated in his time. And he wrote the book to half a total philosopher, the incoherence of the philosophers. And so it was, in the time

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in the Mughal empire, When Akbar

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brought about what he termed as de la vie, the amalgamation of religions. So the amalgamation of religions is not a new phenomenon, it is something that happened previously. And at that time, we just did have a tiny chef of mud sir Hindi, challenged it. And Allah Tala granted him success. And today, there is no doubt whatsoever that this is the challenge that we are facing. Maybe might people might say that in terms of numbers, percentage wise, they might not be that amount of people who are engaged in it, the numbers are increasing. And perhaps sometimes Allah knows, I'm not sure that it is perhaps, advocated that the great amount of people are

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taking part in this, to give it more relevance, but whatever it is, it is a challenge, a challenge not only because it is practice, but it is almost as if it is imposed upon humanity, as there is something wrong with people who oppose something which our Sharia, and all religions have called unnatural. And if spoken against it, and the Quran is against it, and all even the previous scriptures have spoken out against it. Now, of course, we got the title is gender identity crisis is very greatly linked to the LGBTQ movement. So I'm going to be speaking on both these aspects. And my role today is just to maybe give an introduction to give the Islamic ruling in the Islamic

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perspective. My colleague, Abdullah hijab has taken part in almost over 45, if not more than that workshops on the issue. So he is more clued up with regard to the present day dynamics about it. So my My role today would be to speak about the introductions. And what I've done, as it has been in the in the poster, a grassroots approach. So what I've done in this, I've

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taken out 10 points. So I'm going to enumerate those points 10 points, and I will keep it brief. The first thing is, say Allah subhanaw taala has created us with desires.

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Now, those desires, no one can run away from it. Allah has created us and within us those desires, human beings have responded to those desires in three ways. Or at least maybe not responded, but at least even mentally, intellectually, there are three ways you can respond to it. One is you suppress those desires. Now, when I'm talking about those desires, I'm not talking about it in terms of same * relationship. I'm talking about it in a broader sense, any type of relationship to fulfill your desires. So there are three options in dealing with it. One is to suppress it. Now to suppress it goes against the commands of Allah subhanho wa taala. It goes against the natural order, which

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requires you to fulfill that desire for the continuation of the human race. It is also harmful to health. Medical practitioners and other people have likened it to a stagnant pool of water. The way stagnant pool of water creates its own problems. Suppressing of a natural desire also creates that

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problem. So that is the one one way of looking at the second one is that you give it away to whoever you want, whoever is available, whoever is pleasing two consenting adults, I can fulfill it with whomsoever I want. Now, that might sound appealing to some,

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it might sound appealing to some, some people might look at this as an ideal, but it is actually very harmful to society. People thereafter will only be valued because of the looks. And it leaves an emotional vacuum in people. And that is perhaps one of the challenges we are facing. So there is also not an option that is

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correct. And the third way is the way of the Amelia Masada to salaam, the way of divine religions. It does not negate the desires, but it fulfills it within the sacred confines of Mecca. And fulfillment of that desire in Nikka is not only permitted, it is even meritorious. It is also in the words of me Salah Salem, it is like a Seneca like a charity. So that's the first one that I would like to make mention. The second point in this regard is we need to understand the ethical framework of Islam. And as an industry we need to be clear and unambiguous. In Islam, there is only one way of the fulfillment of this relationship which is promoted and that is only within the sacred confines

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of Nikka between a male and a female. That the second point, the third point now we come to what is the contention, homosexuality same *, religion or relationships. Now in this regard, what is the Quran tell us? How's it Rutelli salat wa salam incident the tribe of as a brutally salat wa salam is the catalyst. Because Allah subhana wa Taala has related the commands with regard to this under this particular

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incident, a type of router incident was salam they

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incident is one of disobedience, arrogance, defiance, and eventually, Allah Tala punishing them for the unnatural desires, and a little of punishing them in a way that was in accordance with a deed. Now the first point I think, I would like to very much touch on and the reason why I'm going to spend a little time on this is the protagonist, the people who say, Alia to Billa he has a villa, and you hear it say, and you will find it in Google, you will find it that people will say no, the tribe of Lutheran salat wa salam were not punished by Allah because of the same * relationship. But they were punished because of * of small children.

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And you'll see many times the protagonists use this as an argument. Now people have a right. In our country, for example, is the right for people to accept or reject Islamic teachings. Like Rafi Dean, there is no compulsion in religion. You can see that force a person to become a Muslim. But what is compulsory is that no one has a right to attribute something to Islam, which is not part of Islam. If you want to say that this is permitted, then do it outside of the fall of Islam on Monday for your own self, but don't say Islam permitted, because the evidence is overwhelming. With regard to what Islam says about this, let us look at some of the ayat. You'd be so it's so clear, but then I

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don't know why it is making 12 contention. So in Surah, Hara the HU Parag the Holy Quran, in the last, you know, last second last who have the interest, when who tend to be the color the army he attacked tunel fascia and report the time and brutality salat wa salam Turan to his people you do an act, fascia. Fascia means an unnatural and elude and a shameful act, which is indecent. Now the word fascia has been also used for Zina and adultery. Well, that that Rosina in organophosphorus Don't come near adultery, it is partitioned, it is shameful it is used it is indecent. But here is an added dimension to it in the Quran. Alif Lam comes in front of it alpha he shows that it isn't a

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serious nature of this act. Not only it is Fat Shark, it is alpha shark. It is the shameful act. So not only is it shameful it is the shameful act therefore, law

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Sometimes to specify the shameful nature of it. Then look at what Allah Tala and the Holy Quran further say, will return your call in a poem Yatta tunnel facia must suffer from behind in a hottie minute anime, which was not done by anyone from amongst decoration before you mean Harding is a further emphasis, no one before you the strive of brutally CERAM never ever did it. So, this would pave to the argument that the protagonists put forward that this is a natural desire in a human being, it was not done by anyone amongst human being before this. So the word mean hadn't minerality obviously, there is the one core the one anchor point that comes into this whole issue is whether it

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is natural or it is nurtured. Nowadays, scientific evidence is overwhelmingly in favor that it is not natural, a person is not born with it. It is nurtured by circumstances, those circumstances is a different matter what those circumstances is. So this is an outright rejection of the claim that it is a tendency tendency that is inborn. Then look at what Allah Tala further says,

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Massa, in the formula tuner, Regina Shakalaka you take men as your object of desire, not at fun, not children. You take men as your object of your desire. It is Richard. Verily with rust, we approach men instead of women. Now in this particular thing, as Abdullah says, stutters Shah what I mean, but unto former Muslim * you have exceeded the limits. So it's very clear, it's not, it is not something that is forced upon people, it is not children. It is the preference of fulfilling the desire in an unnatural way which the Quran has condemned. Right so hello to Teresa that was salam ala callosum angels to destroyed and in our letter sent to seven angels in the form of young,

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attractive men, which was a further test for them. So when lutenist, Assam saw those young, attractive men coming in the fall, angels coming in the form of attractive men, he was worried.

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I mean, you can look down we're gonna see Khaleja for me, Hamdulillah, even at the Hoonah Allah comfortable Allah, Allah knows

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that when he realized that they might even come and fulfill the desires with these men. So what did he say? He said, Oh, my people don't disgrace me in front of my, in front of my guests. You know, these are the women of my 100 spiritual father of them. These are my daughter's spiritual daughters. Why do you make men as your object of your desires? So what did they reply? This is what I want to say. anelli? Because what did he say? Oh, Lord, you know, Mother Nafi Bonacci coming up, we're hitting the data level man read or not, you know, we don't have any desire to women, you will know what we want, you will know what is our desire. So what has been clearly communicated here is that

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what was wrong? What is for them what the Quran has prohibited, why they have been punished, is because of making men the object of the desire instead of women. Can another place is the Holy Quran and that Allah says, What are the rules I

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mean, as long as you have look at the translations, they leave what Allah has created for them to be the spouses and partners. But I'm from Pomona Dune, they are transgressors. And another place Zaarly mean, they are people who are who have committed injustice, and another place in the Holy Quran. When we can attain our hope or whatever when a Jaina woman I'll tell you again that eternal Medora

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Allah Tala same route from this tribe, who used to do her beef evil acts. So, it is an act that has been condemned. The fourth thing, desire itself now that must understand this properly desire itself.

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And inclination itself is not simple. We cannot be defined by our desires. We are defined by our response to desires anyone can find another woman attractive.

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But that doesn't mean because you find her interest attractive, you are inclined towards her, you are going to fulfill your desires with them or you are going to go into Rome with inclination, desires in itself. And he Tunisia in itself is not wrong. What is wrong if you further

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Go into it and you're going to commit and you actively pursue it. There's a hadith in Nebia cream sauces MSA in Allah cuttable Hassan It was the year, Allah Allah has decreed with regards to good and bad, from a hammer, it has nothing to beautiful Hadith. Whoever intends a good deed, Allah immediately rewards one one reward, just by his intention to do a good deed. And if he does the good deed is rewarded from 10 to 700 times more. Just look at the mercy of Allah, who in teleported Allah righteous for them. And if you do it, Allah rewards you from death, multiply by 10, to almost 700 times depending upon the grace of Almighty Allah, and woman, Hammarby CEO, whoever intends an evil

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deed there is no guna in sin recorded for you until you practice on it. And when he practices upon if there's only one son is reporting to me.

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Now, just the desire itself. Now that also it's got it's got its drawbacks, because from that particular intention and desire, you can go further, but I'm just telling you what the Quran it says there's a hadith, or with regard to the Islamic rule on this particular matter. First of all, * same * relationship is haram. And one of the greatest guna I made mention of the higher alpha issue, not only shameful indecently viewed, the ultimate in shameful deeds and Buddha himself, the major selling, if anyone participates in such a relationship, or in such an act, it is haram, it is prohibited, it is simple. However, as long as he does not regard it to be permitted in Islam, he's

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still within the fold of Islam.

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If anyone does an act of God Himself, taking taking help or taking interest, it is it is prohibited this particular same * relationship is prohibited. But if you do it regarding it as wrong, then you still within the fold of Islam. However, if you justify even slightly you justified then what am I have written in the Allama have have decreed anyone who justifies a haram if it is, then you will open the holes. So that is the sixth or the fourth point in this particular regard. The sixth point

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to celebrate, promote what Allah has prohibited is incorrect and wrong. Because you and I, we sometimes I'll be political in some of the people you sometimes can get involved in that doing something wrong. But the Muslim can never be an active participant in encouraging them which is wrong.

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But I wouldn't want to live busy with the cooperate in matters of good and in taqwa, what

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would one never ever cooperate in acts of sin and injustice, we can never be a party to promote or be part of anything which

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promotes or give credence to something which is wrong.

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No matter what the reason, even if it be for social cohesion of political expediency, it is wrong, it is not permitted. There is no spoke accommodation for you to promote or accommodate. Or be you know, to celebrate this particularly we all know that in the Quran, you will find in La Mirada, except the wife of mutilation that was set up. Now you will find that when Allah Allah destroyed the tribe of luthiery salatu salam and Allah Tala destroyed them in a way which was equivalent to the deed the deed was unnatural, Allah Tala destroy them in such a way and that Allah told us that you rather listen to a salaam to take them with the tip of one of his wings, take them up towards the

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horizon and throw them

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upside down. And then under law rain down a rain of stones upon them, which came from the top of the bottom and took them out of the bottom of the bodies. So that is destroyed him. But part of those who were destroyed with a wife, she did not partake in that. But what was her time to remain silent and to promote that fortress home. So that is she portrayed by being an active sympathizer with the people with regard to the wrong and therefore she shared a faith in terms of the punishment. So we can never as Muslims ever celebrate or promote

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or be part of regarding or being part of promoting that which Allah Tala has made her seven, seven point that I'm coming to my 10th point now right the seventh point

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we will condemn anyone taking the law in their own hands, as much as any any law of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. Any hood, any height can only be carried out by authoritative Islamic government. No one has got the right to take

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punishment and Islamic punishment on his own individual self. So we will condemn anyone taking the law into his own hands and acting violently against people of different

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orientations, we will regard it as wrong. But this must not be in any way conflated to meaning acceptance, what Allah has made forbidden, we cannot take the law into our own hands. That's the seventh point that we will keep in mind. The eighth point, we should always use the prophetic conduct in our interaction with people, especially the people who are doing wrong. What was the prophetic method of dealing with people who sometimes did wrong? Maybe a cream salsa many times look at the mistakes of people, the errors of people with a feeling of compassion, not with a finger of judgment, or not with the finger of

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looking down upon them. So we find so many examples that most famous example a person came youngster came in a presence of Libya for himself salam ala Shula want to commit adultery.

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Can you imagine someone coming to save our beloved money, I think stoicism the greatest, the greatest in terms of moral perfection and telling him I want to commit to that

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and wanting to open me up to it. You know forsake you didn't tell him get out of my sight. Get out of the magic Get out of my presence. Don't even come to me. How dare you speak to me like I didn't tell him sources told me on

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Twitter, you are going to commit adultery fornication with, you know? So let's just bear this in mind. Do you like anyone to do this with your mother, with your sister, with your aunt with your daughter when he says no, I wouldn't like it. So whoever you are going to do it with is going to be the mother and the daughter of someone else? If you don't like it for yourself, how would How do you like it for someone else.

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So let me tell you saw some then put his hands upon his chest. Sahaba then said that we never ever saw anyone who was more modest than change to this person. But look at the way Libya immune system dealt with it. If we do find people with such attractions or intervention, our responsibility is not to come down upon them with a ton of bricks unless of course, they go out in the open to promote it and see that it is promoted, then of course, we'll use a different method. But if they show that no, we are in this particular situation, we need help. We go out to help them to try to bring them back upon the path of

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you know, in Malefor Quran of Tisha Brafton is a very, very amazing incident. A person had taken the wrong wrong way in a time of humanity, Allah after we started taking help on most of the time he was running. So humara the ultimate wrote him a letter. And in that letter, he wrote to him the Quranic, if insurers after Surah movement of albinism we will come in he told me so he really family Dona Allah, Allah. Messina. It's such a beautiful verse and every verse of the Quran is beautiful. And what did what did he say?

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So the Kumara de la pena wrote him a letter, and in that he wrote this verse, and he told the person, take us left and give it to him, and he's sober and come back and tell me his reaction. So he took that letter, and he read it, he started crying. And he said, how great is Allah Allah is telling me, that field, don't copy them. We were copied and doggish ready to come. He's severe in giving punishment. He has the capacity to punish you. He has the authority to punish them. But despite that, he is happy with them. He forgives shortcomings, and he accepts the repentance.

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Look at my Allah. He's telling me he can punish me but yet at the same time, he was so forgiving and merciful. He cried and he repented. The person thing that will matter the law tunnel

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hombre de la from said, this is the way you deal with people who have taken incorrect ways. You don't help shake down against them, you don't put them in a corner, they they go further away on the deal. So this is one way that we have to keep this in mind. Now, after making mention of the Quranic and Islamic rule with regard to it, there are certain challenges that we face. Let me very briefly make mention with regard to those challenges.

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One is how do we support people in our community, young people or otherwise, who have same * attraction and help them out of it in the midst of political and social pressure, just as you are going to try and get them out of that there will be people who will give them pressure to remain a human being you got human rights, it is your time of attraction, you got the right to fulfill it the way you want is no one else's business. How do we support young people with that attraction in the midst of such pressure? How do we protect our institutions from practicing upon the faith and value, especially when legislation is becoming more and more imposing? We are fortunate in South Africa, we

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don't have a situation where the legislation is becoming such that anyone or any institution, any masjid,

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if they propagate something according to their faith, they can face face legal restrictions, as is happening in other parts of the world. How do we protect our institutions legally, from practicing upon the faith in value, so presently, in South Africa, we might not have that situation, but we need to be vigilant. And we need to work towards protecting our institutions, our massage in our organizations to be able to practice our faith and values in a proper manner. What we feel is right, that is one of the challenges give them some of the challenges. How do we have a unified Muslim response across institutions across organization that is clear, unambiguous, to not end yet at the

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same time does not leave anyone vulnerable in the workplace, and in the places of activity. Here's the arena of cooperation between the different Muslim organization come up with a unified Muslim response that everyone can relate to. And everyone can agree upon. And say that this is our, our view on the matter. It doesn't put anyone in difficulty whether you were working for a multinational or you work for anyone. These are some of the challenges some of the vision some of the things that we can pursue. And lastly, the Quran has been very explicit that Allah Tala has created men

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from a male and a female. Yeah, you will notice a letter was enough Allah and alchemy in the Quran, we have created you from a male and a female. It also states that mankind is divided into two sexes of male and female. And from the two of them, Allah Tala in the Holy Quran, Fela Coppermine of Sweida or Fela, Kameen has oppa seminoma rebellion cathedra from the two of them, if they came forth multitudes of men and women and ALLATRA in the Holy Quran says which carousel also made mentioned, the male is not like the female. The two sexes, male and female, are equally human, equally noble. There is no spiritual superiority in itself of either gender. Both of them can come through us it

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was on Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada Minami la sala hadn't been darker in a winter. Wherever does right yes, these male or female, Allah will grant him the reward in the Muslim in our Muslim as well meaning in our moment. And there are many such examples which I don't have the time and I'm coming to the conclusion, and both have equal access to divine blessings, Grace, forgiveness and Paradise. There are similarly so many different is in the Holy Quran to that refer to the two sexes for us to deny a fundamental gender binary. And there is no reference whatsoever in the Quran to anything other than this. There is nothing I don't understand this whole gender identity crisis for Muslim,

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Allah has made men and women different and why and we need to understand this why even as parents we must be careful to bring about equality. And we should not be the way for example, some of our forefathers coming from India was and even what Quran in the Holy Quran makes mentioned that people when they used to have daughters, they used to regard it as attention and they used to be

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Even within our forefathers, let us meet men and women different, you know, this somewhat humorous incident that goes something like this, that one day, you know, the, the male and female and the husband and wife were were fighting. So one of them, I won't say who it which, which which one it was, was no setup, maybe I need to, you know, show my spouse and listen, I'm not going to speak to my spouse for a couple of these, giving him the silent treatment. And I'm going to give him the silent treatment for them to know that I'm not happy with the situation, how are they treating me, so kept completely silent for almost a couple of days,

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thinking that I'm giving them a punishment. And after a few days, other spouse turned on and said, We get along quite well nowadays.

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So we see how people are different. So anyway, whatever. I'm just giving you this example. So it is an undeniable reality that numerous Islamic legal and social rulings differ between males and females. These runes are found in all legal textbooks and books, and run from the beginning chapters of purification all the way to ending chapters of inheritance. Many aspects of our Islamic Sharia are inherently gender based. And one find different rulings for men and women in almost all chapters of faith. In conclusion, we have a great responsibility as parents to be able to protect our children from different fitness and this is one of the fitness you know, we need to bring about a

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situation where none of our children feel neglected. But yet at the same time, we also need them and to prepare them for the role and the responsibilities which Allah subhanaw taala has granted them sometimes you think that certain things are very, very innocent per previous, you know, nowadays it might become a minefield previously you know that if a child had you know, someone is born with a with a boy you wouldn't give him can give with a dominating color would be blue. And if it was a girl, a dominating color would be something that we grew up with. Nowadays, it is also becoming a mindfuck. But at the same time, what I'm saying is, Allah has made parents and this is where it all

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starts off from his parents we have a very great responsibility to be able to guide our children through this difficult times and this challenges it can be done and inshallah what steadfastness we can fulfill this responsibility for.

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Seeds is that for them to walk, the detail explanation of each of those elements

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