The Night Journey, The Isra and Miraj

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah I mean while he was be a Jemaine about. So we're going to be looking at the story of the Night Journey and the ascension of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, into the heavens known as Al Israa. Well Mirage, and we're going to look at the story, more or less in brief, and then we're going to look at some of the wisdoms and the lessons from it the benefits from the story. And I want to say, to focus on something in particular, and that is

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indicating that the story happened to the Prophet SAW Selim in body and in spirit, that it was not a dream, as you will find some authors today saying that claiming that it was just a dream that the browser lamb had, and it was not in body and in spirit on also focus on that aspect of it. So let's start with the fact that this is the most thoroughly documented incident in the Meccan era, the most thoroughly documented, so it's funny that when people choose to challenge the story, they're challenging the most thoroughly documented incident.

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So there are 20 narrations in Sahih al Bukhari through six different companions. On the story of Islam. There are 18 narrations as a Muslim through seven different companions. Besides the fact that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned some of its incidents in turut and Najeeb. And in tulip Illustra. So let's start with the verse in Surah Surah Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah Allah who ministered rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. So the Han and Liddy Esra br ba de Leyland Minh al Masjid Al haram, mi il Masjid in Aqsa Allah the Barak now how Allah Who? The new RIA who mean Tina in who was semi old bossy so Allah subhanaw taala bring begins by praising himself Praise be to Him Subhan Allah the a

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surah Brd is surah in Arabic, and Israa, Hua say roll coffee, la Leyland. So Arabic, as you know, is a very precise and very detailed language. And there is a specific name for one the caravan travels at night. That's called an extra. All right.

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I'm just laughing because many I don't know, six or seven years ago, there was someone who was so confidently telling me no, no, I saw it doesn't mean that and he was so confident that I went back home that night and Googled it again and looked it up and yes, it's exactly what it means. But I shouldn't have listened to him. He was just Arab.

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Confident yet wrong.

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Anyways, I'm kidding for those who don't get it. I'm kidding. So Alyssa, Saito confident Leyland, the caravan traveling at night that's an extra pipe. So Allah subhanaw taala says Subhan Allah the extra Blvd Leyland right you see it twice the night is mentioned twice. So glory to Him who took his servant on a night journey at night. Right because Elektra is traveling at night and then Layton means that night. So the MUFA city and the linguists say when you have the night mentioned twice, it indicates that the entire journey only took a part of the night and that's exactly what happened. The process alum went and just part of the night from an Masjid Al haram from in Mecca all the way

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to a masjid and Aqsa Al Aqsa means about the furthest most and at that time, there was no Masjid that was more to the west than this Masjid it was the furthest Western Masjid in the west direction. Further it was called the xi and about the furthest most. So

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unless the bow Rachna hula hoops that we have put Baraka blessing around it. So the scholars said that means that there is baraka in the land. And of course, we're talking about the land of Philistine May Allah free it from the hands of the Zionist.

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So the land is blessing so they said that means it's trees are blessing it's water is blessing and the land itself has blessing in it from Allah subhanaw taala the bark mahalo so that we may show him from our signs. And Allah indeed is the the old hearing the old see. So that's inserted this first verse, Allah subhanaw taala is mentioning and referring to this verse, or to this incident, and this happened to the timing now

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Before we begin this happened after what is known as the year of sorrow. So this is after the death of Abu Talib, which in some narrations three days later in other narration is two months later, her digital Dylon dies. So now the prophets, Allah, the his protector from the humans outside of the house and his support inside the house, both are gone. Then he takes the journey to a five which doesn't go well. And so the historians and the scholars refer to that year as the year of sorrow or sadness because of how saddened and how difficult life was for the Prophet SAW Allah is Allah. So the timing is excellent now because now an individual Allah Salam is going to see some amazing signs

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of Allah subhanaw taala. He's going to see al Jana is going to see punishment in the Hellfire he's going to meet the prophets and lead them in Salah and see Gibreel in His original form, and he's going to speak to Allah azza wa jal. So you can understand the upliftment that happens after such a journey.

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there, we said, there are many narration, so we're going to, we're going to take like a mixture of all the narration is to more or less get the full story. So in one narration, the porcelain was at the Kaaba and another narration, he was at his home when Gibreel came to him and he opened his chest and took his heart out. So you will find some of the books, some of the contemporary books will deny this. And they say and they'll either skip it or say in the dream, he washed his chest by first of all, the first washing of the of the chest under under word of the heart of the prophets of salaam happened when he was five years old, right. So five years old was the first one and now this is the

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second incident when is much this is much later. Right? This is the which I forgot to mention. When does this happen? They saw and Mara journey, the scholars said, some said one year before the hijra, others said 13 months before the hedge had August said 15 month before the Hijra to Medina, other said eight months, but there are about 15 different opinions here. But more or less, we're looking at a period of a year before the Hijra to Medina. And so this is so much later on in the process. The limit this point is about 50 Witnesses we're looking we're looking at 11 years or so, is about 51 years. So the first one was a five and now the second one is at age 51. So what prompted this,

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because the problem is about to go on this journey. That is a very difficult journey and he's going to see things that no human being can can handle seeing. If you remember the narration when the prophets of Salem Saji Breen in His original form for the first time what happened in one of the narrations he fainted. And now he's gonna sorta see Gibreel in His original form for the second time, but it isn't fate this time, because this is in preparation for that journey to strengthen his heart. So you realize Salam came and open the chest of the Prophet SAW Selim from here all the way to like his navel basically, or his abdomen, lower abdomen. And the problem could see this and I

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want you to understand when the companion said the problem was the bravest one amongst us. And we've got a number of things to discuss. Number one, those who denied this incident, they said, how can we believe in open heart surgery happening in the desert? Bye bye habibi. What is harder to believe? Open heart surgery, which I'm sure is happening right now somewhere in the world as we speak. Someone's having open heart surgery. So this is something that we can what is a bigger thing to believe in? Open heart surgery, or Gibreel Ali Salah, the leader of all the angels shed you do not go through Mira? What is harder, which is the stronger thing to believe it the bigger deal? Jabril

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Ali Salam. I didn't tell you that 1400 years ago, Dr. Choudry, performed open heart surgery in the middle of the desert without anesthetics and sterilization and equipment.

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It said Gibreel is Salam did we understand? So consider the surgeon not the surgery. If I told you Gibreel Ali salaam there is a who's Jabril wala is one of the most magnificent angels in his god 700 wings, each one will cover the horizon. Okay, make sense of a deal with Dr. Siddiqui? Did it tell allah how to duck So did he do it that does it? That makes no sense. So consider the surgeon when people want to deny the what happened. You know what's interesting is if the medical biller Anneliese the servant or was the servant of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said I used to come to Arthur on my hip I used to see the scar of when the where the problems heart was opened. His chest

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was opened by Do you think

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Gibreel Metra, don't you think Gibreel could have done it without leaving a scar? Probably right. If he could take his heart out and wash it and bring it back, he could also probably do it without a scar. But why leave the scar? So the anus or the lawn, who will see it and he will tell us that he saw it. So it's not in a dream. It's not impossible, it actually happened. So,

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so the prophets Allah sallam, he said Gibreel split his chest open like this and took his heart and he washed it in a twist which is like a bowl a bowl like that has a flat kind of bottle of gold and he washed his heart in it, he filled it with wisdom and he filled it with eemaan and then he sealed it back. All right, then. So this is in preparation for the journey. Then the problem says they brought he brought Al Buraq Jibreel iclm brought this animal that the prophets Allah Salah is going to write and the problem described it very accurately. It's as if you can see it right now if you close your eyes, or if your can Photoshop and image of it. It's possible because the problem said

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it's white. And then he said, folk on him are we're doing a little bubble

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larger than a donkey and smaller than a mule. Thus, can you see it? Yeah, you know what a mule looks like? You know what a mule is?

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Anyone know what a mule is?

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An mule is a hybrid animal. It's its mother is a horse. Well Booba Hammar

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its father is a donkey. And the mother is a horse that that creates what is known as a mule. Okay, Buggins All right. If it's the opposite lol Amara.

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Such a great opportunity to say that if the mother is a donkey, and the father is a horse, that's not a mule. Anyone know what that's called in in in English.

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Now, it's called the Heaney, hai double and why that's a Heaney. And actually, it looks very different than a mule, it's much smaller and looks more Donkey like, you know, whereas the mule has. It has the surefootedness of a donkey but stronger than that, and it has the stronger immune system of the donkey. But it has also the strength of the much, much stronger than a donkey because it's big, much bigger because of the horse. So it's like a really good mix, a good blend, but it is also an animal that it's not a viable, it's not it's sterile, because just for those who are interested, a dog, the donkey has 62 chromosomes, and the horse has 64 chromosomes. And the mule has 63

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chromosomes. What's the problem?

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In order to procreate? What happens to your reproductive cells? They split in half, right? You get half from the Father, half from the mother. But 63 How do you split that in half? That's why for the most part, they are sterile. They're not able to have other offspring. And what am The point is that the problem said it's white, and it's larger than a donkey and smaller than a mule color. You can see it what about the narrations of wings? What about the narration that it has a human face and everything else was a horse all these nations are weak

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bears, no wings, no face of a human all these things are weak and you will look at all birds, old the Persian paintings of this human face on this animal that looks weird anyways, I know and this is an honor to write this animal it didn't look very what they draw. It doesn't look nice at all. By So the Prophet SAW Selim then when he came to write it one narration mentioned that the animal moved a little bit before the problem could write it. And you breathed spoke to it. He said, Why are you doing that no one has ever written you who is greater than he SallAllahu sallam. And when he said that Prosser Lim said the animal start to sweat. It got nervous. So it could say that it was an

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animal that could understand someone said this is evidence that the Buraq is not from Jana, because if it's from a Jana, it will not move away. Because everything in a Jana is obedient. Right. When you want the burden of Jana, does it come to you? Well as if Allah flies away, and you have to chase it, when you want fruits and agenda do they come down to you will you have to get up and fall off a ladder? Everything is obedient and urgent. So someone said this is proof that the Buddha came from another planet and that's proof machine in a machine of eight now we're in another world now. And then he said this is proof that there are aliens also that exist, and all the stuff but

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it's it's simple. It could still be from an agenda, but it was

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Take it was put in a world and it was out of its element. Meaning that Barack is from Elgin. It never felt heat. It never felt sand in its eyes, it never felt jagged rocks, you know, against its hooves. And so it was in a world that was different to it. So it behaved differently, less, we'd have to create a new world where aliens live with just could be from a Jana. But it's in a weird place. It's not from earth, but behave differently. But then when Jabril told it, it reacted, and then the porcelain rolled on this animal. And then the problem described how it moves, he says, where it puts its hoof where and its stride is at the end of where it can see, meaning if you can

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see the at the end liquid the horizon, that's where it puts his hoof like that, that's one step. So you can see 123 They insane distance that we can cover in no time. There is an explanation also from the scholars, that makes a lot of sense, okay. And that is that the Buraq

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it puts it off, but it jumps as far as it can see. So it can seem till the end of the horizon here. So it jumps in the air and lands there. Then it jumps to the next point as far as its I can see. And what is that narration or explanation make a lot of sense.

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Makes a lot of sense because it explains how later on on the way back the prophets Allah Salam was able to see the caravan with the missing camel. He was able to see it from up top and he yelled out to the to the men where their camel was because he was able to see it from his vantage point. Makes sense. Makes sense. Yeah, it makes a lot of sense. Yeah. Excellent. But, so, so then the, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, this is the the Surat journey. The Prophet SAW Selim, right, this Buraq this animal and goes from Mecca to baited mark this, this is a journey that took one month going and one month coming in the process limb because of how this animal moves, you can understand how he did

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it in a very short period of time. He was at beta and MK this. And they will have a different number of iterations here. But one of them is that they arrived at beta and then the problem says, for about two daba Bill halacha allottee uribl to be al Anbiya. Oh, you're beautiful Ambia. So I tied the Baroque down or at the post where all the profits tied their animals. Because someone said the fact that the process the process limb tied the Buraq indicates that it was also from another planet and not from Elgin because Jana animals are obedient and the Baroque wouldn't go anywhere so he wouldn't have to tie it down. But Rossum told you why he tied it down. So very nice hint there. He

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said, at the same post where all the prophets tied their animals. So the prophets of Salaam is saying all my brothers they came to this place that Mr. de la casa and they all came home on worldly animals that would stray and go somewhere else if they didn't tie them down. And so they all tied out down there animals in this post. And even though my animals not going to run away, I'm going to tie it. We're all my brothers tied their cameras. You understand? Like the

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in line with all nobody's impressed. Yeah. Thank you very much. Shaka Brahim. Appreciate it. Okay, anyways.

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I like these things because I don't like aliens and talk about aliens. Okay.

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Plus, why would aliens come to you on the Arabian Peninsula? Everybody knows aliens come to America. Sahara.

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All right. Great. So then the problem goes into bait and muck of this. We've got to narrations one. NARRATION says he went into battle Maccabees. Then he led all the prophets in prayer, and then he ascended up to the heavens. The other narration is that he went into Baitul muck this ascended up to the heavens, and then came back down and let all the prophets in prayer. So either way, what's important is what? What's important is Allah subhanaw taala honoring his prophets, Allah Allah said Allah, and Annie with him leading all the prophets of Allah. So did he lead them all in body and or in spirit? Some of the scholars said he led them all in spirit, meaning the porcelain was there in

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body and His Spirit, but he led the spirit of all the prophets of Allah in Salah, and others said no, he led them in body and in spirit because Allah subhanaw taala honored him by bringing them in body and in spirit. And an interesting note, as you remember, the Earth does not consume the bodies of profits, so their bodies were still in 100% good condition.

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So they were embodying His Spirit, He led them into salah, and then he ascended up or ascended and came back and led them in prayer. The point is that the honor of having him as the final messenger lead all the messengers and prophets in Salah. Now.

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So in this narration, the Brazilian prayed, and then he stepped out of El Masjid Al Aqsa, and then Gibreel brought him a container of wine and a container of milk. And he gave him a choice to drink. And so the scholar said, this was obviously before wine became haram, because of wine or haram, what would be the option or the choice? And if someone brings you beef and pork, is it a test really for you? And he saw the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as we know, never drank wine, not even before prophethood so he took the milk and Jabril Ali Salam tells him our sub Patel fitrah eonni, your choice coincided or agreed with Al fitrah, which is the natural disposition and the milk represented

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the fitrah because the milk is a liquid in its natural form, whereas wine has gone through a chemical alteration in order to become wine. So it's something that has been altered and not close to the fitrah. So the porcelain chose the, the wine, I mean, sorry, the stuffer, Allah promiseland choice the milk, and he drank from it. Then the process Lim said, then the Mao Raj was brought forth, and the Mirage even cathedra mo Allah says it's like up slitted dome like a ladder. But basically, anything that takes you from a low position to a high position is a match Yanyan elevators a mirage, escalators and stairs a mirage, as ladders as a matter. But what's interesting,

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the prophets Allah wa sallam described the Buraq in excellent detail to the point where if you close your eyes, you can see it, but never described anything about the marriage. Not its color, not its shape, not at size, not how it moves or anything. Just one narration says then the Mirage was brought forth, then another narration system, or I didn't JB then I was then extended upwards, and he didn't describe the instrument whatsoever. Who knows why

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not? I

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would like to take a guess why? Why didn't he describe the marriage at all?

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Where is it taking him?

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Maybe let's do this. That's not bad. I've never heard that before. yesha

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Okay, possibly.

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Okay, so can we handle those are some of them?

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So they said, the scholars mentioned that, first of all, we don't have any evidence, what's the marriage going to do? It's going to take him beyond the our first worldly heaven. Beyond space. This is an insane distance, and at insane speeds, something we cannot understand. So they said number one, we don't even have proof that proselyte understood the mechanism through which it works, let alone to explain it to the Companions. How would they understand it? If today we can understand? You see what I'm saying? So this way, the porcelain never described the Mirage because even if he understood it mechanically, he couldn't explain it. That would take away from the story us one, look

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at this insane contraption, this device. It's amazing. And how does it work and process I'm explaining that. Okay. So that's, that's why the person did not describe the knowledge whatsoever. Now one time, someone who is like really brilliant in science and what have you, but Muslim, came to me and said, I have a problem with the astroid. mallet. And not because he said the problem would have to move faster than the speed of light. And if I had time, I would explain to you what would happen to the human body if it moves faster than the speed of light. And he said, I have a problem with the splitting of the moon, because of the tides and the connection with the gravitational pull

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between the Moon and Earth. And that would throw things out of the air, no order and all that. He said, I also have a problem with the splitting of the moon. I said the archetype all these things, the gravitational relationship between the Earth and the Moon and what happens to the human body at the speed of all these things.

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Who created all these laws? He said, Allah azza wa jal. I said, Can Allah put a law he created on pause for a minute? He said, Yes. I said, What's the problem? True story. He said, There is no problem

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How's it fixed? There's no not an issue anymore. You know? So when people try to say, well, it's impossible, how could the problem travel these insane distances of the animal? Taking these? Let's go back to Dr. Choudry. again and you understand how all right?

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so the prophets Allah Selim, then it takes to get on this on the Mirage and goes up to the heavens does not the sky, but they haven't. And some scholars say the first heaven is beyond space even, which is still growing. But either way, every time the process every time they reached one of the gates of the heavens to seven heavens, and I'm not gonna I'm just going to describe it once. So we don't go through it every time you breathe it Salem would knock on the gate of that heaven, and the angel will say who is it and he would say, Jabril then you would say, who is with you, anyone with you? And he will say Mohammed and then he would welcome them Salallahu Salam, then he would open the

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gates of that heaven and they would go into the heaven. So in the first heaven, and maybe some of us Adam described that he saw them either in Salah and he described or thought the this narration describe the size of Adam and his Salah when he looked to the right, he laughed and when he didn't there was a huge mass to his right when he looked at his right, he laughed and when he looked to his left, he there was a huge mass to his left and he would cry. So he asked you breed who is that? And he said that is Adam, Allah Salah said what are these two his right and left? He said that is like a representation or from his progeny that will enter a Jana that's to his right. So when he sees them,

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he's happy and he laughs and he smiles. Then it looks to the left and he sees the representation or his progeny that will enter the hellfire. So he cries for them because he is our Father and His Salah. So then the prostate lung went to him and he welcomed him he said welcome righteous Prophet, righteous son. And then they went to the second heavens and they sought permission in the same way and then they were they entered the second heaven. He says there I saw a banana and Karla the two basically cousins right all right, he's

00:27:15--> 00:27:56

a Silas Salah and you're here and then the bra Salam describes Eastside his salah I think we mentioned this before. Bra Selim is always keen to describe a side is set up, and towards the end of times describes even the color of the garment that he's going to be wearing describes the length of his hair, what kind of areas and part of that is to set him apart from the other messy, and that is the the Judd who has a different build a different style of hair. So the President described a stylist Salam so well there, he said, and the one who looks the most from all of you, he's telling the companions the one who looks the most like a sub memoriam and is set up is overwhelmed numerous

00:27:56--> 00:28:41

owed. So he says Origanum, so what is the one who looked at resembles him the most in building shape and appearance? So then he they sought permission and they go into the third heaven, and in the third heaven, he saw use of it, Sarah, he says, I saw use of it, Sarah, work hard. We're either who are called the oral Clea Shep rel Causton. I saw the use of Irish Salah and he has been given half of the Beauty by half of the beauty. What does that mean? Some one opinion. That's like the scholars like giving a name Rahim Allah have has this opinion. He said half of the beauty that would have been distributed amongst all of mankind, Yanni.

00:28:43--> 00:28:53

And we don't know how many billions of people were will live and die from the time of Adam, until the day of judgment. So all these human beings Allah.

00:28:55--> 00:29:13

Let's just for lack of a better term, say, Allah set aside an amount of beauty to be distributed amongst all the faces and bodies and hairs of all these people live. And he took that beauty cut it in half, give half of it to other bodies Salah to use of Elisa and the risk to the rest of creation.

00:29:15--> 00:29:16

So luck, isn't it?

00:29:17--> 00:29:42

Good each way, isn't it? It's Allah. So that's why this is not a very popular opinion. Another opinion says half and this is one of the more popular ones and more accepted. Half the beauty of Adam is a Salah because hands down you have to believe that the most handsome human being ever would have been Adam palestra not used to my setup. Why?

00:29:43--> 00:29:59

Yeah, because Allah subhanaw taala created them but not only created them. Allah is who will honor the other Muslim and shaped him with his own hand subhanaw taala in my HELOC to be a day Allah Israel says so hands down the most handsome man and your

00:30:00--> 00:30:04

dutiful man ever has to be Adam Alayhis Salam and the most beautiful woman ever asked to be

00:30:05--> 00:30:19

hawa if so. So Yusuf Ali Salam was given half of the beauty of them. This is the opinion of Ibn katheer and even Josie rahamallah. There's a third opinion that says,

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half of this is even kotoba Rahimullah that's his opinion, he says half of the absolute maximum of beauty. Basically, this is again not one of the more popular ones the second one was the most popular meaning that what is a maximum amount of beauty that any one human being could ever get, ever possibly get. And half of that was given to us to fight a setup. All right, not a very popular opinion. There is another opinion that you may have heard might have heard before, and that is half because they said the processor limb use strike strange wording when he said look, I knew either who or Concordia shocked Ron Huston, he was given half of the beauty. So the prostate limb, this fourth

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opinion says that he was talking about himself, but out of bashfulness and shyness. He didn't want to say half of my beauty be said half of the beauty. So this fourth opinion, this group says that the problem that Adam that use of Islam had half the beauty of the Prophet sallallahu Christendom, there is a Hadith but it's weak in Sana Tirmidhi This is the bra Salam tells us companions that no prophet has been given an appearance or

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the the he's the best of the prophets in appearance or in looks, but it's a weak Hadith. So now let me ask you something if used of it Salah and you know the beauty of use of Iris Salaam and how people were taken by his beauty. The women when they had the fruits and the knives, Allah didn't say well kata an idea when he said the World Cup Barna idea that they cut their hands multiple times and it can you imagine how gone you have to be how taken you have to be by something to cut your hand and palm with a knife once and not feel it and cut again. There's nothing that can distract you that much in this world right? I mean, I don't know. Maybe Tik Tok for the kids can cut their hand

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multiple times. But nothing really right one cut he had like a yield cursing whatever this thing that distracted you saw.

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And they said that and in high that in the Malecon Kareem is just like an honorable Angel. It's not even he's not even a human. So let me ask you if the prostate lamb had twice that beauty, don't you think there will be more noticeable in the Sierra? Don't you think? Yeah. So some of

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some of the scholars said this they about the prophets of salaam that Allah azza wa jal case Allah who will Gemma that Bill Jelen that Allah azza wa jal would have made the process a lump at the Hamsa handsomeness and level of use of eyelid salah, but he covered or have some say, you have that beauty and give the other half in Haber, a commanding presence? Why? Because that is befitting for a prophet who is going to go into battle who is going to strangle a ship on who is going to, you know, deal with enemies and negotiate. And it's not befitting to be insanely handsome at this point is be fitting to have a commanding presence where people cannot look you in the eye enough. And that's why

00:33:45--> 00:33:57

we have the narration of our Macaca when he said that it was it was a full night. Yeah. And he said Leila mocha Mira was a night with the full moon. And he says, he starts

00:33:59--> 00:34:39

he says, I started to look at the face of the problem. And then look at the full moon can you imagine someone doing something like that? And you're just looking at someone's face and looking at the moon comparing the beauty of the to the brightness of the two and then he says follow withdrawal rasool Allah so Allah Salam agua, Amina al Ahmad said, and the face of the prophets all sudden, was brighter than the moon. And then he said, What cannot cannot learn to stop the euro. And NE And Navara Fie, what g where g Rasulillah is also you he said we couldn't stare at him for a long time. One of the companions said, I never got my fill of looking at the Prophet SAW Allah because he had

00:34:39--> 00:34:59

this Haber, this commanding presence, so you can't stare at him, but you would look and then you'd look away and then go back again. And then you'd look away. So So that's that fourth opinion. I just wanted to mention it's not a very popular one. The second one is the most popular half of the beauty of them are a setup

00:35:00--> 00:35:53

by so, so then they sought permission and go they went up to the fourth heaven where he saw Idris it his salah, and and by the way, second and third heaven so ASA and yeah here and use of and Idris Alima Salam, all of them said welcome righteous Prophet righteous brother, Adam Alayhis Salam is the only one who said son than the rest, brother. Then he goes to the fifth heaven and then he says I there I saw her own Sheikh Angelina and an old man, a chef with a commanding presence. And he said, Welcome, righteous Prophet, righteous brother, then they sought permission until the sixth heaven, and he went in and there he saw Musa alayhis salah, who said, Welcome, righteous Prophet, righteous

00:35:53--> 00:36:08

brother, and then they, they went to the seventh heaven. And there the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, I saw an beit Alma more, which in English were referred to it or translated as the most frequented house. And,

00:36:10--> 00:36:33

and it's basically, as the problem described it, it is the caliber of the heavens, the caliber of the heavens. And the grace of them then said, every day 70,000 Angels visit this place, this cabin of the heavens, and they never come back to it. Meaning there are unique visitors to use the

00:36:34--> 00:37:20

website visitor terms and their unique visitors, they will come for the first time, and they'll never come again. And next day, another 70,000 Come, this is their first visit. And they're never going to do a second visit, just they'll never gonna come again. So it tells you the huge numbers of angels that Allah subhanaw taala has created who are worth worshiping Him non stop, non stop and quality and in quantity of worship. Now, if you are 30 years old, today, just since the time you were born until today, when your turn 30 766 million angels visited al betul Memorial, or if in the in the

00:37:21--> 00:38:09

in the 1400 years since the President told us of this incident. Yeah, not an Allah knows how long this has been going on. But since the President told us about this, until today, that would be somewhere around 370 billion angels are like 8 billion people on earth now 370 billion angels just since the time the Prophet I'm told us of this in 1400 years would have visited the beta mammal, let alone the 1000s of years before that. And that's why you always see how Allah in the Quran mentions that Do you not see that he is worshipped or praised by those in the heavens and in the earth? And now you see what it means inhabits these immense numbers of the angels.

00:38:10--> 00:38:19

So I'm trying to find a good place to stop because I doesn't see my thought I will just finish this in one night, but it seems like it's best if we do it in into what

00:38:21--> 00:38:21

what do you think?

00:38:23--> 00:38:25

Because then I don't want it to go along.

00:38:28--> 00:38:29


00:38:30--> 00:38:35

so Okay, so we will do it into that. Okay, I will decide where we stop. Okay.

00:38:36--> 00:38:37

I'm just kidding.

00:38:38--> 00:38:39

I'm just kidding.

00:38:41--> 00:38:43

That can look at that. Let is a good spot actually.

00:38:44--> 00:38:48

So SOCAR, you got this all out? Yeah.

00:38:50--> 00:38:52

I did that and let's

00:38:53--> 00:38:54

see what happens.

00:38:56--> 00:39:40

This is the debate. This is a debate in Malmo. And then there was someone with his back against this is like such a such a cool, such a cool, such a cool position. There is someone chilling with his back against the cab of the heavens, just like that. And that was Ibrahim Ali salah, who welcomed the Prophet saw as a lamp he said, Welcome, righteous, Prophet, righteous son, right, because he is the the Annie, the father of his smile, who is from the fathers of our prophets of Allah Sana. So he welcomed him. Then the grace Salam said the one who looks the most like him, it looks resembles him the most is your companion, meaning

00:39:41--> 00:39:59

himself that he is the one who looks the most like Ibrahim Ali set up like even the Prophet Selim noticed it. And then the process lamb Abraham and his salah is the only one and we love Ibrahim Ali Salam so much. We cannot even send full salah upon our Prophet and

00:40:00--> 00:40:27

lest we present salah upon Ibrahim Ali salah, we're the ones we're the ones that have rights to Ibrahim more than anyone more than any other religion. We're the ones who mention him in Artesia hood in every single prayer. So he is the only one who sent us a gift and salaam with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said, upgrade or Medaka Minnesota, give your Enma salam from me. The only one who did that?

00:40:29--> 00:41:13

i They thought it was salah. And then he says then he sent us a gift. He said tell them that and Jana has very fertile soil and to plant something in a Jana you Say Subhan Allah when hamdulillah Allahu Akbar, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, and the scholars say, you can say them in any order. And when you say any one of these, a tree is planted for you in Elgin, and the trees have agenda the prophets of Allah Salam said that a traveler or like someone would be riding his animal for a journey of such and such, and he's still under the shade of one tree. That's the size of these trees. So but I'm arrested I'm sent this this gift, say subhanallah 100 Allah but Allah, Allah,

00:41:13--> 00:41:42

Allah, Allah see them in any order. And for each one, a tree is planted for you in agenda. And you can say 1000s throughout your day. That was a gift that was sent to us by Ibrahim Alayhi Salam. And that's why we love Ibrahim and this is one of the reasons why besides his connection to us through our prophets of Allah Salam besides what he has done for doe hade besides his place, being in the hull of Allah azza wa jal all that so

00:41:43--> 00:41:47

I guess this is a good place to stop until next time.

00:41:49--> 00:41:51

It might be a problem though right?

00:41:52--> 00:41:59

Now, we'll have a guest next time because then you have to wait two weeks they will forget the whole story. We start all over again not

00:42:00--> 00:42:01


00:42:02--> 00:42:50

Okay. Hollis will stop here. But basically, from this point on what what do we have left? What do we have left is that the prophets are Salam is going to keep ascending until g Breen can go any higher and the problem continues by himself, he will see seed rot and moonta the furthest most log tree, he will speak to Allah subhanaw taala. And Allah's really will legislate the salah. And then there'll be the pro Salam will ask for a reduction in the prayers. And then he comes back to beta MK this gets on the Buraq goes all the way back to Mecca. And the narration says his bed was still warm. He gets to his bed when it's still warm. Then the next morning, he's looking a little vexed. And of all

00:42:50--> 00:42:54

people who just comes to him and says the meeting happened last night.

00:42:55--> 00:42:59

And I'll tell you this is like such a such an amazing narration.

00:43:00--> 00:43:18

He says that anything happened last night, just if you want to see how amazing the problem was, put your place and put yourself in his place. Now, you just went on this amazing journey and to now it's morning and your job is to tell everyone what happened. Who would you start with?

00:43:20--> 00:43:21

I would start with a buck.

00:43:23--> 00:43:40

And I would start with the other companions that have strong Iman and been there for a while. And then they would be believing me and nodding as I'm explaining it to the newer Muslims and the weaker people. And if I may tell you if I were sitting there and Abuja and came to me said that anything happened last night, but no, we're good.

00:43:42--> 00:43:42


00:43:44--> 00:44:28

And why would I start with you of all people, but look at the degree of honesty of the prophets are sullen and the level to which he took an A blood result of literacy rissalah Seriously conveying the message so seriously, that the first guy who asked was Abu Jen and the bra Salam told him and then there was a some there were some moments of chaos, which we'll discuss next time. And then the Brazilian had two very powerful ways of proving that this journey actually happened and that he wasn't lying. Two extremely powerful methods and they both work, but then the Kure still refuse to believe all that for next time Inshallah, that will hurt for listening attentively and for coming

00:44:28--> 00:44:34

some Allahumma barik ala Muhammad why the early he was up in Maine was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.