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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a story of a man namedatt, who offered to give his mother money to a woman as part of a marriage, resulting in the discovery of a dress made with a gold coin. The man was nervous about giving money to his mother, but ultimately offered it as a gift to earn wealth and happiness. The story is a story of a man namedatt, who offers to give his mother a gold coin as a gift to earn wealth and happiness.
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This is the foreword to Adam and Eve by Dr. Tika Harris. The foreword is written by Mufti Menk

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Bismillah minor Rahim. Let me recount a story for you dear brothers and sisters. Earlier the Alolan wishes to marry the prophets daughter Fatima. The Prophet asked what he intended to give his mother the money given to a wife as part of a marriage fights. And he said he had nothing of great value. He only had some old armor. The Prophet told him, sell the armor and use the proceeds to give her to Fatima. Ali had very little in terms of material wealth, and yet the Prophet was prepared to let him wet his daughter for just this nominal amount of matter.

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What the Prophet really valued was far greater than money. It was at least character and his faith. These things literally have more worth than anything which we would consider as wealth these days. They are, as is the name of the series 30 Kolbe wealth of the heart. We claim to love our Prophet and yet we seem to relish fancy weddings and we seek wealthy and accomplished spouses for our children. We depart from the profit simple ways, the ways from which we should draw our real lessons of life. So with Monroe, the Allah who spotted early as he was in the market, he learned what was happening and he went to early and offered to buy this old armor for gold coins, and he offered him

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400 gold coins. In fact, imagine that Subhanallah when early he was surprised, but obviously accepted with mine, then went and totally keep the armor. He gave a leader coins really as a gift. So Subhanallah it's the wealth in Elise heart that made with man so pleased to give him the gold gain thyroidal Club gain wisdom and wealth in your heart by growing your character and your faith and your marriage will be more blessed than you could have ever imagined. May Allah grant us all ease in this way Amin by Mufti mink March 2022

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