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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been Amir Eva mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam just even Morocco.

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Allah subhanaw taala among the blessings of Allah is good friend and my good friend here and he sent me

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a little thoughtful note this morning about the

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issue of suburb.

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And he sent me a note saying that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned summer more than 70 times in the Quran.

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And so we should think about this what is summer?

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There is a

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misconception in the minds of many people that summer and it's translated as the way it's the way it's translated summer is translated as patience.

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And most people think patience means to sit there

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do nothing be patient with the train will come.

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What can you do not intend when the train comes comes, we wish.

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Now this is the complete opposite of what server means in Islam. Please understand, this was the

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philosophy. History nobody summary was Salah in Allah ma.

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And Mussolini was every

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summer Ansara

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well again Allah Allah subhana wa Tada ma Hua Mambo Zelina is somebody

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a lot smarter has it, have j is the ANA take help

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in what in difficulties

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from what from Sabah and salah.

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And then Allah is with the people of Sabah Allah did not Salah is with the Muslim people of Sarno. So

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second thing is in the Quran Allah Karim ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada mentioned in two places, speaking about the people who are struggling and fighting in the path of Allah

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What do you call the people who are struggling and fighting in the path of Allah Mujahideen? But what is the word Allah used in the Quran? Savary

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Allah did not simulate it unless it's buried.

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Not even think about this, which is is there any action or any state in life which is more action oriented than that of a soldier in the field of battle.

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He's fighting there for his life, these curves 100% action, that even if it's that standstill, you will die.

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But Allah is calling him slavery.

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People have server

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then we have the

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the Syrah of Rasulillah Salam is the Tafseer of the Quran in action.

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And that is the reason why it is so important to study the theodoridis read study the seer of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam because the Sierra is the Tafseer of the Quran in action.

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Now in this era, we have the case of the Battle of brother

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which to me is the Tafseer of the ayah which I recited for you is tying with somebody was Sarah in Aloha slavery

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in the Battle of bother what it knows or doesn't do,

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what did you do first?

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As soon as you went there it is spread musalla and start praying now

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he marked out the place who will be where

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the service area Salah Can we can we put ourselves

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behind the water source of the water sources in our control? He said yes. Good idea. He did that. After arranging everything after allocating the commander's to each battalion, all of that.

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Then he stands in Salah and he's making dua

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somebody was not Salah was our son our Salah before server server before sunnah.

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Because what is our summer is in Islam, and that's something is very important for us to understand. Summer is not simply to sit around and wait for something to happen. The only thing I always say the only thing that comes just by waiting is that nothing else. Everything else needs effort.

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In this dunya Everything needs effort. The only thing that come just by reading is death. You will die I will die one day we will do it you don't need to do it in the water. It adds up.

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Everything else needs effort especially

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sleeves something which is beneficial definitely needs effort

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so in Islam server means to make the maximum effort to achieve your goal and then to have Tawakkol on Allah subhana Huhtala This is the minimum Server

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Admin my delete of this for this is the battle of other resources in the whole life many many but this one is one example.

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He made every effort or all that was in his power to do he did

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so then you might say, well, if I'm doing all the effort, that why what is the meaning of Sauron, Salah for what

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salah is the

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Tawheed of the heart in this case,

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Salah is the reminder that you made all the effort, but the effort will not help you unless ALLAH orders

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effort will not help you unless Allah's hokum comes. So you might say, Well, why should I make the effort because Allah told you that Allah said somebody was salah.

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Both are required.

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Because if I only make the effort and I succeed, then I say what I did,

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self made man.

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I am responsible.

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I'm the greatest No.

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Nothing that you do or I do can have any effect without the armor of Allah without the hug of Allah. So you make all the effort because Allah told you and me to make all the effort and after that we stand before as Europe

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nothing in my hands. I did all this because you told me do it. Now send your help. Now make it work.

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Though he did that, otherwise what happens is and that is another word. Another place where the leader for this is Allah subhanaw taala revealed is our natural law he Walford what I ate and NASA yoga, hold on, I feed in a lie of water.

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And after that, for some baby Hamdi, Rob, because tofu in Canada, Allah, Allah says when the help of Allah comes and Allah say Allah has helped you, the help of Allah comes and you see what is victory in Islam. It's not conquering of land, it's not territory. It's not gold, it's not silver, it's not wealth. It's not. It is here the hoorah feeding,

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feeding in lay people are entering into Islam in RVs.

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Not one or two people and cities and our countries.

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When you see this happening when the help of Allah comes and you see this happening, Allah has given you victory what must you do for sub Abraham the Arabic glorify the majesty and the prayers of Europe

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was tell Pharaoh like you might say I did all the work I made all the effort. Allah subhanaw taala himself is saying he helped me what is the stuffer for what

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I didn't do any sin

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I did good guy did good stuff. That is a all these people become Muslim.

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So it's still far far what is still far for ourselves is still far against kibble is still far against a couple of which might come otherwise Oh, because of me Wallahi I am begged one by one and you know and the entire muscles become Muslim.

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No, no, nothing to do with you. Nothing to do with you.

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First of all, in O'Gara vara, he is the one who forgives,

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remove yourself from it because you are not part of this. This is the help of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala used you

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and therefore he made you valuable Allah did not need us. Allah used us so we become valuable.

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Allah has Mr. Allah's Work Allah could have done without us. Allah does wonders.

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When as soon as salam was praying after

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dive in the desert, Allah subhanaw taala sent the jinn to him.

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He did not make any of you he was out looking around. He didn't know. They came.

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Allah said

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they listen to the recitation of the Quran and they became Muslim and they went and became the what

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Allah does what he does.

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He does not need us when we are used with Tang Allah's was 100 Allah, what Allah could have done on his own. Allah subhanaw taala chose me to make his hammer hammer.

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So I thank Allah I make it so far I removed myself from between.

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That is the reason why summer is when but summer is so very important because summer is the essence of

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have Taco

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we make all the effort, not sooner, make all the effort, whatever needs to be done to the highest level of excellence because Allah likes excellence Elesa

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so I remind myself of you in our lives, let us identify our goals and then do our best

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to achieve those goals, do everything possible and then stand in the right in the heart do that ask Allah subhanaw taala that is the key that standing in the night after the effort not without effort, not without effort, not without making any effort. Please make dua not

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first make the effort.

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Then standing right

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right. Just like my lover was salam ala Nabil curry Murali he was a bit may be wrong with him