How is Karma and Moksha Defined in Islam?

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good evening to everybody. I'm Mrs. Sudha Berserker. I'm a teacher by profession. With due respect, sir, I wish to ask you a question. How is karma and Moksha defined in Islam? And how is it indifferent while in practice?

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Sister has a question that how is karma and Moksha defined in Islam, karma, sister in the Scripture means deed, the deed that you do action, you should be forced upon the Dharma. And then do scholars they believe in a philosophy known as samsara, the cycle of birth, that birth and death known as reincarnation or the theory of trans migration of soul, and they believe that whatever you do, if you do good deeds, in the next life will be born of a higher level. If you do bad deeds, in the next life will be born of a lower level, if you do good deeds will be born like a human being a bad deeds may be like an animal, like a rat, like a cat, or like a cockroach.

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And only there are no things there are no balance of good or bad, then you get Moksha from the cycle of samsara birth, and that this is the philosophy of the Hindu scholars, but this is nowhere mentioned the Veda is nowhere mentioned in the Vedas, the highest authorities, they do try and derive it from Bhagavad Gita, which I mentioned, but what Gita chapter number two, verse number 22, that like a body,

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changes clothes and puts on new clothes, same way a soul puts on a new body.

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In the scriptures, there the mention of Pune Genom in the Vedas,

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book number 10 hem number 16. Verse number four, five Punam is next gen Amis life. Next slide. We believe in next slide. We believe he came in this world once. We don't decumbens We were alive before Allah cause her to die. We came in this world, again will die again will be redirected in the next world. So we believe in this world Islam believe will come once and then will be resurrected, raised up alive in the next year after depending upon the good and bad deeds will go to hell heaven swore garnered, this is what the Vedas say. But they could not realize the Hindus scholars that how come some people are born deaf, some people blind, some people poor, some people rich, some people

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healthy, so God cannot do injustice. So they came up with this philosophy of cycle of birth that birth, that transmigration of soul, which is nowhere mentioned the Veda, even Bhagavad Gita when it says you throw away your old clothes and put new clothes. Same way the soul Throws over the body and puts the new body once I've got no objection, once you die, again, resurrected. But Islam has a reply for the query. Because the Hindu scholars could not agree that how can God be unjust some people born deaf some people help the some people with heart disease some people reach some people for Islam beliefs. Allah says in surah Mori chapter number 16, verse number two, Alessi Khaliqul

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Mata will Hatta is Allah was given that and life to test which of us good indeed. So this life is a test for the hereafter. Now some people are born rich, some people are born poor, the rich people the Quran says you have to give zakat, whatever saving you have more than 85 grams of gold more than this up two and a half percent zakat, every lunar you have to give the rich person may give may not give he may give half he may get 100% Max may get 50% If he doesn't get we'll get zero for the poor man, he doesn't have to give the chat he gets 100 out of 100 Instacart retailer a Caribbean Sani very close to 100 or 200 minnows Academy

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in the cars. Therefore Prophet said it is easier for a poor man to go to Jonathan Richman, the rich man is the old they don't have to give so much that they may have to give me not have to give. If he's the best. Maximum, we'll get 100 out of 100 for the poor man already full mass. So everyone is tested in different ways. Some people are born healthy, some people are born with congenital heart defects.

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We don't believe he's born with a disease because you've sent in the last life, et cetera thereafter, not that Yeltsin maybe it's a test for the parents, Allah says in surah and file Chapter number eight verse number 28, your wealth and your children on a test for you. Maybe Allah wants to test the parents, they're very pious, and he gives birth to children who have congenital heart disease. Someone will say Oh, I don't believe in God. Those are very good pets better yet I believe in God. Allah is testing the greater the test, the higher the reward, may be, Allah wants to give them generally for those.

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Like if you pass a graduation, you get a BA or BSC or become if you pass MBBS you get Dr. Difficult to pass MBBS than normal BA. But if you get the test higher the degree so we believe no one is born sinful. Everyone is born.

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Muscle, but in the Hindu philosophy of the scholars not of the Scripture, they believe that you come in this world again and again, if you do good deeds as a human being bad deeds are the lopi. This, the Vedas never believed, and furthermore logically fanless today sister, the crime is increasing or decreasing, increasing or decreasing.

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Crime is increasing or decreasing. Increasing is the population of human beings increasing or decreasing, increasing so logically, if the crime is increasing, the human population should decrease. It is not.

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So that proves that this philosophy is wrong.

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And furthermore, refer to my video cassette similarities between Hinduism and Islam. For more details on this subject