Difference Between Repentance And Forgiveness

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The Difference Between Taubah (Repentance) And Maghfirah (Forgiveness)

June 28, 2016

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sokkia what is the essential difference between the term Toba and the term MK Fira? Meaning I believe forgiveness.

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What for me forgiveness. And stick far means seeking forgiveness. If the cfar The meaning is of two types, one type of meaning is when it comes along with the word Tama. And the other meaning is when it comes individually. When it comes individually, it has one and the same meaning the meaning can be interchange, it means exactly the same.

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But the scholars, they say, when it comes along with the word Toba in St. cfar, it means that we are seeking protection

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from the past evils that we used to do.

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And tapa when it comes along with a stick far, it means that we're pinned into Allah subhanaw taala. And we're seeking predictions from the things which we may indulge in future. So basically stick for means seeking production from the things of the past which wish to do, and Toba seeking production for the things which may, unfortunately, indulge in future. So this is the basic difference. It comes separately, the meaning of one and the same. If it comes together, then it has two different meanings. It's good, we're going through this technical definition phase in every episode, I think, this is something which is missing amongst the brothers and sisters, this is the real understanding

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of the basic terms. The next question really for me, would be Why is it such a special thing to seek repentance during this holy blessed month of Ramadan, this month, especially

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because Allah subhanho wa Taala, he forgives his slaves is so is the maximum in this month, therefore it is given the title, Ramadan, the month of forgiveness. And our beloved prophet nos lesson said, it's mentioned Nigel tirmidhi, in the book of fasting, number 62, with a beloved partner so lesson said that when the first night of Ramadan comes,

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the devils and the demons that are chained and the gates of hell are closed, not even a single gate is open. And the gates of heaven they open, not even a single gate is closed. And the color equals to the people that all those good, please come and those who are doing evil, please desist. And Allah subhanho wa Taala he ransoms his slaves, and he does that every night of Ramadan, and a beloved partner Salah sallam. He further said, it's mentioned of Timothy Hadid number 3545 where the beloved partner will seldom man she goes on the pulpit before he will cut back and he says Amin Amin, amin trice, the people that are messenger Why? So the Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala says

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that archangel gabriel had come to him and said, that anyone who does not have his sins forgiven after I'm done is approached and enters Hellfire asked Allah to keep a distance from him. And then Gabriel says tomorrow Salaam, say amin, Salah from says amin Musa, it's unfortunate that anyone witnesses the month of Ramadan and does not have his sins forgiven, because this is the month of forgiveness. And our beloved Port Muslim sin is mentioned in say Buhari. We're number three in the book of fasting. Number 1901. That if anyone fasts in the complete month of Ramadan, with the belief and seeking the reward of Allah subhanaw taala all his past is forgiven. That's the reason Ramadan

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is called as the month of forgiveness Subhana Allah and Dr. Zakir we used to have a saying back in the days before I embraced Islam that I wish it could be Christmas every day. And I'm gonna say I wish it could be Ramadan everyday now, more appropriately. What about the necessities of seeking repentance, especially during this holy month of Ramadan? And what are the merits of seeking forgiveness? It is compulsory for every believer of Allah subhanaw taala for every Muslim, that if he does anything, whether minor or major, small or big, he should repent as soon as possible. Repentance is compulsory for any sin that have committed and Allah says in the Quran is renewed.

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Chapter number 24 was number 31. Oh you believe turn altogether independence to Allah subhanho wa Taala so that you may attain bliss, that it may become successful, so they're meant to paradise. And like it's a similar message in Surah chapter number 66 was number eight. That oh you believe turn to Allah subhana wa Taala with sincere repentance.

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And Allah further says in the Quran in surah hood, chapter number 11 was number three that ask for forgiveness to Allah subhanaw taala and fix

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Give repentance so that he made a good to you. Allah Allah says in the Quran in surah chapter number 42 was number 25 that he accepts repentance and forgive sins and ask for forgiveness. For last man out Allah is off forgiving and most merciful.

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Allah says in the Quran is for the mother. Chapter number five was the maternal line, that if the thief, if he depends, and if he changes his axe after the painting, if he has changed his axe, then Allah subhanaw taala turns to him in forgiveness for Allah subhanaw taala is forgiving and most merciful. Allah repeat similar messages from Isaiah, chapter five, verse number 34

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that ask Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness for his off forgiving and most merciful besides several verses of the Quran, the 700 we speak about the merit of taba. For example, if you did have a beloved posh masala salon and say body worn number eight book of applications added number 16 07 where our beloved Prophet Musa wasallam he says that I ask for forgiveness and repentance more than 17 times a day. Imagine our beloved prophet and masala Salaam, who's the best of examples who's the best human being on the face of the earth? He says that he asked for forgiveness and repentance Allah subhanaw taala more than 70 times a day

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it was mentioned in say Muslim woman number four

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in the book of digger

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Hadith number

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6523. Were a beloved partners lesson said or believers you should repent. And I repeat every day 100 times to Allah subhanaw taala it's mentioned in the hadith of say Muslim boy number four in the book of repentance, Hadith number 6644 that our beloved partner Salaam said that last minute Allah stretches out his hand during the night for the people who repent for the sins they have committed from dawn to dusk. And Allah subhanho wa Taala stretches out his hand during the day for the people who repent for the sins they have committed from dusk to dawn until the sun rises from the west. That means until the Day of Resurrection, that means Allah subhanaw taala will forgive us in the

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direction whoever happens. A similar Hadith

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is mentioned in famous limb by number four in the book of dicker Hadid, number five to five, where our beloved Prophet Musa lucidum said that Allah subhana wa Taala will keep on forgiving for anyone who repents until the sun rises from the west, letting the last one out Allah will forgive the sins until the Day of Resurrection, if any of his slaves and servants ask for forgiveness, for the it's mentioned in, say Buhari number eight, in the book of recap, Hadith number 6438. Where the Beloved Prophet Muslim said that, if the son of Adam

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was given

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a value of gold,

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he would yet want a second one. And if a second value of gold is given to him, he would want the third for there is nothing that fills the stomach of the son of Adam, except dust. This shows that the greed that human beings have, and irrespective how much Nam Allah gives, you always seeks for more and more. Now they should repent and ask for forgiveness. And there's a different version of God that could earlier it's mentioned in say Muslim world number four, in the book of Decker Hadid number 6613. Where a beloved partners Wilson said that Allah subhanho wa Taala is more pleased when his servant repents. Minister when asked for forgiveness than a person who will traveling on his

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camel in the desert. He stopped forest and he sleeps beneath a tree.

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And when he wakes up, he sees his camel laden with goods. He's not there. So he climbs on a mound, and he tries to find the camera does not find it. He climbed from the second mound, but it doesn't find it. He climbs a third mount. He doesn't find it. Then he turns back loaded position. And there he sees his cabin laden with the goods and he's so happy. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is more happy than a person who finds his last time in laden with goods in the desert. A lot more happy than that. When a person asked for forgiveness many depends. So these are the merits of repentance. And Toba. Reminds me

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My own journey to Islam once again, month of Ramadan. This is when I found my Fedora umbrella