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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara film Gaver, mousseline Mohammadu Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, WA alayhi wa sallam just leaving because he didn't consider

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my brother sisters, one of my good friends asked me a question about the role of reason

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and logic

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in Islam in especially in terms of understanding in terms of

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also in terms of

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rules and so on.

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And he said that

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most people are only they blindly follow the lead only.

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And his question was, where is the place for the *er? Where is the place for? Where's the place for a reason?

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The handle a very good question. So it's something that we need to think about.

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So my question to you is, is there any place in Islam for de facto for a reason for reflection for thinking for logic? Is there any place or there's no place? There is like, yes, of course.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala himself mentioned this in the Quran multiple multiple times, multiple places,

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the issue of

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reflection introspection, the birth of a core.

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So there is a place however,

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what is that place?

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Let me give you a few examples.

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Allah subhanaw taala revealed in surah Allah Azza wa faki hatang What about

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this ayah in

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fact, he had.

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So a man came to southern our Hatha Raja Raja, he said, What is the meaning of ABA?

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Fuck you have no idea is fruits. What is ABA? So then I started off by saying

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he said, he said, we know how ABA which means

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new shoots.

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But what is ABA?

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And then say that Amara Delano corrected himself? And he said, Your Honor,

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how are you going to speak about something which Allah subhanaw taala described and he did not

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The man went to South Africa cities or the land. And he said What is the meaning of Allah?

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Allah has revealed of agathon Wha what is a

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man who said

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which sky will cover me and shared me and which Earth will hide me? If I say about the book of Allah, that which I don't know.

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The people given the ask them is seldom about the rule.

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And Allah mentioned this was alone aka Annie row.

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They asked you about the soul, what is the soul?

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What is the replay I like it

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was a long ago at a row.

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Call a row

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when I will not be What did you understand?

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What is it what what is my

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What do you understand? Nothing.

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Nothing, unless I tell them it is the hour of Allah. So what is the power of Allah?

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So what we understand from this and many such examples is the fog or the DE BOER logic, reason everything there is a place in Islam, but it has to be within the boundaries of the soul of Islam.

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There's no free thinking in Islam.

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Right? And there's a reason why there's no free thinking because if you do free thinking in Islam, then it invariably leads to misguidance. For example, if somebody says, Why should I pray five times and if I suppose you ask why, why do we pray five times a day? What is the answer? Why do we pray? Remember, what is the reason?

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Instruction? It is an instruction from Allah

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Another country. Supposing we so noisy or that maybe the but the reason we pray five times a day is because we are by nature we are forgetful, we tend to forget Allah subhanaw taala therefore to remember Allah subhanaw taala we should pray five times. Now, the moment you open that door

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What are the questions that can be asked? Why five? Why not four? Why not six?

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Somebody might say, okay, forgetfulness and so on, it may apply to you, but I don't forget Allah. I can guarantee you you can monitor me you can put sensors on me continuously from morning till night, I am making Vikram Singh's one alarm the law was continuously so I did not pray at all.

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If the Salah is for remember reminding somebody who is forgetting that somebody is not forgetting did not pray. What is the biggest example of somebody who never forgot Allah? subhanaw? taala?

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No, what is the biggest example who never forgot Allah? subhanho wa taala? Who was never raffle even for a second?

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And as long as SLM right? Why this sort of you will never sell them. If somebody says sell them was Garfield for a period of time he says left Islam is getting over. So rasool Allah Salam remember Allah subhanho wa Taala 24/7 continuously, to the extent that we have the Hadees where

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he was sleeping, and two Malaika game, and one of them said to the other, his eyes are sleeping, but his heart is awake and engaged with the Corolla. So even in the state of sleeping, he was, he used to do a marvelous monitor, did he prayed and prayed?

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He prayed, he prayed five times. So the point I'm making is that if you are going to say

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the issue of free thinking,

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it does not apply because there is a point beyond which human reason cannot take us another reason psych in terms of psychology, we can only think in the context of our life experience.

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Right now, my brother here out

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he is from Syria.

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And I do not think you have ever been inside a Hindu temple, right?

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So somebody I describe to him the ritual of going about the home

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and ask him to think about that, you know, understand that, can you do that? No, he's never seen it.

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He has never seen it, he has never seen a temple he does not know what is the meaning of Ganapati he does not know what is good about the home he does, he does not do anything.

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So how can his reason take him anywhere in that context? It cannot because the experience is not there. All reason works within the framework of experience.

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If somebody does not have the experience, something they cannot reason anything.

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If you take for example, the cell phone to someone in, you know, some village somewhere, they've never seen phones in their lives.

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And if you say I'm going to call your son who is America and you can talk to him, and I can show you can see his face. You know, there you go.

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Magic. So magic is technology. But technology for us because we understand that if you don't understand is magic. What is magic magic. Magic is technology you don't understand.

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framework and boundaries.

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This is very, very important to understand because otherwise, in Islam, if you operate outside the boundaries it takes you to cover

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that is why the fundamental rule that we have in Islam is for any question.

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If there is a text, meaning if there is an ayat of the Quran, or if there is a say Hadith then we do not use our brain after that. We don't take our break beyond the text. What Allah said Allah Subhana Allah we don't say why this why that and so for example, Allah subhanaw taala again this will from the from the sera

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Allah's Rana data set so Mustafa Anna rush,

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Allah made Stiva on the rush, somebody asked, second hour of the line what is the meaning of his diva

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using Allah is on the meaning what is he knows Willa, just for the sake of understanding I'm standing sitting lying down what is it?

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Say that our the law said.

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Allah said he made estaba en dash

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We understand the word is diva as is diva in the way in which Allah means finished.

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Nothing has we don't use this diva means this this this, all of this kind of so called logical reasoning is, first of all illogical because we have no way of verifying any of that. And secondly, it leads to COVID.

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It's not logical. Now if somebody is doing this, then this person is not blindly following, there's no blindness in that he's following with the knowledge.

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To give you another example.

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Someone saying I have

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I suppose I need a cardiologist and I'm supposing something is wrong in my heart, I need to go to a cardiologist. So what happens? How does the process start? What is the first thing we do in this country? What do you do? You go to your

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PCP, your personal physician, he will refer you to a cardiologist.

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So now, if I go to the cardiologist,

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will I sit with him and say, excuse me, first of all, show me your degree. Where did you get the degree? How do I regardles?

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What is the proof?

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No, I mean,

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if I if I do that, then the man who say, I'm sorry, you came to the wrong doctor, you should first go to the psychiatrist right?

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Because nothing is wrong with you. Something's wrong with your brain. So go there first.

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So if I go to the cardiologist on the recommendation of why PCB, am I following him blindly?

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Or am I following him with the knowledge that here's a man who has specialized knowledge in the subject?

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Which I need?

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Now, you might say why do you follow him blindly? Okay, don't follow him blindly, no problem right? Do not follow him blindly. So what must I do now? I must become a cardiologist. No, I mean, supposing if I say I want to prescribe for myself, two options, go to the cardiologist

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he will prescribe take the medicine inshallah you are okay, go home. Or if he's no, no, no, no, no, no I I will not follow blindly.

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No problem hamdulillah no bruh if somebody says I will not follow I will not do the grenade. Without understanding the Delhi absolutely no problem, then study and understand the Delhi

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as a matter of fact, in our, in our religion in the in the, in the in the adverb of learning, for people for for Alama who are much stayed in for automa who are of a certain level, it is prohibited for them.

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It is prohibited for them to simply follow the delille of someone without knowing it themselves. So they are supposed to understand and Noid lives because at that level, right? So you either follow the cardiologist or you become a cardiologist. But if you don't do either, you will die.

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So it's not a question of saying don't use reason,

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use reason within the boundaries

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not not using reason outside the boundaries, because just like in any Elijah, give me an example of cardiology and so on. So, in any field, this is the principle the principle is you understand and you use reason within the boundaries of that body of knowledge.

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Right. So I hope this is clear, Inshallah, that the the role of reason, and the role of the lead. So why do we do the lead? Why do we follow this imam or that Imam because we really don't have the time to go into the DEA and study to that extent, where we can make our own extraction of rulings is the mandala cam, to be able to extract the rulings we do not have the time or the energy and whatnot, to do it. Therefore, we follow and expert. This is the logical way of doing it's not illogical to do that lead is the most logical thing to do, which is what we do in every other field of knowledge. If my car breaks down, I won't say I will now go to automobile school, I will become an automobile

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engineer, and I will learn how to fix the car, then I will come back and fix my car, and I will see your crazy. I mean until that you're going to walk. Take the Godot mechanic.

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Why should I follow the mechanic because you are not a mechanic.

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So we apply this logic of taqlid, which is following an expert in every aspect of our life. And this is logical, this is sensible, this is intelligent.

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So when it comes to the dean, what's the problem? When it comes to the dean? Why does someone who has not studied the dean who has not studied it systematically who does not understand the Buddha at the foundation of study Islam? I'm not talking about just bringing it over. studying Islam is

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perfect knowledge.

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of the Arabic language. If somebody does not understand Arabic at the end is not extraordinary at the level of a native speaker of classical Arabic at the title of xaba. This person is not hasn't even done the foundation.

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Next is hymns of the Quran.

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Do we have the time for this?

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If it is, if you have the time, go ahead, do it. I mean, nobody stop you hunger a very good, fantastic, but most of us don't have the time. So what do we do? We go to the expert, who's the expert? Well, Mushaf is expert. If I'm average expert, Mama Malik is expert. These are the experts. So we go to the expert. And we say, well, here's the situation, what must I do? To do it to do it this way? I do it I'm not blindly following the expert and following the expert because I understand the complexity. And I understand the expert is the guy who's taking the time trouble energy to understand that I'm asking for his opinion.

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So if anyone has this doubt, and you ask this question and say, You got to be blind, that really does not blend the leap, that lead is a sign of intelligence. It is a sign of understanding of the complexity of the thing. And somebody who said I will not follow the map. I will invent my own stuff.

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welcome, no problem.

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Do what you want.

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Only ask yourself, you do not do that we repairing your bicycle, you do not do that we repair your car. You do not do that we repair your heart. You want to do that as you want to repair the Quran. What is it you want to do? Right?

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us and guide us on the path that was shown to us by rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa he was I was Allah or sallallahu alayhi wa ala he was able to get home