Mirza Yawar Baig – Realpolitik #3

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history and importance of Islam, including its connection to fulfilling obligations and the need for acceptance of one's actions. He emphasizes the importance of support for individuals who achieved goals without legal reasons and acknowledges the need for acceptance of one's actions. He also highlights the importance of support for individuals who achieved goals without legal reasons and emphasizes the need for acceptance of one's actions. Overall, he stresses the importance of support in achieving goals and acknowledges the need for handling processes.
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filarmonica Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shallowford MBA when will Saudi and Mohamed also have nice on it right it was it was in the city when cathedral cathedral from Ramadan this is my first

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thing which I'm happy about is that the, towards the reminders that I talk that is where I spoke about the issue of real politic

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and the the connection of Islam with it the importance of the standard seem to have generated some good questions.

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And today I think probably this will be the last of these I'm trying to

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I'm trying to

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you know, completed and finish it. One question was that

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we were talking about the layout of sites that are hooked up to how to learn it and how he came to power

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in ways which are

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well not not in keeping with Islam for example, he is

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many, many people who could have challenging our power

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as somebody who said conveniently died at the right time.

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And so on, so forth. And plus

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the oath of allegiance that he gave to know the ins and

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outs, had to learn a he brought that he the Ottoman legions, which he gave to the fatty Mia Khalifa, he brought that and if one is to say that Well, you see the Fatima Khalifa

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was Shia.

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So, he could have broken the oath some people, some people make these kind of comments.

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The question is, then why did he give the oath in the first place? If it is okay to break the oath, then it then it cannot be okay to give the oath. So And on that note, let me say very clearly that Islam,

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we do not differentiate between Muslim and non Muslim as far as OpenNebula concerned, the rights of the Muslims and the rights of the non Muslims are equal, as far as Islam is concerned with regard to

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fulfilling them. So now the question was that

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whatever is allowed, there you will be may have done in terms of coming to power, and obviously, is the ways in which he came to power. And as I said, they were not

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necessarily correct.

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Do we disregard His liberation of gods? Now question is not whether we

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also have another very good question, which is what would we have done if we had lived under him rejected Him or followed him as a liberator? Well, at the time of following Him, you will not know whether it was deliberate or not. That's history. And that's the hindsight we know that now. But the people who were following him followed him.

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Let me

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begin by mentioning that the whole point of Islam is that Allah subhanaw taala sent us a standard and Allah did not say that this standard is to be applied if it is convenient, or if it is,

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politically, okay. Allah subhanaw taala said this is the standard This is the standard before

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everything else has to conform to the standard, not vice versa. In this context, we have the famous Hadith and Muslim Sharif, narrated by Buddha or Delano, who said that as soon as salam asked, Do you know who is bankrupt who is destitute among you, they said the cyber said

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the bankrupt among us is the one who is neither money nor nor any property. He is an ally, San Jose, the real bankrupt, real destitute, destitute on my OMA would be the one who would come on the day of of cold come on the day of resurrection with Salah and Salman Celica. But he will find himself bankrupt on that day as he will have exhausted his good deeds. Because he revealed others he brought calumny against others, he unlawfully devoured the wealth of others, he shed the blood of others, and he beat others, and so on. So his good deeds would be credited to the account. So those who suffer that he's had, if he's good deeds fall short, to clear the account, then their sin, then

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their sins, the sins of the people, Iran would be entered in his account, and he will be thrown in the Jannah in the hellfire. Now,

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think about this.

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It's not about paying lip service to this thing. It is about living this thing. Now how do we reconcile this hadith with saying that

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a person

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achieved a good goal

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How he achieved it. Why are we bothered? Right, he achieved a good goal. And that's sufficient. Even if he broke a few eggs in the process of making an omelet. My question is, you may have achieved something great. But if you murdered people, and if you Dishonored people, and if you were to go to go at people's rights, and if you did all kinds of evil, to get to that good goal, then when you come before Allah subhana, Allah subhanaw taala is not going to say that because the goal you achieved was good. Therefore I am forgiving everything, right? Allah Martha is very clear, in this case, this case that we sort of said, Allah subhanaw taala will give the people who you wronged from

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your good deeds. So at the end of the day, what have what has the person achieved? Right? I have nothing. Because we don't. In this case, I'm not saying that Allah will not forgive salah the interviewer is you're not this is not about salah, but this is about a general question of do means justify the end. And I'm saying do that means do not justify the end and the end does not justify the means both of them have to be Islamically? Correct. As far as I was concerned, both have to be savagery correction. Now, question is today another question was that?

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How do you deal today with somebody like that? And what would we do with a person like that? If they existed today? Would you support them or not support them? The first thing like my question to, to myself, and the question is, what exactly do you mean by support? What is it that you're going to be doing or not doing?

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So question is, what exactly do we mean by support? What is supporting?

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If support means that

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you are going to be exclusively supporting that person in that good thing, I would say yes, of course, you should support them. But if support also means that in the process of supporting them in that good thing, you are going to get drawn into and pulled into all the evil that will that they are doing along with it, then, if you support them,

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obviously that support is not justified or support is, is not something that you should not do.

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The point I want to say to my brothers and sisters, is that on the Day of Judgment, when we stand before Allah, we will stand with our deeds, that almost manager is not going to

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question us or talk to us about something which

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something where

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things are not in our control. So the question we have to ask ourselves is that what was in my control? And what did I do? So my in my control was the issue of

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supporting someone to achieve

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a goal by means which are not legal.

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And by legal, I mean, Islamic illegal, because for example, you might find somebody who wants to achieve their goals, and they want to therefore to achieve their goals, they want to support

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things, which in this world are legal, but Islamically, they are illegal. Now, what would you do? Would you support them or you will not support them? Because believe me, at the end of the day, whatever you do, is going to come back and haunt you and me.

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And that will not be convenient, if you think about it like that. Right? So what will you do in that case? If that comes around to bite, and it will, if we are supporting something which is which is evil, then the effect of that evil will come to us it has to come to us. Where does it go?

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So that is a very important

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question to,

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to ask and to and to think about. I'm not going to give answers here. I'm just clarifying the questions and I think each one of us has to answer the question

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and say, you know, what will I do? Because we will start before Allah subhanaw taala.

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The one thing which is absolutely clear, in my mind is that we do not compromise the standard of Allah subhanaw taala for any reason. And anyone who does that, and who says yeah, but you know, in today's world, remember, you're opening a door. When you open a door, everything will come inside, once you open the door, you can't say this is true, this door only this will enter and the other one will not enter. Everything will enter the moment you do that. For example, you're opening now the door for interest based banking. You're opening now the door for all the other social evils that today our norms, and today are law and legal

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Right, then don't blame anyone. If one day this comes home to your child, this comes home to your own family, because it will. And you know that you are the person who opened that door where you permitted something which Allah subhanaw taala had prohibited. And you did that in the name of

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convenience in the name of being politically correct and whatever. Because you had this aim long, big goal that Oh, see, I need the support of someone so therefore, I'm going to support this group and that group at the end of that, you will lose your own soul,

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or Salalah will carry while he was a member of the Corolla.

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