Disobeying Rasoolullah #2

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Hello Mother Eva hamdulillah Ramadan

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so if you don't be able to read

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or her mother also relies on Allah it right it was over Salam just leaving cathedral because

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my brother Sisters, we spoke yesterday about this incident in the Battle of a HUD the disobedience of the archers on the hill

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and the reason I mentioned that is because today when we look at what is happening in Philistine

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one thought which obviously comes in why is it happening?

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Why is it happening? Now if you look at the answer and try to look for the answer,

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and the best place is the Quran Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala is one of the

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robber Israel.

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I'm not surrounded by love engines, the Iron Throne four to eight. Allah said well Kadena Illa bunny is Isla Ville kita Villa to Sedona fill out the model of a wallet I don't know the one caveat

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for either Jah do love Oba sinner la comida de la Anna will leave soon shaded in verjus Okay La La Dr.

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Oregon our Adam ruler, so Mara other than Allah komolika rota Ali him well I'm the dinar columbium value buddy now we're gonna come axon Ophira

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in arson DOMA Hassan normally unphysical or in tune

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FIRA De Leus who would you call while he yelled the whole Masjid Karma The Hulu or whatever to worldly YouTube Bureau ma lodato Bira

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SR a book on a hammock home wine or to marudhara wa Jha Johanna Malika Farina has zero hacia. Allah subhanaw taala said which means

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Allah said, and we warned the children of Israel over Israel in the Kitab in the book in Scripture, you will certainly cause corruption in the land twice, and you will become extremely arrogant.

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When the first of the two warnings would come to pass, we would serve against to some of our slaves of great might great strength who will ravage your homes, this would be a warning fulfilled.

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Then after your repentance, we will give you the upper hand over them and aid you with wealth and offspring causing you to outnumber them.

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If you act rightly, it is for your own good, but if you do wrong, it is to your own loss.

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And when the second warning would come to pass, your enemies would be left to totally disgrace you and enter that place of worship, which is the mercies of slavery Salah was the second what they call the Second Temple, the first one second term and enter that place of worship as they entered you the first time and utterly destroy whatever would fall into their hands.

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Perhaps your Rob will have mercy on you if you repent but if you return to sin, we will return to punishment. And we have made Jahannam a permanent confinement for the disbelievers. Now if you see

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these ads, and then you see what happened in

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in the incident in

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there again.

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The actual sin of disobedience was committed by some people. The Archers under of the loving Jabba Rajala but who got hurt seven dissolver Hamza bin of the Rosary among them hamdulillah

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most of us no matter are the alarm.

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Right. Abdullah bin Raja Allah

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Allah rasool Allah is Allah Himself.

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Now did they commit any sin did they committed no.

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But they got hurt.

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This in the ham was the the disobedience was run by somebody but this happened.

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This is like for example if you eat too much of cholesterol, the heart is affected not just stomach. Mouth is not affected. We are eating it with the mouth

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right towards a biliary it with the mouth goes into the stomach. But the heart is affected stomach and mouth than soccer. Okay.

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This is what Allah's Valdez

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Let's walk around in this desire Allah said when the Bani Israel disobeyed, Allah did not say Bani Israel

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who are living in Jerusalem? It says

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you shouldn't be a hot Aladdin says agents they are they're staying in the air the people in Alaska right now wherever wherever Israel we know historically they were all over the world

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all over the place

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but the punishment cave were in hoods in Jerusalem

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now they're all over Syria Assyrian have

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mentioned these ayat and this incident with the same interpretation which I'm saying the two incidents that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned one was in 700 BCE, when Nebuchadnezzar was the king of Babylon. He came and He

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conquered Jerusalem and he he destroyed the what the Jews call the Temple of Solomon which is actually the masters of slavery salaam, and they, he took them as prisoners and slaves and so on. The second time it happened was in 70 ad 70 ad where the Titus was the Roman Emperor but later on became the lower Roman Emperor he was a general so General Titus came and he completely leveled yourself. The historians have written they said that people have written that when they visited that place after the Romans had finished with it, they could not believe that anyone ever lived here

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literally oh my god both the aides say it was

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literally every single in he did not leave to stone standing around rapa eight completely destroyed everything and he slaughtered God knows how many people and then he took the rest of them as slaves and prisoners

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so the the sins of people of that community

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which may have happened anywhere in the world, the effect is being seen in one place and that is why many of the move of Syrian and our scholars have said that Jerusalem especially is a meter it is a test it is like like a thermometer to see if your fever

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it shows the health of the OMA

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and I relating that to this incident in or not, which also is a similar kind of incident somebody did something but the

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the difficulty came on other people who were clearly out of it, they were not people who weren't committed.

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And this is the magic Allah's mantra now the point the reason I'm saying this is because to remind myself I knew that what we need to do therefore by all means go into the protests and write to the President and this one on that one and so on so on. And we can have all our debates about whether this is a useful or not useful or leave that aside let's do it under law. At least we are doing something

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but what do we really need to do? A lot of our donor told us but all those that favorable come in now we're gonna

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make a step far and over to Allah subhanaw taala. Each one was, I must say that what is happening in Jerusalem is because of me,

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I was believed this is a this is me. It is happening because of what I am doing in my life. It is not because of this one that Allah is the One who gave the others the power to do what they are doing Allah say very clearly as Allah than we sent our slaves. Who did he said, the Bani Israel were the fire OMA of that time they were the Muslims of the time. Who did Allah set against them? The disbelievers.

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Right there was a game that the Romans and the Babylonians both of them were they used to worship all kinds of gods. So Michigan, Allah sent the booster again against the Muslims and he gave victory to the wishes to get over the Muslims.

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Because whatever happens happen with the will of Allah and Ron having despite this right same thing is happening here now. So Allah is sending this. So we have to ask ourselves, so therefore, we have to say what is I am doing in my life.

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Now four very very critical things therefore number one

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is to earn and eat halal.

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That is a foundation because if you do not earn eat halal, your ABA is not accepted. Your door is not accepted. So we can go anywhere with that. So earn any talent number one, number two, fulfill the four eyes of Allah subhanaw taala. Whatever Allah made for make it, come make sure you do it. We start with Salah

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Wherever possible Salah by Gemma in the budget base where you can go there, pray at home or wherever but pray on tight

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fulfill the fry. Similarly, similarly, fasting and all ancillary Hodgins one second 1/3. One is to stay away from whatever Allah subhanaw taala, made haram,

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whatever Allah privater stay far away from this.

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And the fourth one is to do our best to please Allah subhanaw taala make lots of mistakes, though. So I remind myself and you let us focus on this, by all means, as I said, do whatever else you're doing No, no harm. But this is absolutely critically important that we look at ourselves and correct ourselves. And we tell ourselves, I'm not trying to send you on some guilt trip. But this is what the Quran is saying that your actions are affecting the people. And in this case, this effect seems to be showing up in this place, you can be anywhere else, it's not, it's not necessarily to have that, that only in that place. But this effect, and today we are seeing so many such things. Again,

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to give a medical analogy, sometimes you have an ailment in your body, where you get one, you know, one boil here, and this becomes swells up and there is pus in it and so on, then you got another one on your leg, you get another one on your on your head, and so on. Now, I treat this I treat this, the actual problem is in the whole body, maybe something is wrong with your blood, maybe there is some problem with our body. These boys are not the issue, the boys are only showing that there is a problem in the whole body.

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So we have now we have recently seen one boy in Afghanistan, we saw another one is in Syria. There was another one in Iraq, we saw another by Libya, which are I mean, this is this Jerusalem and Gaza is only one of them. This is not the only one.

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The Muslim Ummah is being beaten up all over the place. Why?

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That is what we have to ask ourselves and we have to the main and most importantly look at ourselves, I have to correct myself, believe me until we are willing to take this pain.

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Look, Allah Allah I am not pronouncing anything on behalf of Allah but Allah is not likely that Allah will change anything because we are the last of the human the bunnies right we're not there as after worries Allah sent us but there's nobody after us.

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So if we don't J correct ourselves Allah subhanaw taala will only tighten the screw more

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so now we have some problems tomorrow the same problem will May Allah protect us will come into our laps then what do we do?

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Right there's nothing special about what so what happened to organiser is not that something about those people, same thing about anybody.

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So we have to correct ourselves we have to stop playing this game with Allah subhanaw taala

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correct ourselves, become obedient to Allah on the Sunnah of Rosa Rosa salah. And then we make a lot of effort and make a lot and not a lot a lot of God. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala accept desire, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to relieve the suffering of those people we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help them from sources they cannot imagine we ask Allah subhanaw taala to defeat the enemies and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give victory to the innocent people of Gaza and Holstein and wherever else in the world not only that place, wherever in the world in the world where innocent people are being oppressed, we ask Allah to relieve the regression and to remove the oppressors in the Punisher

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vs. Masala Nabil Curry One only he was able to go